Macrobusiness Weekend Gardening, Machines, Creepy Crawlies and other sundries – 13-14 November 2021


Half of 3 home workshops.
1st pic, foreground, milling machine
Bottom left power Pac ( made every component).
Next 100 ton press ( made it all,)
Top of press dividing heads.
Next small mill drill.
Left lathe.
2nd pic 
Yellow German bandsaw
Left manual drilling machines
Background  lathe.’

‘Flowers outside and in.’




‘Some creepy crawlies found in my backyard today – Port Macquarie NSW. Jumping spider with damselfly prey.’

Bush orb-weaver

Green-head ant

Lilli-pilli leaf beetle


Pink flower spider

St Andrew’s Cross spider

Wolf spider

Garden orb-weaver



Shy albatross, Southern Royal Albatross and petrel 40km off Port Macdonnell SA


Arkaroola, Gammon Ranges SA


Razorback Lookout in the Flinders Ranges SA


Someone else

Here’s a ‘where’s Wally’.  There’s a spider in there, don’t what type but it was in John Forrest National Park, WA. 



‘Tokai Gold Top with Kinman custom P90s on the left, Gibson Les Paul Standard Double Cut on the right.’


Geoff McVeigh, Canberra

‘Wedgetailed Eagle adult regurgitating meat at the nest at Mulligans Flat’

‘Wedgetailed Eagle adult and Wedgetailed Eagle chick’

‘Brown Thornbill soaked at Batemans Bay’

‘Whipbird calling at Broulee’

‘Tawny Frogmouth and chick’


‘pardalote, pink robin, kingfisher (Singapore)’


Love your work ladies and gents…

We seem to have some very decent wildlife photographers in our midst…..

By all means beam anything which needs to be loaded to

[email protected]

…..and I will get to it when I can



  1. boomengineeringMEMBER

    Home workshop comments refer to 2nd two pics.
    Factory pics first two
    My pride and joy Rushworth guillotine can cut any length of 6mm (it weighs 10 ton)
    2nd pic hard right, milling machine, xyz travel hydraulically assisted weighs 7.5 ton. Rear of pic overnight stay bedroom with surfboards and spear guns inside
    5&6 flowers.

  2. The Travelling PhantomMEMBER

    So I thought to share this recipe for donughts , who likes donught, Home made fluffy and filled with custred, jam or chocolate, ?

  3. Mrs Swampy has gone full indoor plant lady (hipefulllt not like Dexter’s beloved!) and the ficuses (ficii?), monsterra and other assorted curios have enociuraged an invasion of indoor plant gnats !!!!

    I’ve read about the sugar in vinegar in bowl with gladwrap remedy – please advise plant Yodas if this works

    In less glum news the 75sqm carport framed but alas the Finnish LVLs are rubbish (highly recommend smart LVl15s from Tilings which can stand weather for a fair while) and are cracking from the bottom

    Some stern words with timber yard on Monday

    A lazy $6000 in LVLs

    • Hey Swampy,
      Indoor plant gnats feed on fungus at the base of the plant, so likely Mrs Swampy is over-watering and it’s very humid.

      Neem oil is a good eco-friendly solution to get rid of the current infestation. You could also invest in some carnivorous plants.

      Once you’ve treated the issue, keeping the soil a little more dry will discourage fungal growth which will in turn discourage the gnats.

      • Thanks Hixtar – yep read about over watering – the problem is a couple of them need a bit. But I’ll try that oil thanks! Carnivorous plants I’ll look for – like Venus fly trap? Or something else in particular ?

        • Try adding some water storage crystals in the soil of your more thirsty plants. Keeps the soil drier but the roots stay mmmmmoist.

          Venus fly traps probably won’t trigger for gnats. Too small. Try Sundews (Drosera sp.). They’re Luke natural flypaper.

      • The Travelling PhantomMEMBER

        That is very good advice, heard them saying the same on the wireless gardening show

  4. desmodromicMEMBER

    Thanks Gunna.

    Making the best of staying close to home in a pandemic has heightened my appreciation of SA and its varied landscapes.

    • The Travelling PhantomMEMBER

      Hasn’t Harry grown them successfully last year?
      I’m sure if it’s not him someone else did a great harvest last year

    • Yeah only in the boxes, usually works, mostly fail due to neglect.

      Beware – even the plain button mushrooms are quite pungent/very mushroomy in odour.