Israel shows what a post-COVID future looks like

Life in Israel is quickly returning back to ‘normal’ amid mass vaccination of its population with the Pfizer vaccine.

Two-thirds of Israelis have received at least one dose of the Pfizer vaccine:

Israel vaccination

Two-thirds of Israelis have received at least one shot of Pfizer.

Whereas 60% of Israelis have been fully vaccinated with two shots:

Israel full vaccination

60% of Israelis fully vaccinated.

With herd immunity beckoning, the Israeli Government has greatly loosened restrictions and allowed mass gatherings across the nation state:

  • Last week, tens of thousands flocked to the beachfront in Tel Aviv for a LGBTQ pride parade without masks, singing, dancing and sometimes hugging and kissing.
  • Most of the economy remains open and Israelis can even travel overseas, although they were being encouraged to avoid it.
  • “The vaccinated people who are infected are almost never hospitalised,” said Professor Nadav Davidovitch, an infectious diseases specialist from Ben Gurion University. “You have a reduction [in severe cases] of 90 to 95 per cent.”

Case numbers are beginning to rise, however, owing to the spread of the Delta variant. And this has prompted the Israeli Government to impose an indoor mask mandate to protect the unvaccinated.

Israel COVID cases

Cases rising again.

Nevertheless, Israel’s high vaccination rate has lowered hospitalisation rates:

Israel COVID patients

But no overburdened hospitals.

There is also hardly anybody in ICU with COVID:

Israel ICU

Not so deadly.

COVID deaths are also almost non-existent:

Israel COVID deaths

No COVID grim reaper.

In short, Israel gives us a glimpse of the post-COVID future once the majority of the population is fully vaccinated.

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    • Summer and Winter are two different countries, be nice if people cottoned on to that fact.

      • Not sure what is your point as a reply and perhaps narrow down the perspective to help make sense.

        • My point is that celebrating that the virus is defeated during the summer months is premature especially with delta (epsilon, lambda etc) rising; wait until Winter to see what is really going on – it is a Winter disease.
          The language around effectiveness of the vaccine is very vague too, probably deliberately.
          With infections ticking up I expect hospitalisations to follow and unfortunately, deaths too. But let’s see where the data take us.

      • matthewMEMBER

        The failure to mention ivermectin particularly in the main stream media is very concerning

        • Fabian AlderseyMEMBER

          Hmm yes, I’ve been pumping myself full of Chlorine Dioxide, Hydroxychloroquine, Interferon, Ivermectin, Azithromycin, Artemisia and Carvativir on a daily basis.
          Why are the Illuminati not allowing these miracle cures to hit the mainstream media…

          • “Why are the Illuminati not allowing these miracle cures to hit the mainstream media…”

            Because the supply of cognitively challenged is not in short supply?

          • RobotSenseiMEMBER

            “Why are the Illuminati not allowing these miracle cures to hit the mainstream media…”

            Because they don’t work.

          • Mr SquiggleMEMBER

            Yes, I’ve been self administering a margareta each night, 3 parts silver tequila, 1 part cointreau, 1 part freshqueezed lime juice.

            it works, by god…and no-one is reporting it

          • I’m on two parts scotch to one cube of ice. Single malt, nightly. apparently a Covid-19 prophylactic.

    • Parts of India are still in at least partial lockdown, including some areas that have been in lockdown since May.

  1. “In short, Israel gives us a glimpse of the post-COVID future once the majority of the population is fully vaccinated.”

    So does the UK, US(SR), Hungary…
    Israel is probably the most segregated country in the world. That bears significant weight

    If Aus is to allow in only fully vaxxed punters and require vaxxing by any choice of WHO approved Vax for returning residents, the scare would be gone like it never existed. But that is not the goal.
    Lest we forget, 100% of local infections in the last 14-is months is quarantine escapees. We had “normal” life without experimental Vax so far.

    • Good point but vaccination does not prevent infection though it does reduce, but not prevent, transmission. Those Infected in quarantine are more likely asymptomatic and maybe that is a danger in itself. We would still need fully vaxed,or herd immunity (whatever that is)

      • I am not against vaxxing, just against mass administration of experimental vaxes, like mRNA types or those with lethal side effects. I’d roll a sleeve and lead the pack for any other non-lethal old fashioned vax even if it’s relatively lower efficiency requires boost until eradicated (Sinopharm, Sputnik V, etc)

        Vaxed inwards travellers are likely to be cleared of the virus post appropriate quarantine.

  2. Israel seemed to realise that COVID was an unprecedented millennial threat, that maybe Big Pharma had the whip hand. They bought up big and fast, without apparent grandstanding over cost or IP issues.

    In Australia, it looks as if crucial negotiations were delegated to bumbling health officials with short fuses and delusions of Aussie grandeur, Morrison and Hunt being far too busy doing premature victory laps plus their regular prayer sessions.

    A year later, they offer us the astonishing balderdash of their “phased” “plan” for the “roadmap” to nowhere.

    • Real estate prices though…You’ve gotta admit, they’ve handled this whole thing impeccably.

  3. Frank DrebinMEMBER

    Israel has been vaccinating like mad since the start of the year and has only managed to get to 60%, indeed it seems like they hit that figure in April.

    Why are the remaining 40% not getting vaccinated and what does that mean for Australia that has put up 80% as a target ?. Will we never re-open to the rest of the world ?!

  4. Boom Times Ahead

    This time last year in the northern summer COVID numbers were low and the virus was under control.

    Not to mention that Israel’s borders are still effectively shut.

    With the UK, the number of deaths are so low that it makes me suspicious if they have changed how they report COVID deaths.

    This time last year this was a new virus taking out the dry tinder so to speak whereas now most people in the UK have probably been exposed to COVID, and if didn’t die in the first waves are probably not going die from COVID no matter how many times they catch it now.

    • Or you could be equally suspicious as to how COVID deaths were reported in the first instance?

      If your last point is indeed correct (one would have to assume that in places like the UK/US/India it has some merit….?) Then shouldn’t that factor into any future COVID management plan? Who knows, the discussion of a very sensible concept makes sense for scientists…. far less so for politicians and out right heresy for the ideologues.

      • Boom Times Ahead

        I’m looking at the UK death numbers.

        Early 2020 before COVID ever hit in the UK (this is reflected in total deaths) they had 2-2.5k respiratory related deaths per week.

        Late 2020 when COVID was kicking off they were only listing less than 1k at respiratory related. Down to 678 on the week of January 1 2021 compared to 2140 for the week of January 3 2020.

        During the week where they had 678 respiratory related deaths they had 3144 COVID deaths.

        Seems like a lot of pneumonia deaths are being attributed to COVID. Probably 1k per week should have been attributed to respiratory disease earlier in the year. Some of that could be social distancing, but social distancing goes out the window at Christmas time and the virus is spread indoors anyway.

        During the height of it early this year the UK was having an extra 5-7k total deaths per week.

        UK brought in lockdowns early January (through January had extra 5-7k deaths per week), total deaths returned to the long term average by March. Deaths March to mid- May generally 1k per week below average, highest was 2k below average.

        Since mid-May started picking up with some weeks above average total deaths.

        • Numbers are certainly interesting, but clear analysis and insights that’s not wrapped up in selective quoting or hysteria seems pretty hard to come by, even for something as simple as delta variant vs others. You’re average punter has no hope of trying to find and understand the cold hard facts.

          Not surprising in a world where even uttering the concept of ‘died with COVID vs died of COVID complications’ = you’re a QAnnon lunatic.

          Was discussing this was a physician friend the other day, he said that he frequently shakes his head at the ‘news’ bulletins he gets from GP/Medico targeted sites these days. He simply put it down to some combination of “public health messaging is hard so you cant really say what you mean, lest it trigger behaviour that you don’t want” and “physicians are not different to any other profession, some will actually apply their training/scientific method, others just do what their told, it’s like they never left medical school and everything is just another text book to read and mindlessly repeat.”

  5. And yet the panic porn merchants over on MSM networks have been rolling out a precession of experts telling us that vaccination rates will need to hit 90%+ and that restrictions, social distancing, mask mandates, occasional lockdowns and mandatory quarantine will need to persist for ‘years’ to come.

    It’s like we have forgotten that a wide divergence of opinion’s actually exist in the scientific and therefore medical community, as if the ‘opinion’ of any epidemiologist you can dig up for a 30 sec CH9 interview carries the same weight as the next one (let alone whether the one CH9 chose was based on their actual expertise or their drama factor.)

    Much like other ‘sciences’, COVID transformed from an issue of science to a play thing of politics long ago. One could argue its now on the cusp of transforming again into a full blown ideology.