New Zealand falls out of love with Jacinda Ardern

The latest Roy Morgan polling had the potential National/Act NZ opposition well ahead of the incumbent Ardern Labour/Greens government in April.

On primary vote, National is leading Labour 37.5% to 33.5%, with Act (10.0%) also catching the Greens (10.5%):

New Zealand primary vote

This means that on a coalition basis, National/Act is leading Labour/Greens by 49.0% to 44.0%:

New Zealand Coalition vote

There is some positive news for Jacinda Ardern, however, with Roy Morgan’s Government Confidence and Consumer Confidence indices finally rebounding after plummeting over the prior year:

New Zealand consumer and government confidence

Commenting on the results, Roy Morgan CEO Michele Levine believes that Jacinda Ardern will come under increasing pressure as interest rates rise:

“A high inflation rate and an extended cycle of higher interest rates is a new challenge for the government of Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and looks set to be the defining issue over the next 18 months heading into next year’s election.”

The bigger issue facing Ardern is that she is no longer trusted after breaking multiple election pledges around housing and immigration.

Jacinda Ardern has a propensity for announcing one thing and then doing the opposite, which is why Kiwi voters are now abandoning her.

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  1. reusachtigeMEMBER

    She put her career on the line chasing Covid Zero. It was a farkt strategy. She failed and let the chicken sh1t scum down. Like all Labor governments who all did the same authoritarian rubbish and failed, she needs to be booted out and fast!!

    • kiwikarynMEMBER

      It worked for a while. But she overcooked it. Now we are sick and tired of still being in Covid restrictions while the rest of the world moves on and resumes normal life. And we have no timeline as to when we can expect to go back to normal.

  2. Jacinda Ardern has a propensity for announcing one thing and then doing the opposite

    Just like Gillard. Sadly, Jacinda won a second term.

  3. She’s a fascist. The courts have ruled multiple times now, on the lockdowns, on the vaccine mandate, on MIQ, that she breached the law. Her behaviour in office shows that she has no empathy at all, especially if you’re male, white or rural.

    Using police with tear gas and riot gear is something the country hasn’t seen since the dark days of the 70s and 80s.

    I loathe her with a passion.

  4. kiwikarynMEMBER

    More than 19,700 people left the country in April, than those that arrived in NZ. And that’s with the borders reopening and people being let in without having to book a MIQ spot. That level of net loss of people hasnt been seen since April 2020 when we went into lockdown and all the non Kiwi’s still in NZ left on flight evacuations.
    That bounce you see is the misguided hope of millions of people that the border reopening in April will make things better. It did for some – flights out to Australia are completely full.

    • 🙂
      That’s the NZ third world migrant backlog who now have an SCV and can finally enter Australia to steal jobs & housing and lower our standard of living.

      NZ was taking 70,000 plus third world unskilled migrants in. Then granting them the passport stamp to enter Australia on a Scv.
      40,000 of that 70,000 (within 3 years of getting the passport stamp – NZ Ministry Statistics) then enter Australia. Within 5 years even more.

      But with the covid travel restrictions they were stuck in NZ, and over 2 years a backlog of 80,000.


      The number of NZ SCV in Australia now exceeds 650,000. Every year it appears to be only growing gradually, but that masks the explosion within those numbers of non NZ born entering Australia with basically permanent residency & full work rights.

      The NZ SCV mix living in Australia used to be 88% or more NZ born, mostly young & skilled, and then about 12% poms, Pacific Islanders & some Asians.

      Now in Australia the SCV mix is 55% or 360,000 non NZ born. The old 1980’s NZ born inflow who didn’t take up Australian citizenship are going back to NZ – cashing out their Australian super and going back to suck off a better NZ welfare.
      And replaced by unskilled non assimilated third world migrants that NZ let in & granted a passport stamp to enter Australia on the SCV racket. (Only reason they went to NZ in the first place)

      And that ratio of non NZ born being trafficked into Australia on a SCV is only going to increase, as NZ now resumes its third world carry trade.

      What NZ let’s into Australia on the SCV racket is now 90% non NZ born.
      Hardly any NZ born.
      You just don’t see any Trevor & Kates, or Turi & Rata on the plane or at immigration, replete with their streaked hair mullets, woolly cardigans and mangled vowels.

      Nope – still some older UK & Euro misfits & the overflow from the pacific islands, but when you get on those flights back from NZ or observe what’s coming in through Australian immigration it is Wai Yu Kum Nao & Abd al-Rahman’s or Apoko Nyang’au’s

      The NZ SCV inflow into Australia is one of the fastest growing unskilled low quality migrant intakes we have.

      All the Chinese Hukou underclass slum clearance that China can export & dump into NZ on pretext visas, Indians on false doc, Middle Eastern, Pak & Bangla pond dwellers.
      Along with the ubiquitous south East Asian & north Asian vice workers & pimps who also couldn’t get into Australia directly, and the African refugee war criminals who bribed their way to the front of the UNHCR queue.

      The Trans Tasman SCV was intended to be a mutual beneficial labour & residency visa arrangement for Australians & New Zealanders.

      When Australia shifted from granting out PR like lollies to making that Temporary visas, New Zealand then exploited that arrangement by becoming the easiest place in the western world to gain entry & to get a passport stamp to enter Australia on basically permanent residency terms.

      The simple answer?
      Restrict the NZ / Aust SCV to be only for Australian or NZ born.

      All non NZ born – even with a NZ passport stamp have to go through Australia non NZ visa conditions of entry.

  5. Jumping jack flash

    Ardern is a “good-time politician” the same as pretty much every other politician at the moment in the developed world, so the wheels will come flying off at the slightest hint of trouble. They are there for the unimportant things that people worry about when everything is fine, and as such only have the skills and fortitude to handle them.

    The political shambles that was COVID is a walk in the park compared to what’s around the corner if the banks continue on their curiously sudden righteous path of wholesome economic governance.

  6. Narapoia451MEMBER

    I don’t like this labour govt but jeez people are dreaming if they think the nationals give a crap about price gouging inflation or the housing bubble.

    • kiwikarynMEMBER

      At the minimum we need a Government that won’t make things worse. Unfortunately, the Labour Govt has proven to be the Govt of Unintended Consequences, everything they’ve touched has made things worse. All National need to do is not meddle in things they don’t understand.

      • Narapoia451MEMBER

        That’s not National’s MO though unless you fall into the ‘we’ that they represent. They govern primarily for 5-10% of the country and they understand well what benefits them. So back to juicing the housing bubble while pretending it doesn’t exist, selling off whatever state assets are still left after their previous 2-3 stints in govt along with their usual impact on the environment, wage stagnation, immigration levels, inequality etc.

        Admittedly a lot of these things are happening or getting worse under the current Labour govt as well, either through incompetence, or as you point out as unintended consequences. But they will become intended consequences under the Nats, judging by their track record.

        So my worry is there is no better outcome for the majority of NZers, even if the govt changes. I still don’t understand why people thought this Labour cohort deserved a majority govt – the sheer incompetence of the first term should surely have maintained their need for a coalition.

  7. Willy2MEMBER

    – My personal opinion is that if the Nationals were in power then they would have gone through the same “ups & downs”. Rising interest rates also didn’t go down too well with all those kiwis up to their gills in (mortgage) debt.

  8. The whole economy is leveraged to property something wicked. The immigration taps will get turned back on which will support things nicely. The usual range of migrants, but also European/UK escapees as that part of the world looks to self-immolate.
    Always a bonus when your population is small on a relative basis.