RIO’s Pilbara killer ravages Guinea

According to Bloomberg the project is going great, the Guineans not so much:

What kind of world is it in which a “national champion” ravages one of the world’s poorest nations in partnership with Australia’s greatest sovereign threat in order to trash our number one export?

Noice work, RIO!

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  1. Know IdeaMEMBER

    What seems to be the problem? So long as capital gets a decent return it is more than reasonable to degrade multiple societies and the environment.

  2. What kind of world is it
    Ahm …the real world!
    Most Aussies live in a strange altered reality bubble, so when they catch glimpses of the real world they’re horrified
    Personally I find it easier to live in the real world and be horrified by what’s happening in the heads of most Aussies.

    • horrified? they dont bat an eyelid. they are so high on inflated house prices and too busy gorging themselves on more debt to even notice. aussies dont give a flying f*ck about anyone but themselves. just carry on and use the house as an ATM to get another landy mate.

  3. I think (from memory) that Rio tried to exploit, er develop this resource in 2011 or so, and the locals ran them out of the country. A chap I knew was working for Fluor and I think it was to be a big job for them, but it was over for him almost as soon as he started. With the Chinese, they will probably bring their own workers and security people, so any funny business by the locals will be met with bullets.