Station those new US marines in the Pilbara

Australia’s magnificent strategic realignment continues at pace today. As Cold War 2.0 heats up, and Australia sharpens up as the US-led liberal bloc “tip of the spear”, more US marines are hopefully coming Downunder:

  • More US marines may be headed for station in Australia.
  • The joint brigade would be based in Darwin.
  • US naval ships may also be based in Perth.

Fantastic. I say we build a megabase in the Pilbara. Somebody has to remind the Labor traitors that they are Australians not Southern Manchurians. The groveling coming from Perth is nauseating:

“We are acting against our own interests,” he said.

“The Prime Minister has a view he needs to attack [China] on trade.

“I’m more pragmatic, I’m more attuned to the interests of Western Australia and West Australian jobs.

“I have a view that they are our biggest customer; we sell them literally 20 times as much as we buy from them, why do we want to undermine that?

Rubbish. Our interests are served by preserving our liberal democracy. Who cares if it costs us a bit of dirt. We were rich before China and will be rich after it.

It is no surprise, really, when WA pollies march straight out of the Treasury and into dirt sinecures. Recently resigned Treasurer Ben Wyatt has immediately joined the Woodside and Rio Tinto boards.

When Mark McGowan refers to “our interests” he sure isn’t talking about you or your kids.

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  1. On Q&A last night I thought Peter Hartcher of smh response to the china problem was clear succinct and first rate despite one of the audience questioners acting as a china shill to try and frame the question in a way as to make it seem this country should surrender.

    • Trumps put a $10 trillion compensation figure on China from Covid. I suspect the Americans are already working out there compensation.

      You think China will just hand that money over? Not likely. They’ll laugh in Americas face and ignore them.

      So what will America do? Ignore that? Do we think Americans are just going to let that go?

      We know where this is going.

      There is the matter of the 250 Nuclear Warheads China has… and the threats they’ve already made to America that they’ll fire them.

      We know this is a one way trip.

      While Aussies are out dying for there Country, the Boomers will be flogging off all the assets to the nearest foreigner they can find.

      • Yes, the Americans will just let it go, they have no choice, though maybe slap a tax/tariff on foreign capital inflows could be done (a la Michael Pettis) as this would be far more effective than tariffs on goods, though they would have to apply it to all foreign countries as so much of Chinese money seems to be entering via the side door eg Luxemborg.

        Not even Xi will use nukes as that would hurt his personal interests & would be a huge historic burden for China to carry should we survive, he wants the opposite, to go down in history as the man who made China great again! (though when threats like those are made they could actually cause it to happen)

  2. China is clearly a Globalised Threat. We do have a mutual interest to deal with that threat.

    Harry Triguboff came from China. Yet we seem fine with migrating them in and selling them houses. We dont mind if they establish Communications Networks inside our Country and steal all our defence plans. We let them do postal voting from across the ocean to interfere into our Democracy.

    One corruption at a time, I suppose.

    So while the young are out fighting and getting themselves killed, will the Boomers be profiteering off the rocketing Uranium Prices or off the Lockhead & Martin Dividends from the comforts of there own television sets? Profiteering from young death?

    Im no pro-China advocate but the Boomers have a lot to apologise for. Im surprised this country even listens to them.

    • Ailart SuaMEMBER

      “but the Boomers have a lot to apologise for”

      So, that’s all those despicable individuals born between January 1, 1946 to December 31, 1964? BUT not those born on December 1, 1945 to December 31, 1945? – or the one’s born on January 1, 1965 to January 31, 1965?

      Hopefully, Mathias, after thinking very hard about the above, you’ll be able to grasp the reality of just how illogical your comments are regarding Boomers. I’m 70 years old – and I have absolutely zero to apologise for – for being a person born between 1946 and 1964. Correct, Mathias?

  3. David – I know this may be difficult for you to say explicitly, but it seems you are praising Peter Dutton on a great move to invite more US troops onto Aussie soil as a strategic deterrent and show of force?

  4. TailorTrashMEMBER

    Northern Australia could make a nice location
    for the US and China to bang away at each other without damaging the crockery…..or should we say the China . Kind of giant paint ball park ……I’m sure our great strategic planners will not let this happen

    • The main thing for the fkn yanks is not to have the fighting anywhere near the homes of their wealthy brahmins back on home soil. They don’t care whose other country gets trashed nor how bad. Next day there’s a new place, a new lie, old ones forgotten or reimagined. cnts always.

      BTW, you know that often the prevailing and hot winds blow from there to Sth East Oz. Do those great “planners” know or when the chips fall do they expect to be whisked away to shelter in the green and grassy USA?

  5. Nice commentary. There should be a 2 year stand down period where all elected government officials and those of a rank of a certain level and above are not allowed to either: 1) take company board or advisory roles, 2) work as “consultants” or 3) work for any foreign enterprise or government.

    Not sure how you’d operationalise this but something along these lines needs to happen to break these people frkm their moral hazard. It’s so easy for our society to become corrupted by the actions of foreign powers and their corporate lackeys.

  6. Rubbish. Our interests are served by preserving our liberal democracy.
    Just to satisfy personal curiosity, This “our Interest” that you speak of, would this the the Western Australian “our” or the Eastern Australian “our”?
    Just because most Eastern Australians believe they own the West doesn’t make it necessarily so, think of it this way
    Eastern Australia minus the West OMG what a worthless clusterF
    Western Australia minus the East OMG what a profitable productive prosperous nation.

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