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    • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

      Geez they seem determined to pull this band aid off as slowly as possible.
      Best to just rip it off at the same time we are letting this Omicron rip.
      You know 2 birds with one stone and all that making Everywhere like Lebanon,…but probably not for another 18 mths.😉

      “In a recent report, the World Bank wrote that the economic and financial crisis in the country ranks among the three most severe crises since the mid-19th century and notes that, “such a sharp and rapid contraction is usually associated with conflict or war.”

      The national currency lost more than 90 percent of its value against the dollar, while consumer price inflation – the standard basket of food and drinks – rose 290 percent year-on-year in August, the highest in the world, according to Bloomberg. Three-quarters of the country’s inhabitants are now said to live below the poverty line, according to one UN report.“

        • I think the internet would be rather good…

          “With a total of $6.3bn transferred in 2020, remittances from the Lebanese diaspora to their home country represent a substantial share of GDP. The country ranks third in the world with a remittance-to-GDP ratio level of 32.9 percent.

          Given the current situation, it is highly likely that the diaspora will continue to look for alternatives to banks in order to transfer funds to Lebanon. This is especially true since a significant part of the population does not have a bank account.”

      • SnappedUpSavvyMEMBER

        Can’t imagine a country run by men who shave their legs, wear Gucci bum bags and sneer and swear at anyone who looks at them, no wonder it’s struggling

      • What economic factors were present before this occurred to its currency …

        “The Lebanese economy is service-oriented. Lebanon has a strong tradition of laissez-faire, with the country’s constitution stating that ‘the economic system is free and ensures private initiative and the right to private property’. The major economic sectors include metal products, banking, agriculture, chemicals, and transport equipment. Main growth sectors include banking and tourism. There are no restrictions on foreign exchange or capital movement.”

        So on one hand some want to draw a correlation to its fiat currency to crypto yet can’t be bothered to look at the factors which preceded its currency issues, of which, crypto would not done anything to remedy the situation, more than likely acerbated it looking at all the fraud and corruption.

        But then again its basically a Libertarian state … so there is that to consider …

      • FKMEDEAD …

        The economy continues to unravel amid political instability, social unrest, a financial crisis and acute shortages of fuel and other basic goods. The private-sector PMI moved deeper into contractionary territory in October amid a sharper fall in new orders. Moreover, the currency has continued to sink in the parallel market, which, together with the recent reduction in drug subsidies, will be further fanning hyperinflation, crushing purchasing power. In an additional blow to activity, at end-October Saudi Arabia banned all Lebanese imports—worth around USD 250 million—due to a diplomatic spat. In politics, the cabinet remains suspended due to Hezbollah’s insistence that the judge charged with investigating the August 2020 port explosion be removed from his post. The lack of political direction is delaying badly needed reforms and the arrival of foreign aid.

        But yeah the the crypto horny are making it all about its state fiat currency and not looking at all the things that happened which effects it … like bloody trade … or political dysfunction due to endemic corruption [waves at Laissez-faire] which is a hall mark of this ideological belief and then has the cheek to say the State/Government created all the problems because it FKs with the market …

  1. desmodromicMEMBER

    The mass extinction is well underway in Australia. Thirty species of mammals already extinct and many more in deep trouble. Land clearing and introduced predators, cats and foxes, did most of the damage but the fires have ensured that many populations of those that remained won’t recover or are gone. Unfortunately Australians generally don’t know they exist and probably won’t miss them because most species are nocturnal. Add the impact of cane toads in the north and things are dire. In the 1990s Kakadu was a biodiversity hotspot but no more. Remote parts of Kimberly is the only area where the wildlife is intact. See it while you can.

  2. In just under two years of covid 204 Australians under 60 have died within 28 days of a positive result on a covid test. Most of that 204 would have sadly succumbed to another illness and passed away regardless due to their extreme ill health. In the same time approximately 25000 under 60s have died from heart disease which is predominantly caused by poor lifestyle choice.

    Heart disease kills about 50 Australians every single day and has done for years and years. The entire two year fatality total for covid in Australia is reached within about 1.5 months by preventable heart disease.

    Heart disease in the past two years had over 320,000 serious hospitalisations.

    And I’m pretty sure the effects of “long heart disease “ dwarf the phantom menace of long covid.

    But ……Covid!

    How much fear will Sweeper try to incite amongst his fellow Australians today?

    • boomengineeringMEMBER

      Sweeper is religious of the covid jab type, don’t engage with religious fanatics imposing their unquestioned beliefs
      Btw just had my every second day prevention better than cure.

      • Is R0 the determinate of the impact on society or is actual health outcomes that which matters?

        I guess it depends if you’re talking to a Covid Cultist or not.

    • Hospitals in NSW will get crushed in NSW in January. And i’m not expecting it to be because of a sudden spike in heart disease admissions.

        • The NSW Government itself is telling the populace not to expect hospital care in the new year. They’re all about image management/damage control, so if that’s their official statement, i expect the real expected outcome to be an order of magnitude worse.

          • Punters get told by emergency department triage to go to GP, GP tells punter to got to emergency department.

          • I think we should collate your doom mongering and play it back to you in a few weeks time. By then you will have moved onto another PANIC and will refuse to revisit your irresponsible incitement of irrational fear through the community.

          • Yah it’s just a prediction Fish. Could be wrong. Just based on what i’ve seen overseas (got fam in brazil, netherlands) and some armchair epidemiology on my part. For the record i see covid as relatively* mild for the average individual, but highly problematic from a population and societal systemic risk perspective (ie. bottlenecks like healthcare)

            My prediction is NSW hostpitals/health system will be overwhelmed within 2 weeks and NSW Government will be forced, because reality, healthcare and politics, into placing heavier restrictions (limits to home gatherings) at a minimum, and a Netherlands style lockdown at worst. I’m not CALLING for this, just a prediction. I’m not deluded enough to think an anonymous post in the comments section of a local economics blog will sway the needle of public debate.

            Vaccines are the one thing potentially holding back the dam in NSW. But i understand you don’t “believe” in them. And i note that with anything Covid related you get very hysterical and irate so i struggle to put any weight on your analysis, other than to help me gauge sentiment amongst the anti-vaxx/conspiracy set.

            I personally don’t really give a sh1te what happens either way. I see the Covid pandemic as a relatively small (but real) diversion from, and a symptom of, much larger issues (climate change, environmental degradation), which i highly doubt humans have the wherewithal to deal with (ain’t seen the evidence yet).

          • Fishing, you don’t seem to like chaos or anarchy nor the idea of using the pandemic to break the back of the establishment . We need a revolution against existing inequality, unsustainable policies and power structures. The poor but predictable response of the LNP should be used to wreck confidence, slow economic activity and smash the banks, who are no doubt behind the incessant push for a return to business as usual. I want to maximise this once in a lifetime opportunity because I doubt an easier way to smash the financial and population Ponzi schemes will occur ever again.

        • The U.S. data seems to conflict with your desires e.g. an outcome proceeding evidence because an ideological belief dictates reality conforms to it or the only other option is the emotional pain of accepting it was a myth from conception.

          Its akin to wealthy people not admitting being scammed by some huckster because of the social ramifications, thus letting the huckster ply their trade again and again ~~~~~

          • I go with the historical back drop on readers and not just the one off comment IMO.

            Add on I have good networks in the disciplines related to covid which are not tainted by politics, profit incentives, or social blow back/screwball beliefs. My one and only concern is the quality of information people can use to judge risk and make informed decisions and nothing else – I have linked to Talab et al on this. Furthermore I’ve pointed out from the start that this is a novel virus and the past is just a rule of thumb which to use as a guide whilst new information, specific to instance becomes available, hence why the precautionary principle is at a premium till more is known. I’ve even pointed out the BOOK on it Mandell, Douglas, and Bennett’s Principles and Practice of Infectious Diseases, 8th Edition of which anyone can avail themselves of, first two chapters.

            Meanwhile we are treated to two camps of misinformation, antivaxx nutters and the vax vax vax believers, which in both cases seek a return to some past concept of normality, but only quibble on how to get there like orthodox cookie cutter economics.

            The real problem here is that its a force of nature that does not submit to what humans want or believe when at the end of the day you only have two choices … Let It Rip and see it kill, maim, shorten lifespans, loss of ones productivity in a life, ergo a cornucopia of social ills that will burden society for decades and generations … the other option is what China is doing with its Zero Policy which seeks to limit covids mutation playbook and preserve Capital during a multi-generational crisis.

            I’ll make it simple … the more opportunity it has to infect the more opportunity it has to mutate and there is nothing that suggests it can’t be more harmful or get whacked with multiple mutations at the same time e.g. you can get through one variant only to be infected with the next one shortly afterwards – rinse and repeat …

        • It’s around 8 to 14 days from symptoms to hospital the probably another couple of days to ICU

      • Considering that heart disease takes up about 50% of the Australian health system and covid takes up,about 2% it’s factually correct to say you are already wrong and will continue to be wrong.


        • RobotSenseiMEMBER

          Considering that heart disease takes up about 50% of the Australian health system
          Does it though? Does it?

          • You should bear in mind that F72 is a pathological liar.

            He has no qualms about making sh!t up.

            When challenged with referenced data, he ignores you.

            Let’s see the published data for his claim.

      • Mike Herman Trout

        Might be that post pandemic stress idea they tried to peddle not long ago…. people so shocked by the end of lockdown that their hearts couldn’t cope….

      • Hopefully nothing befalls him like a shark attack car accident etc which requires an ICU visit to a smal regional hospital with say 4-6 beds

    • The Penske FileMEMBER

      Hopefully one day we will see the real numbers Fishing of deaths with or from COVID and ages, other issues of suicide, depression, family issues, other health issues not found, environmental damage (think no planes flying… we just pumped the crap via face masks and tests straight into the ground) Here’s another good take on the COVID over reaction nightmare –

  3. 24/93 A basic queuing model of hospitalisations & ICU occupancy rates , fitted to NSW’s Delta outbreak of July-October 2021, indicates that hospitalisation and ICU occupancy rates are now smaller fractions of reported case numbers than they were during the Delta outbreak.

    25/93 However, the trajectory of observed data suggest that hospitalisation and ICU occupancy are on a steeply rising trend and anticipated to exceed earlier peaks quite soon.

    29/93 Over the longer term these quick fix adjustments for resource reasons and better optics will be detrimental. about the impact of the Omicron variant on hospital admissions are unrealistic.

    How running a country like a business and MBA’s administering its public health care fairing in the long run thingy …

    • Totes BeWokeMEMBER

      Jordies is a fake. A paid Labor shill.

      Wants to make comments, but like all the other media propaganda won’t tolerate scrutiny, or alternative views.

      Unsubscribe. He’s not in the interests of Australia, or our kids futures.

      • RobotSenseiMEMBER

        Jordies exists because the MSM are too busy telling us which plate Nadia Cartel is using this week to do proper journalism

      • MerkwürdigliebeMEMBER

        Wants to make comments, but like all the other media propaganda won’t tolerate scrutiny, or alternative views.

        ….and there we have it guys

        Totes, GSM, Rich or whatever he has been here all these years shovelling bile on anything he doesnt agree with ….

        Completely resistant to any sense of balance, or any comprehension or understanding of data, and who really is a shill for our current government, and certainly doesnt want his patch of the world explored for iniquity, because he is all right Jack

        Seems to have concerns about that.

        Who woulda known…….


        • Totes BeWokeMEMBER

          I simply report what I see.

          I’ve pointed out how and why it’s ridiculous to label me a shill many times.

          If you had a counter argument you’d present it.

          Fact is everyone can now see what Labor are except for a small handful including you.

          Only the dumbest Australians still think Labor’s a solution.

          • MerkwürdigliebeMEMBER

            Off the top of my head i doubt there are many at Macrobusiness who think Labor is ‘the solution’ to much – maybe Sweeper maybe Ermo, but even there i think they’d be nervous about what an ALP government would do.

            The only difference between you and most of the rest here is that you tee off 25 times a day with ALP hatred – which is shilling for the Liberal National government we have had for 20 of the last 26 years – and fail to acknowledge that those you shill for have had executive and legislative ability to address the circumstance shaping Australian lives all that time.

            But instead – sheltering behind bigoted dullards like you and exhortations just like yours – they have ground Australian families into the turf with a population ponzi and de industrialisation delivering an ever more febrile economy of debt serviced by bullshit jobs and flatlining incomes, dead in the water becalmed awaiting the end of redistributed resources revenues or the end of the population ponzi to capsize the lot. And all along the journey 10 watt minds like yours have helped provide the ‘boogey man’ element of Australian political discourse.

            And i suspect that even a thought ptocess as feeble and niggardly as yours would know (somewhere) that I have teed off more times than i would care to think about vis the policy shortcomings of the ALP. That you cant seemingly recognise this or the regularly articulated comments and articles here positing similar simply addresses your observation that you ‘report what you see’ with a palpable ‘he sees sweet FA of anything other than his own bile’ type of thought elsewhere.

            I hope that doesnt distract too much from your whingeing about Ebay and those ‘dumbest Australians’ you interact with (though i think you make them up and you are one of these gits who sits about waiting for a comment to offend you)

          • Merkwürdigliebe …

            Cultists are like this …

            Yet both camps of the flock have no, zip, zero idea of the economics which drive all outcomes regardless of political identity.

            We might not agree on some stuff[tm] but I think you know this …

          • Totes BeWokeMEMBER

            You could cut that prose by 90% and do better at making a point.

            I’ve made the case countless times that it’s Labor that’s failed us, that allows LNP to do what they’re doing.

            You clearly can’t comprehend that, so instead attack?

            Only the absolute dumbest still can’t see Labor’s role in what LNP are doing to us.

          • MerkwürdigliebeMEMBER

            Did you think i was trying to make a point? To you? Ha ha ha…….

            Was just waiting for my family, filling in the time with an address of your bilge.

            Keep hanging in there with the absolute dumbest. You may still get that Torynuff government – the one you shill for – back for another of slops.

          • Totes BeWokeMEMBER

            “The only difference between you and most of the rest here is that you tee off 25 times a day with ALP hatred – which is shilling for the Liberal”

            No. That’s pushing for destruction of the Labor party.

            What happens after that I’ve got no idea, but what I do know is we are falling off a cliff and urgently need a solution.

            What are you etal trying to achieve defending them?

    • Totes BeWokeMEMBER

      Ask him about koala habitat making way for Labors mass immigration and see what happens.

      He’s as dodgy as Rudd. Money Money Money.

  4. Totes BeWokeMEMBER

    How is it even possible Australian banks have watched this clunky ripoff rubbish Paypal do what they do so badly, for such high fees and these greedy little Australian bankers not wanting a piece of the action?

    All they’d have to do to completely exploit paypals edge is allow cash transaction fees from credit cards to be more reasonable, or transfer of MY MONEY from my savings account to be instant with a small fee.

    Where’s the problem?

    PYPL has gone from $41US to $191, and a market cap of $225b. That’s some serious serious money that Australia should be taking a lot of.

    Still waiting for my funds to clear. Paypal’s a joke.

    • Totes BeWokeMEMBER

      I’ve got a great idea. Australia should start a bank owned by the government, in the interests of Australians.

      Imagine that?

      Call it Commonwealth Bank of Australia.

      • boomengineeringMEMBER

        Post Office Bank.
        Posted from the Warriewood dog park, after the once a week coffee and cafe meals. Btw anything resembling a beach is jam packed today, unlike early this morn, quite as.

        • Post office bank was done in the past due to the machinations of the free[tm] banking experience in the 1800s, rolled back at the advent of neoliberalism.

          Remind me again which ideological camp funded by corporatists fat on cash from WWI drove that agenda and what did they call it again – ????

    • happy valleyMEMBER

      So, probably 25,000+ in reality.

      Domicron and Health Hazzard achieved their forecast in a canter in December – not even January. And for that achievement, they should both go.

    • Even at 1% hospitalization that is way too much, and most of the infected are the younger people right now. When it spreads to the 65+ it won’t be pretty at all.

      It is now at 14.5% positive, will eventually go up to 30%, It’ll cap off at less than 50k a day because we simply can’t do more than 150k test a day.

      • Short CapitalismMEMBER

        These are the people who were gifted Coivd for Christmas! 14% of PCR test results are positive (of those who actually stayed in queues for over 3 hours) + so few RAT kits = huge numbers of undiagnosed and unisolated. Even more diverse mingling for New Years will make it explode like Champagne.

      • blindjusticeMEMBER

        50% positive rate is possible, numbers then depend on testing capacity
        precedent set in Ireland a few days ago (2nd highest rate in the world to Denmark recently)
        half the adult population have had a booster
        i.e these vaccines are poor at stopping transmission of omicron
        but perspective:
        Omicron is less severe

        As it now inevitably spreads most people are going to be just fine. Very unfortunate for those who have underlying conditions or illnesses where it can push people over the edge. There were multiple points in time over the course of this pandemic where Australia could have waited the whole pandemic out.

        Travel could still have occurred with totally dedicated remote quarantine facilities. FIFO staff, highly paid, quarantine them between stints. Or if you must reopen then forget that route and have dedicated covid hospitals and staff

        • You can blame the national Labor opposition for not building quarantine facilities for handling this and other handling vaccine procurement

          Because the labor opposition have not been in government since, what 2013, and so this failure to plan whilst not in government is definitely their fault and not the actual liberalist governemnt

  5. Hugh PavletichMEMBER

    Omicron science, good news … Dr John Campbell … Youtube

    New science explains South Africa’s low rates of omicron severe disease

    SARS-CoV-2 spike T cell responses induced upon vaccination or infection remain robust against Omicron … read and view more via hyperlink above …

    • Just saw that paper Hugh.

      Very small study, but looks to be good news.

      Looks like T cell immunity hold up much better than antibodies (B cells). Doesn’t seem to matter if you got T cells from vaccine or infection.

      “These results demonstrate that despite Omicron’s extensive mutations and reduced susceptibility to neutralizing antibodies, the majority of T cell response, induced by vaccination or natural infection, cross-recognises the variant.”

      “Well-preserved T cell immunity to Omicron is likely to contribute to protection from severe COVID-19, supporting early clinical observations from South Africa.”

    • S.A. has a population median of 27 Mister Science …. cough … hows those housing prices in Arizona contra your past opines …

  6. The Travelling PhantomMEMBER

    If you test positive to COVID using an RAT test, make sure you keep a record. Take a photo with your phone with the date. Preferably get a PCR test too if possible.

    If you don’t you won’t be eligible for any emergency government payment if you miss work, because you have to prove you’ve had COVID.

    In addition, there is little knowledge of the long term impact of COVID, so for the sake of future diagnoses, or health issues, it’s a good idea to have a record of when you had COVID.
    From an article I saw in the Age, worth a share
    with you guys

  7. Anyone know how to get a QLD border pass with a RAT test? The QLD Premier announced the change in policy (from PCR test result to RAT) on 1 January but the border pass application still requires proof of PCR.

    • From what I’m hearing, they aren’t checking at the border. You just have to declare that you’ve had a test.

      • Interesting, thanks. Makes sense with qld now showing thousands of new cases a day too. It’s effectively a hotspot too.

        Do you know what the procedure is for airports?

    • It is an honour system, but the police can ask you to prove it at anytime…….fine is about $ 1,400 dollars. Word is the cops aren’t doing much checking because markets ! I would be home by the end of January, sooner or later restrictions will be brought in and blamed on the average punter instead of our dear leaders not staging the re-opening in a considered manner.

  8. With Covid now endemic… all restrictions on travel should be removed ASAP. Why is Qld still requiring 14 days quarantine for international arrivals?

  9. I’m not anti vaccine. I think there’s definitely people who would benefit from the vaccine but I don’t think the majority of people need it.

    It should be prescribed if you’re elderly or with severe chronic ill health or even just a fat carnt. But most people don’t need the vaccine and the only reason they were mandated throughout the world was money and controlling people.

    I’ve explained many times how the vaccine’s efficacy is only ever assessed in the clinical trial using the Relative Risk Reduction ( RRR ) and not the Absolute Risk Reduction ( ARR ) so I won’t go into that again but suffice to say that it should never be forced upon people. That’s nuts.

    It’s pretty obvious to me that the last few weeks has proven that the Great Barrington Declaration was right all along : Protect and offer vaccination to the vulnerable or anyone who wants it , let everyone else go about their lives. The virus was so overhyped to sell vaccines and attain control over people that it’s crazy. There is no evidence that lockdowns achieved anything beyond the partial ruination of society and people’s lives. The outrageous punitive persecution of the unvaccinated should be recognised by history as a low point for humanity.

    I honestly believe that it’s a “Weapons of mass destruction “ moment.

    The hospitals are no more overrun than a hectic flu season and are under way more pressure due to furloughing , sackings and retiring of health workers , not to mention the extreme underfunding which had the health system already on its knees.

    Covid run rampant may be the equivalent of a 1 in 100 year flu season but no where near anything to justify the shuttering of the world. Or it could be just a regular bad flu year.

    NSW has a population of 8166000 people and there is currently about 746 people in hospital who have tested positive to covid in the last 28 days.

    Would you call that an existential threat?

    • boomengineeringMEMBER

      Hey, I’ll be more elderly soon and I for one will never need it. Too much effort into health can’t go unrewarded.

    • I’m 100% with you. I am pro-vax for the elderly, those with co-morbidities, and those otherwise at risk of severe covid. I told my father to go get a booster shot. However, I am anti-vax when it comes to vaccinating children, for whom covid presents almost zero risk (apart from maybe vaccinating kids with co-morbidities or are immunocompromised). And for everyone in between I believe they should be entitled to make up their own mind based on their personal risk profile – without penalty. So NO to vaccine mandates and passports. Also a supporter of the Great Barrington Declaration.

      • Do you know what % of the population have underlying conditions?
        it is close to 40% of the population.

        • So they can take the vaccine if they choose. You’ve been advocating for the segregation of Australians based on their reluctance to take a vaccine they don’t believe they need. This is absolutely disgraceful.

          • “take a vaccine they don’t believe they need”

            Said some guy in the meth bar hotel down the road …

    • You are weighing up the risk of the vaccine to the individual v the risk of the virus to the individual. When the risk of the virus is to everyone. So the criteria is completely wrong because the risks scale differently. That you compare the virus to heart disease above just proves my point.

      But even in your own criteria you are still wrong. The risk of the virus to the individual is far greater than the risk of the vaccine – long covid, other risks still not quantified which may lead to cognitive impairment.

      And this guy made pretty much the same points:

      “Protect the vulnerable etc.”

      Right now we are seeing in real time the result of the let it rip virus psychos response, and how does it look?
      Turns out;
      – the economy is closing anyway. So there never was a trade off between health and economic aspect of virus. They were completely wrong. In fact it is worse because there is no stimulus.
      – hospitals really do face risk of being overwhelmed in about 3 weeks. They were wrong. Yet still can’t get there head around lagging indicators. And ICU numbers are only being controlled due to improvements in treatment.
      – allowing the unvaxxed back into civilisation was a dreadful decision. They were dead wrong about that and the role of vaccines in transmission
      – masks work. They were wrong.

      The one thing they are now belatedly right about is the qty of undiagnosed cases, but they weren’t right before. They are only right now because the testing infrastructure can’t handle the number of cases and the positivity rate has exploded.

      • Rubbish. You have no evidence whatsoever to support your shrill assertions. The vaccinated spread the disease as surely as your despised unvaccinated. You really need to close your lips with your uneducated fear campaign.

        • So how was Victoria able to keep the reff at or below 1 for weeks after completely reopening if not for vaccination.

          Don’t bother answering it will be more of the same HS.

          • Jeepers

            I thought we were past this

            Vaccination is to decouple infection from how sick you get and thus hospital load

            It’s a numbers game for beds now

            All this other bloviating inanity – state control and the like from f72 and his acolytes – is just performative
            Schlock best ignored for your own sanity

            If people don’t want to understand that and want o venture down the rabbit hole then just let them – they’re beyond redemption as they are obviously simpletons or conspiracy loons

        • Of course everyone spreads it. It is just that not everyone needs or wants to get it in the first place.

      • It seemed blinding obvious in NSW that the omicron uptick started a few days before opening the doors to unvaccinated. Even after freedom day, there’s just not that many unvaxxed getting around.

        Sorry, but the vaccines are just ineffective at preventing transmission.

      • masks work. They were wrong.

        Masks are partially effective but have drawbacks which are severe in some cases (eg working hard)
        Ivermectin is partially effective and only dangerous if you take the horse-sized dose
        The jabs are partially effective but do severe harm to a small % of people.

        Sweeper, if you were only allowed to use one of these three “weapons”, which one would it be? and why?

        • RobotSenseiMEMBER

          Oh lol you’re still all-in on ivermectin.

          It doesn’t work. Some of you are the brokest of broken records.

    • You talk utter crap. When you did your diving it must have been mixed gas and someone fcked up.

  10. Here’s a thought that I’ve been mulling over during the holidays
    Was Gladys rolled by her own party? (maybe with some help from the Property / Developers lobby)
    Has anyone one else noticed just how quickly Dominic has shifted policy and reassigned important NSW cabinet positions to make them a little more “developer friendly” not to mention the policy shift back to population Ponzi
    One thing is certain Rob Stokes and Gladys Berejiklian are no longer in positions to interfere with real estate developers.
    It was all so neat and tidy, two birds killed with one shot….and they even convinced someone else to hold teh gun (ICAC). I get the feeling that Rob Stokes didn’t even realize he was standing in the line of fire. He is a very experienced Politician…how could he have got it so wrong? Clearly Rob was the only one who didn’t know that the leadership fix was in, otherwise why would he have embarrassed himself with such a weak leadership challenge?
    Lot’s to mull over and Gladys is not helping with her silence, and then, as if this wasn’t weird enough, in steps Scomo with a peace offering (not like Scomo doesn’t know his way around the RE Developer lobby groups), but Gladys rebuffs his offering…hmmm

    • ICAC is merely an excuse. She was rolled because she wouldn’t open the floodgate to immigrants fast enough.

      • Yeah either some deal was done and the real evidence was not presented to ICAC or Gladys got shafted.
        My bet is on the latter
        the conversation might have gone something like
        We (the property lobby) have decided that whatever the next Covid variant is we’re just going to say it’s harmless and get on with life, population ponzi to the max. make up for lost time
        Gladys probably said she’d let the medical evidence drive her decision, Dom however said, I’m placing my faith in god and saying a healing prayer, two rosaries and promising to do a benediction. No contest
        The property lobby (RE god) has spoken

    • “I get the feeling that Rob Stokes didn’t even realize he was standing in the line of fire. He is a very experienced Politician…how could he have got it so wrong? Clearly Rob was the only one who didn’t know that the leadership fix was in, otherwise why would he have embarrassed himself with such a weak leadership challenge?”

      Probably just playing his part to cover up the coup and complete take over of NSW by a group of mafia developers….he couldnt try too hard, just in case he won support.

      Oz isnt that far gone? You can bet your ar$e it is.

      • I kind of thought the same, but after the cabinet reorg Rob is in a much worse place…It’s a real serious setback for his political career (worse than when he was made Minister for Education) He made so many enemies in Education that they had to promote him.

  11. Now we will see some big figures……breaking out in India now

    1 out of every 2 PCR tests in Ireland is positive now and the average stay in hospital for Covid is the same at 9 days……the fact that the weight is on the wards and not the ICU is moot because the limiting matter is nurses for those tents in the hospital carpark.

    All to keep an economy open which is shutting itself down for protection

    Even the gilding the lily South African docs have found that Pfizer is only 70% effective against hospitalisation…….we are not 26 year old Zulu warriors and won’t do so well.

    • The economy isn’t “ shutting down itself for its own protection “, it’s failing under the onus of ridiculous government restrictions on isolation and testing requirements for healthy or barely ill citizens. The media -as well as people such as yourself- are guilty of inciting irrational fear in the population which fills in the blanks left by the government.

      • The Traveling Wilbur 🙉🙈🙊

        If you have a plan for fixing the blanks left in the government then I for one am all ears.

      • In my experience, people are choosing to isolate, or at least to minimise social contact, particular indoors. This is a rational choice to avoid infection with a novel coronavirus we still know little about, and at a time when healthcare resources are likely to be stretched. While it’s a rational choice for individuals, it’s an awful prospect for those in hospitality and retail businesses, and suggests a weak outlook for the economy as a whole. Will be interesting to see the impact to Q1 GDP if this wave really kicks on for the next couple of months.

        • If I owned a retail / hospitality business from an WHS and economic perspective I’d probably make masks and vaccination and QR a condition of entry to engender confideNxe

  12. What I am curious about is just what information allowed leaders all around the world to decide omicron posed a significantly decreased risk of serious illness. At the time, the data was pitifully thin – S Africa in summer with a median age of 27 and with high immunity following a large delta wave.

    Yet…..leaders turned their back on 2 years of fear mongering and “abundance of caution” decisions. They all took what appeared to be a very high risk leap of faith, and resisted strident calls for tighter measures.

    Australia relentlessly eased into this omicron wave, with further easing tomorrow.

    The information in the public domain (on which scientists were urging lockdowns) did not support such a leap of faith.

    So ….what information did?

    • Very convenient outcome.
      I guess we just got lucky with Omicron.
      Does leave one wondering if the decision to get lucky came before, after or in place of medical evidence.

    • Mining BoganMEMBER

      You got to admit the “abundance of caution” was done grudgingly in most cases.

      All we’re seeing now is what our “betters” wanted from day one.

      • I’m just thinking of what our key weaknesses are and what might happen from here:
        1. There’s too many of us.
        2. Too many of us are physically fkd (at least in the West).
        3. TBTF has caused all sorts of problems, most noticeably buggered supply chains which threatens massive debt via interest rates.
        Our experience so far with COVID hasn’t fixed any of this. By comparison with for example, Spanish flu and Black death. Both of these applied very strong selection to weed out the weak/favour the strong.

          • The Traveling Wilbur 🙉🙈🙊

            It only goes one of two ways from here (now we know thanks to Australia being a perfect Petrie dish for studying Omicron as so little other infection)…

            Massively mutated omicron infects almost everyone and then stops mutating and we have it forever in it’s current ‘not as fatal’ form (which is NOT going to happen).

            Or, it mutates, and mutates itself out of existance, or becomes MORE deadly. One of those two.

            Interesting times.

          • Muttafukaburrasaurus.MEMBER

            Steve- Agreed, there has never been a successful vaccination for a corona virus.
            TW- Nothing stops mutating, or more broadly, evolving/changing.
            There is no reason to believe it won’t take a Evolutionary path towards better utilization of it’s host (humans) genetic resources. That would likely lead to chronic/ longer lasting more serious disease.

        • TBTF has caused all sorts of problems, most noticeably buggered supply chains which threatens massive debt via interest rates.

          Bizarre econobabble there JohnR.

          The buggered supply chains threaten to cause shortages of important stuff, eg food, medicine, energy and parts for equipment that provide such. That is the real danger, not debt.

          I can never get a sensible answer about the danger of debt. It is not as if earthlings owe a godszillion ounces of gold to the martians and face destruction if we don’t pay up. All this debt that you fear is denominated in fiat currencies issued by governments. These fiat currencies are losing purchasing power year after year, thereby shrinking the debt. Besides, who is all the debt “owed” to? If currency depreciation is not enough, govt can change the rules and nullify the debt.

      • Too right MB. Brings back memories of Boris Johnson confidently advocating getting to herd immunity early last year (before catching it himself, and ending up on oxygen for a few nights in hospital), and of course our own Scummo who claimed that the key was opening up the economy and living with the virus.

        #letitrip has always been the preferred strategy of the elites. They just got held back by fear of punishment at the ballot box, particularly when there hadn’t been time to build a consensus amongst the major parties. The coalition no doubt worried Labor could nail them at the next election if they killed everyone’s grandma. So they pushed back on Gerry Harvey and Harry Triguboff for a time. But now they seem to sense an opportunity to go for it.

        • The Traveling Wilbur 🙉🙈🙊


          The latest outbreaks have proved they NEVER had a plan for opening up safely. And did it anyway. For Christmas. Sick evil psychos.

      • “All we’re seeing now is what our “betters” wanted from day one.”
        Yes, if that fat god bothering pedo had had his way we would be where the US is at present. Open borders, no restrictions just personal responsibility. Horne was being generous when he said 2nd rate.

    • I am confused by this as well.
      When Omicron started Fauci said it may peak in other countries as it did in South Africa.
      but know one knew this for sure. I think it has just happened so quickly that politicians have been caught off guard.
      When you have incompetent leaders like in NSW this is really costly.

      • Sure. You can write one state or one country as sheer dumb luck.

        But this was a pretty dramatic reversal of previous strategy by many countries simultaneously. Despite pressure from MSM, scientists, public health officials etc.

        Something is missing here.

        • I agree it is very confusing.
          I think (hope I am wrong) it is a combination of 3 things:
          1.covid fatigue from politicians.
          2. speed of omicron
          3. Simpsons paradox. Where people who wouldn’t have caught delta due to vaccination are catching omicron, so it appears milder, when in reality it is just as severe.

          • @nataliexdean has a great graphic illustrating Simpson’s paradox.

            It is hard to describe omicron as innately more benign when it spreads so efficiently and causes so many reinfections.
            It appears more benign across a population because these reinfections are milder.

        • My completely unqualified take in it is the timing of the outbreak. If it had come a month later they could have tightened up more, at least at the beginning, while waiting to see what this variant does. However, since it was Xmas and peeps had their holidays booked in they didn’t want to blow the political capital in being the bad guys. This was made extra difficult by NSW going free for all.

          What I’ve noticed with people I’ve spoken with about it they don’t want it in their community yet they want to be able to visit family and have family visit them. Those two things can’t hold.

          The annoying thing for me is when people get what they want with the travel yet complain about the consequences if it. It’s like wat a dominatrix once told me over a cup of tea. She’s happy to take their money however they can’t come crying when their wife finds out, or if they run out of cash. There is a cost which is greater than the gain when you aren’t honest about things.

          (I highly recommend befriending dominatrixes. Hearing about their clients is one of the quickest way to learn about the foibles of peeps.)

          • I for one would be interested in a separate thread on this footsore. Please start at the beginning for those of us who are still at the ‘unconsciously incompetent’ stage with dominatrixes and cover basics like where to find them, and how to befriend them.

          • call me ArtieMEMBER

            When I think of cruel, dominating women all I come up with is my mum.
            Does not turn me on at all. It f*cked me up well
            I like kind, thoughtful, funny, intelligent women but I can’t stop being suspicious of their motives. Early childhood sh!t messes you up for ever. No breast feeding, no cuddling. Just food stuffed in my mouth to shut the crying up.
            F*ck anyone who says it’s my fault I’m a fatty.

          • @cfsn
            Can’t help you there. These things just happen. You’ll just be going about your business and the next thing you know you’re having a cup of tea with a dominatrix. Such is life.

          • @call me Artie
            That’s on you buddy, not the ladies that are around you. Know thyself, a they say in the classics.

          • I highly recommend befriending dominatrixes
            Dominatrices surely is the plural. But what would the collective noun be? eg you would try to befriend a …. of dominatrices.

    • Steve, you are making a mistake by thinking the decision would be based on observed, complete, medical and epidemiological data.

      Feds were itching to throw the economy wide open again. They were looking for a reason…any justify that. Omicron gave them that sliver of opportunity.

      The B.1.1.529 variant was first reported to WHO from South Africa on 24 November 2021. Less than a month later, it’s open slather here in Aus. Note the lack of detailed “modelling” this time round. How it’s all predicated on “personal responsibility” as the vanguard of community protection.

      I think we can rate the decision to let Omicron rip as somewhere between incautious, and reckless. Then contrast that haste with the painfully drawn out, faux attempt to legislate for a Federal integrity commission.

      Therein lies your answer….

      • And all governments more or less simultaneously decided to leap off a cliff. I don’t buy it.

        Sometimes a conspiracy is a conspiracy and not a stuff up.

        • Mainly Western/democratic governments in fear of electoral backlash from an already antsy constituency if yet another Xmas/NY festive season got the kibosh through restrictions.

          The Asian response to Omicron is rather more circumspect, with efforts to exclude, suppress or slowdown Omicron pretty universal there.

          Perhaps that might change for Lunar New Year; but there aren’t a lot of genuinely free elections in the region.

          I think it’s more a case of political convergence, rather than international conspiracy.

        • Muttafukaburrasaurus.MEMBER

          Yep, it’s a virus, it will out-evolve treatments and ‘vaccines’ until everyone gives up on those entirely.
          Reality is something most Australians can’t fathom when it’s happening, they’ll look back and wonder… Who did dat?

        • And all governments more or less simultaneously decided to leap off a cliff.

          Could it be a case of rats deserting a sinking ship?

          The least loyal, trustworthy, or dependable people will be the first to begin abandoning a failing endeavor.
          You can tell when something is about to fail because large numbers of people begin to leave it. (Can imply that the people who leave are “rats,” that is, selfish and disloyal.)
          Smart (and disloyal) individuals will desert a failing enterprise before it is too late. This observation was made long ago about rats, which would remain on board devouring a ship’s stores in the hold until the ship foundered in a storm or ran aground; then they would disappear so as not to be drowned.


          The vax vax vax narrative is failing and the elite rats don’t want to be associated with the failure of the vaccines. They think it is time to move on to the next scam.

    • Omicron is so infectious that it cannot be stopped by lockdown. Not even trying to slow it down however is ideology run amok.

    • The claim referring to South Africa’s young median age as a contributing factor to lesser severity of outcome is a red herring. South Africa has a population of 50 million , they may have a younger median age but the sheer discrepancy in their population size vs Australia means have the same numbers of elderly as Australia and no one has ever suggested that the young don’t transmit the virus. Accordingly South Africa should have had its health system as “overwhelmed “ as the Henny Pennys insist ours will soon be … 18 months maybe?

      The unintended and ironic consequence of the fear mongers declaring that South Africa escaped serious health system pressure because of a predominantly younger population, is that it’s an open admission that the younger are not vulnerable to covid. This utterly contradicts the historic lie that “everyone needs vaccination because the sheer weight of hospitalisations , even as a small percentage of young people, would overwhelm the health system.”

      That was a lie…of course.

      It also,pays to remember that the assertations that South Africa avoided serious health system pressure was that it did so because of the high level of acquired immunity from previous infection undermines the lie that acquired immunity is not a decent protection against the virus and that only those vaccinated can be considered immune.

      So many lies!

      The fear mongers dedication to memory holing the past lies which have since been discarded as inconvenient is the true “ Don’t look up!” moment in the covid era.

      Don’t look up!

      • The “acquired immunity” in SA has come with 90k deaths and hugely under reported v 2k in Australia. Which given the difference in median age is striking.

        That you are now signing off with “don’t look up” is just surreal.

        Have you even watched it?

        • Of course I’ve watched it. It’s the perfect metaphor for the insistence of people like yourself that the multitude of unravelling lies in the covid doom fantasy narrative never occurred.

          Watch the link I provided above. You still refer to some of the lies containied within it. You actually use the disproven historic lies as supportive assertions to bolster your latest volley of parroted lies.

          Then you deny the lies of the past ever occurred.

          Don’t look up bloke!

          • No such thing as “acquired immunity” F72 … permit me if you will … what you get from infection for a specific variant is a 4 to 6 month boost to minimizing the effects of reinfection or the symptoms of infection within that time frame. This has some transference to other variants, but its not a given, and its pertinent to reconcile that ones immune system and body take a hit every time e.g. how many big hits can you take in a match and then expect to be fit for the next one.

    • I’ve been wondering similar. I’ve also been wondering if they’re brain damaged by whatever testament hit them in the head & they didn’t know what else to do aside from typical knee jerk of waving the Good book of Atlas Shrugged around – the actual Chosen one. Greed is God!

  13. “Preliminary data suggests that compared with the Delta variant, Omicron appears to be causing milder illness in children, similar to early findings for adults. “I think the important story to tell here is that severity is way down and the risk for significant severe disease seems to be lower,” said Dr. David Rubin, a researcher at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.
    Instead, much of the rise in pediatric admissions results from the sheer number of children who are becoming infected with both Delta and the more contagious Omicron variant, he and other experts said, as well as low vaccination rates among children over age 5.
    Alarming hospitalization figures can be misleading because they sometimes include all children who have tested positive for the coronavirus upon admission. Some hospitals around the country have reported positivity rates as high as 20 percent among children. But the vast majority were asymptomatic and arrived at the hospital with other health problems, officials say.

    The rate of pediatric Covid admissions in much of the country was still below the peak of what is typically seen with the seasonal flu, he added. Some of the recent increase, he said, was most likely tied to delays in seeking medical care for children as infections soared again, combined with the spread of wintertime viruses that can complicate the health of medically fragile children and lead to hospitalization.
    “While we are definitely seeing more transmission among children, both vaccinated and unvaccinated, I think we have to be very careful to avoid sending the message that Omicron poses an unusual risk to kids,” Dr. Rubin said.

  14. The Traveling Wilbur 🙉🙈🙊

    De Koch has pulled out.


    From the series and may be entering retirement (ABC is reporting).

    • Mining BoganMEMBER

      Oh, c’mon. De Kock and Head?

      This skit writes itself.

      Edit: Oh Sweet Jebus, it’s Mitchmas!!

      Harry will be beside himself.

    • Does anyone know the rules if multiple players test positive before the game, or during the game? Does the game get cancelled or does the team forfeit?

      • Wouldn’t be a forfeit under the Indian team precedent.

        I reckon there’s a good chance the whole tour gets called off. Looks like the BBL is stuffed too.

          • Diogenes the CynicMEMBER

            Greed killed it. A state based comp (6 teams) 15 games then knockout finals could have been done in 2ish weeks tops. Would have maximised interest and kept it punchy and fresh. Starting Boxing Day and running into first week of Jan. I stopped having any interest in it after I took my family to see the Scorchers play and my kids were yelled at by a New Australian security guard for pounding on the fences and jumping up and down in the aisles. Like seriously?

  15. Vaccines saved us….Dont look up!

    Israel is Gold!

    It’s the perfect example of the depth of bullsh1t being pushed throughout the developed world.

    Israel shares borders with some direct neighbours. Some of its neighbours are Jordan, Palestine , Egypt , Syria and Lebanon.

    Israel has had the absolute fcuk vaccinated out of it. They are into their 4th shot !! They must be so well protected and doing so much better than their less wealthy neighbours hey!

    Let’s have a look at how much better they are doing :

    Israel :
    Population- 9.2M
    Deaths- 8243

    Population-102M ! Ten times Israel!
    Vaccination rate – 18.7%
    Deaths- 21667

    Population- 17.5M almost double Israel
    Vaccination rate- a whopping 4.5%!!!!
    Deaths- 2884 …..Huh? A quarter of Israel’s deaths !?!?

    Population 4.8M
    Vaccination rate- 30%
    Deaths- 4650

    Vaccination rate- 26%
    Deaths- 9072

    Wow! When you look at the figures of countries which are literally abutting each other akin to states in Australia you can really see the huge, massive , real world benefits of blanket-injecting your population with a toxic substance repeatedly.


    Why is this not accounted for? Because the media in the developed world doesn’t want to acknowledge these facts

    Don’t look up!

    • I am sick of seeing this stuff.

      What is your angle here? Why so dug in to such an obviously exposed position?

      • I understand.

        These observations which help reveal the extent of the media bullsh1t you’ve swallowed must make you feel a bit queasy. Don’t worry , I’m sure you’ll memory hole inconvenient observations such as these if you focus hard enough on the Shrine of Saint Covid you’ve constructed in your living room where the Christmas tree should have been.

        • you realize you are subjecting others to this to reinforce a position *in your own mind* and avoid cognitive dissonance.

          • That’s the go bloke. Don’t even acknowledge the content of the post I’ve put forward. Just try to undermine my credibility. Perhaps it’s time you actually tried confronting these confounding facts and applying continuous reassessment of your beliefs instead of steeling yourself against countervailing truth to protect your fragile ideology.

            Instead you just keep telling yourself: “ Don’t look up!”

      • reusachtigeMEMBER

        Who gives a sh1t if you’re sick of it. Thankfully the totalitarian information control ways youse commies want ain’t being applied here.

    • Covid is a weapon of destruction aimed at the societies and economies of western countries which have
      1. Lots of elderly, lots of overweight people, and lots of lifestyle disease
      2. The money to test and try and contain it
      3. Sufficient security in other aspects of life that Covid doesn’t simply fade into the background

      • Covid MAY be a weapon to combat Climate Catastrophe.
        Since the world is not responding to the science in any meaningful way in lowering emissions, and time is fast running out.
        THe planetry enviroment can cope with about 1 billion homosaps living a modern life style.

        • I’ve considered this myself.

          It puts a different spin on China’s recent removal of driving rights for a city of 13 million people. We have followed their other precedents to the letter irrespective of how utterly inappropriate they were with an open democratic society predicated on personal liberty.

          • Your a dead set nutter kid … driving is not some right gifted by watery tarts in a lake … its a state law and with it is attached personal responsibility to others on a shared conveyance of commerce.

    • North Korea has 1 death from COVID based on their official stats. They must be doing something right – just like those ME countries with sterling 1st class health care systems. Lets all emulate North Korean health practices stat!

      It’s not like autocratic countries or dictatorships have a vested interest to lowball COVID deaths or anything. Anywho carry on.

    • I think you’re missing an important number in those summaries, the number of cases in relation to the population. This is probably a difficult figure to estimate. Also Israel is likely to have better reporting of deaths and cases.

    • That’s a hoot. Complete commentary on the commentary around the topic without any look at the science. It’s the substack equivalent of those yelly people on YouTube who only exist to get clicks and continue the culture war that they profit so greatly off, at the cost of civil discourse.

      • You don’t think it’s relevant to reveal the extant of the absolute lies upon which our current predicament is predicated? You think it offends civil discourse to have the truth thrust front and centre into the heart of the bullsh1t being peddled by the very apex of society? When the US President and the Director of the US CDC are shown telling blatant and unambiguous porky pies , which dictates the political course of our own nation , you don’t appreciate a spotlight shone upon the dung they spout?

        It was consciously delivered fraudulent diatribes such as this , within the media and government, which underwrote the confected hate campaign aimed at segregating the filthy vaccine hesitant from your civil society.

        This video was from the end of March 2021 – four months and millions of injections after the initial vaccine rollout. There is no possible claim that the outcome of vaccination was not obvious and accounted for at this point. Yet listen to the spiel on an MSM outlet preaching to millions……

        Accountability for these lies? Zero.

        Sweeper is still trying to perpetuate this very lie earlier in this thread. It’s mind blowing. He talks about compounding threat of the virus he’s using lies to support other lies…it’s the compounding of bullsh1t.

        And it all derives it’s artificial credibility from the official lie campaign by the highest offices and media outlets in the world.

        • Nope. It’s an unsubstantiated angry rant that adds nothing to the discussion. It’s only purpose would be to serve as an example of how not to write on a topic. Cicero must roll in his grave every time someone hits post in something that shoddy.

          And how does that post, and your response to my highlighting how low quality it is, relate to anything else you’ve been ranting about? What is the predicament as you see it? You seem to have no idea on the science and flail about on the politics like a toddler who hasn’t had their nap. If you are trying to make a specific point I’ve no idea what it is or why I should take what you’re saying seriously.

          I mean, I find it hilarious. Especially the lack of self reflection and the growing rage as people point out that the posts are nonsense. But why waste all this energy without putting in any effort into actually learning about what you are ranting about? That’s the mystery to me.

          • Quite so as evidenced in the equally dismal intellectual ramble two days ago about a Salon article.

    • It wouldn’t be too much of an issue if anti-vaxxers avoided both vaccines, and the health system, as this rant advocates. Unfortunately they still show up at ED when the sh1t hits the fan and the bleach didn’t work as advertised.

      • The Traveling Wilbur 🙉🙈🙊

        Personal Responsibility ≠ Ministerial Responsibility.

        Unless your boyfriend is A) secret and B) obviously dodgy to any reasonable person and C) ICAC are asking questions in which case you must resign from all of your offices even though you’ve done absolutely nothing wrong and there’s no reason to do so as far as those questions are concerned.

    • NSW have discovered they can avoid hospitalisations if they numberwang!:

      “NSW Health updates hospitalisation figures
      NSW Health has deleted and re-uploaded their Covid figures this morning, changing the number of people in hospital.

      The initial figure had it at 763 in hospital, which represented a small jump over yesterday’s numbers.

      But the updated number is 832, a significant jump in hospitalisations.

      The number of hospitalisations yesterday was 747, which means there were 85 new hospitalisations overnight, not the initially reported 16.

      NSW Health has tweeted the latest figure without providing any comment on the issue, so it is unclear where the mixup comes from.

      Updated at 11.27a”

    • Arthur Schopenhauer

      When asked about the email from St Vincent’s Hospital, Mr Perrottet said there were going to be “challenges in any health system, not just around the country but around the world”.

      Translation: “I don’t hold the hose, Mate.”

        • Arthur Schopenhauer

          Nor staff the maternity ward?

          The relentless lust for power without responsibility.

          ”…power without responsibility — the prerogative of the harlot throughout the ages…” – Kipling

          We could justly substitute ‘harlot’ for ‘man child’ or ‘bvllsh!t artist’ or ‘career political staffer’.

  16. I believe that bulk water supply authorities have indicated that the most cost effective way to resolve the issue of supplying enough water to a growing population is to use recycled water but the politicians are against this as it would likely see them lose power in an election. This is a dilemma of their own making. Either they suffer the political consequences of their unpopular decisions, or they learn to make decisions that are popular. They can’t have it both ways.

    My guess is that politicians will delay making a decision until such time as it can’t be delayed any longer, and hope that it is someone else who has to make the decision and therefore deal with the political fallout. I believe that in SE Queensland, the infrastructure already exists for the western corridor, so it is just a matter of turning it on.

    PS: Arrogant politicians will probably tell you that the policy of increasing the population dramatically via third world levels of population growth is for your own good, but many people are smart enough to know that is not the case. It is possible to sway a significant proportion of the population to support a policy through propaganda, but this no longer works for the policy of mass immigration.

    PPS: I’m not against the use of water recycling, but it seems like a dramatic step to take when the more sustainable and measured policy would be to not increase the population dramatically. When you’re stretching the use of resources to the maximum extent possible, sudden shocks can result in disasters. I wouldn’t want to be a politician (or ex-politician) when this happens as the pitch forks may be brought out.

    • Easy, they can just tell peeps that “The Science” says that recycled water is perfectly safe, pleasant, and doesn’t contain a characteristic odour. Problem solvered.

    • Pitchforks? In Australia? Tell them they’re dreaming! We wouldn’t able to organize a fork in a whorehouse, let alone a proper ašš pitchforkin’ for an ex-politician, no less!

        • As someone here used to say long time ago, as long as you’re worried about where are you going to park your car when you’re heading off to the pitchfork handling event, you’re not hungry enough, you’re not going to do the undoable!

    • Interestingly Water Desalination is one of the few tasks which is ideally matched to Solar Power Generation.
      It can be easily operated in an Intermittent “as power is available” mode and the output is drinking water. (something valuable that we know how to store).
      There are a lot of reasons why ramping up Water desalination could result in lower costs especially if it enables coal to continue to be used in preference to NG by in effect “shunt regulating” the NSW electricity system.
      It’s not really the manner in which Desalination plants want to operate but with the right incentives ….

    • Selling bottled water is far more profitable. If it’s bottled from recycled water, even better 😛

  17. Muttafukaburrasaurus.MEMBER

    CV19 is a done deal, it’s become to financially restrictive for vested interests to exploit lockdowns anymore.
    If you were ever in doubt who actually benefits from politics in this country pay close attention this coming year.
    4/52 CV19 lockdown & Election time PUTS for insurance and happy newyear to all.
    Happy 2022

      • They guarantee just as good an effect as the 8 jabs folk, and the guarantee is if you’re not satisfied they will send you the extra jab free!

        (facial ticks) STEP INTO MY OFFICE

  18. Harry’s prediction: >500 comments on this page by 12:01am. Nearly 300 now and hardly anyone is far gone on the red infuriator yet.

  19. This looks like a good drink for the eve

    Legend has it that Donn Beach originally concocted the Zombie to help a hung-over customer get through a business meeting.[3][4] The customer returned several days later to complain that he had been turned into a zombie for his entire trip. Its smooth, fruity taste works to conceal its extremely high alcoholic content. Don the Beachcomber restaurants limit their customers to two Zombies apiece because of their potency, which Beach said could make one “like the walking dead.”[5][6]

  20. Youse guys will be green with envy at how savvy and switched on is our Chief Havoc Officer, Dr John Gerrard. He has all the answers at his fingertips.

    Cleverly discerning there was some consternation at the sudden change of tack, and constantly changing protocols:

    ..he provided a masterful 5-point list of “personal responsibilities”, if you were fortunate enough to contract COVID, and thereby validate his agenda:

    The five steps are:

    1.Isolate and tell your household to get tested
    2.Help Queensland Health assess your situation
    3.Tell the people you have been in contact with
    4.Get the things you need
    5.Look after yourself

    Rumour has it he originally only had one step, which was 1. Go fork yourself….until a staffer advised him that was a bit blunt; and that the list of steps might need a little padding.

  21. blindjusticeMEMBER
    The study, which was published in The Lancet and involved more than 70,000 people in 302 UK hospitals………..
    “I was actually really quite surprised, because I was expecting the same relationship that we see with death – in other words, that the complications would [primarily affect] the frail and elderly people,” said Prof Calum Semple at the University of Liverpool, the study’s chief investigator. “I was really quite distraught to see that we were talking about young people, who were previously fit and well, having complications such as an acute kidney injury.”
    Vaccines reduce the risk of developing COVID-19 — but studies disagree on their protective effect against long COVID.

  22. The Traveling Wilbur 🙉🙈🙊

    Smith’s OUT. They just don’t make elevators like they used to. FCKEN.

    Wouldn’t have happened in Die Hard.

  23. Looking at the firework show, I suspect there might be a little bit of irritation considering the burning at old Parliament House.

  24. The Traveling Wilbur 🙉🙈🙊


    To be followed by a number of swarthy leather-bound sword-swallowers. If history is any judge.

    • Yep, change the rules to fit the new narrative, rather than the disease.

      My wife is a nurse. She comes home knackered from changing in and out of full PPE multiple times in a shift, and sweating all the time when she is clad in it. I say to her: “What’s the point? The Qld CHO, no less, says it is “necessary” that people get infected with Omicron.”

      The next step of course is that nurses and doctors will be required to work while positive with Omicron, unless physically incapacitated. After all, as we keep getting told….it’s next to friggin’ harmless…..

    • Yep. But there are lots of symptoms for C19 – lethargy, tiredness, headache, muscle aches……….. The list is practically endless.

  25. The Traveling Wilbur 🙉🙈🙊

    Can I just point out that the French couldn’t be trusted to build either of them?

  26. The Traveling Wilbur 🙉🙈🙊

    Could. Cut. The. Tension. With. A. Knife.

    Be funny if it was members only, again.
    Be even funnier if Becker forgot to publish. Fckn!

  27. RobotSenseiMEMBER

    Government won’t fund RAT tests as they don’t want things to be free, and don’t want to undermine business.

    How many Harvey Norman shares do you reckon the average Liberal owns?