China’s psy-ops war on Australia backfires

Analysts are shocked that Australians have taken umbrage with being spat upon daily by China. They are even more shocked that this might mean that China’s intentions are less than benign. The Guardian is outraged:

More than four in 10 Australians are worried China may attack Australia, according to new polling, expressing a level of fear that is nearly as high as among Taiwan’s population.

The Australia Institute, a progressive think tank that commissioned polling in both Australia and Taiwan, said the “astounding” findings may be partly explained by some government figures in Canberra “beating the drums of war”.

…Allan Behm, the head of the international and security affairs program at the Australia Institute, said there was “no doubt that China’s recent actions and anti-China rhetoric in Australia have generated fear and insecurity in the Australian community”.

…Melissa Conley Tyler, a research associate in the Asia Institute of the University of Melbourne and co-author of the polling report, said she was “astonished that a similar number of Australians think China will launch an armed attack on Australia as in Taiwan”.

Here is a very small sample of recent CCP rhetoric directed straight at the Australian people and widely reported in the media:

  • “We must accelerate the modernization of national defense and the armed forces. …we will never allow any foreign force to bully, oppress, or subjugate us. Anyone who would attempt to do so will find themselves on a collision course with a great wall of steel forged by over 1.4 billion Chinese people.”
  • “If Australia wants to get involved in the Taiwan question, it will consider whether China will use its forces to strike back at Australia, and if so, whether the US has the ability and will to protect Australia. That is what worries the Australian military most. To its dismay, the US would probably protect itself once a crisis occurs, and the Australian military must weigh up what losses a war would incur to Australia.”
  • “To offer a blunt reading of these officials’ remarks, the current trouble with China-Australia bilateral ties are Canberra’s own making, and bilateral relations and cooperation will continue to face challenges, until Australian officials take concrete actions to rectify their toxic approach toward China rather than making empty calls for talks or outreach.”
  • “Weaponising the concept of national security to block Chinese investment is detrimental to mutual trust as well as bilateral economic and trade relations.”
  • “Chinese society has become relaxed about China-Australia ties. The Chinese people endorse a philosophy that does not intensify conflicts and cherishes peace. But Australia has been excluded from this philosophy by the Chinese people. Australia treats China’s goodwill with evil. It is not worthy to argue with it. If it does not want to do business with China, so be it. Its politics, military and culture should stay far away from China – let’s assume the two countries are not on the same planet. As a warhound of the US, Australia should restrain its arrogance. Particularly, its warships must not come to China’s coastal areas to flex muscles, or else it will swallow the bitter pills.”

Not to mention the 14 demands to end democracy:

Let’s not mention the trade war, the militarisation of the Pacific, the bribery in our parliament, the capture of Australian Labor, the cyber-attacks, once per century pandemic likely released from a Chinese lab, the ceaseless and unprecedented insults emanating from every wolf warrior.

None of this is the cause for a rise in concern in the Australian people about Chinese intentions Downunder? Instead, it’s the few statements by random officials that maybe all of the above might signal some ill-will and we may be required to defend ourselves from it?

Here’s a newsflash for the astonished and cringing analysts who have so fulsomely been captured by CCP propaganda.

Australians are on the end of a deliberate and sustained CCP psy-ops war to break it from ANZUS. That it is generating fear and loathing of China is ZERO SUPRISE.

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  1. MathiasMEMBER

    > Australians are on the end of a deliberate and sustained CCP psy-ops war to break it from ANZUS. That it is generating fear and loathing of China is ZERO SUPRISE.

    Its all very confusing when our Politicians are as corrupt as they are. Politicians seem to be stirring there own pot of dissent.

  2. It might seem impertinent to ask, but how is it that most Aussies even know about China’s ill will towards Australia? especially given just how few Aussies are directly impacted…hmmm
    Obvious answers are that, “it’s in the paper” or on the TV news, or maybe these days it’s dominating their “Feed”
    But what is it that average Aussies understand China to be doing?
    Don’t try asking too many average Aussies just what China is doing to Australia because I guarantee you you’ll be horrified by their answers.
    For me the relevant question is: Exactly who is fanning the flames and why?
    KR gave a similar response in that Asia Society video with Kurt Campbell when he suggested that maybe it was time for both nations to take a time out and reset the rhetoric.
    But I am interested to hear if others are experiencing first hand China’s displeasure with Australia.

    • Fishing72MEMBER

      The usurpation of the South China Sea heralded the intent of the CCP. You think the Australian MSM were “fanning the flames” when they gave coverage to Xi’s duplicitous assurances that no way was China raising and militarising submerged atolls along its perimeter and the subsequent reveal that it’d been occurring the entire time?

      • Oh my: what insolent little buggers those Chinese are, you think they’d listen when they’ve been flat out told what’s right and what’s wrong. It’s almost as if they’re not even listening.
        Goodness, and while we’re on the topic: Why do they think I’m taking the time out of my busy schedule to bother to explain right and wrong to them? it boggles the mind.

        • Fishing72MEMBER

          Huh? I’m not asking you to illustrate your willingness to overlook the CCP’s threateningly expansionist mindset. I was just explaining why the typical Australian assumes that the Chinese invasion and attempted occupation of the SCS bodes poorly for the antagonistic and resource rich Western hold out in the Indo Pacific.

          • Do you read much of what Kevin Rudd writes wrt China, he really is well informed.
            He clearly imagines a future world order much closer to the Multilateralism of the 19th century than the US hegemony which dominated of the second half of the 20th century. But lets be honest here, all these concepts of Multilateral order and International law are very much Western constructs, to see China through the eye’s a Chinese citizen you kind of need to adopt a Confucian mindset.
            Take these 14 points that DLS keeps referring to. All Chinese kids learn about the Shandong Concession and the role which this (and related) agreements shoved down their throat negotiated by US president Woodrow Wilson (google 14 points and Wilson) played in undermining of Chinese sovereignty and the subsequent invasion and subjugation.

          • Fishing72MEMBER

            I don’t care about Chinese history. I care about what’s in front of us. I don’t even judge China by its words but by its actions. You can talk all you like about misinterpretation of Chinese thought , fact is that China is encroaching on Australia with regards to compromise of sovereignty, not vice versa. Australia isn’t threatening to build potential bases within cooee of the Chinese mainland , Australia hasn’t ushered a list of demands to China, Australia hasn’t attempted to pervert Chinese government through corruption.

            China dictating to Australia how we should accommodate them in our society…..get fukced!

          • I don’t care about Chinese history. I care about what’s in front of us
            Not quite an Oxymoron, but damn close to one.
            But again most Westerners see History as the completed past as opposed to the more Eastern view where History is the foundation on which we build our future.

          • Fishing72MEMBER

            “But again most Westerners see History as the completed past as opposed to the more Eastern view where History is the foundation on which we build our future”

            You honestly expect this type of rubbish to fly? The foundational wisdom of Chinese thought hasn’t been enough to help them avoid a few centuries of stumbling from one mostly self -inflicted disaster to the next, so please spare me the allusions to some alleged superiority of collective intellect. If China built and learnt from history they’d have run from yet another authoritarian political ideology built on cult of personality as fast as their little legs would carry them.

            The West is the best thing to happen to China in the last hundred years. Accept it and deal with it.

          • I suspect you should change your handle to a more fitting one like Trolling72
            You’re either real slow or deliberately dense

          • Even StevenMEMBER

            Dodgy as: you write a lot and you say very little. Be clear. We already have one skippy.

          • @Even Steven
            When you’re writing about a topic that could see you imprisoned (or worse) it helps to be somewhat vague and give everyone a way to interpret what you wrote in a respectful light.
            sorry if that makes my writing verbose and difficult to understand.
            My problem is that I need to be able to move freely through areas that others are scared to even enter, this freedom comes at a cost.

  3. Emperor Winnie the Pooh has shown China’s real intentions, the displacement and degradation of the United States and it’s replacement with a racist, imperialist and genocidal Chinese Imperium. Is it any wonder that sensible people don’t want that?

  4. Fishing72MEMBER

    I started to have firmer suspicions that China had dreams of invading Australia back in about 2010 or so. I’d worked on the Sini iron project at Cape Preston in WA’s Pilbara region. Initially the project was proposed as an all-Chinese construction with an entirely Chinese workforce. Luckily this was knocked on the head. The workforce flew in and out of Karratha, an easy hour commute. The project was built and the workforce reduced from a many thousands strong construction crew to a few hundreds production crew.

    A few years later and the Chinese upgraded the tiny airstrip at Cape Preston to accomodate the largest of aircraft. There was no justification for this extremely large capital outlay when the international airport up the road had more than sufficed when travel demand was exponentially larger. Indeed, the Karratha airport and other smaller regional airports in the area were more than adequate for the much, much larger projects in the area.

    So now the Chinese company had built an airport capable of military aircraft to go alongside their deep water port, their desalination and energy generation and their accomodation for thousands of people. It’s enough to stage an invasion point and it was apropos of nothing. It’s one thing to hear about this on a Clive Palmer political advert and to be able to dismiss it out of hand, it’s another to witness it with your own eyes and to appreciate that there was no other explanation for the construction of this runway.

    Another thing which pricked my attention was the news that Chinese flight schools were proliferating around Australia. Chinese pilots instructing other Chinese to fly need to be located in Australia because…..? Is there a paucity of airspace above China which would necessitate these flight schools being located in a foreign language speaking country 8000kms away? A suspicious person could imagine it was to familiarise future CCP military pilots with the Australian coastline and terrain.

    • Fishing72MEMBER

      Cheers for the insight. I’m no military strategist or expert on requirements for an invasion. As stated, I simply found it to be an entirely strange notion to upgrade an airport at huge expense after its demand had plunged to levels serviceable by the smaller airport.

    • reusachtigeMEMBER

      Thanks commie Chinamen sympathizer for your in the know insights! I can’t wait until we start purging commie sympathizers!!!

  5. Attack, not invade.
    And frankly considering we have already been attacked it should be higher.

  6. DLS – I’ve got a mate whose a welded on Laborite & can’t see for the life of him what they’re doing that’s so China oriented.
    Any links to reality I can hit him over the head with to shut him up? – Please…. Or maybe a list of the last few years of misdeeds?

    • Fishing72MEMBER

      Got to admit, if they can juggle the oppression of the Uighur population whilst romancing the world’s most populous Muslim nation (Indo) , then you’ve got to concede they’re doing alright. Then again, the Chinese are also attempting to romance a large portion of Africa whilst simultaneously taking the cake as the most openly anti-black society on Earth.

      Chutzpah on a grand scale.

  7. reusachtigeMEMBER

    A fellow property investing associate of mine, who loves the paid lady services but I think might be a bit paranoid, honestly believes that the reason why the Chinamen ladies have totally taken over the massage and relation shops (which they have) is because it’s the perfect way to gain information from the locals.

    Apparently men seem to divulge so much information when they think a girl is into them when they say “you number one big boy make me cum best”. Haha, I just say “yeah I have no doubt about that but the last Chinamen lady did this for half the price and got twice the info so we need to make a deal if you want it again”.

    Haha knowing the power position.