Betrayed and abused Rex Patrick is Aussie gas roadkill

If you want to know what PM Scott Morrison is made of then you need only look at his record on the Australian gas sector. Recall this, via The Australian:

Centre Alliance has received a written guarantee outlining the Morrison government’s gas policy, which the key minor party demanded in exchange for its support for the $158 billion personal income tax cuts package.

The copy of the draft gas policy, which has been signed by the government, was given to Centre Alliance senators last night ahead of a crucial vote in the Senate today on the tax cuts.

Centre Alliance senator Rex Patrick told The Australian in June he wanted a “clear understanding” of the government’s intention on gas, and the details in writing, before supporting the tax cuts.

Senator Patrick told The Australian the document detailed the measures of the government’s gas plan and the timetable in which they would be rolled out “over the next few months”.

A part of the deal was a review of the Australian Domestic Gas Security Mechanism which concluded:

The review recognises that price is an important indicator in establishing whether the domestic market is functioning effectively and considers that the ACCC’s forward LNG netback price series is the most applicable prices when estimating the likelihood and extent of a potential shortfall. As such, the review recommends amending the ADGSM’s guidelines to include referencing the ACCC’s LNG netback price series in estimating a potential shortfall.

This amendment clarifies the relevance of the ACCC’s LNG netback price series to considerations under the ADGSM and strengthens the ADGSM’s ability to deliver on its objective of securing domestic gas supply.

But it never happened. Why? Because Morrison lied about reforming gas then buried it in a bureaucratic bog. To wit:

A Senate committee’s lame recommendations to the federal government after a 28-month inquiry into Australia’s oil and gas reserves have triggered calls for the establishment of an oil and gas national benefit czar to maximise the benefits to the public of the exploitation of natural resources.

Crossbench Senator Rex Patrick is also pushing for more transparency on oil and gas reserves still in the ground, an additional royalty on production projects, and a fee on producers as a fallback to cover decommissioning costs for disused offshore platforms.

…Senator Patrick, who was instrumental in tasking the committee to carry out the inquiry, praised the report’s comprehensive examination of the situation, but described it as “another lost opportunity” to develop a resources policy that serves the country’s national interest.

“There’s nothing really that came out to address the issues that we are suffering from,” he told The Australian Financial Review.

…Senator Patrick pointed to the huge discrepancy between the benefits that will flow to Qatar from its LNG development, to those that will flow to the Australian public, putting the figure at $26.6 billion for Qatar and just $800 million for Australia.

He wants the federal government to supplement the Petroleum Resource Rent Tax with a fixed percentage royalty on projects to help guarantee a return to Australia that is not dependent on oil company profits.

And now the local gas price is off and running again because local markets have no protection from rising global prices other than the goodwill (lol) of producers:

Instead of delivering on its contractual commitment to Rex Patrick, Morrison lied so he could expose Australian industry to further hollowing out, even as the local gas goes to China to build its military.

By doing so he also handed scores of billions of dollars in legitimate tax revenue to a pillaging gas cartel.

Finally, all along, he blamed renewables for the price rises and demanded we dig up more ultra-polluting and very expensive gas in NSW to fill the artificial gap he had created himself. He even went so far as to use your taxpayer money for the construction of a white elephant gas-fired power station in Kurri Kurri to justify it.

Why? This:

Everyone wondered whether there was some connection between the government’s direction and its financial indebtedness to the fossil fuel industry. But no one could prove it. Why? Because the Commonwealth doesn’t have real time disclosure of political donations.

Only now, long after the public’s attention has moved on, have those suspicions been confirmed. Thanks to the donations data recently made public on the Australian Electoral Commission site, we know that fossil fuel companies — and the gas industry in particular — were giving generously to both major parties at the time, a whopping $1,329,754 to be precise, with just over half of this from the gas industry.

The Coalition got the lion’s share ($731,534), although Labor collected the not-insignificant sum of $598,220.

If you add to the Coalition’s total for that year the just over $1 million the LNP harvested from fossil fuel via its fundraising entity Cormack, the Coalition’s indebtedness to gas, coal and mining in the 2020-21 period swells to $1,735,048.

Is this proof of corruption? No, but it certainly gives reason for voters to consider whether corruption has taken place. To wit, whether the gas-led recovery policy was designed and intended by the Morrison government to serve the public interest or private ones.

To be honest, I don’t know how Rex Patrick hasn’t reached for his revolver.

And by Rex Patrick, dear reader, I mean you.

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  1. Domgas reservation is required Aus-wide, you know, like has been wildly successful in WA for over a decade…. gas in WA is so cheap all these new industries are spinging up all over the place. e.g. LYC are evening building an energy-intensive refinery in Kal that will refine their product that is currently shipped unprocessed to Maylaysia.
    e.g. 2 My gas bills at my family home are $28 per 90-day period, and I cook a lot of gas-fired curries…. if anyone has gas bills that low in NSW or QLd please shout out….

    So it has to be asked, why the fck did Rex Patrick fall silent on this campaign literally overnight without explaination? What $um was paid by @ScoMo for his silence? or was it that @ScoMo had dirt on Rex that he used as blackmail? I’m genuinely intrigued to better understand these dynamics.

    Nat gas has a decades-long runway of sustained (or growing) demand globally, regardless of what inner-city hipsters will tell you… 2/3rds of half the world’s population currently gets their elec from burning coal…Nat gas will steal this market share, and its a huge mkt share, over the coming decades unless Nuclear suddenly becomes trendy and a hellava lot cheaper so it can compete….
    Aus needs to take a leaf out of QATAR’s book, as Rex rightly points out. Scandalous! #Treasonous!


  2. The whole gas crisis makes my fucking blood boil. Fuck the gas companies and bring in gas reservation already. Scomo is a big business philandering Cocksucking Mother Fucker!!!

  3. Don’t bother me, I got an EV, solar panels & a small battery.
    No gas, no fossil fuels at all.
    All this lib gas-splatter is stuff for fossils!

    • All those things you have are made with oil and gas-derived substances. From the plastic trim in your EV to the cathode substrate in the batteries, the insulation on electrical wiring and the encapsulant of your PV cells.

      • Not all of it, but at least it works at zero cost and the fuel is 100% carbon free.

        The alternative is that the fuel is taken from the ground, carried, processed, carried again, reprocessed, sent across the planet by boat, reprocessed, delivered to service stations, then sold.

        Any fuel loss from the panels is bad luck, any spillage from the fossil fuels multiplies their ill effects.

        The planet buried & sequestered this stuff underground millennia ago for a very good reason – taking it out again and releasing the carbon would destroy the biosphere.

        That is what we are witnessing now.