Suicidal Albo backs China

Labor has an untold number of greybeards embedded like ticks in the collapsing structure of Australia/China economic relations. It also has a corporate memory that worships Gough Whitlam and his early embrace of a liberalising China. These two sentinels seem to blind Labor to the abyssal-sized paradigm shift that has opened before Australia’s feet on China. Today, Albo steps straight off it and into political oblivion:

  • Albo will today argue to the Minerals Council that Morrison Government attitudes towards China are politically motivated.
  • Albo will argue that recent warmongering over Taiwan is for the Government’s own ends.
  • “Scott Morrison has no long-term strategy to deal with a changing China that is pressing its interests more assertively, while finding areas of potential co-operation, including on trade, that are in both our countries’ interests,” he will say. “Mr Morrison is making the grave error of prioritising his domestic political interests over Australia’s national interests.”

Sigh. You could kidnap Albo, lock him unconscious inside The Lodge, and he’d find a way to break out, butcher himself in the media and get sacked.

There is zero political gain in this for Labor. It’s worse than that. It is a vast negative for Labor as an alternative government.

There are two points to make. The first is political.

There is no doubt that Albo is right. Morrison warmongering is mostly directed locally. But that’s really beside the point. What matters is that it will work. It is working.

Right now, like it or not, Australians hate China (perhaps it’s the CCP, who knows). They cannot wait to get as far away from it as humanly possible. I mean, mother of god, read the polling, Albo:

This sentiment is justified. China and the CCP has gone from friendly trade partner to bullying arsehole in five short years, inflicting:

  • A once per century pandemic upon Australians, with zero accountability.
  • A sorry tale of corruption upon our woeful politicians, especially Labor.
  • Abuse and insult upon Australians at every step as they defended their democracy.
  • Unilateral and illegal trade sanctions at every turn.

I could go on but that’s the nub of it. Australians have been killed, punched, kicked, spat on and rorted by the CCP, which is the government of China.

The second point is that despite Morrison warmongering for political purposes, he is closer to the truth of the emerging strategic circumstances than is Albo’s whinging. There is a structural break in the Australia/China relationship.

Last week, the US declared the “era of Chinese engagement over”.  It is over for Australia as well. What is ahead is the liberal versus illiberal blocs of a new cold war. Delicate parlour discussion about kowtowing, points of connection and trade are the totems of a lost world.

Most pointedly for Albo, they do not constitute a “plan” either. Kowtowing won’t work. Only selling the democracy will, as China’s 14 complaints made clear. Is Albo suggesting that we do so?

Neither of Australia’s political parties has a “plan” for China but at least Morrison gaffe’s are pushing us further away, which Australians love and it is in the national interest in a crude sort of way.

For the purposes of politics, it boils down to this: what kind of idiot defends an evil foreign power’s full-frontal assault upon Australia’s way of life over the basic reassertion of it?

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. Suicide Albolonde was the color of his hair
    Like a cheap distraction for a new affair
    He knew it would finish before it began
    Wow Albo I think you lost the plan

  2. China, Immigration, and Net Zero, are three substantive issues ensuring an Albanese loss. Who wants to have truck with 17m unwashed and “uninformed” voters, when you can reflect the United Nations line to the “enlightened” classes.

  3. Labor are just dumb. Any leadership aspirant could make their mark by separating themselves from this madness

    • It’s all over for Labor, they should pack up the tent and disappear from the political landscape.
      With the death of Unionism and organised blue collar workers Labor have no reason to exist.
      It was a bad mistake, but very telling when they took the U out of Labour.
      Now they clog up the political sewer, and even a died in the wool Plumber cannot resucitate them.

  4. SnappedUpSavvyMEMBER

    yes yes, but its probably what the members of the minerals council want to hear, and dear albo wouldn’t want to upset anyone, bless

  5. El MerenderoMEMBER

    the question is: which lobbies are they representing? who is pushing them to follow that line? I assume the same lot that is puppeteering some useful idiots in academia.

    Besides, for all the big talk, narcissism and posturing at its core China is a scared little country, terrified of itself and unable of any introspection. The huge giant with clay feet and at some stage in the not too distant future it’ll show.

    • Uranium GeoMEMBER

      Yes plenty of money committed from the same part of the world just not under the guise of the Confucius Institute. At this rate Labor just look like organised opposition. Who is the leader of the opposition again, we haven’t really heard a peep out of Labor for so long now that the media are dominating with the fear mongering narrative. As stronger opposition would be able to regain some control of the political narrative at least. Unfortunately they are wheeling out to much of an intersectional platform, effectively trolling their base.

  6. MathiasMEMBER

    > Australians hate China

    Damn right we do. Only problem is we cant tell the difference between the CCP and the Liberal Government. Both corrupt.

    I wont be voting for Labor anytime soon.

    Sustainable Australia Party needs more media coverage. Im not as smart as these guys but surely they couldnt get more Internet Media going ( aside from someone doing the work, internets free and can draw a big audience ). These guys are what people wish Labor would be if Labor wasnt stuffing around and doing stupid stuff.

    When I talk to people about Sustainable Australia Party, the biggest complaint I hear is, ” I’ve never heard of them. They’ve never been on TV. Are they in our area? “. You guys need to make a noise. Get a website. Talk about things. Nobody knows you guys even exist which I think is half the problem. SAP is awesome but needs to make some noise.

  7. ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

    This life long Labor voter and member of the Party agrees with you on this one Dave.
    Its all very depressing.

    It’d be fascinating to be a fly on the wall in both the Liberal and Labor parties closed doors strategy meetings where public positions on such things are nutted out in consultation with pollsters and Political spin doctors in the constant attempt to appeal to, and manipulate public opinion and set the media narrative.
    Its all weak as p!ss IMHO.
    Both sides are doing it.
    Partisan radio station for the the Liberal party and Boomer ignoramuses, Sydney’s 2GB was giving Michael Daley a hard time fot wanting to throw his hat into the ring as the New South Wales Labor opposition leader again after the removal of Jodie McKay.
    It was during an interview with Chris Minns another NSW Labor candidate for the position and the person 2GB is obviously backing as the next opposition leader (Why? I found myself asking out loud)

    The host pointed out several times the Chinese communities dislike of Daley due to supposed racist comments he made before the last election about Chinese PhD holders taking the job’s of young Australians..
    It was the kind of comment that most 2GB listeners would wholeheartedly agree with and yet this 2GB host was clearly trying to say Daly was beyond the pale for these comments.

    Both sides, it seems to me, want to avoid an honest discussion on the matter of an expansionist CCP lead China.
    Both sides want the same lobbyist dollars no doubt.

    The ABC this morning was quoting some Chinese business association press release this morning going on about a supposed large number of racial attacks against Asians due to covid-19 and was clearly alluding comments made by MPs and media reporting as being responsible.

    This repeatedly calling out and implying the “other side” is racist, all the time, isn’t going to produce the kind of policy implementations this country needs to maintain it’s sovereignty in, as David says, an increasingly illiberal world..
    Only bipartisanship on this issue can.

    • Anders Andersen

      “…………was quoting some Chinese business association press release this morning going on about a supposed large number of racial attacks against Asians due to covid-19 and was clearly alluding comments made by MPs and media reporting as being responsible.”

      This will eventually backfire, people will get sick and tired of hearing it and will turn off.

  8. Lord DudleyMEMBER

    Scotty Government electoral landslide coming! And don’t worry, after the election, the Scotty Government will still bring in 300k to 500k units of house occupying, Harvey Norman shopping vibrancy. Perhaps the CCP will forbid their nationals to come to Australia, in which case other countries will need to step up to supply the shortfall.

  9. Hex TexasMEMBER

    Morrison and the coalition are by and large a terrible government, one of the worst we have ever had, their legacy of, asset bubbles, a failing energy grid, an ineffectual defence force, and a trillion dollars of debt wasted largely on services and welfare, rather than infrastructure and meaningful assets, will be highlighted by a monumental multi sector crash. Now all of this is not their doing, but they have left Australia unnecessarily, unprepared, weakened and ill equipped for what is ahead of us.

    That being said, they will win the election and it will not be close, because labor are worse in every respect.

    God help us, we are going to need it.

    • Insanity: doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. This is where we are at with federal elections.

  10. Zero political gain? He was pitching it to the Minerals Council. You know, the bunch of bastards that removed Rudd, appointed Gillard and paid about zero in MRRT.

  11. If the report is correct the Labor leadership is at last showing some gumption.
    Of course the greybeards are right !
    But has Mr Albanese got the “ticker” ?

    The current sad state of Australia-China relations is the result of a co-ordinated scurrilous anti-China campaign that has been going on for about the last five years. The people responsible for this narrative will eventually hit the brick wall of international political and economic reality.

  12. C'est de la folieMEMBER

    For anyone interested the Bullshido Australia party – which will change name, and is strongly supportive of lower immigration beneffiting australians in a meaningful way, is not enthusiastic about the current state of Australia’s China dynamics and hasnt received a cent of funding from anyone – is now receiving applications for lining up by slack.

  13. Duke_WellingtonMEMBER

    Anyone else remember a hysterical MB, and the minions in comments, claiming Labor would win the next election due to a 2 week media blitz on unsubstantiated rape claims?
    This after running a non stop editorial about the decline of journalism at the ABC, day after day.
    I do.

    • Meh. That’s still there. There are now 19 seperate assault allegations. If you thin it’s all made up then I have bridge I will sell you.

      Morrison is behind in the polls. Look to your own bias. Rape is not culture war.

      A half-competent opposition would be wiping the floor with the Rape Protection Racket.

          • I supported the forum for a couple of years. It has done more on some important issues (Intergenerational theft, normalised corruption, housing affordability etc) than most. I’d like to see MB sustain the kind of fearless objectivity that led me to part with cash in the past.

        • Duke_WellingtonMEMBER

          I have been here from near on the start my friend. I generally agree with the majority of opinion here.

        • Silvio Gesell

          Yeah because if someone doesn’t parrot your echo chamber, normie, self over valued view they must be an astro. Keep spinning that rationalisation hamster.

  14. ”There is no doubt that Albo is right. Morrison warmongering is mostly directed locally. But that’s really beside the point. What matters is that it will work. It is working.”
    Yes it is aimed at a local audience just like a lot of the propaganda in China. The problem is the “hawks” tend to validate the hawks on the other side. We’re clearly in full election mode and its time to refocus on the external enemy.

    ”. I mean, mother of god, read the polling, Albo:”
    Sorry pal but the polling is fickle. Put a lot of people out of work or start sending them to war to protect one privileged set of elites against another and then try a poll again.

    ” Most pointedly for Albo, they do not constitute a “plan” either. Kowtowing won’t work. Only selling the democracy will, as China’s 14 complaints made clear. Is Albo suggesting that we do so?”
    No although some do make the connection that a failure to stand on a soap box and scream your intentions to resist means you want to kowtow. I think that is LNP propaganda.
    Interesting that you say Albo has no strategy but, the same article indicates among other things that he is going to make renewable energy and climate change action a far bigger policy priority. Its not overtly linked to China but, it’s probably a far better way of heading off their influence in the Pacific among the islanders that are losing their homes to climate change. Do more, say less probably has more merit than you think.