The slow death of Sydney

Friendly Jordies (Jordan Shanks) has launched an all out assault on the NSW planning system, claiming “property developers are the shadow government of NSW”.

Shanks claims Sydney is being destroyed by mass overdevelopment as thousands of ugly, tacky high-rise apartments mushroom across the city. In turn, Shanks blames the NSW Government, which he claims has been corrupted by the property development industry.

While Shanks’ concerns are legitimate and he makes excellent points, he has curiously failed to acknowledge the true driver of Sydney’s “slow death”: the federal government’s mass immigration policy.

The fact remains that the only reason why Sydney (and Melbourne) has been swamped with high-rise development is because the federal government decided to throw open the immigration floodgates in 2005:

Australia's net overseas migration

Australia’s immigration intake accelerated after 2005.

Australia’s net overseas migration (NOM) jumped from an average of 90,500 between 1991 and 2004 to an average of 219,000 between 2005 and 2019 – representing an annual average increase in immigration of 140%.

Accordingly, Sydney added a whopping 1,150,000 people over the 15 years to 2020, with Melbourne adding 1,460,000.

Treasury’s latest Intergenerational Report (IGR) projects that Australia’s population will grow by a whopping 13.1 million people (~50%) over the next 40 years to 38.8 million people. This is equivalent to adding another Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane to Australia’s existing population.

The driver of this population surge will be extreme immigration, which is projected to increase to 235,000 annually from 2025-26 onwards versus 215,000 per year in the 2015 IGR:

Projected NOM

Back to ‘Big Australia’ immigration.

There is only one outcome from this extreme population growth: thousands more ugly high-rise apartments – as explicitly projected by the Urban Taskforce:

Sydney dwelling composition

Houses only for the rich.

If Jordan Shanks doesn’t like the overdevelopment of Sydney, he needs to lobby against ‘Big Australia’ mass immigration.

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  1. I’m afraid that Jordies isn’t very friendly when it comes to undermining the ALP’s dedication to neoliberal mass immigration and that’s exactly what he’d be doing by inadvertently attacking the LNP for the same issue.

  2. the federal government’s mass immigration policy

    Jordies, The Juice Media, and all the other left-swinging fanboys will not go near this. Jordies will not even dish our constructive criticism of the ALP when it’s duly needed. Why, I’m not sure, but it does detract from his credibility a bit IMO.

    • The young are completely trapped in a woke thought prison. No aspect of migration could ever be negative. It is impossible. Migration can only be a positive. Its a law of nature. To suggest otherwise is social death.

      Social. Death.

      Very clever of our rulers to construct wokeness during the era of mass migration in service of the collapsing system because of the demographic timebomb, hmmm??? We live in entire societies of useful idiots. The dystopia is here, now.

      I like how many low social status people have been tricked into protesting against closed borders, fighting for their “freedom”. War is peace. Freedom is slavery.

    • Why? He is a self admitted labor fanboy, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets funded by them as marketing. The fact that his channel is virtually all anti liberal though says a lot about the value labor are bringing to the table.

  3. If he goes after the property developers and they’re one of the main pushers for the Big Australia immigration push then it’s a win-win right? It isn’t rocket science.

  4. Display NameMEMBER

    Good to see one the younger generation who are most affected by the housing situation wade into the debate. Watched a few of his videos; he has to date mixed as good amount of research with his content. This is what main stream media should be all over if they had not descended to cash for comment stenographers. All they can do is carry out ad hominem attacks on FJ. You get the feeling that the MSM have just given up.

  5. I left a comment on that video and it got 1 like. Jordies fanbase don’t want to engage with the issue, to their detriment. It’s like how unions want to blame decreased bargaining powers for their ills instead of realising that mass immigration is a weapon to weaken their bargaining powers.

    • I honestly don’t think immigration is the biggest issue. It’s credit, land zoning, and stuff like this. Sure immigration plays a role but we’ve had none for 24 months nearly and prices went up 20-30%.

      • He’s talking about mass overdevelopment, not prices.

        Immigration has a large long-run impact on prices. Just look at Sydney and Melbourne where prices have decoupled from the other capitals over the past 20 years. Same credit policies across all jurisdictions.

      • For one thing, I imagine another wave of Hong Kong money has arrived here during covid and the other thing was returnees seemingly cashed up and expect to live one family per house. Meanwhile did the dept of immigration stop working? Certainly no journalist has asked this question in 18 months, if they haven’t stopped working, then lots of people are expecting to move here or are now expecting to stay,so they’d be investing. And then the dual nationals of the ten countries who can stay on the new agricultural visa, they’ll be buying up places to shove their compatriots in to… so has immigration stopped?

    • Exactly. I mentioned migration in there comments ( back when I wasnt banned from Youtube, Twitter, Facebook and virtually every other platform ) and was rancidly attacked by large groups of Labor Voters.

      I believe they called me Racist and start chanting, ” Aussie Aussie Aussie Scum “.

      I was also accused of being a Liberal voter lol.

      A room full of people screaming yet nobody listens ;p This politics stuff is a lot of fun.

  6. The BystanderMEMBER

    He’s got a bit of a hard on for the CCP as well, and deflects criticism of the atrocities committed by Xi and his cronies. So while he’s great for calling out corruption, for systemic problems with the system he’s conspicuously silent

  7. Lord DudleyMEMBER

    Australia is running an immigration rate of 4x the US, but with almost no ability to create new cities, or grow smaller regional cities. All the growth is hyper concentrated in the existing capitals.

    It’s a slow motion disaster in the making.

    • Most of the people who vote for PH or UAP are conservative voters anyhow. They cannot bring themselves to voting centrist or slightly left of centre. They know something is stinking up the LNP but it is a bridge too far to vote for Labor, SAP or the New Liberals.
      Edit: thus their preferences always go back to LNP

  8. Sydney.

    They are so damn arrogant.
    They attack other states as though they own all of Australia.
    They bully on the understanding its there way or no way.
    They steal half the countrys taxation and spend it in there own state, neglecting the rest of Australia.
    When they dont get there own way, they’ve tried to shut down Queensland out of spite.

    Not only are they stupid but they are vicious.

    Most Queenslanders just want to live there ordinary and boring lives.

    When Queenslanders get angry, we use a lot less words ;p
    Its any wonder us Queenslanders send them home with a broken nose.

  9. The slow death of Sydney
    That’s an optimistic view
    From where I sit (somewhat north of Sydney) there’s that unmistakable stench of rotting flesh every time a southerly blows through. If you ask me Sydney is not slowly dying, it’s slowly decomposing,, I’m not even sure that slowly is the right adverb.
    By southerlies I mean both the wind and the “sea-changers” that blow through town, both bring the smell of death with them.. Sometimes it’s hard to just stomach this cancer that is Sydney. It’s now undeniable the cancer, has spilled out of the basin and is rotting the regions.
    F#ck you very much Sydney!

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