China eats crow as Australia rejects CPTPP bid

Good news is this:

PM Scott Morrison has sent a clear signal to China that Australia won’t agree to its entry into one of the region’s key trade deals, due to its “track record of coercing other trade partners”.

…Taiwan and the UK have also sought entry to the trade pact.

But potential new entrants can be vetoed by any of the CPTPP’s 11 members.

…Mr Morrison said his government had discussed the matter on “quite a few” occasions with Japan, which has also opposed China’s accession to the CPTPP.

Talk about self-defeating by the CCP. Still, Australia is hardly asking a lot to roll over:

Australia will need to be able to conduct ministerial discussions with China as part of a process for the world’s second-largest economy to join a regional trade agreement, Trade Minister Dan Tehan said.

“You have to able to sit down and work through specially on market access issues,” Tehan told Bloomberg Television from Singapore on Wednesday. “So we would need some sort of ministerial dialogue to be able to work through that market accession.”

The original TPP was designed explicitly to exclude China and it should continue to do so. Even better would be scrapping it all together given it adds little and comes with all kinds of dodgy legal compromises for IP and labour access.

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  1. The Traveling Wilbur 🙉🙈🙊

    Surprised by the unusual restraint shown implicit in the third word’s usage. Well done.

  2. kierans777MEMBER

    Even better would be scrapping it all together

    Damn straight. The one thing The Donald did right was kill that evil treaty.

    • Que Chinese spokesman demonising Aus & accusing us of racism & cold war thinking or whatever & how it’s all our fault they will now build nuclear silos on Kiribati.
      (edit: oops posted in wrong place)

      • Other than the MSM regurgitating it and pro Keating accounts retweeting it, does anyone really care?

    • The elite will financially benefit from it at the expense of the working class, so it will go ahead.

  3. Isn’t it more likely CCP is trying to join so that they have another reason to claim racism or bullying against Australia. Personally I’d stick it to them even more. Make condition of entry release of all Uigher people and independence for Hong Kong. Let’s take the opportunity to stick it to them good.

  4. I sometimes wonder if each point we score against China will be returned tenfold at some point in the not to distant future.
    I’m not huge fan of Ray Dalio but there’s a lot of wisdom in his latest missive titled
    The Changing World Order

    If Ray is right then it seems likely that Australia will be given some huge servings of Humble pie to chomp down on. Personally I don’t like the taste of Humble pie, so I’d rather our loud mouthed politicians would just STFU, but who knows, if I’m lucky maybe Scommo will sneak off with my slice, stranger things have happened