Positive signs as UK COVID cases fall after ‘Freedom Day’

If there is one place in the world at the moment that you should be watching it is the UK.

It has the world’s highest full COVID vaccination rate:

UK vaccination rate

53.2% of UK residents are fully vaccinated. 68.2% have received at least one vaccine dose.

And on Monday the UK declared ‘Freedom Day’, which lifted remaining COVID restrictions, including:

  • face masks no longer legally required;
  • work-from-home guidance ended;
  • social distancing rules axed; and
  • limits lifted on the number of people attending theatre performances or big events.

Over the past several days, large crowds have gathered across the UK from nightclubs:

UK nightclubs

Nightclubs are back in the UK.

To music festivals:


Crowds descend on the Latitude Festival at Henham Park.

The gatherings have prompted warnings from health experts that the UK faces an explosion in COVID infections that could overwhelm its hospital system.

So far so good, with new COVID cases actually declining over the past several days; although it is obviously too early to draw definitive conclusions:

UK COVID cases

UK COVID cases have fallen over recent days.

Nevertheless, active COVID cases continue to climb:

UK active cases

UK active cases still rising.

The hope is that because the UK is highly vaccinated, COVID hospitalisations won’t rise to such an extent that the health system becomes overwhelmed:

UK COVID hospitalisations

UK COVID hospitalisations remain low.

And that COVID death rates remain low:

New COVID deaths

New COVID deaths remain low.

If the UK successfully reopens without spiking hospitalisations and deaths, then it will show other nations that it is safe to reopen once the majority of the population is vaccinated.

It is early days, but so far so good.

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  1. reusachtigeMEMBER

    Oh that party scene brings me so much joy. Good on them for taking back their freedom!

    • It’s going around connected inner circles in Melb. Syd NSW likely locked down until Xmas
      I feel for you guys . ….

    • Just need a jab for gonnoreah now! Not the kind you take afterwards but a prophylaxis. Loading up on zithro beforehand doesn’t count bloke!

  2. Australians would freak out and blow their mind with those hospitalisation numbers.
    The equivalent right now would be 2000 hospitalisations
    Perhaps as a nation we will start to live with the virus but we are far from it now.

    • Not to mention the deaths – at 52 per day seven day average, equivalent to 19 per day nationally in Australia, and guaranteed to keep rising for another few weeks even if there are sustained falls from here. Only looks small because of how bad the death count was in previous UK outbreaks.

  3. We can always put the cork back in the champagne bottle if it turns out it’s too early to celebrate.

  4. Mr SquiggleMEMBER

    there is no doubt the number of daily cases has actually dropped off in the days since freedom day.
    this is counter-intuitive to me. i’ll keep watching that stat, and will try to keep an open mind, but I’m guessing alot of people have just given up getting tested.

    I mean, if the government has opened everything up and is letting it rip, and you’ve got a vaccine, why bother getting a test?

    • It’s approaching school holidays in England where this freedom day stuff applies and that means less testing.

    • 100% this. The govt is basically saying it doesn’t matter anymore, so why bother with the process of getting tested?

    • True, so positive tests stay about the same but possibly I CU & deaths rise in the next weeks/months

    • TheLambKingMEMBER

      but I’m guessing alot of people have just given up getting tested.

      Yep, unsurprisingly, testing rates are down about the same number as the daily cases. What is the point of getting tested if the Government is ignoring it? (other than you might die if you don’t get treatment early enough)

  5. Freedom day? They have to get tested every 6 months and prove it to go for a beer.
    I’m with Van Morrison and Eric Clapton on this one.

    Well, well the birds in the the trees
    Know something we can’t see.
    ‘Cos they know, we were born, to be free.
    Don’t need the government cramping my style
    Give them an inch, they take a mile.
    Take you in with a phony smile,
    wouldn’t you agree.
    The new normal is not normal,
    it’s no kind of normal at all.
    Everyone seems to have amnesia,
    Just trying to remember the Berlin Wall.
    Some kind of new old ideology,
    With new psychology,
    But it’s not for the benefit,
    Of you and me.
    The new normal is not normal,
    it’s no kind of normal at all.
    Everyone seems to have amnesia,
    Just trying to remember the Berlin Wall.

  6. What is this data from the 9th of July ??!! – here are the actual numbers mate, seriously, propaganda much?

    As of the 21st of July from data.gov.uk

    Positive tests
    325,223 up 25%

    387 up 50% (Insane)

    5,175 up 31%

    And single biggest number –


    6,977,540 DOWN 124,048

    Yeah – this is kind of awkward…..

  7. Summer last year had very low number of deaths. There were restrictions, but no lockdown, the beaches were a sea of people on hot days.

    It’s a seasonal virus.

    I think we see the deaths in the UK ramp up in autumn and out of control by the new year.

    But they’ll bring back restrictions before it gets to that point.

    It’s quite astonishing just how many cases they have in the middle summer despite vaccines supposedly decreasing the viral load of people infected.

    Looking at the data you would conclude it makes people more infectious if anything, but you can interpret data in many ways. That might be a function of the Indian variant.

    Either way, they’ll spend winter under heavy restrictions that’s for sure.

    • suspect the delta variant is less sensitive to hot weather than the original judging from how it spread in India & Indonesia (though I haven’t seen any data)

      • Tropical countries have seasonal viruses too. Singapore the flu peaks in the middle and end of the year despite temperature being constant.

        The poor in India and Indonesia and worn an unimaginable financial burden over the past 18 months. People with nothing, making enough to live day to day now have nothing at all for food. The scale of the suffering we will never really understand and no-one cares at the end of the day only about 90 year olds that have had pampered lives.

        How much of this increase the deaths in India and Indonesia is due to people being more susceptible to illness due to 16 months of incredible stress and instability for people who live day to day, no money so not getting enough nutrition. We know that stress is associated with much increased susceptibility to illness that’s proven.

    • The mass opening will test the vaccine efficacy but it will also infect most non vaccinated. Those who survive unharmed should have similar protection to the vaccinated due to immune response. You would think this would result in so called herd immunity %, if that is even possible for this mutating disease.

      • Raina MacIntyre suggests they don’t have anywhere near the protection vaccines provide.

        • Raina hasn’t stepped out of the house for 18 months and has predicted 15 of the last zero apocalypses.
          Coatsworth has her number in the SMH today.

    • kiwikarynMEMBER

      It looks like they must have hit that level of natural herd immunity that everyone said was impossible. Whodathunkit?

    • Frank DrebinMEMBER

      So Sweden is once again the gold standard in how to manage it ?!.

      Geez it’s hard to keep up.

  8. I hope more evidence comes in to show that ANZACs are the most massive fannies on the planet. No brains. No courage. No freedom. No humor. Nothing to contribute.

    Just servile idiots, clinging to property that nobody with a brain would want to own without a link to somewhere else. Your grandfathers would spit on you.

  9. kiwikarynMEMBER

    The world needs to stop counting cases, otherwise we are all going to be in lockdown forever. Its looking increasingly likely that the vaccines won’t stop you from catching covid, and that immunity wanes really fast. So by the time we have finished vaccinating the country, the first lot of vaccinated people will be non-immune again, and the cycle will have to repeat.

    Looking forward to seeing how the Americans spin this data, with their bogus “99% of people with Covid are unvaccinated” propaganda looking set to go up in smoke.

    • Sweden seems to managing it well without onerous restrictions let alone lockdowns.

      The UK will be out of control in the coming months but they are by far the fattest slobs in all of Europe by quite a margin while the Swedes (the ones with Swedish blood anyway) are a relatively healthy people.