The full Kurt Campbell confession

I won’t be going to Kevin Rudd to confess my sins but the White House’s Asia doyen, Kurt Campbell, has done so and it makes for fascinating viewing:

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  1. Kurt Campbell is surprised how aggressive China has become?

    Talk about Rip Van Winkle….

    I spent a lot of time in Beijing in 2007-11 – meeting senior Government officials (as in Head of NDRC, Governor of PBoC), it was blatantly apparent even back then, that China was not going to play nice.

    You can’t negotiate with a tiger when your head is in its mouth

    • AndynycMEMBER

      It is frustrating for someone who has been worried about China for 15 years to hear this BS from the policy wonks now.

    • So WTF is actually wrong with the Chinese? They have no friends or allies. They’re international behaviour is appalling, and they seem to be leading the whole world to a very bad place. How can any of them think this will end well for them, or anybody else, if they continue on their current course. That spiel by Winnie the Xi the other day where he was talking about bashing Heads made him sound deranged.

      I think they’re a weak and foolish people, covering they’re insecurity with bluster and bravado, and their nonsense is going to cause an actual world of hurt.

      • TailorTrashMEMBER

        They have a great civilisation going back 5000 years …
        They just never learned any manners as we understand them .

        • codeazureMEMBER

          Actually, they have plenty of manners. Well, the last remnant of the former imperial/republican China we now call Taiwan does, the losing side of the civil war. The winners of the war are a bunch of uneducated rural peasants with guns who killed every intellectual in the Cultural Revolution. So we shouldn’t be surprised at the way they behave.

          If you do visit Taiwan or meet Taiwanese people you see a vast difference in behaviour and culture to the mainland. That is what Chinese culture was. That is what was lost on the mainland.

          • Totally agree with Coseazure.

            The Taiwanese Chinese – both indigenous Taiwanese and mainlanders – are great to deal with. Chinese culture has a lot to offer the world and most Chinese are marvellous to be around… I’ve spent most of my adult life in a Chinese society and live in one today (in Asia), but the PRC are exactly what was said, a bunch of thugs. In fact, if you study the history of the CCP, it was basically a warlord faction, backed by Stalin.

            I love how the Democrats try to paint the GOP as being soft on China and that it’s them that see the threat and are acting. What hypocritical nonsense. Obama’s pivot allowed them to militarise the South China Sea and it was Trump who woke the world up, albeit clumsily.

            I’ve seen American diplomats in China firsthand. Talk about naive …

    • All they really had to do was watch chinese televison for a couple of hours to get the drift…

    • Sounds like we have a similar background; you probably live around the corner from me?
      Some great mountain hikes in Taiwan!
      Dems and GOP both made many mistakes that led to where we are today (Trump was only interested in Nth
      Korea in the early days of 2017, not TPP or the pivot). Those South China Sea islands are not great naval bases, such a long way from China supply chains and difficult to defend. Makes me wonder what they were thinking.

  2. I’d love to get a Steve Bannon for President t-shirt and wear it to an IMF Autumn meeting in DC just to see the lemon faces of the cowardly quislings…