Plague, riots and now Melbourne has an earthquake

I just sat through it. First of my life. Thought the house was coming down:

Expecting locusts to fly over the ridge any moment…

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    • C'est de la folieMEMBER

      Plague and pestilence ticked off. I was reading about a shortage of hams for christmas which is a little bit faminelike.

      That leaves only war doesnt it?

  1. Is construction ok if it’s to fix earthquake damage? Maybe G-d’s way of sabotaging the construction shutdown.

    • I bought one of those from Harvey Norman.

      Gerry was in store, so I collared him “Gerry mate, you know ‘60 month’s interest free’ is slang we mug punters use to describe your middle aged wife?”

      He looked at me quizzically.

      So I tell him. “Absolutely no interest”

      He was too fat and slow to land his punch

    • Also in Braddon. A person here claimed to feel it, but he had been on the toilet for about an hour, so other factors maybe?

  2. Lateral house movement in Ballarat,.lasted about 20 seconds. Could see a low wave running back and forth across the pond.
    Geez, those already cracking apartments in the CBD could be a worry.

  3. That wasn’t a proper earthquake, just a minor shake. Wait til you see the ground ripple in a 10 foot high rolling wave and your brick house is Barney Rubble.

  4. Mining BoganMEMBER

    So, this apparently explains the construction shutdown. The metro tunnels had dug close enough for Dan the paedo to get access to the ten thousand kids he has locked underground for trafficking. Can’t have witnesses so shut down construction while his crack team of kiddie removers did their work. The rumbling was the series of explosions to allow Dan the paedo to start exploiting the little ones again.

    Earthquake shirkquake. Pfft…you loosers will believe anything.

  5. rob barrattMEMBER

    Twas just the shock wave from Evergrande hitting the ground. I distinctly heard an Asian voice shouting “TIMMBERRRRR” just before it all happened….