Chartfest: 1 August 2021

Americas – US

Central America Unemployment

US Dollar and US Twin Deficits

Fed Fund Futures


S&P Sectors and Industries – July 2021


US Population Demographics


US Employment & Earnings by Sector 2019 – 2020

US 15 Year Fixed Rate Mortgages

US Core Capex

US Carbon Capture Projects


US Coal Mines


US Community Solar


US Consumer Rates/Corporate Bonds


US CPI factors


US Employment by Industry


US Equity Market Owners


US Firearm Homicides


US GDP – out of recessions

US GDP (real) post WW2


US Federal Debt and Costs


US Home Prices & Inflation


US Home Insecurity

US Illegal Immigration

US Wealth by income quintile

US Incomes and Inflation – 2021

US  Inflation Expectations


US Jobs postings – Covid era


US Life Expectancy at birth

US Margin debt/disposable income


US mortality – 2014-2018

US Office Utilisation


US Private debt

US Public Investment


US Renewables


US working age retirements

US Wages by sector


US Racial Diversity





Military in Africa (non African)


Aggregate debt – major global


Major global electricity consumption and Bitcoin generation

Carbon Footprint – Imports and Exports


Carbon Intensity Region and Source


Suez Canal Tonnage


China & US – Bigger Trade Partner, 2000 & 2020




Clean Energy Minerals Suppliers


Container Shipping Rates


Corporate Tax Rates – Major Global


Corporate Tax Rates – Major Global 2


GDP Per Person – Selected African


China v US v EU – Dominant trading partner


China – US – Japan – Share of Global Manufacturing


World Trade and Industrial Production (the apogee of NeoLiberalism)


Global House Prices

Labour Productivity

Lending to Wealthiest – US


Monetary Zones


Major Global Interest Expenses to GDP 


Output Gaps – Selected Global


Phantom FDI


Most Indebted


Public Property


Selected Real House Prices


Container Shipping


Wealth of top 0.00001%


Global Covid Vaccine doses


Wealth Inequality


World Power Generation


Youth Unemployment – Major Global




Taiwan Exports


India – Monthly Trade


India Selected Measures


China – Firm Ownership


China – Steel Output


China – Domestic Coal Prices


China – Net Copper Imports


China Gold Imports & Exports


China Hog Prices


China Pork Imports and Hog Prices


China Meat Imports


Asia – China Forex Reserves


Evergrande Shares


Evergrande Debt


Cherry Blossom Dates – Japan


Asia – Emissions targets


Asia Coal Imports


Afghanistan Opium




Asia and New Technologies




ECB QE & EU Government Debt


Extra EU Exports


EU Household debt


EU Climate & Transport


EU Demographics


EU – Brexit


EU Public Service Costs


Eurozone Inflation


France Inflation


Germany Jobs


Germany 10s Real Yields


Germany CPI


Germany CPI2


Germany – Negative Rates


Germany New Jobs


Luxembourg Multinationals


Maastricht 12 – Interest Rates and Debt


Russia National Welfare Fund


Russian Firms – Environmental trust


House Prices – Selected Euro


UK Interest Rates



Effective Tax Implications of Pension Assets


Australia – Major Commodity Export Forecasts


Great Barrier Reef – Coral Death


Australia – Taxes on Incomes and Companies




New Zealand – Net Immigration


Australia – Dwelling Approvals


Australia Electricity Generation


Australia Domestic Gas Prices



Australia Mortgage Sizes


Australia Housing Pipeline



Australian Land Values



Australia Low Emissions Projects


Australia – Dwelling Construction and Population Growth


Australia – Covid Vaccine Enthusiasm


Australia Unemployment Welfare


RBA – Wages Forecasts…..0/10 for a decade



Debt Markets


Big 3 Central Bank Security Purchases


Major Global Central Banks Government Security Purchases and Rates


US Fed Buys


Global Bonds – Public and Corporate


Global Bonds – Government


Selected Government Yields July 2021


Government Debt to GDP



Net Dollar Positioning


Central Bank Balances and GDP


Cash Payments and Banknotes – UK


S&P 500 by sector over time

UK Gilt Maturity


US 10s Real


US Dollar as Global Reserve


Junk Bonds and CPI


US M2 and Inflation



FOMC Trading – US Fed




Base Metals


Carbon Tax implications – selected ores and metals



Copper Output


Crude Reservoirs


National Crude Reserves


Energy Transition Related Metals


Oil and Natural Gas – Big 3 Producers – US, Russia, Saudi Arabia



Oil Gas & Coal


Refining Margins


US LNG Exports


…and furthermore…


Covid19 Searches


Unmapped Sea Floor


Cannabis Legislation


Global Jewish Population


The end of Internal Combustion Engines


Human Energy Evolution


Cousin Marriages by Percentage 



Automotive Energy Transmission 



Financial Bubble Peaks


Grape Harvests in Beaune


A Summer Day in Greenland


Ciggies and Lung Cancer




Celtic Languages


Car Colours and Production Years




  1. reusachtigeMEMBER

    If only that Gunnamatta bloke was still around. He used to have some half decent charts!

    • The far right moron luvvy hijack club

      His mortal body was encased in quartz after that article he wrote about stranded Australians, when his employers became aware that someone in their midst was commenting on things in such a way as to create consternation in the public domain. He will free himself for the day of reckoning, leading the mists of time itself.

      It is said his spirit walks the halls of power, silently passing wind at meetings and press conferences, and wreaking a playful havoc with autocues and documentation, and the image files of emails and mobile phones. When Prime Minister Morrison’s prompter failed in the Thursday Presser Ms Berejiklian proposed a mass incantation to guard against him.

      • Its interesting you note that. There are definite reports that the individual reportedly mowing the lawns for a Mrs Melania Trump is Australian and ‘works in mysterious ways’ and that she has already informed the Donald that ‘size may not be everything, but it shouldnt be discounted where it is obvious either.’

      • People were keeping their face masks on to go to meetings with the PM, on good authority that he has trouble holding it in when nervous or disappointed. Go Gunna!

  2. TailorTrashMEMBER

    When a chap goes to deep cover best we don’t comment too much on where he might be …..all very hush hush you see ……let him do his work quietly ….very necessary for the right functioning of things

    Righto…….as you were ….

  3. I made it about half way before it got too depressing

    Of all the problems we could have overreacted to , we chose the boomer remover?


  4. Wow, thats the biggest chart pack I have ever seen man. Thank you!

    Theres a lot to think about there. But can someone please tell me.

    Is that chart 8 from the bottom ‘Cousin marriages’ saying that more than half the marriages in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen and two places in Africa I cant even identify without an atlas are between cousins?

  5. Who needs nuclear weapons when you can kill the population by releasing a virus and leave the worlds wealth intact.

    • The Travelling Phantom

      ➕100 they are very informative with huge diversity.
      Diversity is our knowledge strength

  6. Great charts, thanks. The most pertinent one of course being the BP statistical Review of global energy, as without energy (or without the year-on-year increasing energy we’ve enjoyed for the last 150 years), in particular FFs, none of the other charts would present the way they do – but interesting that this chart shows oil, coal and gas all turning down about now, which is what other reports have also indicated – that FFs have peaked, or oil and coal have.

    So 2022 may be the first year in which the world actually uses less FFs, which would be a first for at least 150 years.

    We live in interesting times. I wonder if the relevance of this has really sunk in with the PTB as it would seem to indicate that the world’s addiction to growth may be curtailed going forward…..

    Even the cousin-marrying chart may change as more people are forced to stay put as we head on back to the middle ages….