Stan Grant must jettison his Chinese appliances

Should you throw away your Chinese phone?

Consumers should throw away their Chinese phones and avoid buying new ones, Lithuania’s Defence Ministry has warned.

A report by its National Cyber Security Centre tested 5G mobiles from Chinese manufacturers.

It claimed that one Xiaomi phone had built-in censorship tools while another Huawei model had security flaws.

Huawei said no user data is sent externally and Xiaomi said it does not censor communications.

“Our recommendation is to not buy new Chinese phones, and to get rid of those already purchased as fast as reasonably possible,” said Defence Deputy Minister Margiris Abukevicius.

Who knows? It’s probably paranoia.

Then again, I am now eyeing my Chinese robot vacuum with a great deal of suspicion. It has a camera, GPS and this little red eye that blinks in the dark. I can’t help wondering if it is uplinking to Beijing…

That said, my vacuum pales next to the danger represented in Beijing’s useful idiots. Stan Grant is an outstanding local example:

There is a tendency to see China as a revisionist power set on upending the global order. Certainly, with his public statements President Xi Jinping can sound like a revisionist. He has ignored international rulings to claim disputed territory. He has threatened force to bring Taiwan to heel.

He believes he is a man of destiny. As he says: “No force can stop the Chinese people and the Chinese nation forging ahead.” By 2049, Xi says, China will be a “major world power with pioneering global influence”.

But is this overthrowing the order or working within it? Far from rejecting the institutions of international power, China has been an enthusiastic participant. It has joined the major global bodies — among them the World Trade Organisation and the World Health Organisation.

It has embraced multilateralism and global norms. The international order has underwritten China’s rise. Xi Jinping himself has presented China as a champion of globalisation and multilateralism at the very time when America under Donald Trump was withdrawing from it.

As the Rand Corporation think tank pointed out in a study in 2018, there is nothing straightforward about China’s role in the world. China’s engagement with the global order, it says, is a “complex and contradictory work in progress”.

Rand wrote that China sees “multilateral institutions as important, if not essential, for the achievement of its interests”.

And what are those interests, Stan? The 14 conditions to end democracy spells it out in black and white:

In short, the occupation of every economy that matters to coerce global worship of the CCP and enforce political dominion worldwide. Make space for that? No thanks.

If that’s the best Stan’s got then I’d suggest he has another chat with his vacuum to reformulate the propaganda plan.

Scratch that, he already has, pivoting to ribald fearmongering:

Paul Keating has had his ear fastened to his Chinese sucker for years. It has cleaned his brain clear out of his head. Now even Labor has apparently had enough of the propaganda roar that comes with the suction:

Labor MP Anthony Byrne, deputy chair of Parliament’s intelligence and security committee, said Mr Keating had done his party a “great disservice by attacking, in my mind, one of the best Labor parliamentarians to ever grace the floor of the Senate” in Senator Wong.

…“The fact is that we are responding to a different China to the one Keating is trying to display,” he said. “The best thing Paul could do is put the kaleidoscope down, look realistically at what’s happening and put his Montblanc pen away so that he doesn’t trivialise and mock our national security priorities, and actually writes a proper analysis of the existential threat Australia faces in a geopolitical sense.”

“Keating is wilfully blind to China’s international aggression through cyber attacks, which have caused major disruption to our university and corporate sectors,” Mr Khalil has written in an opinion piece.

“His article yesterday colourfully and rightly highlights the narrowness of the Morrison foreign and defence policy, yet Keating’s attacks reveal that like Morrison, he has fallen into the trap of binary thinking – that Australia’s only choice is between a declining US or a rising China.”

Has Labor finally stopped listening to its Chinese appliances?

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  1. I assume that whenever i click agree to terms & conditions all my data is off to the owners of whatever device I just bought. Hence, I’ve kept away from certain security cams, phones, computer anti-virus etc.

  2. SoCalSurfCreeperMEMBER

    You robot vacuum is recording you on the toilet and sending it to Beijing where some poor bastard has to watch it 14 hours a day.

  3. SnappedUpSavvyMEMBER

    Stan Granted’s favorite food is an American Ham Burger
    Stan Granted lives in a 2 plus million penthouse in the eastern suburbs
    Stan Granted lives in a country that actually pays him to pursue his own personal anti western agenda
    Stan takes eveything tax payers are giving him for Granted

  4. Paul Keating is I am sure somehow on the Chinese money teat.
    As is Bob Carr.
    Stan Grant I think is just as you said a “useful idiot” the likes we have not seen since the British “intelligentsia” of the 1930s.

  5. It is saddening to see so many Australians being deceived by the current anti China campaign. It does not bode well for our ultimate national interests with respect to defense and trade. The China “narrative” controlled by various groups has become the China “imaginary” spiraling out of control. Who knows where it will take us!
    The Labor Party are pretty much political invertebrates who are going with the flow. Disgraceful.

    As for the “14 conditions “ that worry the Chinese. Australians themselves should be far more worried . An underlying theme here is that of a hugely broad concept of Australian national security in which secret Australian machinery functions free of control. Those producing “intelligence “ to suit policy are having a field day.

    Which brings us back to who actually did put the Pegasus stuff in the auto vac ?

  6. Sure China is enthusiastic in joining international institutions – so it can subvert them, as it does, and tries to do again and again.

  7. FDA Banned Boosters

    Australia and its allies are a bigger threat to the world than China. How many wars has Australia involved itself in over the past 50 years that they had no business being involved in?

    China virtually none. Some border skirmishes.

    Australians committed horrific war crimes for kicks in Afghanistan, lied about Iraq having WMDs as a pretext for decimating and destroying their society leaving people with nothing.

    Whatever data China harvests can’t be any more than what my own country and its allies harvests. The darling of the left Obama authorised the most comprehensive surveillance system on Earth.

    Liberal, democratic Australia is implementing internal passports, mandatory medical treatments despite the treatment being of limited efficacy and having no data past the immediate short term, no free speech with woke culture and now mainstream culture destroying the careers and lives of anyone with conflicting beliefs.

    China has had 4 COVID deaths in 5 months. This is a country of 1.4 billion with hundreds of millions living in very high density cities. They’ve done an incredible job in saving millions of lives from COVID. The strong have made small sacrifices to save the weak. Imagine if COVID ripped through China putting factories across the country out of action. That 6 month wait for a part would become 2 years. We’d have 20% inflation. The world owes China one.

    The US and UK pursued the classic communist strategy of sacrificing the weak for the greater good since early in the pandemic. 600k deaths and counting in the US, the UK 200 deaths every day and its not even winter. Got all too hard for the US and UK.

    Australia as an isolated island with very relatively few international arrivals, very low population density, only 25 million people, still couldn’t keep COVID out unlike the much cleverer Chinese able to keep it away from 1.4 billion people.

    Aussies now champing at the bit to let the virus rip through the country. Kill the weak so that they can go to Sunday brunch again.

    • The world owes China because of their excellent pandemic response? WTF? Are you completely mad? The cnts caused it in the first place. What they deserve is to be made international pariahs…no trade with them, and their citizens banned from every other country. Let them sit and enjoy each other’s company, the [email protected]

  8. I was thinking about voting for The New Liberals (TNL) but after raiding through their newly appointed Foreign Affairs Advisor, no way
    Learning how to cooperate with a re-emerging China is Australia’s most vital strategic challenge. It will take empathy, goodwill, nuanced diplomacy, and mutual trust. Something tells me the AUKUS Pact is not the best way to proceed in that endeavour.
    For the sake of the next generation of Australians we need to extract ourselves from our abusive relationship with the US. It’s time to leave.
    “aimed at whipping up public hysteria about an absurd fantasy that China might attack the country because it possesses long-range missiles. ” (yeah he’s right to some degree about who funds some of the studies that find China to be a threat but stupidly believes China’s assurances & speil are not funded by the very same types of organisations let alone a dictatorship with even more control & reason to manipulate public sentiment & has made clear they view democracies as a threat and have also rejected international court rulings)

    They should be called New Labor or New Socialists or something.

    • That is unfortunate. Some of their other policies aren’t half bad and then they had to ruin it with appointing a China shill.