UK to fully reopen on 19 July

UK Health Secretary Sajid Javid has admitted that daily COVID infections are likely to hit 100,000 once restrictions are fully lifted on 19 July. However, he is not concerned as he believes the UK’s high vaccination rate has broken the link between COVID infections, hospitalisation and deaths:

Mr Javid insisted opening “was not a gamble” because high rates of vaccination meant the link between becoming infectious with the coronavirus and hospitalisation was broken

Mr Javid also announced that from August 16, adults in England who have received both doses of a coronavirus vaccine will no longer need to self-isolate if they are in close contact with a positive case.

Sajid Javid’s confidence seems well founded. Most of the population is now vaccinated:

UK vaccinations


While UK’s COVID cases are spiking:

UK COVID cases

Hospitalisation rates remain low:

UK hospitalisations

And there aren’t many people in ICU:


Meanwhile, hardly anybody in the UK is now dying of COVID:

UK COVID deaths

Hospitalisations and deaths, not infections numbers, needs to become the key benchmarks once enough of the population are vaccinated.

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