ScoMo ignores Omicron to reboot mass immigration

Last month, the Morrison Government announced that Australia will re-open its international border to overseas students, skilled visa holders and working holiday makers from 1 December, with Home Affairs Minister Karen Andrews expecting that at least 200,000 migrant workers will arrive in Australia by July 2022:

“We are working on a figure of 200,000, it may well be more than that but we will be actively looking to bring as many people into Australia as soon as we possibly can – Karen Andrews, 22 November 2021.

This decision effectively brought forward the Intergenerational Report’s (IGR) projection of 235,000 annual net overseas migrants from 2025-26 onwards:

The various business lobbies and universities hailed the decision, with Restaurant & Catering CEO Wes Lambert stating “this is the biggest early Christmas present the hospitality industry has ever received”.

The emergence of the new “Omicron” COVID strain threatened the immigration reboot, with the federal government forced to delay Australia’s international border reopening by two weeks (from 1 December to 15 December) while it awaited more data.

To nobody’s surprise, Prime Minister Scott Morrison yesterday announced that Australia would fully reopen to international travel on Wednesday:

Of the 235,000 current overseas visa holders who may be eligible to enter Australia after December 1, 162,000 are foreign students and another 57,400 are skilled workers. There are 11,700 refugees and 400 temporary and provision family visa holders.

If they are fully vaccinated and test negative 72 hours before entry, the arrivals will not need a travel exemption to enter participating states.

The Victorian Government has also scrapped the 14-day mandatory quarantine hotel requirement for international travellers who have been to eight southern African countries of concern. They will now only have to self-isolate at home or in private accommodation for 72 hours after arriving in Victoria, in line with other international travellers.

The federal government will also accept Chinese vaccines as proof of vaccination, despite their poor efficacy.

Thus, the federal government’s mass immigration reboot is back on with quarantine-free access available to anybody that has taken an eligible vaccine.

Australians, who are overwhelmingly against pre-COVID levels of immigration, have been ignored yet again by our political leaders in favour of the edu-migration, business and property lobbies.

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    • Totes BeWokeMEMBER

      There is nothing to say. There’s no surprises.

      LNP are the party for business and wealthy. Always have been. Of course they’ll do this with the assistance of Labor, MSM, elites in media, business run Australia.

      What’s changed? Labor stopped fighting for workers and plebs. Labor became a ridiculous party for petty micro causes, and now it doesn’t matter what Labor say or do, the country has lost trust and faith in them and have stopped listening to them.

      We are broken. The country is fked. Our kids futures are doomed. All thanks to the inner city woke that changed Labor.

      If that’s you, we’ll done. You destroyed Australia.

    • Totes BeWokeMEMBER

      “migration has always played an important role in the economy and will continue in the recovery, but it’s important we take this opportunity to get the mix right” ….Albanese

      With zero opposition to mass immigration, who in their right mind would expect LNP and big business to temper it?

      • Charles MartinMEMBER

        and as usual, they never elaborate on how to do it in a more sophisticated way, just open teh gates.

        • Totes BeWokeMEMBER

          Gillard said..”smart economy”.

          Not a single person but me, asked what that meant.

          It meant nothing. Labor are a dishonest party for the elites. Just like LNP, but unlike LNP, dumb Australians vote Labor erroneously thinking they make a difference.

          LNP or Labor, our offspring are rapidly heading towards global minimum wage earning serfs.

          There’s only one solution.

    • Arthur Schopenhauer

      It doesn’t matter, Labor will do exactly the same.

      Watch both sides wage a dirty war against the independents.

      Be Independent. Vote Independent.

      • Totes BeWokeMEMBER

        It’s already started Arthur.

        LNP know not to run too hard on Zali etal because them not declaring who they’ll support in a hung parliament ensures no one votes for them in those wealthy seats risking a Labor government.

        • I think a lot of these wealthy LNP electorates could get behind a “Liberal Lite” Labor government. One that gives the rich their tax cuts (free market and all that) while implementing valuable policy changes regarding an ICAC and possibly donations reform.

          It’s possible that an independent backed Labor government could do what Labor never could on it’s own – reform donations and media laws to finally start addressing the pro-LNP cancer that is the MSM on this country.

          • Totes BeWokeMEMBER

            That’s an awesome comment kierans777. You could be right.

            Would Labor ensure these things going into the election though? I don’t reckon, because it’d hurt them elsewhere. Zali is risking her seat by being mysterious and petulant IMO. She won’t win unless all the ducks line up prior to the day.

        • sent zali an email a couple months ago …asked why she doesn’t speak out against the mass immigration program as population growth is the main input to green house gas emissions.
          received auto reply says she deals only with enquiries within her electorate …crickets!

          • Totes BeWokeMEMBER

            Zali’s biggest emotional supporter is Fitzsimons. Don’t expect anything from her but BS.

            Now she’s refusing to declare her donors….”just like the parties do” she said.

  1. They said these 235,000 visa holders could arrive in the next couple of months, so no doubt we will get a lot more than 235,000 by 30 June.

    Anyone know what the latest Net overseas migration figure is, since lockdown ended?

    • There is an argument that given Omicron is so benign, that this is the variant you want to run through the population to generate natural immunity. There is some questions remaining because the average age is higher here than in Africa, so its lethality could be higher. But so is medical care and standards of living.

      As I write, only a single person (so far) has died of it in the UK…

      • Actually no they have made the point that someone died WITH covid not from it, though still early days since it normally takes 3 or 4wks for people to actually die. I also wonder how many of those South Africans have actually been exposed to covid before & if omicron really is that mild, hopefully it is and it rips through & then everyone will have immunity that renders all covid to be like a common cold

        • To this point literally every death proximate to a covid diagnosis has been counted as a covid death. It is far too late for TPTB to attempt to change the narrative they originally chose.

      • Super transmissible
        Evades vaccines
        If it gets to enough people with chronic and complex conditions (40% of population) it could put enough people into hospital and overwhelm the stretched capacity and workforce

        As someone who manages risk, I know what I would want to controlling for

        Baxter in radios yesterday saying let’s not underplay the impact just because it may be benign

        • Also, thankfully this variant that we’ve know about for barely a month hasn’t caused any ‘long covid’ effects.

        • As someone who manages risk, I know what I would want to controlling for

          Risk control? That is not part of our core business. We outsourced it. Nothing to worry about here. Move on.

        • Health risk management and technology risk management are 2 very different fields. Its like saying a car mechanic can work on a jet turbine. There will be overlays but each has enough nuance to not be instantly transferable.

          Regardless, as a risk management specialist you will understand that we would need an agreed definition on an acceptable level of risk. Not a single state or federal or health leader has defined this parameter as far as I am aware? How do you manage to a threshold if you dont define what the threshold is?

      • Rusty – I’m not convinced that Omnicron is actually that benign. If you compare it to Delta sure; if you compare it to the original variant probably on par or a bit worse, and if you compare it to most other diseases I reckon it still will knock enough of the population our as a percentage.

        There is no data; just “don’t panic”. And “we think”, and “let’s not over react”. 40% of UK infections I read today are now Omnicron and they’ve had their first deaths.

        Deaths/hospitalizations are a lagging indicator. Its why I hate when politicans tell us to look at only that – by the time that’s bad its too late. I guess it’s a line that allows this immigration reboot though – in the end its Labor’s problem to deal with. Its only been a month since the first cases were spotted in the UK, and probably 3 weeks. The news cycle works fast compressing our perception of time.

    • MountainGuinMEMBER

      Stuffing in immigrants as fast as possible during a pandemic. What could possibly go wrong?

      • LeftRightOutMEMBER

        Let it rip. Common understanding is that immigration is good for us and that the resulting COVID is bad for us. Who knows, the general population might pause and irrationally conclude that Immgration is bad for us.

  2. I think with policies like these we need to move to optional voting, and optional preferential voting at that.
    Australians should not be forced to direct their eventual vote to Liberal, Labor or the Greens, who all uniformly support big Australia, mass migration and population replacement, at the expense of the people already here, and the nation’s environment.

    This is it, I am done. I absolutely do not want my vote eventually being allocated to one of those parties, just so I can express a visible preference for someone else.

    • The election issue that matters, Big Australia, has effectively been taken offline five months early by LibLab and Greens. Whatever we do at the polling booth, we should protest vigorously to the minions of all three parties.

      With no visible permissions from people or parliament, vigilante Home Affairs (Immigration) has quietly “banked up” a blitzkrieg of 235,000 overseas visa-holders. Indeed, this is well in advance of the targets announced in the Budget and IGR.

        • Totes BeWokeMEMBER

          I think you mentioned yesterday smith was smart but naive.

          Even someone as dumb as smith would be finally realising how their delusional visions have backfired and they’ve wrecked everything great this country had. They’ve hurt the vulnerable and disadvantaged more than anyone else. For now. We’re all going down in a screaming heap.

          The carnage hasn’t even started.

    • Totes BeWokeMEMBER

      Fantastic. This is what we all must do. Vote for nationalist Independents and parties and leave LNP, Labor and Greens last all over Australia.

      This is doable. If enough Australians spread the word we can save our country.

      I wouldn’t trust LNP and Labor with a single future term. They are on to us, and have already changed requirements for a registered party to 1500 members, and other things. Together they’ll do what they can within the constitution to save themselves.

      • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

        A party that isn’t run by its membership leads to MPs who are easily corrupted by organised money.
        Independents are just as susceptible to careerism and Promoting the interest of future benefactors, over the interests of their electorate, as major party MPs are.
        Protest vote all you want but without parties run, democratically, by their membership then nothing will change.
        Real Democratic accountability requires more than rocking up at your local public school every 3 or 4 years to vote.
        It requires people turning up to party meetings and demanding the power of censure over MPs who have used THEIR party as a vehicle to get into parliament.
        This is where citizens taking back control of the democratic process begins.
        You know what you must do.

        Same goes for all you liberal and “other” voters but I’m not posting their fking membership forms.

        • Totes BeWokeMEMBER

          I admire your tenacity.

          There are massive problems with Independents. For example, they will pander to their immediate electorate. Meaning they’re more likely to lobby for a new highway, than lower immigration.

          BUT, we have to start somewhere, and that is destruction of the Labor party. They are absolutely 100% the problem, and are in the way of solutions. Nothing can change until they are gone.

          Ermo, you haven’t addressed the Labor parralel I raised about unions…”unions are as rank and file as you get, yet they are defying what their members want with support for mass immigration”.

          How are more Labor members going to change Labor?

          • I actually think the problem is that the parties favor inner city centre’s of power (even the nationals through the Liberal party coalition). I see Scomo, Tony Abbott, Albanese, Pilbersek, Wong, etc and I all think they are cut from the same Sydney inner city culture. I think that’s where the rot comes from; the last 20 years has seen an individualism/globalisation (Australia isn’t important) attitude set in which is mostly concentrated in the cities.

            Sydney (and to a lesser extent inner city Melbourne) benefit from the current system at the expense of everywhere else. Especially the states that more than punch their weight (e.g. WA).

          • Totes BeWokeMEMBER


            I think you’ve nailed that. This is exactly the reason we’ve got political chaos in Australia.

            The idiots in the cities who do FA to earn money, have everything they could ever want, yet, have the highest mental illness on the planet.

            They are the most clueless dysfunctional fools to have ever walked the earth. Filling their lives with meaningless stuff, meaningless work, and meaningless relationships.

            They wouldn’t have lived to 10 years old, 200 years ago.

            Yet, these soft, useless people drive the nations political narrative. It’s sickening to watch. Bring back the rule of the fist I reckon.

          • ”BUT, we have to start somewhere, and that is destruction of the Labor party. They are absolutely 100% the problem, and are in the way of solutions. Nothing can change until they are gone.”
            EP’s position makes a hell of a lot more sense than yours. Just my 2c

            ”Ermo, you haven’t addressed the Labor parralel I raised about unions…”unions are as rank and file as you get, yet they are defying what their members want with support for mass immigration”.
            I have to ask, what is the evidence of this? I find many union statements about immigration are far more in line with mainstream attitudes than you give them credit for.

            Example: “While thousands of Australians are still stranded overseas, the government is considering putting them at the end of the queue behind foreign workers who can be easily exploited. This is an attack on Australian values. It is a disgrace.
            After destroying TAFE, the government now wants to plug the skills gap by importing thousands of people who can’t enforce their labour rights and are easily exploited.”

          • TB/Rich42
            While I would prefer a smaller permanent migration intake as well, it does not detract from the points I am making. One – temporary workers are a very big part of the problem. Note: my quote is more recent. Indeed, even MB has acknowledged the ACTU seems to be waking up to the problem (See . Two – EP is correct in pointing out you have a far better chance of influencing policy within the ALP than vote for a complete unknown trying to paint themselves as independent.

        • Arthur Schopenhauer


          Show us a single ALP member besides Doug Cameron, that has not had a career as a political staffer.

          It might be all community in the trenches Ermo, but Labor MPs are serving their donors just as much.

          Being a member of the Labor Party is like being a member of the Catholic Church. There’s a considerable amount of denial required to not see the short comings.

          Both the LNP and Labor Parties rely on people tying their identities to the parties. It allows them to steam roll the populace.

          Be Independent. Vote Independent

        • How are things on the front line at the moment? Are your branch members with you or do you get shouted down as racist?

      • Compulsory voting is probably the single best feature of our electoral system.

        Look for the LNP to try and get rid of it if they have the chance. The voter ID stuff is the lead-in.

        • Totes BeWokeMEMBER

          LNP? lol.

          LNP AND LABOR conspired and colluded to change what they could.

          The only reason Labor opposed IDs is it’d benefit LNP and hurt Labor.

          You are the most delusional person I’ve ever dealt with.

        • I’m not sure because we’ve never not had compulsory voting. I see a minority that are well informed, who have their votes pretty much swamped by most people who are not politically engaged and tribal – who see parties like sport teams.

          The one feature I like about voluntary voting is that the people who care get the bigger vote. While recently in times of unrest that hasn’t been good for America, overall America historically wasn’t the worst place to live/be. I’m not sure America’s problems stem from compulsory voting or the lack of it, but something far deeper (I think inequality is the real reason).

          In this forum there’s a lot of wonder as to why:

          – The young don’t rally up against the system.
          – Why we put up with corruption from politicans? Why aren’t politicans scared of the electorate?
          – etc etc

          Its because we don’t think we can change anything anyway so may as well comply. Its impossible to vote these people out on the whole while most just tick what they always ticked on the ballet paper because they have to instead of watching the footy on TV or mowing their lawns like they would honestly rather be doing. “She’ll be right” – don’t care too much; don’t be too political. Its almost ingrained into Australia now.

    • optional voting is good idea, certainly a far more genuine reflection of voter intentions.
      with the imposed ruinous mass immigration … the majority of the people are against it, so on election day the people should put an anti immigration candidate in number one place, if there is no anti immigration candidate the people should just get their name marked off but don’t vote for anyone. if enough people do this, it will work.

      however the people are not organized, that’s why the ‘elites’ are getting away with it

      • optional voting is good idea, certainly a far more genuine reflection of voter intentions.

        LOL. Yes, fewer people voting is the obvious way to discover “a far more genuine reflection of voter intentions”.

        (The next logical step, of course, is to discourage people with the wrong intentions from voting.)

        with the imposed ruinous mass immigration … the majority of the people are against it, so on election day the people should put an anti immigration candidate in number one place, if there is no anti immigration candidate the people should just get their name marked off but don’t vote for anyone. if enough people do this, it will work.

        You can do that right now.

        • people can vote if they want to, if they’re interested

          compulsory voting just ensures a solid chunk of votes from the naive and young to the greens and labor progressive parties … I can understand why a zealous progressive such as yourself would be deeply worried about any move to an optional voting system

          • And there it is. All the people who shouldn’t be voting because they vote for the wrong thing.

          • “And there it is. All the people who shouldn’t be voting because they vote for the wrong thing.”
            It is worrying how attacking democratic institutions and principles until those that should support them don’t, seems to have become fashionable in some quarters.

  3. Display NameMEMBER

    “this is the biggest early Christmas present the hospitality industry has ever received”.

    Those highly skilled overseas waiters and sandwich makers are critical to the hospitality industry, Does he realise how absurd this sounds? How long does it take to train an average waiter to the point where they can start contributing ? five minutes ? ten? It is the tacit admission that all 1.3M under employed have been thrown under a bus for the ability to extort new migrants who don’t know their rights.

    • MountainGuinMEMBER

      Yep, and the opportunity for school and uni students to earn some holiday dollars is now being restricted.

  4. Totes BeWokeMEMBER

    It should finally be obvious to all Australians what our biggest problems are.

    Mass immigration, and a workers and plebs party that’s betrayed workers and plebs.

  5. So most are students and yet AFR headlines suggest international students aren’t coming here. Maybe they’re the Nepalese contingent.

  6. Politics is the shadow cast upon society by business.

    The politician has as a primary role the presentation of the donors’ desires so that they are as palatable as possible to the great unwashed.

    And yet the major parties still receive collectively about 70% of the first preferences in general elections. Clearly, the politicians are performing well in their roles.

    • Totes BeWokeMEMBER

      “70% of the first preferences in general elections”

      That’s what has to change. If all the people that understand what’s unfolding work hard to change this, Australia can be saved. There is not much time left.

      Start the campaign….”choose LNP or Labor second and third last with Greens last”.

  7. At 235000 per year isn’t it fortunate we are building a brand new empty city the size of Geelong or Woolongong or Hobart every year from scratch just to home all these new people… that annual number is simply insane

    • Even the CCP is trying to rebalance the economy away from real estate development. Pity we can’t yet see the sense in that.

  8. Totes BeWokeMEMBER

    Give LNP and Labor another duopoly term and it’s all over for Australia. We’ll be America in no time.

    Uber elites, business blatantly running policies, horrendous poor, working poor, horrific homelessness and health problems, severely limited welfare, hugely expensive private health system, inequality right across society, zero opportunity outside the wealthy.

    Don’t do it Australia. This is probably our last chance before LNP and Labor sew up their strength with tampering with our constitution.

    500 changed to 1500 members to make a party? Why not 15000, 50000?

    Time is running out. Labor are not a solution. Labor ARE THE PROBLEM.

    • The ABC is the advertiser for most industry groups. It’s one of the biggest business date lickers there is. This ABC is “the left” stuff is only on social issues.


      Yerrrppp. Folks about to find out what “living with Covid” means. Nsw 800+ cases today, going for launch into Chrissy!

  9. Totes BeWokeMEMBER

    If Zali goes to the election without declaring who she’ll support in a hung parliament, she’ll be the best lay bet since Incentivise in the Melbourne Cup.

      • Totes BeWokeMEMBER

        “Hasn’t Steggal said she will vote per issue?”

        If it’s a hung parliament it’s possible Zali could decide who forms government.

        Lay bet (short), Incentivise was never going to win the 3200m MC with 60kg. Zali is never going to win without declaring who she’ll give government. These people are politically savvy, and might say they’ll vote Zali, but will walk into the booth and vote LNP (and not risk a Labor government).

        Remembering Abbott is no longer there.

        • You assume people there despise Abbot more than Scomo? Now that is a stretch especially after bushfires, women, COVID…
          Staying non-aligned is a smart move by Zali – its consistent with the Independent brand.

          • Totes BeWokeMEMBER

            That’s a good point but Morrison isn’t in Zali’s electorate like Abbott was.

            “Staying non-aligned is a smart move by Zali”

            I don’t agree and will put thousands on it if she goes to the election like that, and there’s a palatable LNP candidate (oxymoron I know, but we’re talking about the wealthy grubs here).

            Human nature 101. Back self interest.

      • Totes BeWokeMEMBER

        Yep. I agree. Something underrated and special.

        Only thing that surprised me was only one beat him. I won a lot of money.

  10. Muttafukaburrasaurus.MEMBER

    There is no skills shortage in hospitality, there is a shortage of employers willing to pay the market price as evidenced by employees withholding their labour…
    Politicians are destroying the Australian citizens future, on behalf of their greedy and self interested benefactors.

    Things I believe are of importance that I will be writing to my local candidates seeking their perspectives
    A independent and retrospective Crime and Corruption national politcal audit body, with powers to refer for prosecution.
    A cease to Immigration until a workable agreeable target level is discovered that benefits Australian voters only.
    Abolish partisan activities in all CofA buildings or the use of tax payer owned/ funded assets.
    All political donations must be made through the electoral commission (EC), to be directed to the party of the donors choice.
    A strict $$ cap on party political marketing in elections, to be funded by tax payers and allocated by the EC alone.
    A staged withdrawal of external auditing organisation and strengthening of the public service with a remit to advise in long term interests of Australia/ Australians.
    A culture of self reliance and majority public ownership and control of all essential services- energy distribution, water infrastructure, education, health etcera.
    Reciprocal agreements with nations that exclude Australian ownership of foreign assets adhering to the same regulation that they impose.
    Favoured trade status for aligned nations or neighbours, though still secondary consideration to local industry.
    Companies off-shoring workers required to adhere to Australian wage levels/ tax/ super as per local based employees.
    Free vocational education and training.
    etcera…. a endless list 🙂

    • “introduce a national licensing program to crack down on unscrupulous labour hire contractors”
      Just ban them. If “farmers” want imported labour than let them hire directly.

  11. Omicron is going to rip through Oz…. all in the name of re-booting an immigration ponzi scheme that no Aussie wants! Fk off ScoMo!