Open COVID states to be punished with crushloading

Careful what you wish for. COVID states are to be punished with open borders and we all know what means:

States that fully vaccinate 80 per cent of people aged 16 and older will be able to resume international travel, as the Prime Minister said a new deal will double Australia’s vaccine supplies for September will speed up reopening.

National cabinet also discussed which other restrictions can be dropped once double dose targets are reached, and considered home quarantine for vaccinated return travellers, but no decisions have been made.

While people from Victoria and NSW may be able to go overseas within months, they will not be able to travel to Western Australia until next year. WA Premier Mark McGowan said he will keep his border shut until well after 80 per cent of the state’s eligible population is fully vaccinated.

Good news for tourism. Bad news for everybody else as the great people ponzi returns with the Morrison Government hell-bent on the swift resumption of cheap foreign labour imports. These will come in a rush.

As we know, the Government’s most recent efforts on this front are downright scary. Its Report of the Inquiry into Australia’s Skilled Migration Program recommended opening the migrant floodgates via:

  • Abolishing labour market testing requirements.
  • Lowering costs and speeding up approval times for importing foreign workers.
  • Expanding the skilled occupation list to include almost any role.
  • Providing all ‘skilled’ visa holders with a clear pathway for transition to permanent residency.
  • Granting ‘skilled’ visa holders priority access to flights and hotel quarantine ahead of stranded Australians.

In announcing these recommendations Liberal MP Julian Leeser declared:

 “Right across the economy we are hearing that there are real issues in relation to businesses getting the skills that they need here in Australia. During the course of COVID, we’ve lost half a million temporary visa holders. Many of those people are skilled migrants. And they are skills that just don’t exist across Australia. We need to get them back to get Australian businesses moving again…”

It’s true. Australians have no skills and must be replaced with half-priced coolies if they are to prosper.

Farewell wages growth and productivity gains.  Hello advancing Third World labour conditions, capital shallowing and more house price pressure.

Enjoy the vibrancy of getting sick and poorer.

Houses and Holes


  1. Hello advancing Third World labour conditions

    It’s not just third world labour conditions. It’s third world levels of healthcare, education and congestion, too.

    One wonders if labour imports will jump the quarantine queue in front of returning Aussies, as well?

    • Two very good points Dolf.

      It’s almost like how a service provider has offerings for new customers, not available to existing ones.

      Australian Australians life’s don’t matter.

      • WhatcouldgowrongMEMBER

        Just remember “I am, you are, we are… ” so apparently we’re all in this together. Except when someone comes here from a country with a lower quality of life their benchmark for this place becomes what they see when they step off the plane and they are happy with what they have and perhaps they see the wide open spaces as opportunities as they come from more densely populated regions. They have no understanding of the environment, the climate, the history. We on the other hand remember what things used to be like and get the reward of witnessing the slow decay.

  2. pfh007.comMEMBER

    Just as well the ALP and Greens are taking such a strong stand against Big Australia and cheap imported guest workers!

    • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

      Yes, Yes 007, It is very depressing that they don’t.
      But LNP corruption has been allowed to fester and become to entrenched gor to long.
      It really is,…time.
      Regardless of how disappointing the alternative is.
      The party of Berejiklian and Morrison must be brutally punished because if they are not then we have nothing to complain about as they continue to increasingly pilfer and pillage our country.
      They are the Mafia.

      • pfh007.comMEMBER

        Well you know my approach to voting.

        Chuck them out after one term unless there are very very compelling reasons to give them another term.

        It only takes 1 term now for pollies to get their fangs deep into the perks and manipulating the public service.

        The LNP should have been kicked out in NSW in 2015 and in Canberra when Turnbuckle was first returned.

      • Reckon it will surprise them just how many rusted on liberal voters are going to revolt for having had to shoot up with the inferior vaccine scummob didn’t take themselves.

        • Charles MartinMEMBER

          I think you may be right, I’ve heard rumblings from rusted on liberals in my extended family, which TBH is something I never thought I’d see.

          But, when it comes to election time, even the smallest scrap tossed to them by scumbag will be enough to forgive and forget and then sit back thanking their lucky stars that Labor didn’t get in.

          I hope I am wrong and their little bubbles get burst and they have to endure a Labor gov’t for a few years. Oh the humanity.

  3. They won’t be gone. I’m already starting to see the targeted propaganda targeted at WA and QLD specifically trying to white ant the political support within. If you can’t win the battle head on, try to convince the troops/voters to switch sides instead.

    News/Fairfax are doing a good job at promoting the following which if you think about it aren’t entirely true/sometimes just lies:

    – We need “to open up eventually”: Actually we don’t or if we do open up as a country we could open up on our own terms (e.g. medical remote quarantine). Opening up isn’t all sunshine and roses, there will be more consequences then benefits. Any benefits of opening up looking at other countries only lasts a few months before the virus catches up. Sadly this “belief” of opening up eventually leads to that conclusion that failures are just “getting with the plan sooner/this was always intended” (i.e. Gladys/Scomo) and people like WA/QLD will be the laggards in the end.

    – “An opened up economy is a better performing economy”: Slogans like “we need an open, prospering economy”, when in reality its been the closed borders/open in every other way that have been performing the best. Results speak for themselves.

    – “Vaccines are the silver bullet/vaccines are our way out of this”: Vaccines alone don’t take down the replication factor (R0) down enough to stop the spread to vulnerable people. They don’t preclude any variants that bypass the vaccines and variants hit us faster than the ability to develop/administer vaccines for them. A vaccine that doesn’t take down the virus could be great conditions for an even more powerful variant to emerge – we don’t know. If this happens our hubris/false confidence means more deaths. Most studies with vaccines still show physical controls are necessary and lockdowns will still be necessary for a good period of time.

    – “The system will be able to cope”: 3 children were in intensive care yesterday even with lock down limiting the spread, hospitals barely coping under current conditions. Westmead has ambulances out its door for example in the LGA’s of concern, they are transferring ICU patients to other hospitals (very risky I’ve been told by nurses and not normally done!). The system hasn’t seen a strain (pun not intended) like this in some time. Everyone is told deaths have “underlying health conditions” to limit the panic – the truth is MOST people have some sort of condition which is normally not a problem. This is while we are in lockdown – when we let it up it will be worse.

    – “We can get back to normal” or “We can have a life like we did pre-COVID”: COVID has changed the game, and a sacrifice must be made. Jabs every 6 months with extra controls that create economic hesitancy/uncertainty, quarantine at borders and getting it to zero by any means necessary, or let it rip and watch people die. Either way it isn’t the “freedom” most people imagine either w.r.t rights or fear.

    The above works because people believe what they want to believe, and are grasping for hope out of this.

    These lies/beliefs help control the narrative and allow them to win the election though if they time the election right. Get everyone jabbed in time to open up by Christmas, with the R0 lower due to vaccines (but not near close to 1) the exponential curve before the “kink” takes longer to reach that point of no return (6-9 months by Israel), convince everyone that the reprieve is a success, and use the time to get yourself elected showing yourself as “progressive” for getting on with it and “opening up sooner”. Only after the election will we start to see the consequences but by then they will stop testing for cases, and the news cycle will move away from deaths, complications, etc. I’m cynical but I’m sure this is what they are doing.

    • kierans777MEMBER

      I don’t think you’re being cynical. I think you’re understanding how the Liberals operate. Lie, cheat and pork their way into government. Labor needs to be prepared for this.

    • Really excellent post. Our leaders are throwing people to the wolves so that the donors can line their pockets with the profits from the population Ponzi and don’t have to spend two weeks in quarantine after returning from overseas. Unfortunately, you are probably right about the LNP’s election strategy. Not that Labor would be much better.

      • Frank DrebinMEMBER

        It’s completely fair and reasonable that Aussie citizens and those from Low risk countries don’t have to spend two weeks in detention upon arrival.

        The risk is extremely low.

        • Yeah, nah. They still spread the virus and any potential variants that may be vaccine resistant. Quarantine without treating it like “foreign soil” or another country’s borders is the reason we are in this mess in the first place. If you don’t treat quarantine like a foreign territory with tight borders and medically controlled decontamination at each border it will spread. The thing is this isn’t hard as Howard Springs shows – shanty towns do a better job than what we have. The only way quarantine works is if we limit exposure to a small group of people and they are isolated from the general population – neither is true with hotels. Its surprisingly how they worked at all for awhile considering.

          The “home quarantine” thing is a bit of a joke too. I go home, infect my family and they spread it around. Or I spread it on my way home since I have to be “in the country” to make it home. Or one person bends the rules. Remember it only takes one event (e.g. limo driver) and then we go into lockdown all over again.

          Short term the vaccines are fine. Long term however given other countries data (e.g. Israel) I don’t think that’s the case – they wane. The feasibility of boosters on a long term basis I think is “too hard” and there’s easier ways to control this any small risk of vaccine side effects would increase with injection frequency I would think.

          • And don’t forget – Israel would probably have been in a far better spot if they hadn’t allowed their people to travel all over the world, thus bringing delta in. Same for UK. Who knows what the next variant will be like, and whether current vaccines will have any effect on them.

          • Frank DrebinMEMBER

            Nah, there’s a good analysis in the AFR today showing the actual risks of infection from certain countries. It is infinitesimally small and certainly less than what you would experience in certain suburbs of Melbourne and Sydney:

            “we can safely increase international arrivals from “green” countries (infection rate less than one in 100,000). This includes arrivals from China, Taiwan, Samoa, Tonga and Vanuatu. For example, 10,000 arrivals from China (fully vaccinated, PCR-tested, no hotel quarantine) produces 0.0008 of a positive case (essentially zero).

            And even if we increased arrivals from “yellow” lower -prevalence countries (infection rate 1-20 in 100,000) such as New Zealand and Singapore, the risk remains insignificant – if vaccinated and PCR-tested prior to departure.”

            For all the uproar over doing non-quarantine travel from NZ it quickly faded into the background, and I think we need to move past the hysterical hand wringing of brown/yellow hordes bringing in the virus. The resources required to man quarantine (especially medical) no longer justifies the expense from certain countries.

            If you’ve got a bent against high immigration that’s fine but this is no longer the prism to pursue that agenda.

          • @Frank – the problem with this is the other way around. They most likely won’t let us go there. Its easier just to apply a blanket rule than do what you suggest. The AFR would suggest that btw; however things are subject to change pretty quickly.

            Assuming rational choices by what I assume is your framework (a large assumption I know):

            – If the country has more COVID than here quarantine makes sense on our side.
            – If the country has less COVID than here quarantine makes sense on their side.

            However that isn’t quite true as well. Airport hubs break that assumption since most flights aren’t point to point. Airports are a mix of all countries in an indoor setting passing through. COVID heaven. Flight crew are jumping between many countries at once for example. The airline industry is interconnected by design which means airports and the airport system are more risky than any particular country.

            Immigration isn’t the reason tbh. The real reason is I want myself and my kids to have a mostly pre-COVID lifestyle; and given the data I don’t see that happening anytime soon under NSW settings especially if it spreads to the rest of the country. On a personal level as someone who personally travels overseas very rarely I definitely do not see it as a necessity. But I see it as potentially jeopardizing the poor, their livelihoods and their health. I can’t prioritize people’s discretionary needs over the community’s basic every day needs. Air travel IMO is the ultimate discretionary good – and one post COVID that carries risk mostly to the people who don’t use it (i.e. poor essential workers).

            Doesn’t matter how small the risk is – it only takes one person to bring in a variant and we are in this pain all over again (lockdown, hospital capacity, etc). Just like “black swan” events the likelihood could be very low; but the cost if it happens is extreme and systematic. Only need one crack in the dam.

  4. No matter how mad the Menacing Wallpaper is, he can’t get any reaction from Butler Albanese. 70-80% and let er’ rip – “By all means sir, visionary stuff.” New record levels of mass migration – “Certainly, m’lud, and will that be all for now?”

    If only Murdoch and the other forces of darkness could install Dutton instead, but I can’t see it happening.

    • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

      Dutton would be putting you in jail for disagreeing with the LNPs, wage destroying, Mass immigration program.
      If he thought he could get away with it.

  5. LoL.
    2019: With no immigration, the economy will collapse.
    2021: With no immigration, the economy will .. umm .. err .. well, ok, maybe it didn’t exactly collapse, but, well .. even in states with no Covid, err .. well, businesses are telling us … I mean, we are hearing .. Yes, “we are hearing”. Can we do another take of that? and this time, I’ll start with “we are hearing”.

    • Too true. Just listen to Julian Leeser. Just absolutely shameless treasonous stuff. We have the best politicians money can buy,

  6. Quarantine is the answer and that’s why ScoMo has ignored it from day one. I don’t care if people fly off overseas so long as they quarantine on the way back. I would even be happy with just a week, maybe even less, but it would have to be at a Howard Springs style facility. ScoMo’s backers hate this restriction and it’s why the Qld Wellcamp was rejected out of hand. Bonus would be that returning travellers would clog up the system with little room for Jimmy’s and visa types. Bigger bonus would be money spent on housing and campervans would once again flow overseas and exit the property splurge

    • Its a restriction that costs the wealthy and/or young a minor inconvenience but potentially saves either lives or livelihoods of essential workers working pay check to paycheck. Hearing personal stories from SW Sydney I feel the government has totally failed them. Allowing some international travel without proper remote quarantine has ruined so many families lives in that region beyond repair. As long as I can jet set to all my business meetings and vacations let them eat cake (or in this case a trip to Bali they could never afford).

      Its a restriction to me, out of all the possible sacrifices, to be the one with the least cost/sacrifice and some positive benefits we didn’t’ have before COVID (i.e. higher wages, better quality of life than the rest of the world). Therefore Scomo and his backers will never accept it I feel.

      If you are not paying people to stay home they won’t get tested until they have to; they will continue to spread the virus especially in lower socioeconomic areas (mid west, mid south west sydney). Because unlike last year its not like debts are being frozen this time around, there’s no money to buy the essentials if I’m not working. What works in WFH areas doesn’t work for essential workers where positive COVID test = financial ruin. If they were serious about COVID they would pay people to stay home, do a proper lockdown short and sweet, and would of build proper medical grade quarantine a year and a half ago. This doesn’t suit their backers or ideology however.

      • Yep – it failed because we as a society didn’t fix the social contract for the lower socioeconomic groups. The rich and old have made out like bandits, the poor and young have been shafted over and over. Compliance is lowest in the groups who have the least to gain and the most to loose. Forget the stick approach, you cannot enforce it.

        Don’t blame politicians, blame the self serving Joe Public who wasn’t part of the disadvantaged group. Their inaction is what caused this, politicians merely represented the public views.

        • pfh007.comMEMBER


          The public health measures were all designed to keep the idiots in the effluent parts of Sydney happy.

          The issue with businesses being open was never much about the safety of customers browsing it was always about the work health safety of employees.

          The rule as to whether a business should be allowed to remain open should have been the risk to its employees.

          Applying that rule would have allowed lots of business who could keep their employees safe to remain open while requiring those that could not to close.

          One example is how hundreds of small food and grocery shops that could never maintain infection control safety were allowed to stay open and continue to remain open at this minute yet stores which involved extremely low risk (few employees, light customer counts, large floor space etc) were required to close.

          How may people (employees and customers) actually got infected at the large stores where space and ventiliation and hyigene standards were enforced?

          The details of where people actually got infected are rarely discussed but several times the officials have made it clear that it is not at large stores and is mostly in small busineses and in the homes of those who work in small businesses.

          For all the restrictions and lockdowns that have been enforced there has been little attention given to the most common way people are getting infected.

          Why haven’t there been inspections of workplaces and those that are not operating safely required to address their failures or to close?

          Simple, because the safety of essential workers is not something that the chattering classes think about.

          All they were concerned about were people walking around with coffee cups and their safety as “shoppers”.

  7. BoomToBustMEMBER

    Israel – the first poster country to get high double jab rates is now requiring people to have a 3rd jab, and they are already talking about a 4th jab and jabs every 6 month. If you dont jab every 6 month your green status will expire and you loose access to jabbed only businesses. This is our destiny, the jabbed and the unjabbed need to stand firm and not allow medical apartheid into our country. Unfortunately you can already see the attitude from the jabbed who will happily at first sacrifice anyone unjabbed in order to regain perceived freedoms.


    • There’s little reason for the jabbed to get extra freedoms when it doesn’t stop them giving it to someone else.
      Really strong quarantine protocols are needed if you’re going to be able have any travel across borders at all without brining in the next variant, which vaccines may or may not be effective against.

    • pfh007.comMEMBER

      It all depends on how sick people get.

      If lots of a people get sick and require hospitalisation (the in hospital variety not the at home version) you should expect that the politicians and health authorities will act to reduce that and there will plenty of public support.

      Ultimately people not being admitted to hospital is the best evidence that extraordinary public health measures are not required.

      Unfortunately, that has NOT been the evidence to date with only about 25,000 active cases in NSW and over 1,000 of them in currently hospital.

      The sceptics should rush out and get themselves infected so that their numbers water down the hospitalisation numbers and thereby give support to softer public health measures.

      Assuming of course that they don’t end up in hospital when infected.

  8. Given a lot of the media O/S appears to be carrying on with prison Australia angle, hopefully it’s enough to scare a few off.