Weekend sundries 27-28 November 2021


‘I managed to dig out footage of Albert Tucker with my grandparents in the 1940s (Paris). I have uploaded the footage to Youtube.

My Grandmother is in the dark (black-ish colour coat) and my grandfather is wearing a tie and proper receding hairline with thin moustache. The blonde woman is my grandmothers sister, she married a US serviceman after the war and started a family in Pennsylvania. I visited her a couple of years ago in her 90s, she has since now passed though. After all these years I could still hear the Aussie twang in her voice (just).

Albert is seen at the end of the video (around 3mins) where they are joking around shaking their legs. Albert always did have that crazy beard. Unfortunately that’s all you get to really see of him.

My Grandfather was also a painter and his work and Albert’s had similar styles but my Grandfather was a lot more shy about showing off his work and didn’t get the same exposure in the arts world as a result.

My brother was looking to get an exhibit of his work organised. The connection to the Angry Penguins and Albert would I guess help as a draw card. My grandfather did a lot of camouflage work during the war due to his artistry skills.

My mum says he won a scholarship for his artwork to go study over in Europe. Hence the film in Paris. They all took the slow boat over there. No planes back then!

I had seen the footage years ago when both my grandparents were still alive. Then it got put away in a cupboard for 20 years on a VHS tape. During lockdown I asked my aunt to find it. We thought it was lost and she gave me another tape which I thought meant the footage was recorded over, but luckily that was the wrong tape.

Anyway my mate converted it for me to digital. So I can now share it with the family including my great aunts family in Pennsylvania.’



Nausinoe moth (Nausinoe pueritia)


Orchard swallowtail!


Bronze orange bug (citrus pest)

Harlequin ladybird (invasive species native to the UK)


Geoff McVeigh 

Brown snake, Australian National Botanical Gardens

Rat (dead) Australian National Botanical Gardens

Kookaburra fledgling at Watson

Spider carrying young on back, Watson

Mural at Cook Shops – artist Faith Kerehona, subject Dhani Gilbert and native plants

Kookaburra adult and juvenile in the nest

Gang Gangs eating wattle seeds in Watson

Gang Gangs eating wattle seeds in Watson 2



‘We don’t have much wildlife here in the middle of Sydney but we do get some impressive weather displays with a cracking backdrop.’

‘This one was during a lightning storm last year.  That strike would be somewhere near St Leonards.  You can see a bit of the North Sydney skyline on the left.’


‘This was an out of control back burning at North Head about a year ago – taken from Rawson Park near Middle Head.’


‘This one pretty much speaks for itself. The end of the rainbow is at Cremorne Point.’



‘Lightning Strike.  Singapore – that’s Marina Bay Sands that looks like a boat on top!’


Winfred with siblings, 2016




1 month later, she is a bench Kelpie which is not a working dog (cruel to keep them in a City).

2018 Boring tube section in my carport.

Another section 


‘Pheasants Nest NSW’


‘This critter is one of a pair nesting up the hill at the back of our
farm. I’ve been trying to train it to recognise and deal with National
Party representatives. This is going fairly slowly, as it takes some
time after each training session for my wounds to heal…’


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  1. Look how thin the people are in the film. It is a bit like the people in the old photographs of crowds at the MCG. I don’t think the scenery has changed much in the 75 years since in that part of Paris.

    • I have to admit I felt a little sad watching the film, it’s unlikely anyone in the film is still alive by now. The blonde woman (my mum’s aunt) died a couple of years ago in her mid 90s. And my grandfather died in the mid 90s before I could really have a grown up conversation with him. My grandmother died when I was living in Europe. What struck me about the film was what you said, how similar things looked like street signs etc.. I thought the really early VW Beetle was cool to see.

      As for people being thin, no fast food back then!

      I often wonder what my Grandparents would think of everything going on today and the direction the country is heading in. They ended up quite wealthy – but never lived a lavish lifestyle. Having remembered scarcity I guess they were careful with their money.

      Both worked way past retirement running a business on City road in Melbourne, employing a lot of people, often with basic English skills.

    • SnappedUpSavvyMEMBER

      thats right after the war, everyone would have been on some kind of ration, no sugar too, looks like it would have been the perfect place at the perfect time to be alive, ive watched it 10 times 🙂 thanks Gav

      oh and i got kicked out of that church on the hill, bloody frogs