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  1. The exodus from HK is only beginning… British schools forced to turn away students from Hong Kong as applications soar

    British private schools have been forced for the first time to turn away Hong Kong applicants because of record enrollment and interest from the former colony as families flee Beijing’s crackdown… So many residents packed their bags that the city’s population dropped by 1.2 per cent in the year after Beijing imposed a sweeping national security law to silence dissent in June 2020… For many families, the decision to emigrate is linked to their children’s education, after the Hong Kong syllabus was given a dramatic Beijing-friendly overhaul.

    Schools are forced to teach a pro-China, ‘patriotic’ curriculum, with students mandated by law to attend weekly flag-raising and national security classes. The public has also been advised to snitch on teachers, students or parents who aren’t toeing the line under the national security law.

    …families are choosing schools that are more rural, so they are made to go outside of big cities,”… For British schools, maintaining a mix of international students remains a priority, which means they can’t only accept students from Hong Kong… Meanwhile, in Hong Kong, schools are experiencing the opposite challenge, with dozens facing possible closure as students move with their families overseas.

  2. Hugh PavletichMEMBER

    United States Inflation …

    US inflation soared 7% in past year, the most since 1982 … AP / Yahoo Finance

    US inflation hits 7% for first time since 1982 – business live … The Guardian

    US Consumer Prices Soar At Fastest In 39 Years, Real Wages Tumble For 9th Straight Month … Zerohedge

  3. Arthur Schopenhauer

    Thanks Chris, the Argentine power outage portends to our future:

    Wet bulb temperature over 35C kills humans pretty quickly. That’s an easily imaginable 50C in Sydney or Melbourne. If the power supply fails, and a heat wave goes on for two or more days, there will be a lot of deaths.

    This is as foreseeable as the Omicron #letitrip outbreak.

  4. blindjusticeMEMBER

    Vaccine centres in south Australia insist on handing out surgical masks. Whatever you’re wearing has to go.even if you’re wearing an n95….

    • I’ve heard this a few times. I’d guess it’s because they think that surgical masks provide them better protection from you, and they don’t care that you’re less protected wearing one?

  5. Hugh PavletichMEMBER

    New Zealand’s building approvals / consents currently (November 2021) about 43% higher than Australia on a population adjusted basis …

    … Likely at a national level, New Zealand is the highest within the developed world …

    … Annualising New Zealand and Australia’s November residential approvals … NZ 4,688 x 12 = 56,256 … Aust 16,448 x 12 = 197,376 … and with the respective populations approximately 5,150,000 and 25,700,000 respectively … the annualised November 2021 approval / consent rate per 1000 population per annum for New Zealand was 10.9 and Australia 7.6 …

    Continuing high building consents for townhouses and other denser housing styles drives builders plans for more housing to their highest monthly level ever … David Chaston … Interest Co NZ

    The number of new dwellings consented per 1000 residents rose to 9.5 for the year to November, the latest data from Statistics NZ released today (Thursday) has revealed. That is up from 7.6 per 1000 in the year to November 2020.

    But it is a long way from the all-time record which is 13.4 new dwellings per 1000 residents which happened almost fifty years ago in the year ended December 1973.

    Currently, Auckland and Canterbury regions showed the highest number of new homes consented per 1,000 residents with 11.9 in Auckland and 11.6 in Canterbury, followed by Waikato with 10.0.

    While the consenting rate is far from all-time records, the actual number of new dwellings consented to be built reached 4688 in November, which is an all-time record for any month. The previous highest was 4490 in August 2021. … read more via hyperlink above …

    Building consents issued: November 2021 … Statistics NZ

    Building approvals (for Australia) hold in great slide … David Llewellyn-Smith … MacroBusiness Australia

    November 2021 Building Approvals for Australia … Australian Bureau of Statistics

  6. Chris- Sensational Guardian articles based on Michael Mann’s paper after he got trashed in the Canadian Court is below your usual standard. There are plenty of good people who support your point of view, why don’t you pick one of them? FYI