Australia must join diplomatic boycott of Olympics

If there is one nation on earth that should boycott the Winter Olympics in Beijing it is Australia:

The Morrison government is under pressure to follow the United States in staging a diplomatic boycott of the Winter Olympics to be held in Beijing in February.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said sending diplomats would treat the games as business as usual, but that in the face of the “egregious” human rights abuses “we simply can’t do that”.

Meh. Australians long ago took the bribe to stop worrying about human rights. Remember those quaint days when the Dali Lhama used to visit?

For Australia, it is about this:

  • Trade bullying.
  • Domestic political interference.
  • Espionage.
  • Daily insults.
  • Hostage diplomacy.
  • War talkin’ and build-up.
  • 14 conditions to end democracy.

So on and so forth.

Let’s support the US and NZ boycott and go even further with no athletes!

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  1. You know when you felt good closing down local textiles factories to be offshored….

    become Economics said efficiencies and stuff….. maybe efficiencies come about because of not paying attention to human rights…. it’s funny the workers in the worlds factory don’t have much bargaining rights.

    This is where I would say “I hope the $2 saving on your garment is worth it” … but …. yeah… it is….

    That’s why no one will do anything about it….

    “Human rights” is solely and exclusively a grievance industry to extract welfare from White people, no other meaningful action ever takes place. If it wasn’t, then Islam wouldn’t be correct about women and homosexuals.

    • Jumping jack flash

      Look at it this way, making textiles, or anything for that matter, is terribly damaging to the environment. If we want to reach our carbon neutral goals then one strategy we should certainly continue is offshoring. Make it someone else’s problem.

      Dont worry, the lost “productivity” can be more than made up by nice, clean, carbon neutral debt, attached to houses.

  2. Honestly, a ‘diplomatic’ boycott is worse than no boycott at all. So some politicians don’t show up to China – so what? Nobody watching the games gives a damn that some undersecretary or ambassador didn’t turn up – they’re watching the athletes, who have all made the trip and thereby allowed China to profit off the sports. It’s the real-life equivalent of Team America, where the UN writes Kim Jong-Il an ‘angry letter’ – an ineffective, pathetic attempt to look ‘tough’ on the 21st century’s Nazi regime.

    If Australia isn’t going to perform a full boycott, then they shouldn’t bother with any boycott at all. Just admit that the atrocities committed by the PRC don’t really matter, and that all our government cares about is keeping Chinese spies from infiltrating our institutions. It’s clearly what our leaders actually believe, even if they turn up to Parliament with stirring speeches and crocodile tears for the Uighurs and Hong Kong

    • Ronin8317MEMBER

      Don’t worry, Emperor Xi will always do things that result in the best for the Australia. When Australia announce their diplomatic boycott, Australian athletes will be banned from the Winter Olympics as well.

      • And the American athletes will be allowed to attend of course. Both because China can’t pick on countries its own size, but also in the hope that the obvious double standard will anger Australians, thereby undermining the Australia-US alliance…

  3. But if the CCP is not talking to our ministers, why would we turn up anyway? Or is that just pantomime.

  4. So it is ok for us sell our minerals to the Chinese but our winter athletes must be virtue signalling sacrificial lambs. Yawn.

    • pfh007.comMEMBER

      Yes, pathetic isn’t it.

      Throw the athletes under bus before we do anything that matters like refuse to supply China with stuff they want and need.