Australia powers up global vaccine rankings

After a painfully slow start, Australia has become one of the world’s vaccination leaders.

Currently, 85.6% of Australia’s population aged 12-plus has received two vaccine doses, with NSW (91.5%) and Victoria (89.9%) leading the way:

Victoria is expected to hit 90% vaccination today, with the other jurisdictions expecting to hit that target as follows:

  • QLD 17 January 2022;
  • WA 20 January 2022;
  • SA 3 January 2022;
  • TAS 13 December 2021;
  • NT 16 January 2022;

Australia is also expected to hit the 90% threshold on 16 December.

As shown in the next chart, 73% of Australia’s total population is now fully vaccinated, which is ahead of nations like France, the UK, Sweden, Germany and Switzerland:

Overall, Australians should be commended for getting vaccinated so quickly.

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      • But also from the same article: “ She said that part of the increased rate of admissions may reflect extra precaution on the part of parents given the new concern about the mutation.”

        Here’s hoping that is the case.

      • Nowhere in that article does it say that the children were admitted because they had Covid. It just says they make up 10% of hospital admissions. They could be there for any number of reasons, like a RSV or Norovirus symptoms that look like Covid. Or 10% of admissions could be a perfectly normal number during the flu season. But everyone is supposed to now believe that children are dying from Omicron. Just in time for the kiddie vaccine rollout. Thats how the media roll these days.

        • kiwikaryn, presactly! All a giant ploy to vaccinate everyone on the planet, and keep booster program alive and well into the foreseeable future. Here in WA, McGowan already came out and said that boosters for years to come. This is madness.

  1. Love it… the vaccines are so good it is now suggested that we get boosted every 2 months:
    “The panel offered independent expert advice and reiterated federal government calls to raise vaccination uptakes.

    It also called for booster shots, currently administered at six months after the second dose, to instead be given at two months.”
    Well, on the other hand this is only a news article reported by a journalist. They do get half the facts and half the story right(sometimes). Hopefully it proves to be wrong in this case! We’ll have to wait and see.

    • Studies are still underway (no idea how many have been formally reviewed and published) that initial results show huge differences in individual response and the decline over time of antibody count following vaccination. Boosters are showing an order of magnitude great response after six months when compared to the second dose for Pfizer, for example. As such, speculation around the frequency and efficacy of booster shots seems premature to me, given the limited amount of study of it at this time.

  2. They need to mix those jabs with something that Aussie’s find intensely pleasurable like higher house prices so that there’s a short term pay off to something that enhances survival (as for food and s3x).

  3. Is this calculation based on total population? If so, it’s still biased as countries with a higher proportion of older people will naturally have higher vaccination rates as a percentage of population. They should only be looking at those >12 years old.

  4. So the “slow vaccine rollout” is not on the menu when it comes to bashing the LNP anymore?
    I don’t want to defend them. The ponzi pumping FWits can GTH. It’s just that particular talking point/whacking stick is irrelevant now?

    • The slow vaccine rollout is going to make them look like rockstars. Unlike other countries where the vaccine rollout started earlier, so immunity faded sooner, Aus/NZ are reopening into peak vaccine immunity. Which should last until next autumn. Meanwhile countries which got there earlier are now experiencing covid outbreaks far greater than anything they’ve had before. Aus/NZ Govts will be patting themselves on the back and congratulating themselves for doing so well. But winter is coming ….

      • “Meanwhile countries which got there earlier are now experiencing covid outbreaks far greater than anything they’ve had before.”
        North hemisphere countries with their seasons ar$e about?
        Sounds like an argument for seasonal vaccination – ala flu etc.