Proof COVID vaccines work

A recent survey of hospital ICU admissions in the United States showed that the overwhelming majority of COVID patients were unvaccinated:

ABC News contacted 50 hospitals in 17 states, and asked them to share data on their ICU wards’ current COVID-19 patients, including their vaccination status. In the surveyed hospitals, ABC News found that the overwhelming majority of COVID-19 patients currently being treated in ICUs were unvaccinated.

Of the 271 total COVID patients in the surveyed ICUs, 255 patients, or approximately 94%, were unvaccinated against COVID-19 in ABC News’ snapshot in time.

Further, of the 16 vaccinated individuals receiving care in the ICU, almost all suffered from comorbidities and other health problems, such as cancer or weakened immune systems.

A new survey has shown similar outcomes for Australia:

Just two per cent of coronavirus patients admitted to intensive care since Australia’s vaccine rollout started were fully vaccinated…

A whopping 86 per cent of people needing intensive care treatment had not received a single dose…

Monash University’s SPRINT-SARI project examined 574 ICU admissions since February 22, when the first coronavirus vaccines started to be rolled out across the nation.

Only two per cent (13 people) had received two vaccine doses, while the equivalent of 12 per cent (69 people) had a single shot.

The remaining 492 patients were unvaccinated.

Infectious diseases epidemiology professor Allen Cheng said younger people were featuring more prominently in intensive care admissions in recent weeks, including pregnant women.

“The shift in age of those admitted to ICUs is anticipated, given older Australians were prioritised during the early phases of rollout,” he said on Wednesday.

“These figures again underscore just how much protection vaccinations offer in terms of your likelihood of getting seriously unwell with COVID-19.”

One only has to look at NSW’s ICU data to see the effectiveness of vaccines in preventing severe illness. Despite 80.7% of NSW residents aged 16+ having received at least one vaccine dose, vaccinated individuals only comprise 24% of COVID ICU admissions:

This is a stunning result given the unvaccinated are dominated by younger people that have more natural protection against COVID, given they are generally healthier.

While similar data does not exist in Victoria, Premier Dan Andrews said on Wednesday that 84% of COVID cases are aged under 50 with one quarter aged in their 20s, “so this is going where the vaccines aren’t, this is going to the unvaccinated”.

The bottom line is that while vaccination does not necessarily prevent transmission of COVID, it does prevent serious illness.

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      • Don’t forget that the data also shows whopping 50% increase in waxed being icu’d in less than a half aweek and that this is only the first strain for waxed aussies to deal with (reports from Europe are waxing makes a trivial difference in case fatalities).

        In 3 days the landscape may change dramatically.

        Data interpretation lies in the eyes of the beholder and thy convictions and beliefs.

  1. That first box said 50 hospitals across 17 states had 271 people. That is 6 people per hospital on average in ICU. Those figures don’t sound correct. Am i wrong?

    • arescarti42MEMBER

      Yes – you’re wrong. It says ABC News contacted 50 hospitals in 17 states and asked them to share data. It doesn’t say how many actually shared their data.

      • A disclosure that should have at least been listed in the article. Don’t let the facts get in the way of my playground…

    • Exactly what I thought. Its typical biased, tabloid news from a left leaning news agency.
      MB should know better then to take it as gospel.

  2. Bad interpretation of stats. You cannot use the current number of vaccinated people to compare the current number of ICU patients against. People dont go to ICU within minutes of catching covid. The vaccination rate should be the one that was current WHEN THE PATIENT CONTRACTED COVID. This is likely to be at least a month ago allowing for incubation periods and the time needed to develop secondary covid complications. For the record, as of 1 August only 19% of NSW people were fully vaccinated.

  3. Frank DrebinMEMBER

    What’s the % of punters in the general population who are vaxxed currently ending up in ICU vs those who are unvaxxed ?.

    Is my maths correct in that it’s ?:

    Vacc: 54/5,000,000


    Un-vacc: 174/3,000,000

    Resonable odds either way even allowing for a long-term increase in cases.

    • Yep. Very low odds either way.

      BTW this vaccinated/unvaccinated information should be reported on a daily basis in the press. If it shows that the vaccines work, why isn’t it front and centre every single day? Surely a more effective way is to persuade people rather than threaten them.

      • Low odds, but a 9 times better odds of not dying is pretty good for something that requires as little effort as a vaccine. Getting the same effect with increased exercise or better diet would take 100s of hours, compared to the tiny amount of time spent on getting two jabs. And the benefit from exercise/ diet if you go back to bad habits probably isn’t as long lasting as from the vaccine.

        • Unvaccinated Treated As Sub-Human

          That’s Aussie thinking in a nutshell. Why try to fix health or psychological problems with work or discipline when you get just pop a pill or get injections. Doesn’t matter if there’s no data past the immediate short term for the injections, take them anyway wouldn’t want to eat properly and maintain good health.

          • ^ ^ ^
            This is so well summed up.
            Merrymackans too. Go on health shredding diets to lose 10-20-50kg so that one can continue to eat macca and other junk in unmeasurable quantities

          • Why try to fix health or psychological problems with work or discipline when you get just pop a pill or get injections.

            A treatment delivers immediate risk reduction, whereas a significant change in weight and/or lifestyle for the severely obese takes anywhere from 6 months to several years, with a horrendous relapse rate. That’s not laziness, it’s maths.

            Yous should just man up and write “let the weak and weak-minded die”, instead of being such pussies and dancing around your contempt.

          • Using a misogynistic slur like pussy to suggest someone is meek or fearful is highly problematic. You need to do better smithy.

    • I see the survey period ended 19th August, so before the current outbreak in Scotland, the largest they’ve had with respect to case numbers, so I wonder if there would be any change to the conclusion if they were writing it today, for example given 26 covid deaths in Scotland yesterday, from a population about 1/3 smaller than NSW and higher vaccination rates.

  4. Frank DrebinMEMBER

    Good to see NSW also moving towards 7 day home quarantine for specific international arrivals. About time this bloody mess was sorted out.

  5. Freshly jabbed, protection is meant to be good ~90%, 3-6 months down the line is where the protection wavers and falls to 30% levels.

    So I don’t find these numbers surprising right now.

  6. Unvaccinated Treated As Sub-Human

    They’re being misleading with only 2% of deaths being vaccinated people in Australia.

    900 of the 1,100 deaths in Australia were before the leaky vaccines were ever invented. So that’s 82% unvaccinated right off the bat.

    Then Australia has only in recent weeks increased the vaccination rate to 70%.

    There’s also something suspect about only 6% of vaccinated people being in ICUs in the US but 24% in Australia.

    The UK had 10x less deaths this time last year with half hearted restrictions that many people ignored than this year with the most vaccinated population on Earth.

    So the vaccines don’t seem particularly effective based on that when they are resulting in 10x more deaths. Seems like they are a very minor piece of the puzzle and you can’t base a strategy on them alone, especially when they are leaky vaccines with 40-60% efficacy, unacceptably high death rate compared to every other vaccine on the planet, and there’s not data on them past the immediate short term.

      • Because in order to keep your vaccine passport you will need to be revaccinated constantly. The time period between vaccinations will shorten as “vaccinated” bodies start to pile up.

        • We just get to see what are the odds of survival for those with several booster shots vs. Others a nd I can bet 50 colonial bucks that it will be a whokudanoda?.

        • Remember, you’re not vaccinated if you die within 2 weeks of the jab from a vaccine-related death ‘short illness’.

  7. boomengineeringMEMBER

    Heard a rumour about a class action against vaccination happening in Germany. Will get details soon.

  8. Not a fan of the “currently in” point in time stats as they can be misleading. For example, if someone vaccinated was to recover quicker, the number of vaccinated people that have entered ICU would be underrepresented. Similarly if someone unvaccinated was to die quicker, they would be underrepresented in the stats.

    I am not suggesting any of that happened btw. Just saying total cases would be a more accurate representation.

  9. What I’m keen to understand, is, if I have had 2 shots of Pfizer and I contract COVID in the coming 12 months, can I still suffer Long COVID symptoms, perm scarring of my lungs and/or loss of senses that are prevalent in mild cases… ?

      • true that, however mild cases resulting in loss of sense of smell are very common …. in fact, studies I’ve read suggest loss of senses in mild cases has a 40-60% occurence rate, yet loss of sense smell in severe cases is less than 7%

      • Anecdata, sample size n=1:

        A close friend of mine, late 50s, good runner who hasn’t smoked since he was in the army in his early 20s got it earlier this year. He was asymptomatic. He’s back to running and claims to feel fine but has lung scarring and follow-up monitoring.

        He was unvaxed when he picked it up. Not in Australia.

    • Tony, go and google his name along with vaccine stance and you’ll see he’s been smashed down more times than you can count. Another looney.

      • The same fact checkers who shut down any discussion that the virus was a lab leak back in 2020…

        The fact checkers use government approved sources at the time, so the facts are what the government says, until the truth comes out 18 months down the track.

        Look at Trump and Russia and the fact checkers there.

        • I’ve seen the “fact checkers” say the jabs are fully approved and not in trial/expiremental phase, this is 100% false, all.the available mRNA jabs are all provisionally approved for use in a state if emergency

      • Anders, in your message you wrote:
        “go and google his name along with vaccine stance and you’ll see he’s been smashed down more times than you can count. Another looney.”
        Professor Mike Yeadon Ex Pfizer Chief Scientist, was also vice president at Pfizer, a very accomplished scientist. People can say anything they want. we should be focusing on evidence only.
        Google is the most censored search engine, full of information supporting the mainstream narrative, but any science based view in opposition is usually censored. Go to duckduckgo search engine to do your research, this is not censored and you will get a balance of information for and against Vax so you can come to your own conclusions with a balance of information, unlike what you get on google and the mainstream media.
        Check this out, are you saying that the 10,000 Doctors in this Covid lawsuit are also looney?:
        Team of 1000 Lawyers and 10,000 Medical Experts Start Nuremberg 2 Trial against World Leaders for Crimes Against Humanity

        • Its amazing how so many well respected and heavily qualified professionals in the medical and scientific fields suddenly become “loony” overnight. I mean, how did they all manage to fake their way through University, Medical School, and their jobs for 20-30 years without anyone noticing? Such a mystery ….

          • The fact checker site you reference is an extension of the main stream media, which can’t be trusted. The main stream media will not tolerate an alternate view to the one they are pushing. Pharmaceutical companies are their biggest customers with the largest advertising budgets, so they have a lot of influence with the narrative. Whats your point, are you saying this court case involving 10,000 Doctors/experts and 1000 lawyers does not exist?

            See the article link and video link below, the United Australia Party (Clive Palmer) had this to say in an interview in relation to the COVID vaccine adverse reactions:
            “All Mr Kelly did was publish the TGA’s own reports which all Australians have a right to know,” Mr Palmer said. “The TGA report clearly highlights that the COVID-19 vaccine treatment has been responsible for the deaths of 483 Australians and over 46,000 adverse reactions,” he said. See link below for full article.

            Video – Clive Palmer Press Conference Re Craig Kelly and TGA:

            Article on United Australia Party website:

            Why hasn’t the main stream media and the fact checkers covered this?

            The TGA is an Australian government data base that tracks adverse reactions. It has been said by some that the numbers are extremely underrepresented because most adverse reactions don’t get reported. The equivalent in America is VAERS. The stats on VAERS are much much greater.

            Don’t you think that every Australia deserves to know about the above adverse reactions before they take the vaccine? Why has the main stream promoted the vaccine while ignoring this data base?

        • Tony,

          While you’re at it go look at the “breaking news”. Seriously, are sites like this the source of your decision making?

      • go and google his name along with vaccine stance and you’ll see he’s been smashed down more times than you can count
        Anders Andersen

        I was unimpressed by Mike Yeadon.

        However your suggestion is a good one. Someone who has been, as you say, “smashed down more times than you can count” has obviously upset some very powerful elites. This is a very important clue.

        In my opinion, the powerful elites doth protest too much. Go and google that Anders Andersen.

        I have no tolerance anymore for cv / antivaxxer nutters. If a person is going to die I want it to be one of them.

        Another looney.
        This is so fkging sad.

  10. Unvaccinated Treated As Sub-Human

    From 25th August:

    “More vaccinated people are dying of the delta variant of covid than unvaccinated people, according to a recent report from Public Health England. The report shows that 489 of 742 people (65.9%) who died of the delta variant within 28 days of a positive covid test between 1 February 2021 and 2 August 2021, had received at least one dose of the vaccine. 54.1% (402 of 742) had received both doses. “

      • Except that the UK data is broken down by age group. Of the 1644 deaths in the over 50’s, only 437 of them were unvaccinated. So 74% of deaths are in the vaccinated.

        • UK over 50s are over 95% vaccinated. It should be obvious that 95% is greater than 74% which implies the vaccine works.

          vaccinated = 74/95 = 0.78
          unvaccinated = 26/5 = 5.2

          5.2/0.78 = 6.67

          You are nearly 7 times more likely to die if you are unvaccinated.

    • 89.2% of UK residents aged 16+ are vaccinated. So it’s no surprise they comprise the most deaths.
      Going by your figures, an unvaccinated person is three times more likely to die of Covid. This is a damning result given the unvaccinated are much younger on average.

      • Unvaccinated Treated As Sub-Human

        The data starts from the 1st February.

        On the 1st February only 0.7% of people were fully vaccinated. 14.5% with one vaccine.

          • Unvaccinated Treated As Sub-Human

            It was January mate. Peak of the flu/COVID/airborne respiratory virus season. Dark, gloomy, damp 2 degree days where it’s dusk at 4pm.

            Right now they’ve just had 3 months of warm weather, long days, outdoor activities, vitamin d levels fully replenished.

            Deaths from airborne respiratory viruses should be virtually nothing.

          • Unvaccinated Treated As Sub-Human

            From January 6th after the seeding event of Christmas and the New Year which required a lockdown to get it under control.

            It’ll be a mess come January in the UK but I think Boris is going to wimp out and bring back restrictions.

          • ‘Boris is going to bring back restrictions’
            He’s denied he’s going to so many times that for someone with the kind of relationship he has with the truth it’s beginning to look like a certainty.

          • Unvaccinated Treated As Sub-Human

            He’ll get weak at the knees and wimp out in a couple months time when it’s November, 7-8 degrees each day, what little sun they get setting at 4:30pm, COVID deaths up to 400 per day.

        • The data may start in Feb, but DELTA didn’t. It didn’t arrive in the UK until April, and had to build from tiny numbers amongst a population with some immunity from the Alpha wave and around 60% covered with 1st dose jabs.

  11. No medium to long term testing. Not tested for carcinogens, mutagencis, birth defects, Antibody Dependant Enhancement. This is still the biggest medical experiment in human history. No thanks. Lets see where the world is by June next year,.

    I am prepped with Zinc, Vitamin C, D, Quercetin and in the even I actually contract it budesonide and prednisone. Unfortunately can’t get Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine, (which is a much better zinc ionophore than Quercetin), have to prep with what you can though.

    I have zero care about attending restaurants, sporting events or any of that.

    For everyone’s sake here if I end up dying in hospital from covid I will ensure I chuck up a final post on this site just before I get put on a ventilator so you can say I told you so. We shall see. Wish me luck, (or not!). Freeeeedooomm!

    • While I respect your position, the fact remains that we won’t get freedom until we hit an adequate vaccination threshold. If enough people think the same way as you, we’ll be locked down way longer.
      After 229 days of lockdown in Melbourne, I’m growing weary.

      • Unvaccinated Treated As Sub-Human

        You sound like you are suffering from battered partner syndrome or a form of Stockholm syndrome.

      • Yes my brother lives in Melbourne, I speak to him every week and I have seen his spirit really decline. I understand and respect your comments… but the fact that society is enforcing vaccination as the way out really angers me. It’s not going to solve the problem and we are starting to see things failing already, (Singapore, Israel, Iceland etc).

        Luc Montagnier, vaccinologist, nobel prize winner for discovering HIV is not getting vaxxed and states that this is one of the biggest blunders in human history. The vaccines will drive variants through pressure selection. Other experts are stating the same.

        By jumping on the vaccination bandwagon we as a society have basically said our freedoms rest on receiving a medical procedure every 6 months, which can only be sourced from 3-4 corporations in the world. Wow.

        I also just don’t trust billionaires, especially when I see them playing with their toy figurines:

      • I’m thinking of remaining unvaccinated just as a big FU to everyone who wants to enforce vaccine mandates and passports. If you won’t let people live their lives, why should we let you live yours? I might start a movement.

    • Unvaccinated Treated As Sub-Human

      What amazes me is that these vaccinated people care so much about the unvaccinated potentially spreading the virus or becoming sick, yet they refuse to wear masks which supposedly cuts transmission by 87%.

      I guess aesthetics and going to brunch to spread the virus between one another and the 40-60% who get no benefit from the vaccine plus all the unvaccinated children is more important than doing the right thing.

      • I’m a fully vaccinated person and don’t care about the unvaccinated spreading the virus. I also don’t believe in wearing a mask outdoors away from crowds.
        But I do care about overloading the health system and coming out of lockdown.

        • Overloading the healthcare system, if all 25 million people are vaccinated how many approx. based on the data will be hospitalised. If the 0.5% of vaccinated people get covid and need hospitalisation that will be 125,000 people. If that number is even 0.1% that will mean 25,000 people. Considering our ICU capacity is tiny, the path with vaccinies = hospital overloading.

          • The number of people in ICU once vaccination targets are released is becoming clearer. In particular, the number of vaccinated people with Covid in ICU is unlikely to be lower than it is today for a considerable time into the future – they should increase ICU capacity by at least that amount.

          • A huge proportion of our population is already vaccinated, if you believe the government numbers, so that horse has bolted either way. The lockdowns will continue once the hospitals start to fill up, and they will if lockdowns ease, maybe not until next winter, but they will.

          • Jumping jack flash

            “they should increase ICU capacity by at least that amount.”

            But doing this would mean that the libs would need to spend money on *shudder* public hospitals and that would mean their doctor mates would miss out on the sweet insurance money gouge. Insurance companies would miss out on premiums. It’d be carnage!

        • Reus's large MEMBER

          Fauci only believes in the science of gain of function research and protecting that research anything he says will always be skewed to ensure that it carries on, he will lie at every turn to protect it.

          • Jumping jack flash

            Fauci should be tried for crimes against humanity and then shot into the sun. How much more proof do they need?

      • “What amazes me is that these vaccinated people care so much about the unvaccinated potentially spreading the virus or becoming sick, yet they refuse to wear masks which supposedly cuts transmission by 87%.”

        It amazes me as well. It also amazes me that there’s so many people still willing to place so much trust in governments, mainstream-media and ‘big pharma’. I obviously live in another dimension.

  12. Governments have 3 major concerns. Getting the economy back to 2019 status. Saving face relative to an inadequate health system – and keeping the covid-obesity factor under wraps, as it’s far and away the greatest component in determining whether those with the disease are hospitalised and or die. Australia is the second most obese nation in the OECD and governments certainly don’t want to have that hanging over their empty heads. Both sides of politics have continually refused to tax sugar and junk-food for decades.

    I do agree nevertheless, these virtual ‘experimental’ vaccines appear to be working in reducing symptoms. But at what cost?

    After reading the article and researching the source, together with the individuals who contributed, my first thoughts were for the children being vaccinated under the age of 16.

    • I’m scheduled for my 1st Pfizer jab, but starting to doubt going through with it. My doubts are not due to any direct influence by anyone else, but rather from having done some research into this and some first hand experiences of friends having been vaccinated.
      Firstly research: quoting from a news article written by a journalist does not qualify and also not the general nonsense spouted by the conspiracy theorists and anti-vaxxers.
      You can go search this up for yourself keeping in mind that just about all search results these days are filtered to provide you with what some algorithm believes you should be reading.
      “SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein Elicits Cell Signaling in Human Host Cells: Implications for Possible Consequences of COVID-19 Vaccines”
      But perhaps nothing we find on the internet these days can be trusted.
      So then first hand experience aligning with the above article:
      I know 2 people that have had shingles(pretty bad) reported after vaccinated. Incidence of this is supposedly reported as 43 out of 1 600 000 according to TGA report I read.
      Also a friend with arterial inflammation in lungs causing him to seek medical help after coughing blood after vaccinated(started after 1st and worse after 2nd). He claims he had reported this, but is still not showing in reported side effects listed by TGA. He is still struggling to recover from this with ongoing inflammation in his lungs, nearly 3 months now. I spoke with him today. He said he had the blood tested he coughed up in the past week. The lab report shows nothing. Was expecting signs of bacterial infection, virus, cancer, etc.
      The good news is though that it is not cancer. Alao no sign of bacterial infection. The medical suggestion is that fortunately this may be attributed to his vaccination and is not cancer. So much for that.
      People have died from vaccines, serious side effects reported, pericarditis, myocarditis, etc.(to me looks under reported).
      If you want to get vaccinated, then go and get it done.
      If someone doesn’t want to do it, then let them be. It is illegal to force someone to be part of a medical experiment.
      All those trying to drown out the concerns of those who are reluctant to get vaccinated should perhaps consider that being able to use a search engine does not make you a medical expert. Perhaps you should keep your opinion to yourself as you are not qualified to provide medical advice.
      The same also goes the other way. Only time will tell how this will turn out.
      Get some spike protein from your vaccine with the potential short and long term(unknown) side effects or take your chances with the spike protein from the virus when it comes round. Bad(vaccine) vs worse(virus) or worse(vaccine) vs bad(virus) or perhaps worst(vaccine) vs worst(virus). Depends on your view.

      • Similar to your situation, I’m in hesitation mode. I’m 71 years of age, but have a BMI of just over 24, a waist measurement of 85cm, my fasting blood sugar levels are around 4.3, BP is 115 over 75, I bench-press just under 100kg and train for a minimum of an hour each day 6 times a week. The biggest Issue for me, apart from what my research has uncovered, is that I have minimal trust in governments, mainstream-media and big pharma. At the end of the day, I trust my own immune system more than I do experimental vaccines promoted and sold by untrustworthy people. However, I think for people with compromised health, or who are overweight, the vaccines are probably the only option. And as much as I deplore what’s occurring, I do understand the deployment of ‘scare-tactics’ to reach the vaccination targets in order to restart the economy and end lock-downs. Of course lock-downs have become the ‘big-stick’ and I feel the people’s pain.

        • This is also called a normal healthy thinking.
          You are obviously too old and not trendy, thus you should be cancelled. Now go ban yourself for about a week.

          • LOL! – can I take some gym gear with me, I get withdrawals if I don’t trip-out on endorphins every day.

        • The biggest Issue for me, apart from what my research has uncovered, is that I have minimal trust in governments, mainstream-media and big pharma.

          Who do you trust for medical advice ?

          • Myself, accompanied by thorough research – and when required, surgeons with proven track records of success. Over the years; touch wood, I’ve had very few issues as I work very hard at keep myself as healthy as possible. With the few issues I’ve had, my objective is always to research the cause. In most cases, causes end up being lifestyle issues and I’ve been able to address them naturally. Forums put together by people with the same health issues – particularly forums that focus on alternative healing processes, I’ve found to be great sources of information.

            Unfortunately, the health profession of yesterday has become the health industry of today, where profit and the treatment of symptoms is the primary objective. Hence, my extreme distrust in big pharma. And governments that have allowed this to happen. Australia is the second most obese country in the OECD. Overweight and obese Australians cost the taxpayer 60 billion dollars a year and increasing. In 2010, obesity killed over 50,000 Australians – on average, 140 every day. I can’t find recent stats, but they would be considerably worse today. Obesity related diseases are the absolute cause of our under resourced health system. Well, the real cause are governments.

  13. rob barrattMEMBER

    I guess the good news in the US is that every unvaccinated adult (with no good reason) passing away is likely to mean one less voter for Donald….

    • From charts above we can see that this week is favourable for “stupid” as smarties begun to be icu’d en masse.
      Tomorrow…. we discuss Tomorrow tomorrow

  14. We haven’t really considered the main point here I think; that even if they are more effective are they effective enough to prevent the deaths we need? In absolve terms?

    Do they still even in a vaccinated population cause more deaths than the flu would annually for example?

    The numbers seem to suggest unfortunately Yes coming from data in the UK, Israel, etc even with more medical attention. We really don’t know the spread to the un-vaccinated and/or more importantly vulnerable vaccinated people (e.g. heart surgery, pregnancy, etc). If what I’ve heard is true and they have the same level of virus in their respiratory areas as unvaccinated that would seem to suggest that they spread it the same even if they themselves don’t have severe illness.

    This is what living with COVID looks like. It will kick you when you are down since the population will constantly be spreading it even if asymptomatic. At some point in your life you will be down, and it will get you.

  15. I’m vaccinated, but I am still disturbed by this maniacal focus on vaccination, – as if immune system function isn’t far more complex than this. It seems that natural immunity is clearly superior to vaccination in terms of ability to neutralise the infection, albeit at the risk that ones risk of being hospitalised is higher.

    There is still the issue of these leaky vaccines leading to an escape variant because of selection against the S-protein site we have chosen to raise antibodies to. If that happens en-mass vaccination status becomes as good as useless and we are back to relying on the innate immunity mechanisms. (assuming natural immunity is not compromised by vaccine antibodies interfering with innate mechanisms).
    These stories are becoming more common, where the double-vaxxed doctor ends up spreading it around. If it he actually experienced flu like symptoms and stayed home the virus would not have spread to the same extent.

    I really hope we are not developing the Marek’s disease scenario in humans. And if we are, at what point will the health ‘experts’ realise the error and push toward therapeutics, rather than ‘boosters’.