How a deranged Scott Morrison destroyed China

You have probably seen retiring DFAT head Frances Adamson’s speech at the Press Club yesterday. It’s the usual guff about not wanting to contain China etc. It was in the Q&A that she really lit up:

In her final speech before stepping down as secretary of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Frances Adamson also labelled the Chinese embassy’s issuing of a 14-point list of grievances with Australian policies as a “massive own goal”.

“No Australian government, no democratically elected government anywhere in the world, could say those things weren’t important,” she said.

“I couldn’t understand why they did it and I don’t know if they really understood themselves exactly what they were doing with that list. I think it’s played very negatively for them.”

Quite right. But I think I do know why they did it. They were goaded to it by our deranged PM, the personality-disordered Scott Morrison.

Australians know well Morrison’s powers of gaslighting. Whatever the issue, he has wise-crack or a one-liner to floor the most serious of an interlocutor.

When abandoning his post for a Hawaiian hammock during the historic mayhem of wildfires consuming his flock, Morrison demolished the entire political economy with the line that “he did not hold the hose, mate”.

When his political party descended into a cesspit of rape and sexual assault, he rolled out his wife and daughter as human shields that instructed him to “think like a father”.

When the world demanded Australia pull its weight on carbon mitigation, the riposte was ‘it must be done not talked about’ even though he is doing precisely nothing.

There are countless examples of Morrison’s preternatural ability to spin a topic upon which has no grasp into a cortex-splitting wedge for those that would criticise him.

And that’s what he did to China. Completely by accident. As an expression not of national interest nor strategy but pure personality disorder.

When trivial CCP media attacked Australia, Morrison completely broke protocol, arced up and demanded apologies.

Whenever the CCP escalated the trade dispute, it was always greeted with another Morrison idiocratic mouthing off.

Whenever wolf warriors howled, Morrison would not only refuse to retreat while pretending to kowtow, he’d give them another kick in the guts.

It went on this like that for months. While all of DFAT, Canberra and the business community demanded that Morrison shut up, he kept spearing his peculiarly pathological condition deeper into the flesh of an increasingly confused and desperate CCP.

Eventually the wolf wankers were so discombobulated and infuriated that they did the only sensible thing that they could think of: they spelt out in unmistakable and no uncertain terms what the conditions for a resumption of friendship were in the fourteen conditions to end democracy.

Morrison’s deranged politics exposed them completely. It could not have worked better if it were a cunning, national interest plan. Which it was not.

And now the CCP knows what’s like to be an Australian.

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      • BubbleyMEMBER

        I really really want to know why scomo was sacked from Tourism Australia.

        He’s the Pm, we should know about the man running the country and his work history, as it effects his decision (or lack of) making process.

          • BubbleyMEMBER

            Still not definitive is it?

            Both this article and the one by Kangaroo Court Australia (the first media organisation to openly name Christian Porter as the politician in the alleged historical rape case) are in the same vein.

            There were shady things done, Scomo lied about following due process and possibly even lied about an audit that said he followed due process, but no one can/will confirm the audit even happened. This is pretty much all we know.

            I’d love to see his HR file from both Tourism NZ and Australia.

            And its no surprise Jacinda Ardern looks at him the same way I look at turd on my shoe. She has seen his NZ HR file.

    • Perhaps he’s a genius… He’s playing 4d chess, on a Monopoly board, shouting Battleship coordinates – whilst the rest of us are just trying to keep up.

  1. So why is sQomo so bellicose to the Chinese regime? Defending democracy? Or defending the Australian way of life?
    He has shown that he’s no fan democracy or australian values.

      • My suspicion is the cultist in him makes him antagonistic to the CCP. His cult would be under the cosh Uighur style
        That speech at the Gold Coast convention where he states Australia is not a secular country but a free country allowing him to practise his cultist claptrap was a red flag to me

        • Many many Chinese evangelical christians in his ear Hillsong near me is overwhelmingly Chinese.

          • reusachtigeMEMBER

            Yep. They make up a much larger ratio than their general population ratio. They’re right into it. That and/or massaging.

          • C'est de la folieMEMBER

            ‘The Rub and Tug of Damocles’ ……chortle

            Yes, I’d like a rub and tug of Damocles please, with some face slapping, bulldog clips to both nipples, the lavender incense, shell grit on the hands and a standing headscissors finish please………my wife is in the craft shop 2 doors down so we have an hour or so.

      • surfbeach2536

        DLS I think this is the best article of yours I have read, I laughed so much while reading it. Very insightful and the imagery is simply wonderful. You deserve a position on the ABC “Insiders” panel alongside Peter Harcher.

      • DLS – have you had a Xmas card or Bday wish from PMO lately?!?
        Happy Bday & Merry Xmas to you for 2021.
        Good work!

    • “So why is sQomo so bellicose to the Chinese regime? Defending democracy? Or defending the Australian way of life?
      He has shown that he’s no fan democracy or australian values.”

      Because he needs a brand for the next election and the Murdoch press (among others) has his back in this issue.

      • BubbleyMEMBER

        “Strong on China”

        It’s straight out of the WWJHD playbook – What Would John Howard Do?
        Howard “Man of Steel” according to President Bush
        “We decide who comes to Australia and how they get here”

        But there is a heck of a difference between Howard picking on refugees and getting compliments from a dunce, to Scomo aggressively taking on a martial super power run by a tyrant.

  2. Throw another shrrrrrrimp on the barbie….don’t worry about foreign policies just buy property…..

  3. Personally I kinda like Scotty from Marketing. Definitely better than the previous four or five PMs. You may wish to have him gone, but you only need look across the ditch at what a mess a Labor PM can make of things…

  4. MontagueCapulet

    Political instincts? Saw a developing anti-China trend and got out in front of it sensing other countries would show up to support him soon enough. The USA being the one that really matters of course. Now that Trump is gone the Washington consensus is seeing the virtue of an anti-Chinese coalition.
    He doesn’t have to understand the trend, he just has to feel it in his bones, then open his mouth and go with whatever comes out. You don’t become Prime Minister without some kind of talent for knowing which way the wind is blowing.

    • “Political instincts?”

      I really, really doubt it given the complete incompetence on display in handling virtually everything, including the festering sore of rapegate.

  5. Ronin8317MEMBER

    The Chinese were not gloated : the ‘Wolf Warriors’ are mentally deranged cultists who ends up believing in their own propaganda. The “14 points” is only one of a long string of self goals : insulting France lawmakers and calling them hyenas, publishing a fake eulogy of the queen dying on social media, they are sparing no effort in insulting the world. They believe exactly like ‘Q’ in ‘The True Story of Ah Q’.

    The latest outrage is shutting down Apple Daily in HK, thus declaring Freedom of Speech in HK is over. Anyone who dares to speak up will be arrested on charge of ‘threatening national security’, which is harsher than what they do in Mainland China!! Everyone in HK is looking for a way to get out now.

    • What about the people in mainland China, do they want to get out? I have worked with many, mostly they speak very highly of China, surely they enjoy the freedoms here. My parents in law are from Cambodia, hate the dictatorship, although the leader has run that country into the ground

      • Ronin8317MEMBER

        In general, people in China supports the CCP, but people in HK never wanted to be part of China. They only grudgingly went along due to the promise of ‘One Country, Two System’ and ‘ no change for 50 year’. Both promises has now been broken.

  6. Toxic stoicism from Morrison and other quiet Australians.

    Buy, hey, even cyanide actually has some productive uses, like extracting gold from leach circuits – so, not everything otherwise generally toxic is useless…WhoWouldaThunkIt?

  7. Don’t get me wrong I can’t stand the prick, but just maybe the information that the virus had leaked from the lab was given to him a long time ago, while the rest of the “Trump derangement syndrome” commentators were in la la land, mean that he had reason to give the CCP a hard time as they should be.

    TBH the CCP should be made to pay compensation for the mess they have created, through sanctions or military action, perhaps even have the CCP disbanded and China broken into smaller countries to prevent this mess from ever happing again.

    • I don’t think it is that. I think that he was just being a usual Aussie PM (or Premier) in response to any disaster. Call for an independent inquiry to understand the cause and see if there is anything that can be done to mitigate the disaster level in future if it reoccurs and then do it. We have an exceptionally strong record of having these inquiries in Australia (though we’re less strong on implementing the recommendations but overall we do ok for the things that endanger the safety of the whole population like bushfires etc). I honestly don’t think much thought went beyond that. After all from an Australian perspective it seems like the logical and responsible thing to do, so do it. And it was an easy way to be seen to do something without actually doing anything, which SFM loves

      However a lot of other countries are nowhere near as comfortable with these types of inquiries and China even less so.

  8. I'll have anotherMEMBER

    Under Freudian theory, if he really has a personality disorder, he is basically using the immature (as opposed to integrated personality defense) subconscious mechanism of projection.

    In this case he is projecting the bad parts of his personality onto the CCP and accusing them of that. It is being refed to us through counter transference with the lens of CCP thinking, in the form of the 14 demands.

    If narcissistic, He would also be mirroring, a type of transference where he is showing the world his extravagant self, as in, look at me! Give me approval! And therefore his actions are not true held values, merely whatever he thinks will gain approval from the projected bad man he has created (CCP). I E., He thinks the CCP respect pushback and it will reward him with attention.

    This would point to a childhood where he was not given appropriate / sufficient objectself attention, or his mother was simply not a good enough role model or an abusive father.

    This would also imply that the CCP reaction is not their own, true feelings over time, merely a countertransference.

    I don’t know he does have a personality disorder. Interesting point of view if he does. He has achieved very high levels of success which would mean very strong relationships. This does not hold true for someone with a serious personality disorder, so if one does exist, you would have to think it is mild.

    • C'est de la folieMEMBER

      I wonder if we all completely over egg this.

      We are thinking the CCP is some data obsessed batch of evil functionaries projecting their brand of malevolence on the world with considered and meticulous deliberation.

      They for their part are probably thinking much the same of the rest of the world (partcularly the Americans) and seeing ScoMo as a pawn of that thinking.

      Whereas in fact every regime in the world is comprised of psychotic arseholes who backstab and doublespeak their way up those regimes and savor that entrance into the hall of power with some entitlement to reward themselves for all the effort they have gone to.

      Then the moment they start to wonder ‘what next?’ They realise that a load of psychopathic pricks are gunning for them from within.

      Against this backdrop they need to be able to ‘explain’ (or blame) any negative events happening on someone else – to reconcile their publics perceptions of them with their sense of self.

      At that point they have – depending on the issue – a choice of internal (subordonate or ‘opposition’) blamees or external blamees.

      For most issues they cant apportion blame to subordinates because it undermines morale and loyalty of a load of psychopaths who might return the psychopathy. If there is an opposition it can be cathartic to wheel one out and give them a belting, but this can lack intellectual pleasure.

      For your hard core blame apportionment practitioner an external blamee is best. They are some form of ‘other’ (hence a rallying mechanism for local psychopaths) there is no need for local discipline or blame, and the identification of the other can facilitate rewards for team members (more defence spending etc)

      From this point the identification of the ‘right’ other is desirable.

      You wouldn’t want to blame the wrong external other – like one with nuclear weapons, and a gung ho military, or spies in your patch or one you rely on for economic purposes – you would want the ‘right’ external other.  A patsy, preferably weak when it comes to weaponry, hopefully dubious within the local power system and one which can be imposed upon.  If much of the local public space loathes that blamee for purely domestic reasons then so much the better.

      This is where ScoMo came in.  A fat, tin eared, Neanderthal thinking, marginally unpopular, bible bashing, coal loving bigot with a puny military sitting on top of a nation reliant purely on flogging dirt to the Middle Kingdom.  Like he is the blame apportionee from central casting.  Those CCP guys were probably thinking they could have some real theatre with him and Australia, and convince their own people that their moment of power had really arrived – they were going to rough up the cats paw of the evil empire of the west, and everyone would feel better about that.

      • “Those CCP guys were probably thinking they could have some real theatre with him and Australia, and convince their own people that their moment of power had really arrived – they were going to rough up the cats paw of the evil empire of the west, and everyone would feel better about that.”
        Unfortunately/fortunately that was all far to complicated for our three word slogan PM to have any ability to understand so he did not much at all and that was the right response.

      • I'll have anotherMEMBER

        The thing that became clear to me about the CCP, they were lorded as masters of Confucisian, long term, strategic thinking and had a reputation as wise and measured in their reactions.

        Certain recent acts such as posting the altered image of the ADF soldier with the knife at the civilian throat via a government minister completely dispelled that myth.

        They are making it up as they go, as you alluded to and appear to have underestimated the Australian government’s diplomatic skill and consequences of pursuing a first world western nation. They appear to lack the sophistication required to subtly embarass us and instead have injured themselves, whilst simultaneously solidifying the allied forces against them.

        However you look at it, the course they have taken has proven to be a massive blunder of diplomacy, unrivaled in recent history.

        • The Wizz of Ozz

          Yes the wolf worries over reached many would be soiling themselves I would say

      • Agree with the general thesis here but CCP’s major error was misreading SFM personal drivers and thinking that with him representing a backwater country (Australia) he would roll over and submit.

        SFM is a confrontational, self interested male. He is much like Xi or the Wolf Warriors he yells back at. He is always selling something (himself) and thus constantly runs on edge for anyone who challenges his perceived self image. Think tanks and a career in marketing tell him to have shorty punchy lines at the ready. CPP challenges him, he told them to shove it not because he gives a hoot about Australia but because allowing them to dictate terms means his image is tarnished.

        As for your “coal loving” comment. He would love green energy just as much or more if they offered equal or higher political donations. He’s not as loyal as you infer to any particular interest except his own. I’ve always thought this is a great failure of the green/environmental movement. They have always thought the playing field is level and try to compete with ideas and ethical arguments. Just pay more than the competition and you will win. Its sad, but true.

  9. El MerenderoMEMBER

    The key bit of Adamson’s speech was the reference to the fundamental insecurity at the core of the Chinese giant, like all bullies incapable of introspection and prone to irrational behaviours like delivering those 14 points. And what someone said above is spot on: they do profoundly believe in their ideological delusions, and perception is everything.

    Let’s see whether that message has been driven home to the usual suspects, listed in another thread, or whether they still think it’s a good idea to not displease the bully not to get a black eye (am quoting).

    But hey…never let facts get in a way of self promotions and book sales to exploit certain niches…:

  10. There is life after China, we are trucking large volumes of barley off our farm at great prices and none is going to China. I hope the CCP is drinking second rate beer from some inferior barley from elsewhere, in a house heated with inferior coal and paying more for the experience.