Dear Queen Elizabeth, please sack Scott Morrison

You can always judge what is the truth by assuming the opposite of whatever Australia’s pathologically lying PM says. Hence, yesterday afternoon, he lied about the pandemic on all fronts:

Prime Minister Scott Morrison says he wants to “maximise the workforce”, with state leaders to tick off on new guidelines that will allow close contacts to avoid having to isolate if they work in a wider range of critical industries.

Mr Morrison also rejected accusations from Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese and some health experts that he had “let the virus rip”, saying it was a comparison that did not stack up because a raft of public health measures remained in place.

“I don’t accept that analysis because that’s not the approach that the government is taking at a Commonwealth level or in the states and territories,” Mr Morrison said.

Yes, it is. Morrison has ceaselessly cheerled the virus on for months under the rubric of “can-do capitalism” as he systematically coordinated states to open up too fast.

Now it has backfired spectacularly and staff shortages everywhere have forced the ludicrous situation of cutting isolation protocols so that virus can rip even faster.

Morrison’s “let it rip” has shocked the economy to a standstill as households duck for COVID cover and collapsed demand is met with a labour supply shock.

Moreover, the collapsing economic structure is putting more and more lives at risk:

Labor leader Anthony Albanese has blasted the Coalition government for overseeing a COVID “crisis” in aged care, with barely half of Commonwealth facilities having received vaccine booster shots so far and hundreds of homes battling active outbreaks.

Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt said 1500 of the nation’s 2600 Commonwealth aged-care facilities had received vaccine boosters, with the remainder scheduled to receive them by the end of January.

But with hundreds of homes battling outbreaks and thousands of residents in effective lockdown, Mr Albanese claimed the Morrison government had dropped the ball.

“How is it that in spite of what has occurred before, the aged-care system, which is run, funded and regulated by the federal government, still hasn’t got this right?” the Labor leader said.

“It’s something that should just not have happened. It could have been foreseen.”

No tests, either:

Aged care providers warned the federal government in November last year that widespread rapid antigen testing was needed to protect vulnerable people in care, as the sector says tests are in short supply and face crucial delivery delays.

Good luck with child vaccines too:

Vaccine supply problems are again challenging pharmacies and GPs, with children aged five to 11-years-old now eligible for their first COVID-19 jab.

The federal government says supply isn’t an issue, but some doctors have reported delivery disruptions have forced them to reschedule vaccinations.

State-run vaccination hubs are also offering the jab for children, but attempts to make a booking on the weekend show that many sites only had appointments available from early February.

Melbourne General Practitioner and founder of M3 Health GP Clinics, Dr Todd Cameron, told 3AW Breakfast the earliest he could put an order in was last Friday.

Meh, you’re just not trying hard enough:

Lieutenant General John Frewen sought to reassure parents on Monday there were more than enough vaccine doses to inoculate all eligible children.

But he acknowledged not all parents had found it easy to book their children in to get their first dose.

“I do want to emphasise again that there is enough paediatric doses in the country to offer every five to 11-year-old a first dose before they commence the school year,” he said.

I booked a few days ago for three weeks away after ringing around as many places that I could find. My kids will not be going back on time. I doubt many will. This will extend Morrison’s “let it rip” recession, though it shouldn’t push past Q1 as OMICRON flames out.

These problems might be forgivable if this were our first rdoeo (not really!) but to rerun them like we’ve had no experience is so inept that we can only conclude that stupidity is the defining characteristic of those involved.  David Crowe gives us an idea of why:

The Prime Minister’s assurance from late last year about the wonders of “can-do capitalism” is no help for a family trying to find out if they have Omicron when the state test centre suddenly closed and the free market forgot to supply enough RATs.

…Many Australians will hold Morrison to account for the summer outbreak whether he likes it or not – and that means it would be political madness to call an election after Australia Day and go to the polls in March.

“Can-do capitalism” was code for “let it rip”. LIR was supposed to be Morrison’s great pitch for re-election. Instead, it is the central cause of another recession three months out from the poll. Morrison is utterly destructive even as a basic psychopathic politician.

The truth of it all is LIR is the final straw in an abjectly failed prime ministership:

  • the collapse of public policy behavioral standards;
  • the collapse of public policy process;
  • the collapse of public policy probity and accountability;
  • the collapse of vital public service delivery;
  • the collapse of the economy three times, one of which was made worse by Morrison and two of which were the direct result of Morrison idiocy;
  • the collapse of community faith in the office of the PM and in politics.

Finally today, as much as I would like to ignore him, The Joker is everywhere in one of the most bizarre distractions I can remember:

Novak Djokovic’s father has called Prime Minister Scott Morrison a “dictator” and called on Queen Elizabeth to intervene in his son’s visa drama.

Great idea. Dear Queen Elizabeth, please sack the spectacularly inept Scott Morrison.

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      • kierans777MEMBER

        Can you point me to any genuine socialist parties, or policies that we have in Australia? Not the straw men that are put up as examples (Denmark isn’t socialist Bernie). Not even the Greens are socialists.

        If you disagree, go read the writings of those that actually defined socialism and get back to me.

      • Strange EconomicsMEMBER

        Wow – a whole week without the LNP spruiking a return to mass immigration to solve the labour shortage (read increasing wages and cost of our posh restaurants and worse renovations). Appears the Let It Rip policy backfired and actually causes an even bigger shortage of labour cause 5% a week of workers are off quarantining. Or maybe they have stricter “skilled immigration” rules, as can’t get enough overseas tennis players in.

    • Ronin8317MEMBER

      House prices goes up faster under a LNP government. That’s all that matters. We are a nation of houses, the people are merely parasites.

      • In NZ house prices go up faster under Labour Govts. You must be getting the wrong kind of Labor.

          • Actual houses are just a byproduct of the ‘House-price-inflation Industry’ Lax bank lending, land banking, drip feeding, oligarch apartment builders, dodgy zoning deals. FTBuyer handouts. Neg gearing, Cap gains tax gifts and mass people dumping from wherever they can get them.

        • Strange EconomicsMEMBER

          The extra U in NZ Labour adds another 10 % to house prices. Logical.

          House prices are the Aussie answer to bitcoin, ever going up.

    • What makes you think Scovid will allow elections to be held ? It will be far to dangerous with all this Covid about.
      The Covid crisis is not to be wasted.

  1. happy valleyMEMBER

    “Morrison is utterly destructive even as a basic psychopathic politician.”

    A clear and forever present danger.

  2. Totes BeWokeMEMBER

    “and called on Queen Elizabeth to intervene in his son’s visa drama”

    Sadly, that will soon be exhibit 1, for the republican movement. Not a good look to be viewed this way internationally.

  3. run to the hillsMEMBER

    Pubs, cafes and restaurants around my part of Sydney are totally dead, many still closed, North Sydney.

  4. I have subscribed to your independent news service for many years, I happily paid before it became a requirement. I often glance through, what crap you have to offer these days but no more I’m finished. SO SAD.

    • Totes BeWokeMEMBER

      Shorten is by far their best hope. Not sure journalism ended him did they? I thought he got a great run.

      Plibersek will end up leader, and that’ll be the end of the Labor party.

      • Shorten would have made a brilliant PM.
        Very competent, was across all policy areas and took the most genuinely reformist policies to the electorate probably since Calwell.
        He was completely stitched up by journalism in what was clearly at the time a huge tragedy. For the journalists who played the plague on both houses/ bothsiderism game hopefully they can finally see how much of a tragedy it was.
        But at least we didn’t get the parental visas… /sarc

        • I feel when you take a sweeping policy agenda, you need to come out swinging. Forget the woke speak.

        • kierans777MEMBER

          Agreed. The media was ~80% anti-ALP in their coverage. Major mastheads got policy details wrong in their reporting (I contacted journalists to correct them, and to their credit some did correct the online copy. However the damage was done). The “opinion” pieces were full of LNP scare tactics masquerading as facts (retiree tax anyone).

          2019 was the election where the MSM showed that the Fourth Estate is in the pocket of the wealthy and the elite.

          • Where my now departed dad lived at the time (who I didn’t get back to see thanks to quotas, quarantine costs and £7000 air fares), there were Murdoch reading, Right wing radio listening pensioners living on nothing more than the aged pension, terrified that they would be paying tax on it if they voted Labor. Worse still their more well off neighbours in the retirement village carried on about them getting slugged with 40% tax. My dad had the only sane voice amongst them and for 10 years he lived there pointed out the lies and anomalies in the RWNJ press that 99% of them took to be the gospel.

          • kierans777MEMBER

            @steve99 I’ve spoken to several retirees in the Deakin electorate who told me they are disappointed in themselves for buying Michael “Shady” Sukkar’s lies last time and who wont be voting for him again. A few are so angry that they joined their local Labor branches. Hopefully any scare campaigns don’t cut through at this election.

      • Totes BeWokeMEMBER

        I honestly don’t think too many Australians outside the migrant seats even knew about the visas.

        Giving the Australian public far too much credit.

  5. reusachtigeMEMBER

    Looks like NSW us coming out the other side of the Omicron panic. If this thing settles before the next election Scomo has it in the bag! Fingers crossed as I’ve been impressed by the smooth calm way he seems to get things done while the lefties scream in fear about his ways. Good on him.

    • You really can’t see the very next boot Morrison is going to stick in his mouth? Even if the omicron failures subside, there will be a next hill around the corner that scummo will go out of his way to choose to die on.
      After the bushfire, rapes, rorts, vaccines, submarines, tests, tennis, this is one and only permanent feature of this govt – repeatedly shining a light on their incompetence in the most public way.
      Why do you think Labour is going small target, the LNP keeps putting up one on their own backs as soon as the last one comes down.
      Just look at the tennis saga, that didn’t even need fking up and they wedged themselves in and now look weak on borders in the run up to an election against Labour lol – can’t keep one man out, who are they going to keep a boatload of people out???
      Omicron might go but you can always rely on LNP to fk up the next unfkable event shortly thereafter..

  6. Jumping jack flash

    It seems that all of this was a knee-jerk response to some hand-wringers, especially the child vaccines. That would explain the fact that there is not enough supply, or more likely not enough supply that has been distributed, probably due to the fact that distribution networks are shot – see point 3.

    The RAT tests were similarly probably only meant to be used for a small subset of the community but then they suddenly changed the rules to require everyone to use them without first checking to see how many there were. Interestingly you can’t buy these tests direct from China. I’m not sure where they come from, but cleaning wholesalers seem to have them.

    Of course it certainly wasn’t helped by the fact that their existing guidelines are all based around a different kind of virus, and after a year or so of ramming the rules down our throats, complete with police enforcement, assailing us from every direction with horror stories of how bad the virus is, and everyone finally accepting those rules as “best practice” and “what you just have to do for COVID”, now the rules need to be changed to accommodate the new virus which is incredibly mild and probably doesn’t need such harsh restrictions, and everyone is too scared to change them.

    • MountainGuinMEMBER

      Heard this second hand – the first some pharmacists heard of the free RAT test for concession card holders was from card holders wanting thier free tests. Seems that there was not any proper heads- up on the decision and pharmacists (and others?) didn’t have the systems in place to give out freebies with the confidence of getting reimbursed.

  7. kiwikarynMEMBER

    To be fair, its a calamity everywhere. Even the US State with the looniest lefties in charge, home of some of the most restrictive Covid policies, is now being forced to allow healthcare workers infected with Covid to continue working.
    Of course, their stupid ideology trumps actual public health, as they still refuse to consider rehiring all the unvaccinated workers they sacked due to their vaccine mandates. Far better for patients to be cared for by nurses with Covid than to have the mental anguish of being cared for by a healthy but unvaccinated nurse!

      • Yes, in my reality I would much rather be treated by a group of healthy uninfected people, most of whom have superior natural immunity to the disease, than be surrounded by people carrying and transmitting a lethal virus to patients with compromised immune systems. But that’s just me.

        • ”superior natural immunity to the disease” Was the last thoughts of those with a ventilator pipe stuck down their throats for the last few days of their lives. Obviously Australia was luck with the various state operated lockdowns not to go through that phase and only has to deal with omicron. Even so the vast numbers of omicron are filling up the hopsitals. This in summer, never happens with flu, proving of course that this is still not just a ‘little cold’

      • reusachtigeMEMBER

        What farkn warped reality do you live in bloke? Vaccine mandates for workers will go down in dark history 100% !!

    • working class hamMEMBER

      Agree. Much better to catch Covid of a infected vaxxed worker, you get a better class of virus.

  8. Far from being “sacked” by Queen Elizabeth, Chief Royalist Morrison is putting her name onto defenceless Aspen Island. He’d call Australia “Elizabethia” if he could get away with it.

  9. This will be the beginning of the end for the public health system here as it already is overseas. The blow which is being inflicted on it now is one from which it will never fully recover. Increasingly it will become merely a emergency care system and will lose the capability to cope with chronic disease and develop new treatments that don’t cost the earth.

    This will start to drop the life expectancy of Australians in a manner which has already happened in the US by about 2 years and looking like similar this calendar year. It is only the public health system that has enabled us to live more than our allotted three score and ten years and we will regress to this unless we can afford private care.

    • MountainGuinMEMBER

      And the health system already needed to face the aging babyboomer demographic.
      We really need as much preventative health measures as possible.

    • Quite clever really. Public health services has to take 100% of the brunt of the pandemic as they do road trauma, fire victims etc, has to have the top level skills to do so but the profit taking private sector can pick and chose what illnesses they chose to be bothered with. I see a dystopian future with an all privatised system, whereby an ambulance will pick you up and take you to the nearest hospital in your price range and you can have your broken fingernail filed down by a fully qualified manicurist. Smash your car into a tree and get nothing.

  10. BoomToBustMEMBER

    Why would anyone want to take a drug that is provisionally approved? That means it’s still being studied as they don’t have enough information on side effects etc.

    Why would anyone want to take a drug where the manufacturer has zero financial liability? But if you get a bad side effect the government will pay you some small sum IF you can prove a link.

    Did anyone wheh getting the jab give informed consent? To give informed consent you must be told about all the potential side effects and other available options.

    And despite all this people are rushing to get their children jabbed, even with virtually no children ending up in hospital!

    Mandating a jab does not constitute informed consent. There is so much wrong legally and ethically with this entire situation, yet people’s fear is over riding their sense of logic and reason. This article is case in point.

    • This is one reason why adverse events reported are being completely ignored, and any connection to the vaccine denied. Govts around the world know they are the ones on the hook financially for any problems, so they will Deny Deny Deny until the cows come home, otherwise they could be coughing up billions if not trillions in damages.

    • Links to the excellent Canadian More Harm Than Good video are being blocked. Posts just disappear…

      canadian covid carealliance(dot)org/media-resources/

    • Why would anyone want to take a drug that is provisionally approved?

      Facebook likes.
      Other forms of peer validation.
      Submission to authority.
      A position of superiority sneering at those who are ‘others’.

      All things we’ve seen before with left wing governments.
      Mandates, and enforced custodial sanctions are gulags.
      Ringing hotlines to disclose dissenters for a sense of moral superiority are the Stasi.
      Schools overriding parental consent to inject kids is Mao’s cultural revolution.
      Closing shops for serving unvaccinated is Kristalnacht.

      The left is closing in again, read your history people. Your inaction is why history repeats itself.

      That means it’s still being studied as they don’t have enough information on side effects etc.

      Why would anyone want to take a drug where the manufacturer has zero financial liability? But if you get a bad side effect the government will pay you some small sum IF you can prove a link.

      Nothing says “Trust the science” like 75 years of data secrecy and immunity from health liability.

      Did anyone wheh getting the jab give informed consent? To give informed consent you must be told about all the potential side effects and other available options.

      No. Informed consent, in a complete dialectic sense, allows, permits even, dissenting views. If you outlaw dissenting views, you can never have ‘informed consent” by definition.

      You instead have religion, you have articles of faith.

      And despite all this people are rushing to get their children jabbed, even with virtually no children ending up in hospital!

      Yeah, but the facebook likes…

      Mandating a jab does not constitute informed consent. There is so much wrong legally and ethically with this entire situation, yet people’s fear is over riding their sense of logic and reason.

      Which is the modus operandi of a democracy.

      This article is case in point.

      Build your own republic.

      • The vaccine mandate in NSW instituted under a Liberal govt as is the vaccination mandate to enter the vphntey

  11. MountainGuinMEMBER

    Joe Rogan has had 2 interesting doctors on recently. The first covers the scale of big phara lies, how to skew tests and pharmaceutical scandals that have likely killed tens of thousands of people. The second covers the development of mrna vaccines which while very effective (and the guest is vaccinated) have an array of emerging issues that are proving difficult to openly discuss due to censorship and competing profit motivates.
    Interesting episodes if you have time and i find listening at 1.25 speed a good way to get through the content

    • RobotSenseiMEMBER

      Joe Rogan is Gwyneth Paltrow with a Y chromosome though. It’s the kind of stuff you listen to to convince yourself you know what you’re talking about without actually going through the rigors of learning.

      • 11 LOL

        I used to like Joe Rogan before the pandemic, he’s a buffoon with his stance. Although, he loses credibility in my eyes when he talks about the woke media and spouts his bs on vaccines.

  12. What restrictions would you have left in place? What impact would they have had? If we kept the previous harsh restrictions in place much longer the community would have agitated for them to be relaxed. The only thing different that would have helped this transitions which I agree with you is better planning. Ensure enough supply of vaccines and testing. Oh and the states should should have never needed a neg pcr to go interstate. That caused the initial panic.

    • Masks. Basically all round confusing messaging around Christmas. Dom and Scomo saying back to partying and 2 weeks later brining in a bunch of restrictions

    • MountainGuinMEMBER

      I think reminding people that as these vaccines don’t prevent infection, rather significantly reduce some factors, people should still be sensible about how much socialisation to do. E.g. don’t hit heaps of nightclubs or busy shops if you plan on visiting elderly parents or grandparents in a few days time.
      Also holidays are a great time to get some excercise in and hitting the great outdoors is cheap/free

    • Massive PR about the benefits of exercise, weight loss and healthy living in mitigating Covid risks.

      Having been through a period of severe vitamin D deficiency I know how damaging that can be, so lots of PR about the benefits of vitamin D, along with free supplements.

      Proper quarantine facilities.

      Work to develop communal and national cohesiveness, rather than follow the example set by that deranged imbecile Gunner in the NT.

      Clawback on the billions wasted on Job keeper.

      Lots of other things.

    • There’s a lot of daylight between lockdown and LIR…
      – WFH wherever possible (takes 30% of the population off the streets five days a week)
      – Masks everywhere
      – Incentivise online grocery shopping
      – Limit indoor gatherings (go your hardest outside)
      – Density limits inside shops

    • What restrictions would you have left in place?

      BMI mandates

      I would also introduce HIV-free passports.and photo ID for medicare cards.

      • Well the refutation of unvaxxed is essentially “you didn’t get vaxxed, thus you are not eligible for gov funded health”.

        Let’s run with that, let’s not give medicare funding to those who aren’t eligible…

        Considering it’s widely report the number one cause of medicare fraud are a select few immigrant groups handing off their medicare card to relatives visiting the country…

        let’s continue this ideology…

        Let’s move heaven and earth to deny medicare treatment to those we deem ineligible.

        If we can be anything, we can be consistent.

        • RobotSenseiMEMBER

          Well the refutation of unvaxxed is essentially “you didn’t get vaxxed, thus you are not eligible for gov funded health”.

          Yeah look I think you’re essentially debating yourself at this point. Knock yourself out.

          • RobotSenseiMEMBER

            Our country’s healthcare system is built around the cornerstone of equity; that everyone should be able to receive top-level healthcare irrespective of ability to pay. It makes no judgements about what you do with yourself; chronic disease, vaccine, self-injury all non-withstanding.

            Threatening to withhold Medicare from people not vaccinated against Covid-19 was sheer stupidity from Perrottet; fortunately, NSW Health doesn’t have the mechanism to do it as Medicare is run federally.

          • Threatening to withhold Medicare from people not vaccinated against Covid-19 was sheer stupidity

            OK, medical treatment is stupid…

            What else belongs in the ‘sheer stupidty’ basket that we can withhold from people?

            Enjoying leisure time pursuits?
            Deriving an income?
            Sending kids to school?

  13. ScoMo & his band of rorters never wanted to lockdown 2yrs ago, vaccines gave him the cover again, to be antilockdown LIR, which may have been fine with earlier variants, through I doubt even that as they have spent 2yrs scaring everyone to get vaccinated (notice how whenever there is a new group to be vaccinated their headlines are full of scare stories? Eg yesterday 5-11yr olds vaccination, so headline was death of a toddler) and then they are surprised when even vaccinated people “lockin”
    ScoMo and his band had plenty of evidence from South Africa & Europe about how fast it spreads, and how people react, they thought we’d be different or lucky, we weren’t. #LNPfail

  14. My partner’s Dad is 85 and has lived in the same suburb of London all his life. He doesn’t have large horizons. They speak regularly, and last night he called and said “WTF is going on with Australia and that tennis play?”. When that old man has heard about recent events here and thinks we’ve lost the plot, you know that our international reputation has been completely flushed down the sh1tter.

    All the time I’ve known her she’s never once considered the idea of returning to Britain, but she’s mentioned it a couple of times recently in a semi-serious sort of way. Her major concern has been the deterioration of the quality of government and civil society here. She considers Boris to be a buffoon, but would prefer him as PM versus Scomo who she sees as a deranged and dangerous psychopath who will only bring harm to the country.

    • I’ve been feeling like I’m living under some dodgy corrupt African government. The reputation of Australia has been smashed, we used to be seen by almost everyone as a well governed good & fair country, the sort of country to aspire to, but since spying on Timor, Manus Island, lockdowns & no climate action etc no longer

      • Glad I’m not the only one. Beyond the federal level, there are horrible things happening at the state level everywhere you look. That Gunner dude in the NT is clearly unhinged, McGowan in WA is a vicious dimwit and Dan Andrews is beyond any attempts at description on a family friendly station like this.

        Governance in Australia is in a terrible, terrible state.

        • That visceral ‘feeling’ many are experiencing about what has happened and what is happening should be trusted as it is one of of our best early warning systems for danger that we humans posses. If one bothers to take the time, the data shows that the mRNA injections have no impact on the latest Omni virus- hence the staggeringly high infection rates. It’s the same result in all the heavily injected countries. So naturally, any sane person would wonder why we need boosters of an impotent concoction unless unless there is another objective? And why are early treatments banned and experts censored? This all screams of collusion with a nefarious objective. Note: Victoria has announced mandatory ‘boosters’ (due Feb 12) for ‘essential’ workers and I anticipate that will soon enough include everyone.

          Via Steve Kirsch:
          “Dr. Chetty speaks frankly on his views on what is really going on here with the virus and the vaccine. ”

          • Any sense that the vaccines are being promoted for public health purposes has long since disappeared. The nutters in charge insist that everybody must be vaccinated and boosted for the purpose of being vaccinated and boosted. It’s like some deranged religious cargo cult or an obsessive-compulsive disorder. Vaccination has become the goal itself, rather than a means to an end.

            Meanwhile, in the UK, the ex chairman of the UK Vaccine Taskforce, Dr Clive Dix told the Guardian “Mass population-based vaccination in the UK should end now”.


            One can only hope that some sort of sanity will prevail in the long run, or even the short run.

        • McGowan is a product because the East Coast of Australia is all corrupt. We’ve been hallowed out by Chinese money.

        • kierans777MEMBER

          What are your feelings on the Premiers or SA and Tas who implemented the same border policies, etc as Victoria, WA, etc? Or is it only Labor Premiers who get a bashing here?

          The states have only responded to the conditions allowed by the federal government. If proper quarantine and other policies were implemented quickly and effectively from the top, the states wouldn’t have done what they felt the needed to.

          The root cause is the fact that we needed a Churchill and we got a pathological lying ****ing marketing man in charge.

          • I’m quite agnostic about my dislike of politicians of all persuasions. None of them are serving us well.

            I picked those particular politicians because of their recent demonstrations of particular stupidity and cruelty, not because of their politics. Gunner’s deranged rant about vax mandates put him on the world stage after Russell Brands brilliant takedown of him. Andrews is beneath contempt after his emergency powers legislation and McGowan is promising to make life “really difficult” for the unvaccinated, which is despicable and idiotic. They’re all despicable and idiotic.

            Dom Perignon is clearly a deranged happy-clapper christian who has no idea what’s going on and should never be allowed near the levers of power. Berejiklian before him was utterly corrupt in handing public money to her secret boyfriend.

            As for the Premiers of SA and Tas, they’re such forgettable mediocrities that off the top of my head I have no idea who they even are or what they’re doing.

    • Agree with much of what you say, but quite honestly, the wores our international reptuation is, the better is for us. We will be less likely to attact foriegn “investment” and migrants.

  15. Seriously do not understand your argument here, and it seems to run on similar narrative to what I read at the Guardian.
    On one hand you complain that the economy structure is collapsing and there are supply chain shortage, staff shortages etc which is due to lockdowns and isolation policies, BUT then you criticize for opening up too fast and loosening isolation policies which are done to help the economy move forward.

    Your trying to have it both ways. I don’t know if your doing this on purpose to stoke the fire or if you are honestly unaware that there are conflicting views.

    Also the LIT policy is after several serious lockdown polices which were (and still are) some of the most strict and long lockdowns in the world.

      • So many people have had to self isolate for 7 days because they were deemed a close contact, even if they were vaccinated and even if they tested negative. It’s caused so many people I know to be out of work including family and friends who own businesses who had to deal with staff shortages. Have you not seen the fresh food supply issues at the supermarket?

          • I understand there are sick people but for every sick person you have several times more close contacts that are perfectly well and vaccinated. I would have thought that everyone would be sick and tired of 2 years of ducking and hiding but it seems some are happy with another 2 years.


            “That is right they are sick. Big farkn deal. They are not dying.”

            And they should get back to work when sick the useless fcks!! Stack them shelves. Serve them coffees! It’s VITAL for our ECOnOMY fcken!

          • Well I will try and be more succinct;
            More frequent and longer lockdown will eventually grind the economy to a complete halt and worse.



            I agree. We must avoid lockdowns. Lockdowns (if not pre-emptive) are the result, effectively, of poor infection control measures and “letting it rip”. The more virus you have, the more pressure there is on critical systems (ie. hospitals). The more pressure there is on critical systems, the more likely the health/political system is forced into stronger measures (ie. “lockdowns”) to limit said pressure.

            ie. the more you LIR, the more locked-down you get. If you go into every hairpin bend with the throttle on full, you’re gonna come unstuck.

  16. My daughter is 5, going into year 1, I don’t think she will be getting the vaccine, seems pretty mild in kids, most of the cases in hospital are kids with something else and get tested positive for COVID.

  17. TheLambKingMEMBER

    Can’t afford to issue RATs via medicare but can afford $3.5bil for useless tanks!

    The RAT is pure LNP idiocy. They want to subsidies RATs for people who cant afford them even though:
    1) For the price of the subsidy, they can afford to buy all the RATS for everybody at the wholesale price they can get!

    2) The money goes straight to his donor mates a Priceline, Chemart and Harvey Norman (who all convinced the LNP to not give them out for free)

    But don’t get him sacked. Hopefully the Australian public does a WA on the LNP and gets ride of most of the corrupt MPs from the LNP. (Yes, Labor would be just as corrupt after 3 terms too – see Vic – but you need a refresh)

  18. Locus of ControlMEMBER

    In my early 20s I never contemplated leaving Australia for all its faults (high house prices, a relatively undiversified economy, etc), but now in my early 30s the poor governance at all levels makes me yearn for somewhere better. Where to, I don’t know, but Japan, Singapore, Scandi nations, parts of Europe all seem to run their countries better than we’re doing it here.

  19. > “I booked a few days ago for three weeks away after ringing around as many places that I could find.”

    Counter-anecdata: I called my local GP yesterday at 9am for our 5 year old and got a booking for today at 11:30am.

  20. Can we have a vote to sack the Queen and her family? Our government is a joke but not being able to ditch the ties to the inbred royal family says it all about Australia.
    22 years since I voted yes. Still as locked in as I was then.

    • The ARM will shortly outline it’s preferred model for a Republic. They’ve been working on it for a while but there is a bit of unease in releasing it while the Queen has been a bit sick.

    • reusachtigeMEMBER

      A referendum on a Republic should only be allowed once every 100 years. God save the Queen!

  21. Given that the Queen has just made that War Criminal Blair a Knight, i wouldnt hold my breath about ScoMo…

  22. Supply chain was breaking down pre-Covid for anyone paying attention:
    a) Huge population increase in suburbs, but few new malls/shops to service that demand. RE costs too high.
    b) Inefficient methods of store management, covered up by roster of minimum wage shelf stackers who have to put items on shelves 1by1 to a huge degree (low productivity). However employers cant pay more or the whole edifice becomes unviable. Workers squeezed between their wage and high cost of goods economy. Inflation? Seargent RBA Shultz sees nothing!
    c) Shelves were often getting threadbare by end of day to anyone who needed to shop in evening hours.
    d) High RE prices means local stores cant afford local storage space out the back to have a reserve/stock of fast moving items, thus necessitating more trucked deliveries from Dist. Center more regularly.

    All of this pre-covid.