COVID runs riot across Europe

Europe is scrambling to regain control over a resurgent COVID as Christmas approaches, even in countries with high vaccination rates.

Despite generally high rates of vaccination:

COVID cases across Europe have surged to record highs:

With even highly vaccinated nations like Belgium, Netherland and Ireland experiencing an explosion of cases:

The data on hospitalisations is better; although these admittedly lag cases by weeks. Hospitalisations across most European nations are running well below prior weeks:

This suggests that while vaccination doesn’t stop transmission, it does reduce the severity of illness.

For this reason, European nations are moving towards mandatory vaccination and booster shots, alongside tightening restrictions and lockdowns, which is sparking civil unrest in some countries.

It will be interesting watching how the situation plays out over the northern hemisphere winter.

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  1. working class hamMEMBER

    Boosters in Autumn, lockdowns in winter, summer holidays in your own hemisphere, winter holidays in the tropics.

  2. As I’ve mentioned elsewhere today, Covid is having a pretty good run in NE USA at the moment too.

    So with high vaccination rates (98%+) in parts of the USA failing to have any effect, the solution is clearly increased rates of vaccination. The alternative would be to admit that the vaccines aren’t…you know…all they’re cracked up to be, and we couldnt; do that.

    I believe the Greek gummint has made vaxing mandatory for over 60s, with fines for non-compliance. As everyone knows, the Greeks are just great at compliance with government mandated activities such as paying taxes, so I suspect this new measure is going to involve a great deal of hilarity.

    • reusachtigeMEMBER

      The Greeks are traditionally good at real riots. Been a bit quite there lately. Time to smash up some sh1t I think.

    • The Traveling Wilbur πŸ™‰πŸ™ˆπŸ™Š

      If the Greeks are opening the door to mandatory vaccination, well, that just proves those jabs are a Trojan horse, dun’nit?

    • It’s shameful that only a little over 80% vax rate for over 60; this has forced the move. There is still more than a month to at least make that appointmrnt. Look at it as a health contribution to the cost of care not a fine.

      • Ah yes, the desire of people not to be injected with a potentially harmful experimental drug has forced the move. They had no choice. It’s for the greater good. The wishes of the individuals involved must be subservient to the will of The State.

          • Why don’t they mandate vitamin D and ivermectin? Why? I just can’t think of the reason …

          • It’d be good if the vaccines actually worked for more than 3 months. Their (lack of) quality makes it look like that they were made in China, like the bug itself.

            It would also be helpful if they didn’t induce heart attacks in fit young men. Asking too much, I suppose.

          • “It’d be good if the vaccines actually worked for more than 3 months. Their (lack of) quality makes it look like that they were made in China, like the bug itself.”

            4.28 billion people are allegedly fully vaccinated – “”

            Now they do disclaim different definitions of ‘fully vaccinated” between 1 does and 2.

            let’s assume half of the 3.38 billion ‘fully vaccinated’ have been injected with 2 doses. That’s 5.968 billion doses administered.

            If global production facilities were able to produce 100 doses per second, it would take;
            59,679,000 seconds to produce
            994,650 hours
            16,578 days
            45.39 years…

            OK, lets go to 1500 doses per second
            …. 3.03 years

            Maybe the vaccine has been stockpiled since 2018… and old, stale vaccines aren’t that potent.

            “It would also be helpful if they didn’t induce heart attacks in fit young men. Asking too much, I suppose.”

            The needs of the many (obese, old) outweigh the needs of the few (young, healthy)…… remember that.

            There have been spurious claims throughout history which denounce the suitability of democracy as a form of government, unfortunately we have observed it in the last 2 years.

  3. And just like that, cherished human rights held dear and fought for over millennia disappeared… because of the government/media response to a virus with a lower mortality profile for under 50’s than the common flu…

    • I never thought the time would come when I’d be invited on the internet to examine Dutch sewage data.

      What a time to be alive

  4. I suspect Europe is in a bit of trouble. I believe this is the reason for recent draconian measures across much of Europe, and whu even Sweden has embraced vaccine passes.

    The world mostly makes sense.
    When your view of the world doesn’t, its often because you are missing something or because something is deliberately being kept from you.

    Watch what people do – not listen to what they say.

    I posted this a couple of days back. Nothing in the past 48 hours has changed my view on this.

    A number of things concern me about Omicron – more so than for previous variants. Individually they could be dismissed. But collectively they raise concern.
    1. The recent widespread vaccine mandates, booster mandates, and impositions on the unvaccinated that are not really supported by the data that is in the public domain. It is pretty clear that vaccines don’t block transmission and also clear that Covid poses minuscule risks for kids and young adults. The vaccines reduce disease severity. So you get vaccinated to protect yourself and to take pressure of the health system, but not to protect others. The measures are unprecedented and appear somewhat draconian.
    2. Sweden 2 weeks ago changed tack and is planning to introduce a vaccine pass. For 20 months, Sweden had a much more relaxed approach. This was a sudden change in posture by Sweden.
    3. The initial acceleration of omicron. Absolute numbers are still tiny, and so we are extrapolating from tiny numbers. But the initial inflection for omicron is far sharper for omicron than delta, which itself was sharper than earlier strains.
    4. The very short interval between discovery and designation as a VOC. This took months for delta. Days for omicron.
    5. Timing. Heading into northern winter. Angry divided populations. World economy does not look that solid. It is certainly a bad time for this to appear.
    6. The genomic structure. It is linked back to April 2020. That’s a very long branch. There are 3 plausible explanations for this
    a) it has been quietly circulating in a relatively isolated group of people and has flown under the radar and evaded detection
    b) it has been hiding his time in an individual who was unable to clear the infection (eg an immunosuppressed person with HIV), and then that person suddenly spread it
    c) non-natural
    7. The unprecedented number of base substitutions present in omicron. Far more than in earlier variants. People looking at the 3D structure of the spike are predicting a degree of immune evasion as well as transmission advantage. Our immune system operates like a lock and a key. The pathogen is the lock. The key is your immune system. If you have a key that fits the lock, you have immunity. If the lock changes shape sufficiently, your key no longer works. Omicron represents a significant change in shape of the lock. It is most probably vaccines will provide some protection, but this may be diminished.
    8. History. All previous variants that reached VOC status turned out to be more troublesome than their predecessors. Maybe omicron will break this pattern. But history is not on that side

    Yes S Africa officials say the disease looks mild. BUT
    1. This has only just been discovered. There is a 2 week lag between infection and getting sick. It will take several weeks for pathogenicity to become clear.
    2. S Africa has a very young population with median age 27. Botswana even younger at 24. Let’s see what happens in European cities with median ages much higher

    • Jumping jack flash

      I agree.

      There is something that is not being said.

      I believe it is the push of powerful people who have been put in charge to take this opportunity to introduce new vaccine technology into the mainstream without the usual checks and balances required. There is now definitive proof that this is a real intent by persons who have been put in charge of virus control operations.

      Perhaps it is more than that, but so far I haven’t been able to find anything else (yet) except for that particular agenda being pushed, and it certainly explains a few inconsistencies that were apparent with regards to vaccine choice, availability and media reporting throughout the pandemic.

      • The Traveling Wilbur πŸ™‰πŸ™ˆπŸ™Š

        Yep. Them.

        And all the seatbelt manufacturers.
        It’s a real cartel country out there.
        And don’t get me started on all those anonymous Argentinian meatpacking groups.

      • Yes I think European governments good spooked sometime around October. We don’t know what exactly spooked them. But that is what their coordinated actions suggest happened.

        • Mr SquiggleMEMBER

          I don’t have any strong theories, but I note there has been a surge of economic migrants trying to filter through europe to get into post brexit England.

          Doesnt fit the narrative, does it?. Post brexit uk is supposed to be a disaster for the local inhabitants,

          • I think the Austrians, Greeks and Germans may be using the refugees as cover to get into the UK, home of the free (for now).

  5. “This suggests that while vaccination doesn’t stop transmission, it does reduce the severity of illness.”

    Well, that is one theory, but it is not even the most plausible, nor presents the strongest evidence.

    From an evolutionary sense, a virus which is extremely lethal, tends to find itself finding a lack of bodies to infect. Strains which mutate, of lesser lethality, tend to be the ones which survive.

    A COVID strain which is less lethal is the more plausible explanation, and completely independent of vaccine status.

  6. I’m not quite sure why people seem confused about even the vaccinated having Covid – there was never any doubt that they would get Covid, nor display symptoms, nor that Covid could be detected in them.

    I was fairly sure that the argument for vaccines was really only that it would have more success with keeping them out of hospital on a person-for-person basis, and that they would be somewhat less contagious whilst infected.

    Hence, opening up and seeing cases rise should surprise no one – it’s only about whether the relative health experiences of the unvaccinated would be worse, or not.

    Am I missing something?

    • “I’m not quite sure why people seem confused about even the vaccinated having Covid – there was never any doubt that they would get Covid, nor display symptoms, nor that Covid could be detected in them.”

      The dissent is not about ‘confusion of vaccine recipients subsequently being infected’.

      It’s not a sense of confusion, its a feeling of dissent.

      “I was fairly sure that the argument for vaccines was really only that it would have more success with keeping them out of hospital on a person-for-person basis, and that they would be somewhat less contagious whilst infected.”

      Which there is no evidence for, and there is a ton of data indicating very dangerous side effects, arguably side effects which are more harmful than the virus it self, to a vast majority of the population, (i.e., young, thin). Add in the tyrannical aspects, which is not permitting freedom for other alternatives, it compounds the dissent.

      “Hence, opening up and seeing cases rise should surprise no one – it’s only about whether the relative health experiences of the unvaccinated would be worse, or not.”

      Yes, that would be it.

    • Agree. We should probably just ignore the case numbers entirely – they are meaningless in a world of no lockdowns and facemasks. It’s hospitalisations (or home care) that matters.

    • The initial spruiking of the vaxes from Fauci et al was that they would stop you from catching the disease and spreading it almost 100%.

      They lied, and that a wnt down the memory real quick. Not everybody forgot though.

      • Jumping jack flash

        They have an agenda which has been recently discovered. It explains pretty much everything with regards to the vaccines, the choice and availability of the vaccines, and the specific media reporting on AZ, Pfizer, Moderna and J&J throughout the entire pandemic. It also explains why other traditional vaccines haven’t got a look in.

        It looks like they lied through their teeth, but they didn’t. The truth actually is they had no idea, and still don’t. This is all the “clinical trial” to push mRNA vaccines into the mainstream and to prove to the world that they work, and are far superior to traditional vaccines.

        Fauci originally said the vaccines (based on his “universal flu vaccine”, you can be sure – and this also explains why they could develop them so quickly) would cure the whole thing in one go. Then they needed two shots 12 weeks apart. Then it was 3 weeks apart. Then they needed one booster 6 months later, then it was boosters every 6 months forever. Now it is boosters every 3 months, also forever.

        If you look at this objectively and realistically then it becomes obvious their vaccines are failing hard. Attribute that to whatever you like, but to continue to mandate these obviously failed vaccines is an atrocity any way you look at it. The trial is over. Chalk it up to experience. Its time to develop something else.

        • This is exactly it . No conspiracy . Just this.

          The rest is just a reflection on how society has become.

      • Ronin8317MEMBER

        There will eventually be a vaccine which is not leaky, however that may take a few decades. In the meantime, it is about keeping the number of deaths in the acceptable level.

        The mRNA vaccine is pushed because it opens up the pathway for the real $$$$$ application : a vaccine for cancer.

        • Jumping jack flash

          “The mRNA vaccine is pushed because it opens up the pathway for the real $$$$$ application : a vaccine for cancer.”

          Maybe, maybe not.
          The only evidence I have found so far is for the agenda to rush in new technology vaccines (mRNA I am guessing) without the usual 10 years of clinical trials.

          This was done innocently enough, scientists and researchers obviously believed in their research, and who doesn’t – speaking from experience, and they also believed there were advantages provided by these vaccines over the traditional “egg-grown” ones.

          For example, mRNA vaccines scale into mass production quite easily and cheaply compared to the egg ones.

          Everything that has happened throughout the pandemic with regards to the vaccines reflects this agenda.

          I believe it also explains the delays in getting Novavax released into Australia, and I’m sure other developed nations also who subscribe to the teachings and directions of Fauci et al.

  7. Jumping jack flash

    “European nations are moving towards mandatory vaccination and booster shots …”
    “… which is sparking civil unrest in some countries”

    So they’re going to go door to door and hold people down while they inject them? Internment camps for the unvaxxed? Special unvaxxed zones? Visible identification? If not yet then likely very soon.
    Its all kind of playing out as I (and others) predicted.

    Society will necessarily degrade to the point where the unvaxxed will be treated as sub-human. It has happened before, and it doesn’t take much for it to happen. A problem such as a pandemic is more than enough to cause enough panic for it to happen again.

    Nobody will care, in fact this treatment of the unvaxxed will be encouraged and at times demanded, and of course, fully justified as being absolutely necessary.

    Science and research have shown general complacency of people towards unethical decisions that are made that don’t affect them personally. And if some raise an eyebrow then an excuse like “for the greater good” is given, which is entirely acceptable.

    But this is barely required, because everyone has far too much debt to care about anything.

  8. Ponder why everything was built around leaky fast tracked vaccines and not the science of a responsive layered approach with real time data …

  9. See where this goes. For some reason, the ax has not fallen on Fauci or Daszak – despite recent damning revelations. Either very lucky, or very protected.

    It is apparent that USA funded research at WIV. The calculus may have been that this research was going to happen anyway, and that funding = oversight – which was better than being completely outside the tent. So USA funded GoF research on coronaviruses, including the mysterious furin cleavage site.

    However China pulled a blinder and subsequently applied this research to another CV giving us SARS-CoV-2. Fauci, NIH, EcoHealth and Daszak were likely as surprised as the rest of the world. An alternative explanation is that a bat in a cave stole the research from the lab, and then flew SARS-CoV-2 to the Wuhan market.

    Daszak and Fauci quickly played the “zoonotic” card, hoping Covid would burn out like SARS and MERS. Most cover-ups begin with a calculation that you can successfully get in front of the situation.

    When early containment failed and we were in a global pandemic, Daszak and Fauci realised they had been conned. By then however, they were trapped by the earlier statements and they had to keep doubling down and obfuscate and hope the truth didn’t come out.

    At the same time, there was a rush for the vaccines – and a hope we could vaccinate their way out of this mess.

    Unfortunately a spate of mutations undermined the vaccines
    Three simultaneous N501Y mutations on 3 continents gave us alpha (UK), beta (S Africa) and gamma (Brazil).
    Then India / delta strain
    Around October, something spooked Europe. There was a pivot towards boosters, and Europe collectively implemented increasingly draconian containment measures.
    Now omicron – to date, the earliest cases were in Europe. .

    I realise this will be far-fetched to many, and I’m sure I haven’t got it 100% right. But after 20 months, this scenario (or very similar) best explains what we know.


      Consistently you produce very high quality assessments-thanks for taking the time!
      Am expecting more ‘knowledge’ yet to surface on the tri-continental mutations; seems quite irregular.

    • Jumping jack flash

      There’s still no damning evidence that Fauci and his ilk were behind this pandemic, but it is now no secret that this exact scenario we are experiencing at this very time was discussed by a panel, including Fauci himself, at a conference about novel flu vaccine technologies including mRNA, as being the only way new vaccine technology could be fast-tracked into the mainstream with the support of the government (a government representative was also at that particular conference) and, most importantly, without the usual 10 years worth of clinical trials.

      This particular evidence is fact.

      Now, I describe myself as an avid conspiracy theorist, so I will say that it looks mighty suspect that these powerful people were discussing this exact scenario back in November 2019 and a couple of months later we have a pandemic, possibly originating from the very lab that Fauci was involved up to his neck in, but until we get more evidence we must accept that there is also the possibility that it was pure random chance they are now exploiting to push their agenda.

  10. All of this is crap anyway. When politics gets in the way these mandates can be ignored. E.g. BLM and any rally to do with LGBTQIXWYZ. Or if you really need proof, why aren’t European nations free to buy Sputnik. The actual efficacy data is very clear. Moderna offers the most protection and Sputnik is second, but doesn’t have the Myocarditis side effects. If it is really about just getting people vaccinated, then why not offer choice? If someone has had two shots of Sputnik, their passport isn’t valid in the EU. Why? Science says it’s better than Pfizer and AZ. It’s just the usual rubbish politics. So sick of these jokers. I hope everyone riots and burns govt. buildings to the ground in Europe. These jerks need a reminder that the mob can and will come with pitchforks. Sadly, every low testosterone soy sipping dork wants the big warm embrace of a big govt.