80% of NSW voters oppose a bigger population

As reported this morning, NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet has declared himself “someone who believes in a big NSW” and has promised to lobby Prime Minister Scott Morrison to significantly lift the migrant intake:

“We’re going to have a real discussion [about] catching up some of those numbers that we’ve lost during this pandemic,” Mr Perrottet said on Wednesday, echoing calls from business groups and aged care and hospital services providers who say they are desperate for staff.

“I’m someone who believes in a big NSW,” he said. “I think that provides greater opportunity and prosperity for people across the state. “It is something we will necessarily address working with the federal government.”

This declaration from Perrottet came after faceless bureaucrats in the Premier’s department advocated an explosive surge of 2 million migrants over five years (400,000 a year) to boost the economy.

Opposition NSW Labor Leader Chris Minns should immediately take the opposite policy position and advocate low, sustainable levels of immigration post pandemic. Why? Because doing so would be incredibly popular with voters and would sweep Labor into power.

We know this because a March 2019 Newspoll survey revealed that 80% of NSW residents do not want the state’s population to increase, with majority support across all three major political parties:

Only 16% of those surveyed wanted NSW’s population to increase.

This result echoes today’s survey by The Australian Population Research Institute (APRI), which shows that 70% of Australians want lower levels of immigration post-pandemic (of which 48% want significantly lower or zero immigration):

The overwhelming majority (69%) of Australians also do not believe that Australia needs more people:

There are obviously strong lessons here for Anthony Albanese also. Australians categorically do not support high immigration.

Labor should break rank from the Coalition and provide voters with a clear choice that does not involve a ‘Big Australia’.

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    • Strange EconomicsMEMBER

      But the 10% with the money and influence, multiple properties, tax breaks and family trusts, eating low wage restaurant meals benefit mightily. Why worry about the 80/90% of others.

      Its not the 1 % to worry about in Australia, its the 10 %.

      Interesting to compare with US reports, where also staff shortages..
      .But where the immigration program is a much smaller percentage so not a solution.
      Staff shortages have occurred in hospitality. Successful restaurant owners have raised wages to attract staff and keep quality up, trained people, and raised prices 20%.
      (Or Unsuccessful ones call in Gordon Ramsay to swear at people)

      The top 10% of don’t want to pay enough for their restaurant meals for people to live..
      No local can rent a place and live on half the minimum wage like the students.

    • While it’s an option the MB keep suggesting as a clear election strategy that one ‘should’ adopt, there is ZERO evidence that the ALP has any fundamental belief in that policy position, regardless of its vote winning potential.

      Ponzi Australia is bi-partisan! while each party has it’s reasons why (be it pure greed or a delusional ideology of virtue) all roads lead to mega migration.

  1. Can Minns and Albo grasp the mettle here and articulate a position that is resistant to the Wokers in the Workers party claiming “racialists!”. Ignore Dr Donuts, though, no one cares what she says.

    • kierans777MEMBER

      That and the inevitable attack that Labor are buffoons who can’t run the economy because they would be daring challenge the prevailing neoliberal economic ideology.

      Labor needs to simply get better at prosecuting an economic message.

      • Fishing72MEMBER

        Is there a single unapologetically strong male figure within the Labor ranks? Why not? The ALP thinks they will only succeed if their line up is more rejecting of effective manhood than the Marvel comics 2025 lineup where Superman gets pregnant.

        • kierans777MEMBER

          Firstly, and most importantly Superman is DC, not Marvel.

          Secondly, can you please define what a “strong male figure” is?

          • Fishing72MEMBER

            Someone who doesn’t resemble Marty McFly’s old man from the early scenes of the movie.

  2. 80% of NSW voters oppose a bigger population


    Here is a little logic puzzle. Please point out any errors.

    * 80% of NSW voters vote LaborOrLiberal

    * LaborOrLiberal impose a bigger population

    therefore it follows that

    80% of NSW voters impose a bigger population

    • Maybe people vote for a party despite not liking every single one of their policies? I voted for an independent where I strongly disagreed with some of her platform, but to a lesser extent that I did any of the other candidates.

    • There has been no valid choice, lib/labor/greens all want big population, not have put the anti money laundering by property bill sitting since early 2000’s. Catch is has been NO ALTERNATIVE. Next election looks like it will be different. Saying people vote for the scumbags is only part of the story.

    • Even StevenMEMBER

      Oversimplification, Claw.

      Voters aren’t aware of alternative ‘low immigration’ parties.
      The media (perhaps deliberately) gives little visibility to alternative parties.
      Voters don’t (yet) care strongly enough on the immigration issue to go to the effort (i.e. Beyond mainstream media) to identify suitable alternative parties.

    • “All men are mortal.
      Socrates was mortal.
      Therefore all men are Socrates.”

      This is how an average voter connects the dots.

    • In a direct democracy you might be able to make that case, here in bi-dictatorship that isn’t how it actually works.

  3. SnappedUpSavvyMEMBER

    Ponzitits will finish sydney off as a 3rd world shythole with his ‘unwavering religious belief in the sacred ponzi’

    • No they won’t. Minns and Albanese will never say a word, even though the Perrotet Pram is rolling for migration to go FIVE TIMES as high as the long term historical average.

      Why won’t they speak up? Well, that would be “racist”, wouldn’t it? Related to that, they’d be frightened of upsetting the religious vote. They’re on a treadmill, and the longer they stay there, the harder it gets for “Labor” to win.

  4. I think Scomo and Josh told young Dom to cough this wonderful idea up today…it plants the seed for the feds to ramp immigration and serve up to their donor masters WAGE SUPPRESSION !

  5. This is where Perrotet will blow the politics. He should STAY QUIET and just let Scummo do it (in an underhanded and non-transparent way) with plenty of bait and switch issues like boat people and refugees. By shouting about it he is putting the issue up in lights.

    • BUT, BUT, HE really WANTS IT! …I mean he has 6 spawn of his own making FFS… what kind of ecological vandal does that in this day and age

  6. BIG NSW Dominic Perottet needs to be out the door as fast as Kevin Rudd was, when he proposed a Big Australia.

  7. rob barrattMEMBER

    To read the future just answer the following 4 questions:
    Q1: Are our politicians afraid of the people?
    A: R U joking?

    Q2: What percentage of funding to the major parties is identified publicly?
    A: Less than half.

    Q3: What activities do you think benefit political parties most
    1) Donations from mega wealthy property developers; or
    2) Donations from small business, the man in the street etc.
    A: No brainer..(And you can of course collect a personal percentage from the property transaction heh heh)

    Q4: Where will they get the people needed to buy the pending excess of new homes over current population?
    1) Street dwellers; or
    2) New immigrants.
    A: No brainer.

    So it’s business as usual ASAP for the Rum Corps.

  8. Lord DudleyMEMBER

    It doesn’t matter what the voters want. Both major parties are beholden to their donors. Big Australia is happening, no question. Take advantage of it, be steamrolled by it, or emigrate. They’re your options.