FriendlyJordies slaughters property development

Yep. Nice mention of MB in the video. He also gives a passing reference to mass immigration.

As Leith noted last week in relation to Jordan Shanks’ other video, the underlying driver of Sydney’s over-development in the federal government’s ‘Big Australia’ mass immigration policy:

The fact remains that the only reason why Sydney (and Melbourne) has been swamped with high-rise development is because the federal government decided to throw open the immigration floodgates in 2005:

Australia's net overseas migration

Australia’s immigration intake accelerated after 2005.

Australia’s net overseas migration (NOM) jumped from an average of 90,500 between 1991 and 2004 to an average of 219,000 between 2005 and 2019 – representing an annual average increase in immigration of 140%.

Accordingly, Sydney added a whopping 1,150,000 people over the 15 years to 2020, with Melbourne adding 1,460,000.

Treasury’s latest Intergenerational Report (IGR) projects that Australia’s population will grow by a whopping 13.1 million people (~50%) over the next 40 years to 38.8 million people. This is equivalent to adding another Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane to Australia’s existing population.

The driver of this population surge will be extreme immigration, which is projected to increase to 235,000 annually from 2025-26 onwards versus 215,000 per year in the 2015 IGR:

Projected NOM

Back to ‘Big Australia’ immigration.

There is only one outcome from this extreme population growth: thousands more ugly high-rise apartments – as explicitly projected by the Urban Taskforce:

Sydney dwelling composition

Houses only for the rich.

Anybody that doesn’t like the overdevelopment of Sydney (or Melbourne) needs to lobby against ‘Big Australia’ mass immigration. Treat the problem directly at its source, not the symptom.

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  1. Goldstandard1MEMBER

    You guys should team up. I think his humour goes too far sometimes but geez I’d rather that and get the truth of really bloody murky issues. He cuts through a lot of crap like you guys and gets they eyeballs.

    • They’d need to sort out the alignment between Jordan, Rudd and China. There are other overlaps and differences, but a silent relationship probably serves both parties better.

  2. Obviously we’ve been bashing our heads against a wall for a decade now. But the young are too stupid to defend themselves. They are captured by woke. They cant call out mass migration. It’s wrong think.

    The only way I can cope is to just fly above the whole situation. To look down from above at history unfurling. It’s the fall of Rome. Corruption. Mass mental illness. Bread and circuses. Looting while everything decays (mostly high rise buildings lol).

    Just get ready for the fire. Don’t be in the wrong place.

    • Jumping jack flash

      Pretty sure its mostly human nature at fault here. A good dose of greed, and the rest of it made up of the other 6.

      Everything else including immigration and wage theft, and debt, etc, are mere symptoms of this fundamental problem that is human nature, How to fix that though? Well, there are a couple of ways, but none of them popular.

      The problem becomes that in the society we have made – or more succinctly, evolved into, whatever is popular becomes the new set of rules.

  3. I think for someone like Jordies, once he can resolve the legal battles with hopefully a win. He should set his sights on public office. To challenge the Liberal/Labor duopoly head on will be difficult. A way this can be done is by starting to lobby for a republic and moving away from the Monarchy. As soon as Queen Elizabeth falls from the perch you could make massive inroads. He is young and has time on his hands.

    Aligning with Labor is important to get the referendum underway, if he poo poo’s both Labor and Liberal he will be an outcast.

  4. – Mass immigration puts “downwards pressure” on wages. And “downwards pressure” in combination with rising land prices, srtrong credit growth forces developers to build those high rises and build them as cheap as possible. #Sad.

  5. David WilsonMEMBER

    I was just looking at the massive high rise developments in China where everyone lives like battery chooks…bloody awful….
    I sometimes wonder why our politicians don’t get it that they should be governing for our well-being and find it amazing that they don’t realise that we don’t want to live in huge high rise overlooking a concrete jungle filled with people that often don’t speak our language… no not being racist, I also fear for our kids as I’m sure that’s not how they want to live having been raised myself in a home on a decent block where kids could play safely… not cooped up looking at tv or playing video games going mad.

    • Simple explanation.

      A decent ordinary person such as you or I goes to a place like China and sees how ordinary people are living. We imagine ourselves living there as an ordinary person and imagine what it would be like. We are appalled by the low standard and hope that never comes to Australia to our own detriment.

      When an elite goes to a place like China he does exactly the same thing. He looks around and imagines himself living there AS AN ELITE. He is delighted by the extreme elite wealth and the extreme power over ordinary people that the elites have. Our elite desires to bring the same situation into Australia for his own benefit.

      I think that explains it.

      The solution for us is to vote elites out of power.

      • Jumping jack flash

        Interesting angle, and it would certainly explain a lot of things.
        Next stop, a global social credit system?

        I mean, from a modern society point of view where we all need to play well together, a social credit system is absolutely ideal.
        As with most things in these modern times, what initially seems like an abhorrent abuse of human rights the people will eventually demand.

      • Exactly. As wealth becomes more in-equal the desire to shrink and eliminate the middle class increases. Its a positive feedback loop.

        Its the biggest reason why the younger generations should be angry and why generations before them had it so much better. Many of them don’t realise how down hill in terms of living standards its fallen since even the early 90’s. Funny thing is they often favor the factors that speed up its progression (globalisation, tech, travel, etc).

        Voting elites out of power is very difficult. Most opinion pieces in media/mainstream promote the above factors as beneficial for the community (e.g. buy that latest iPhone, be a global citizen and travel, etc) not realising that each action they do so puts the essential stuff further out of reach. As an example every dollar spent on an iPhone means we need to increase our debt to fund it (CAD) – and the only way we know how to do that is bid up house prices. Many other examples I can think of.

        TL;DR The answer to combat “elites” is really to go local instead of global. Only on a local scale does the middle and lower classes have any chance to rally, establish common ground, and enact change for the better.

    • What always used to apall me about those high rise suburbs around shenzhen was the only green space was golf courses, no parks for kids to play and families to gather in, not even sports grounds , just golf courses for w**kers with money and time on there hands

  6. Shame Jordies doesn’t acknowledge mass immigration as the root of the problem in the video. But at least it got a mention.

    • Jumping jack flash

      It depends on which end you view the problem from.
      When viewing it from the angle I like to view it from, the main problem is the debt, and all the problems are caused by the banks.

      All these things are just symptoms and supports for the global banks’ agenda to sell endless amounts of debt to everyone, endlessly.

      • Fair point. It’s all an interconnecting web. One can argue that the desire of banks to sell debt is because our economic system of infinite growth needs debt to be issued to expand/grow. Which is a driver of environmental degradation, climate change, resource depletion, etc. However less people mean less of everything else, so for me that’s the root issue.

  7. Beg to differ on data analysis ‘Australia’s net overseas migration (NOM) jumped from an average of 90,500 between 1991 and 2004 to an average of 219,000 between 2005 and 2019 – representing an annual average increase in immigration of 140%.’

    This ignores the expansion of the UNPD defined NOM in 2006 which then sweeped up (increasing numbers of) international students under the 12/16+ month resident rule.

    Further, this article is somewhat retrospective with closed borders, hence, who would invest in a speculative apartment development? Leave that speculation to owner occupiers and/or investors in overvalued detached houses due to tax incentives, low interest rates and religious obsession with property?

    I know many younger seriously and sensibly considering renting CBD or inner city apartment as it’s a renters’ market. Further, one of the growing cohorts for housing will be single young, middle aged and older women for whom apartments offer flexibility and security while detached housing does not make sense for many without children.

    Finally, interesting analysis would be of the whole apartment market, as many developments and/or transactions seems to be off market, or very much a managed market e.g. when selling limited units over time and no market data or info in media outlets?

    However, when is the separation between apartment rentals and/or sales from detached houses and units going to be breached, especially if the NOM numbers do not return?