Foreign students to return but not Chinese

We all know that the real reason the Morrison Government is so keen to open the international border is to resume the wage-crushing mass immigration trade.  In the last cycle, we saw floods of subaltern slaves rewrite the rules in the Australian labour market. Wage theft became commonplace, wages bills became profit centres via visa scams and the Australian output gap never closed, delivering Australians the lowest wages growth and falling living standards for the first time in modern history.

The RBA was eventually forced to acknowledge that mass immigration was a key reason for its failure to deliver on its inflation mandate.

But, this time around, there are new headwinds for the resumption of the worker destructive policy.

For a long time, Australia should have severely capped the Chinese migrant flow in particular given it was clearly corrupting university values and the quality of education. Not to mention that it made absolutely no sense to increase the size of a Chinese diaspora that was constantly being coerced and bribed by Beijing into postures of questionable loyalty. It needed protection, as did the broader community.

I am pleased to report that for the time being, at least, that immigration flow will be retarded:

A pilot program to allow some international students to return to Australia’s most populous state is likely to exclude Chinese nationals due to rules surrounding vaccination status.

The phased plan was approved by the federal government and the first flight carrying some 500 fully-vaccinated international students will arrive in New South Wales by the end of the year, the state government said Friday. Chinese nationals are Australia’s biggest source of international students but they are likely to be ineligible to participate, because China’s vaccines are not recognized by Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration.

The corrupt Morrison Government needs to be watched like a hawk on this. If mass immigration does not rebound as aggressively as it aims for then it is perfectly capable of selling out the national interest to placate blood-sucking corporate mates that are addicted to the importation of foreign slaves as a growth model.

For that matter, Labor’s and The Green’s woke lunatics are even worse so they also need to be keenly monitored.

There is one other feature of today’s environment that offers further hope. I can’t see Beijing endorsing or allowing any return of Chinese tourists and students to Australia. Why would it, given we are now enemies in all but name?

Hopefully, curtailments of Chinese numbers will materially hold down the overall numbers.

As usual, I have greater confidence in Beijing delivering on this Australian national interest outcome than I do in the parasites of Canberra.

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  1. TailorTrashMEMBER

    That Honeywood chap will be in despair…..
    This is terrible news for our 40 billion export biz
    It needs to be put right

    • And the latest in NSW is they want to import 600 international teachers. (ie workers willing to accept a low rate)
      When graduate teachers have a high unemployment rate, and many good teachers have left for higher pay in other careers, or private schools.
      Perhaps if they paid teachers more. But then a Teacher from say England, would come here for a lower wage in a flash.

      • Brit teachers, yes but only if they don’t realise the actual cost of living differential and don’t understand that they will not be living near the Harbour/Beach or any of the iconic Aussie lifestyle suburbs.

  2. No doubt they can find 500 students from India or Nepal to fill those places, but given those two countries are at 14% and 21% fully vaxxed atm it looks like it won’t be instantly back to BAU for the international student ponzi. I also see the Indian government, like the Chinese government is not buying Pfizer or Moderna, in favor of locally make vaccines, so potentially students from India who want to study in Australia may need to get re-vaccinated.

  3. More less wealthy students, boom times for those industries which exploit them, terrible outcome for Australia as that productivity gap will expand (and actual “export” earrings be even further below governments claimed figure). Well at least they are in the QUAD, though I expect similar outcomes to the Chinese student situation in the longer term if Modi or his party stay in power given the nationalistic thrust. If only India would get their act together and print to fund infrastructure, trade zones etc just like China did, they could lift billions out of poverty. (And a nice side effect would be it would do more than anything to contain China’s aggression). Win/win

  4. Ee Zed Eff Kaye Ay

    So this blog has been calling for a faster vaccination rate and dedicated quarantine facilities. You got your wish guys. The quarantine facilities will be used for foreign students and the high vaccination rates will allow the border to be opened.

  5. I went to a new restaurant two weekends ago, it’s a new chain of restaurants. Someone asked the waitress where she was from. Her answer was Nepal. Turns out that all the waitresses and chefs were from Nepal, many on student visas. All very nice people no doubt, but I couldn’t ask her her if she was being paid the award rate. That would have been impolite.

  6. Has any leader acted so forcefully in Australia’s national interest than President Xi?

    Well done President Xi.

    Got my vax the other day. The vax center was a very challenging game of spot the Aussie. It ended after about 20 minutes though because I did see one. Mass migration off the charts.

    • There is no such thing as an ‘Aussie’ anymore only people like you haven’t realised it yet.

      Australia has long ceased being a country with a defined sense of homegeny and culture.

      We are economic units living in a neoliberal economic zone where being ‘Aussie’ is now an optional tick box exercise.

      There’s the squatocracy and its bought political class who are still mostly Anglo colonials, but the immigration trend is very much going to see Australia become majority South and East Asian during this century.

      • Maybe majority South Asian – but with the number of people on the planet born in East Asia likely to peak in the next 10 years, it won’t be much longer before the number of people born in East Asia in Australia peaks.

  7. This is some masterful sh** right here, can’t stop giggling. They’re really turning off the taps on China with some of their own BS strategy being return served, and it’s only going to gain momentum. What a time to be alive… Before I get nuked.

  8. For years now both the Liberal coalition and Labor have been as one on high immigration.
    It is a little like after WW2 and the mass European migration. Business got motivated cheap labour and the ALP got catholic votes. They both just shut up about it and kept telling us “New Australians” were good for us.
    Like now the average Aussie worker was the one who got shafted.

    • The rot goes back way further than that. During the gold rush the colony of Victoria was completely swamped with migrants from England, Ireland, China and America. Huge migration high sparking a massive property boom.

  9. > I am pleased to report that for the time being, at least, that immigration flow will be retarded:

    rofl. Thought it always was?

    Australias a nations of addicts. Drugs, Sex, Crime, Greed. You name it, we’re addicted to it.

    Fck life… consequences… the future… just have another greed, beer, property, shot of amphetamine and roll with it.

    Addictions man. Balance and Harmony is so boring… bring on the Addictions lol.

    So Aussies have abandoned Sydney and now we’re about to fill it up with Indians then? Practically hand an entire city to Foreigners and in ‘Addict Logic’, there wont be a National Security Crisis coming out of this? rofl… yeah right.

  10. Look at all of the high rise apartments going up. This is in anticipation of continued mass migration. So it will turn on a dime when they can get away with it – more ‘student migrants and their extended families.

  11. As soon as someone says Chinese students are being discriminated against, Scotty will let them in, inferior vaccine or not. Our only hope is that a spokeswoman for the Aboriginal community in Redfern, said they don’t want international students quarantining in their area (at the new student accommodation at the former block), with case numbers already on the rise.