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  1. Hugh PavletichMEMBER

    New Zealand: Kiwis must obey Jacinda Thought … apparently …

    ‘It’s a hellscape’: The age of misinformation is here – can government close the rabbit hole? … Michelle Duff … Stuff NZ–can-government-close-the-rabbit-hole

    Misinformation can kill, and almost two years since Covid-19 hit our shores it’s a national security issue with no easy solution. How is it impacting how we treat each other, and society at large? Michelle Duff reports. …

    … An opportunity for change

    Society works because people accept rules and regulations, that those at the top know what they are doing and are generally telling the truth and acting in our best interests. This is part of the “social contract” that organises our lives.

    Beijing Normal University conspiracy theory researcher, New Zealander M R X Dentith, says this is one of the things conspiracy theories threaten. Incidents like the anti-lockdown traffic protests are a group of people going out of their way to disrupt an agreed way of life because they believe it’s inherently wrong or corrupt. “If you don’t believe there are a trusted set of people doing the mahi at the top of society, and you start doubting the experts, then you start doubting other rules.” … read more via hyperlink above …

    • The Traveling Wilbur 🙉🙈🙊

      Or more succinctly, nut-jobs going to nut.

      Doesn’t really require a PhD to deduce that.

    • GonzificusMEMBER

      “that those at the top know what they are doing and are generally telling the truth and acting in our best interests.”
      Just how gullible do they think we are? I almost spat my morning coffee over my keyboard when I read that.
      Surely this is part of a stand-up routine

  2. I’ve been trying to unpack the SfM and Gladys love-in. I think I understand it now.

    It’s about ICAC and prospect of a federal equivalent that SfM is targeting in this crush. Sorry Gladys, you’re just being used, SfM is just using you like a cheap whore. .

    – SfM knows he has public opinion on his side in publicly appearing to back his ho of convenience:
    This bewilders me but it is what it is.

    So, SfM knows that, based on the ICAC evidence presented to date, even if Gladys is damned in the ICAC report or even prosecuted, it is not a popular verdict. That clears the downside risk to his stance.

    – this all nicely appears to undermine the need for federal ICAC, I mean just look at the injustice inflicted on poor Gladys! As a bonus, it might also wind back the NSW and other state ICAC powers.

    Back to my remaining bewilderment – does anyone have access to the full Guardian/Essential poll results? Is there a gender/age/education etc difference? What is the party-alignment difference (just for the lols)?

      • Gee, incredible. I guess it says something about the well-heeled constituents. Prepared to act on climate change (the impetus being the effect on this eroding their lifestyle – literally the beaches and the cliff-top homes sliding seaward) but prepared to endorse corruption because they are the beneficiaries.

        • Been like that since the Rum Corp. As what used to be said in my profession “What’s good business in Sydney is sharp practice in Melbourne” (and an overt Act in Tasmania).

  3. Chris, I share your concerns regarding screen technologies but banning won’t work. We used a mild form of this in our family – it’s incredibly difficult and it takes a lot of commitment from all involved.

    Susan Greenfield has been outspoken on the dangers of screen tech on the young mind. She is one member of the House of Lords who really earns their quid. Her site had a plethora of research on the subject but I can no longer locate it. There is this though
    Point being that even with clear evidence on the danger and having institutional clout at hand there is no public imperative to stop the rot. So, back to the family….