Why Australia should insult China as much as possible

Taiwan generated some serious angst over the weekend. Chris Joye is thumping the drums of war:

  • The chance of a forced Chinese forced annexation of Taiwan is now above 50%.
  • The probability of war is higher in the next five years than after because the CCP has closed the military gap.
  • Australia will be bombed in any war.

Peter Hartcher added some useful material:

  • Kevin Rudd says the Morrison Government is aiming for a khaki election.
  • This is pointlessly insulting China with risk of blowback.
  • Rudd reasons that China will not invade Taiwan for a decade so why antagonise it now?
  • Hartcher concludes we should go easy.

We also saw various pundits weighing in with Labor kowtowing again, led by its lost greybeards, especially Beijing Bob.

The prism through which to view any Taiwanese conflict is not what is good for China, nor what is in the Chinese national interest, nor what the Chinese people want, nor what is good for the Chinese military. It is what is good for the CCP and most sustains its power.

In those terms, a Taiwan conflict serves little good purpose in the near term. The CCP is in firm control at home with no serious challenge. Its social contract with the Chinese people is intact. Economic growth is still sufficient to generate opportunity enough for rising living standards.

Why waste such a war now when in the years ahead China faces more severe economic dislocation as its population ages, the middle-income trap closes and it virtually stops growing?

Therefore, I tend to agree with Kevin Rudd over Chris Joye on the timing of any conflict. There is no reason for the CCP to risk debilitating international blowback until a new and nationalist social contract is needed to offset the fraying political legitimacy that comes with declining economic fortunes. That seems more likely a ten-year timeframe. Especially since, as was made clear in the latest five-year plan, China has some major strategic economic vulnerabilities to address before it takes on the US. These include semi-conductor production and commodity supply chains.

That said, I also disagree with Kevin Rudd. Why would Australia seek to increase its engagement with the CCP today when we know that this is the probable future, alongside more economic coercion? Let’s get on with diversifying away from China now while the going is good and the commodity cycle is strong. A staged decoupling is much more manageable for the Australian economy than all in one go at the outset of war.

This is basic risk management.

So, I was also thrilled to read the following last week:

  • China’s local embassy warned that tourists will not return in previous numbers.
  • The media is hostile to China, bleated the wolf wanker ambassador.

I have been expecting this development and fulsomely hope it transpires for two reasons.

Less Chinese tourists and students will mean all associated economic activity withers and, on balance, the Australian dollar will be pushed lower. That lift in competitiveness will help diversify our trade away from China.

Less Chinese tourists and students will also mean the Chinese diaspora stops growing. That will make it easier to protect it from coercion at the hand of Beijing.

Both of these outcomes are thoroughly welcome for the Australian national interest. If they have to be achieved by insulting the CCP and triggering its withdrawal, instead of being done more deliberately at home, then so be it.

If Labor faces khaki elections along the way then that’s its own fault for getting on the wrong side of history.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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    • You have to be very careful, I think the title misleading, we don’t need to insult, but rolling over dangerous too… I betcha Rodrigo Duterte regrets some of his stupid accommodation now! Beijing’s ‘Little Blue Men’ spread across South China Sea as Britain sends strike group https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2021/05/02/beijings-little-blue-men-spread-across-south-china-sea-britain/

      “…90 nautical miles from the Philippines’ Palawan province when they were confronted with a more menacing and unprecedented threat of armed attack craft… Houbei attack craft (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Type_22_missile_boat)… What makes the Houbei class missile boats interesting is that they are really not meant to operate 800 miles from the Chinese coast so once they are out there, they are presumably going to stay… “Taiwanese defence planners are increasingly worried about the vulnerability of the south line of approach for any aggression against Taiwan and that would, of course, come through the South China Sea and from those facilities that China is gradually thickening out and operating from,” he said. “They are very much linked in operational terms.”

  1. Ronin8317MEMBER

    It is extremely impolite to insult your best customer who is paying $$$$ for iron ore. The insult can come after the commodity price crash 😛

  2. Ritualised FormsMEMBER

    So far this year we have had the Libs looking odds on for an early election in January off the back of the rebound from the Covid recession, then the ALP looking like being the key beneficiary of sexual harassment and misogyny claims and the government looking unbackable.  I tend to agree with Hartcher that the Libs are thinking a strident risk of war style election campaign is the sort of thing which would bring the electorate down on the Torynuff side come polling day.  But to really pull that off – and what I think we are already going to see in the budget – the Liberals have to ditch ‘small government’ and really go Keynsian sufficient to cement themselves in for the next cycle.

    The fear in the electorate would be that the Liberals win the election and then hack away at government spending to create a recession for everyone but their in crowd – especially as the United States appears going gangbusters on government driving the economic growth path for a while, and Biden talking up tax increases for the uber set and companies.  They wont have that fear about any ALP.  But if Albo and team get caught like a rabbit in the spotlight in a near term risk of (cold) war vis China and Taiwan they could wipe themselves out for another decade here.   

    Some more tin eared gender based grotesquerie from the Libs (and there is plenty of time for that to come to the surface) could make things entertaining.  But short of that it would require the ALP to call just where they stand vis China if they are to be electorally plausible.

    That said my own view is that the whole western world isnt far from becoming seriously more bellicose vis China – mainly because it amplifies any reshoring and economic protection scope potentially coming down the line

  3. SnappedUpSavvyMEMBER

    inspected a house my wife liked the look of on the weekend, and wow, wall to wall chinese talking wall to wall mandarin as loud as possible, none seemed off put by australia’s china stance or media 🙂

  4. On the balance China has delivered very well for its people! At the moment the Chinese government is riding a wave of popularity particularly on account of the way that they have handled the Covid19 problem. The Chinese (and others) have noted what happens as in the US when a heavily manipulated populace put an incompetent person in charge – more than 500k dead. A terrible situation for such a rich and advanced country. Hence China will remain very stable and continue its remarkable progress.
    Australia should be more polite to this country which after all is about 50-60 times our size. Our politicians should change their very arrogant attitudes and learn some respect. The Chinese won’t tolerate this poor behaviour any more.
    China is open for business and Australia has everything to gain.

  5. The Chinese won’t tolerate this poor behaviour any more.
    ha ha that’s priceless
    so the Chinese wont tolerate bad behaviour,
    I don’t have a problem with China not tolerating bad behaviour matter of fact I’m pretty sure most of the world would like to see China clean up its game, rid itself of corruption and rid itself of authoritarianism In short China can rid itself of bad behaviour, but here’s the thing, China doesn’t need Australia’s permission to do any of these things they’re all well within China’s capabilities and China alone has the power to fix these things.
    So chop chop run along now sounds like you’ve got plenty to occupy yourself with.

  6. TheLambKingMEMBER

    The chance of a forced Chinese forced annexation of Taiwan is now above 50%.
    The probability of war is higher in the next five years than after because the CCP has closed the military gap.
    Australia will be bombed in any war.

    The chance of war is no different to what it has been for the last 5-10 years. What has changed is that the LNP poll numbers are down and they keep getting worse. This is just the current version of the “Children Overboard” strategy – Australia will need ‘strong’ LNP leadership in times of trouble!!

    • Actually there was a khaki election in Taiwan a while back and a person of very modest ability got the top job. This was at the time of the problems in Hong Kong so the line was that invasion was imminent.
      And Taiwan is a part of China anyway so the Chinese should sort it out themselves – The Chinese Invading China (!?)
      Sounds a bit like the lead up to what happened in the 1950’s – Koreans invading Korea; or perhaps the 1960’s Vietnamese invading Vietnam. We’ve been caught before.

      • ChinajimMEMBER

        Taiwan is not part of China. Taiwan has never been a part of the PRC. Taiwan was on the fringe and barely under the influence of the Qing (who were themselves alien occupiers of China) and then Taiwan became part of Japan in 1895 and remained so until 1945.

        Taiwan is not part of China.

        • “Taiwan is not part of China.
          Taiwan has never been a part of the PRC.”

          Both PRC and ROC are part of China.
          Both claim sovereignty over the other.
          PRC/ROC issue is internal to a state that is yet to find its sovereignty over its full territory.

  7. DLS, how do you weight the ccp ideological imperative? ( honest question)
    Could the ccp be drinking too much of the communist ideological coolaid to not take taiwan?
    The great Pooh is 67. Fighting age population has peaked. He has 10 years tops to deliver his place in history and his 1000yr reich.

  8. Doing something like a war to gain Taiwan isn’t China’s way. Far better to get Neville Chamberlin to wave a piece of paper, pronounce peace in our time and have China gain Taiwan, with the Bank of England handing over Taiwan’s gold reserves to the People’s Bank.

  9. MathiasMEMBER

    A Marine and an Aussie in a Bunker.

    One marine says, ” Didnt we just shoot that guy? ”
    Aussie says, ” Nah mate. They all look the same ” lol.

  10. I wonder about the Chinese public s tolerance for casualties in an invasion of Taiwan.
    After decades of one child policy, its a terrible thing to lose any child, but when that child is your only future its would be inconceivably devastating.
    The wide scale deployment of mobile land based anti ship missiles in taiwan , almost guarantees a few troop ships being sunk.

    • Someone ElseMEMBER

      That’s a very good point. Remember the video of the crying CCP conscripts being bused to the Indian border? The tiger parents will be out for blood if their little emperors get slaughtered.

    • Mining BoganMEMBER

      Geez, that’s an excellent point.

      Maybe that’s why they’re buying education and visas around the world for li’l Wangy, trying to hide their chosen ones.

  11. MathiasMEMBER

    I was just told a real life story of the Japanese War from someone who was old enough to remember it.

    ” In Sydney, they rounded up the Japanese, Italians and many groups and put them into concentration camps somewhere in NSW. They once broke out of that concentration camp and where shot. There was talk over the years of there graves but someone closer to the scene believes they werent buried at them graves. There bodys where buried where they died and the graves where just a placeholder. ”

    Its all been done before.

    Here we go… World War I & II Australian Internment Camps – https://guides.sl.nsw.gov.au/c.php?g=671848&p=4729959

    The camps were located at Holsworthy near Liverpool, Berrima and Trial Bay in New South Wales and Torrens Island in South Australia.

    Initially, the interned were men, women and children who were born in countries that were at war with Australia. As the war went on the government also interned “people of enemy nations who were naturalised British subjects, Australian-born descendants of migrants born in enemy nations and others who were thought to pose a threat to Australia’s security”. Most of the people who were interned in Australia were German.

    One last piece, ” Conscription in Australia ” – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Conscription_in_Australia

    Australia currently only has provisions for conscription during times of war when authorised by the governor-general and approved within 90 days by both houses of parliament as outlined in Part IV of the Defence Act 1903.

    You’d get 3 months notice.

  12. MathiasMEMBER

    Guns, cash and drugs worth hundreds of thousands of dollars have been seized in bikie raids and two chapter presidents have been charged

    From what I understand, a lot of these Bikie Gangs are ex-Military. They come out of the service, have no future in the civilian world and nowhere to go, so they end up in these underground Bikie groups. I guess you could call them, Veterans . When society doesnt want you, you turn to organised crime.

    A mate of mine tried to join a Bikie Gang many years ago. When your in the club, you literally just point at a woman and she’ll have s*x with you. Free alcohol and anything your hearts desire. The only catch, is you gotta do as your told. When they ask you to do something, you do it or they screw you over. My mate ended up beaten to a pulp.

    I also knew this lady I worked with who was in a Bikie Gang. Yeah, she told me she had men showing up at her place all hours to have s*x with her. It was part of her job. On the other hand, she’ woke up one morning with a gorgeous car in her driveway with the keys in it, ” No questions asked “. Dont ask and Dont tell. She said it was a great life but she didnt like talking about it too much. I went over her place one arvo for a coffee ( she seemed really interesting ) and this tough guy shows up at her door. They go off and have quiet whispers in the corner ( I was an outsider ). I could tell I wasnt welcome. They both glanced at me occasionally as if to say, ” He’s not part of our group. We cant trust this guy. ” ha ha. I only had a coffee with that woman. It was a really interesting coffee though ha ha. Lots of secrets in that household.

  13. What benefit would insulting China more give us? Sounds like the behaviour of a 10 year old. Better off ignoring Rudd, the CCP spokespeople and focus on quietly opening up new markets. Taiwan has done this for four decades and prospered.

    • MathiasMEMBER

      It would send a reminder that Australians will Stand up to a Bully and we dont take sh*t .

      This is our Country. We will be fair and we will be Stern but we are not going to take it up the a$$ .

      My guess is either your Chinese or your part of that Friendly Jordies mob. I really like that Friendly Jordies has become a place for Australias Young to congregate and hang together. The truthe is, the ground beneath Australias Young is shrinking below there feet. Pretty much everywhere you look, the venues for Australias Young are being shut down, one by one and we are being pushed out by the Boomers. Soon, there’ll be nowhere to go.

      I really admire Friendly Jordies for bringing together todays young but I can not support Friendly Jordies vision to sell off Australias Future for tommorrows young.

      I do not agree with this. I think he’s just pushing the Labor line which I find very scary.

      Friendly Jordies – Why America is Dead to Me

      The arguments, ” All media is US propaganda ” is fair. So conveniently, media from all across the globe ( including Germany, UK, Philipines, Vietnam, India ) all happens to be saying the same thing? US conspiracy? nah. Im not buying it. Germany ( who has tried to be Centrist ) had sided with China at one point until they screwed them over. Germany realised what was going on and decided to come over to Americas side.

      I dont know much about Menzi’s but I think its a poor argument to justify sacrificing the sovereignty and future of the Australian Nation. I dont think many Australians are going to accept anything but a Sovereign Australia where they can grow up peacefully and free.

      This isnt about America. Its about Australia. Its about what Australians want.

      Jordies is entitled to his opinion. I wish him good luck with that. I think once Australians get a taste of Chinese Authoritarianism and they realise what its like to lose freedom, they’ll be wanting it back real fast.

      • Nope, not Chinese. How is insulting people standing up to a bully? There is standing up for our beliefs, but insulting is giving s**t rather than not taking it.

        Most of the trade restrictions have hurt China more than us. We don’t need to bend and obey any of the 14 requirements. But ratcheting up insults will only make things worse.

        • MathiasMEMBER

          > We don’t need to bend and obey any of the 14 requirements. But ratcheting up insults will only make things worse.

          Well… they did just Sanction us in an attempt to make us conform to there will.

          The Chinese have called Australia ‘ Little Beijing ‘ as an arrogant means of suggesting ‘ We own you already ‘.

          Maybe its time Australians should stop apologising for who they are, stand up for themselves and be confident for once.

          Live or Die are the decisions of a Coward.

          Your better off dead then being a Slave to the CCP. Australia is for Australians and if China wants us to apologise for that then they can go F themselves. Im not apologising for anything.

          China can always leave Australia. We arent stopping them.

          Its hard for China to play the victim when they are the ones who are the perpetrators.

    • MathiasMEMBER

      If you want to know what Australia would look like under a Chinese Regime, just look at Hong Kong.

      If you cant understand that then there’s no hope for you.

      Im not suggesting Australia and America doesnt have it problems. There’s plenty. Turning Communist is a bit like asking the Devil to save you.

      Australia has some serious Social Inequality problems and its Baby Boomers are the most corrupt generation in history thats walked over almost everyone in this nation. Some serious power imbalances in Australia. I think Australians need to get violent because if they dont, the Boomers are going to sell off everything that matters to this Country. The young will be left with nothing.

      • It is not comparable. Hong Kong was always Chinese land and got handed back end of lease. For Australia to be under CCP rule, its representatives have to be elected here (unlikely) or has to be taken over.

      • Australia is a wonderful place to live. The chances of going communist is next to non existent. All I am saying is that there is no benefit for us to triple down on insults. Secondly, any insults should not be directed at Chinese people. Any assertive tones should be directed at the CCP. Something that the title of this article does not distinguish.

        • MathiasMEMBER

          This ones my favourite.

          ASIO ‘actively investigating’ allegations of plot to plant a Chinese agent in Parliament

          Melbourne luxury car dealer Nick Zhao was found dead in a motel in March this year, shortly after approaching Australia’s spy agency ASIO. Mr Zhao said he was offered $1 million to infiltrate the nation’s parliament as a spy. ASIO continues to investigate the matter.

          Professor Hamilton said a prominent arm of the United Front was a group known as the China Overseas Exchange Association, which he described as a global “propaganda and influence outfit headed by high-ranking party officials”.

          “Documents show that Liu has been a council member of this organisation,” he said.

          Despite the growing controversy, Ms Liu has so far resisted repeated calls to stand in the parliament and explain herself.

          Ms Liu told reporters that she had no recollection of ever meeting Mr Zhao.

          Photographs emerged at the weekend of him sitting next to her at a gathering inside her home in 2016.

          ( Lets think about this… Photograph… of him… at her home… next to her… Cant recollect? Bullsh*t )

          Her spokesman maintains that: “Ms Liu has no recollection of meeting Mr Zhao.”
          There is no suggestion that Ms Liu had any knowledge of the alleged plot Mr Zhao notified ASIO of.

          I think its fair to say that Australians have appropriate cause and reason to want to take there Security very seriously in the face of such allegations.

          We now have members of the CCP being implanted in Australias Parliament. How would you expect Australians to respond to that?

          If Labor is going to defend this then Labor is now an ‘Enemy of this State’.

        • MathiasMEMBER

          > The chances of going communist is next to non existent.

          eh… I’ve been thinking about that. Im no expert economist but this:

          If Australias Growth crashes as badly as Im thinking it will, then we run the risk that Australias Interest Rates could go negative. Its difficult to imagine that kind of Australia.

          The first thing is the Aussie Dollar is virtually worthless. Negative Interest rates means having your money in the bank will incur fee’s. So literally keeping your money in the bank means it gets eroded by interest every month. Now, a smart person would say, ” Why would I keep my money in the bank if they keep deducting fee’s? Why dont I just take it out and shove it under my pillow instead? “. Exactly. So in my thinking, once Negative Interest Rates hit, everyones going to be pulling there money out of the bank en masse so fast that you’ll see Australian Bank Deposits shrink.

          As your well aware, Australia has Debt. Banks are hooked into Mortgage debt. Banks have this Leverage thing. They can lend so much money but they need to have some free capital in case of risk. If we begin to see people ripping there money out of the bank en masse, that could do nasty things to Banks who have just seen there Deposits shrink and all they have left is debt which could bankrupt them. Basically, Australias Banks are stuffed.

          When interest rates are positive, money has value and the Social Powers of that system is that you have the Freedom to hold cash and spend it to your liking. When interest rates go negative, Australian Money is virtually worthless and in order to recover society, Governments need to become more Authoritarian. They bring in Laws and Rules which one could argue is somewhat a bit like ‘Favouritism’. In my way of thinking, its a fine line between a society built on Capital to a society built on Favouritism. Favouritism is basically Socialism.

          The more I look around Australian Societys after this Neo-Liberalist era, the more I begin to think that Australia has many hidden Liabilities. Liberals have drained Australian Communitys financially, left them for dead and lived on the premise that ‘ People will just adapt ‘. I think the reality is a lot of people have just waited out there lives, moved back home with there parents, given up there careers, stopped studying at university and are just waiting out there lives. The idea that Society will come good and we havent just created for ourselves 20 years of Societal Debt which someday needs to be repaid is laughable to me. In fact, I think its worse because House Prices that rose in 2005 have basically displaced an entire population for 15 years.

          Im of the opinion that Australian Society has some serious gaps. That translates into some serious Liabilities or Costs which future Governments will be forced to pay for. That in turn, suggests to me that Australias Growth today is highly optimistic and more then likely to go much lower then any of us anticipate.

          It seems to me that when Interest Rates go below 0% you are effectively entering into the world of Socialism. Australia will be so broke that the rules of Free Markets have to be voided and the Australian Government will be forced to interject and step in or Australia will be watching half its population die.

          I dont think Australia will be Communist but I think over the next 17 years, collapsing growth is going to force us Socialist. I think Australia has an Aging Population, we’ve wrecked our people pretending problems dont exist, growth is going to collapse and when we go below 0% then Australia will start a hybrid transitioning into Socialism.

          At some point, the Governments going to have to intervene into the Domestic Economy to fix Social Inequality, because if it doesnt, I think Australia will have a serious problem on its hands.

          The Boomers are going to die between now and 2038 which is going to cause some interesting social dilemmas. Furthermore, we’ve left our young for dead over the past 15 years so I wouldnt be surprised if we start seeing suicides. Australias destroyed peoples lives and I dont think its going to recover on its own.

          There’s also the Governmental Trust issues. ScoMo has been a bad one. Im curious to know how many Australians no longer trust the Government anymore and how many years that damage is going to take to bring Australians back. All it takes is a 4 year election and ScoMo can be elected again. I think trust in Australia is going to be a serious issue after all of this.

          We may not reach Communism but Im thinking Socialism might be a definite possibility. Its either that or watch Australians die.

        • MathiasMEMBER

          Im a nutjob so what do I know… if you ask me, I’ll tell you the future is this…

          If Im right, I cant see how Australia wont be Socialist and the Australian Government will have a National Emergency on its hands to keep Australians Alive.

          Over the next 17 years, I see lots of Death coming.

          I’ve been saying interest rates between -5% and -17% . At rates that low, the Aussie Dollar is effectively dead.

        • MathiasMEMBER

          House price surge means first home buyers are turning to the Bank of Mum and Dad

          The young arent buying houses. Parents are buying them for them. Growth in Australias Young is an absolute lie in Australia. You can read between the lines on this. Australia has nothing coming after the Boomers die.

          I’ve often wondered, ” Where are the young people? “. Its really hard to find any. Doesnt take much to find some screaming Boomer part of Australias Housing Mafia trying to ram his opinions down everyones throat, but where are Australias Young? They are really hard to find.

          I enjoy going to Friendly Jordies and I like reading all the comments. You begin to realise that Australia does have some young people but mostly, they are socially isolated, they dont speak much and there arent many venues left in Australia where they are welcome anymore. They’ve practically been driven from anywhere they go. Sooner or later, the Boomers end up Bullying them into Submission until eventually they leave. If your looking for places where Boomers Hang out, its everywhere. You can go checkout Martin Norths stuff. If your looking for places where the young can hang out, its not so easy. Half the places have been shut down, the young have basically been socially castrated and the few who do speak up are usually buried so deep from the endless years of Australian Bullying thats gone on in this Country. Most young arent aggressive like me. They just walk away, give up and lose interest. They just go back to there mobile phones, stop caring and stop giving a sh*t anymore. The Boomers whine, ” Those young dont care about anything ” when in reality, its all the Boomers fault.

          So when you look at the facts, you begin to see that the Boomers own Australia. As long as Boomers own Australia, life is sweet. When Boomers begin to die, we have mismanaged our young so badly that there really is nothing that comes after it. We have socially castrated the young generation, isolated them from Australian Society and left them for dead. When the Boomers start to die, we suddenly expect Australias Young to jump up, start caring and for Australias Growth to magically fix itself. I find that laughable. It wont. Im expecting Australias growth to plummet. Australias Young have never been involved in Australias Society for the past 15 years so why should we expect them to be involved in the next 20 years? I dont see it happening. The Government will be forced to turn Socialist or Young Australias are just going to die.

          I think the Boomers grabbed all the power, stole everything from there children and have left everyone else for dead. I think when the Boomers kick the bucket in the few years to come, Australias just going to collapse into a huge mess, growth is going to deteriorate like never before and Australias going to end up in a severe emergency.

          I can go into details as to why Australias Young have been socially disengaged, why there lives have been destroyed and why Australia has no future… but nobody in Australia seems to care.

          I think at this point, the priority should be on ‘Keeping Australias Young Alive’ because judging from everything I’ve seen, this Country really has no future anymore.

          It took 15 years to destroy Australias Young. I dont think this will get fixed by a one off payment. I dont think some ‘Mental Health Fund’ is going to fix this one. This ones going to last a very long time and I think the social damage is going to reflect very clearly in economic data in the years to come.

          4 years is a Government Irritation. 15 years of high house prices and Boomer Corruption has now become a lifestyle. It’ll take 15 years to undo that kind of damage. Australians have been forced to radically change the way they live life to accommodate there environment. Maybe they joined a terrorist cell, have gone underground or come up with some obscure way to survive in this harsh country. Either way, it’ll take some effort to undo that after the Government practically did this.

          No matter how I see it… it either ends up in Socialism or Death.

          My guess is Australia will be forced to adopt UBI ( Universal Basic Income ) or half its population is just going to die. I think that’ll be the best alternative because this damage will probably take years to recover… if it ever does. Its probably the only way out that I can see. With interest rates at -5% to -17% , you even have to wonder if Aussie Dollars UBI is worth it. Perhaps, by then, Aussie Dollars will be so worthless that a $5000 welfare cheque will probably be meaningless. If UBI fails and we cant come up with a better Currency, then I guess Social Credit Scoring it is ( Communism ). It just seems to me that moneys worthless in the future.

          When half your life is gone ( because it was sapped by the Boomers ) and you spend your 60s paying off house prices, I mean, whats the point of Australian Dollars? Whats the point of life? Whats the point of anything? lol. You’ve destroyed peoples lives. I think ‘Peoples Motivation and Energy’ is going to contract massively. A huge contraction in energy because people have just lost interest. The Government stole all there money to fund the Boomers and now they have nothing to show for it.

          UBI might work but if the social problems become too large and the currency too destroyed, then Im thinking not even handing out free money might work. With negative interest rates, Aussie Dollars might be completely worthless. If UBI fails then, we could end up forced to eradicate money altogether, implement a Social Credit System and end up Communist. 17 years is a long time. Its hard to say if Aussie Dollars will be worth anything by then.

      • You do realise that you have a Gen X government?; that the voting power of either Gen X or Y each have more power than the boomers? That only a small percentage of boomers have the wealth and handouts you simplistically believe to be the norm? More of them are living in caravans and dongas than fit your identikit picture.

  14. MathiasMEMBER

    Queensland deputy premier Steven Miles denies calling Scott Morrison a ‘c***’

    It sounded a lot like it, but Queensland’s Deputy Premier says there’s a simple explanation for the moment he appeared to call the PM a vulgar word


    Bahahahahahahahaha… omg… dont do that to me… spat my coffee and fell off my chair. Thats so funny.

    Yeah, nah. Australians wouldnt do that. Thats just not something Australians would do. Im sure he meant ‘country’ ;p

    Who is this guy? Steven Miles … I dont know him but I like him already.

    • Could be a mutual divorce of convenience. Would not be surprised if the Chinese side was looking around at their strategic political vulnerabilities and decided that Straya would be in the poo for good from here on in, and that not having an Aussie jv partner would improve their political capital. So clear reasons for both parties to exit the deal.

    • Someone ElseMEMBER

      Sounds like they’ve been given an ultimatum – Austral have a lot of US navy contracts that might evaporate. Austal, famous for their aluminium ships, are converting their US (Alabama?) facilities to build steel ships, a company first, because the USN told them to.

  15. kierans777MEMBER

    China doesn’t have to bomb up. They just have to prevent refined (or crude) petroleum from reaching our shores and we’re done and dusted in a month. Given that the majority of our imports come from Singapore/Japan/Asia it might not be that hard to do.

    Once again the “better economic managers” have failed us.

    • Even StevenMEMBER

      Ooops – meant to respond to Hoody’s post above.

      I own Austal shares.

      This is a good and pragmatic strategic move. You can’t work for two rivals. Look at it from the US defence’s perspective… will they give a commission to Austal if the company also has operations in China which could be subject to confiscation, intellectual theft and know-how on the US-made vessels.

    • Even StevenMEMBER

      Kieran, what you are suggesting – an effective blockade of Australia by China – is nigh on impossible. There are simply too many entry points and China’s navy would surely be stretched to gossamer thinness. Given it would be dealing with US navy and other international navies at the same time, I’d be extremely surprised. I have no special knowledge in this area, mind you.

      However, I don’t refute the point you are making that the Government has failed to secure strategic oil stockpiles. Pretty sure they are thinking about it now though!

      (I would be keen for a comment from DLS or other knowledgeable persons from the MB pundariat on feasibility of Australian blockade)

      • What archipelago lies between Australia and where we get petroleum products? In the unlikely event of hostilities, who would they side with?

        The crude ships don’t need to be blockaded, merely delayed to have the same effect. Any delay over two weeks and Australia gets close to running out of petrol.

        • Its very unlikely they would side with china, a lot of cultural suspicion, historical enmity and there own maritime boundary disputes in the south china sea.
          Historically the PKI flirted with maoist China and are still widely reviled in the country today.
          I agree we need onshore refining in australia but i think refined products will still move through the indian ocean and pacific.

      • kierans777MEMBER

        It’s true that there is a lot of speculation. However I have no faith in the competency of the Liberal government. They are corrupt, inept and exist solely to enrich them and their mates.

  16. “The prism through which to view any Taiwanese conflict is not what is good for China, nor what is in the Chinese national interest, nor what the Chinese people want, nor what is good for the Chinese military. It is what is good for the CCP and most sustains its power.”
    Wrong DLS. Its Poo Bear’s prism you should be looking through. He does not have many years left to leave his warped legacy.

  17. Wow, this is priceless.
    PRC (Mainland China) to invade ROC (aka Taiwan), and PRC to bomb or otherwise attack militarily Australia???
    Even if Xi was on LSD (or DLS or SLD or SDL, I can’t seem to remember) this would not happen. He needs to be on Brawndo for years to be making such a stupid move.

  18. To all those who continue to say that the CCP is not the Chinese people in Australia.- There must be at least some who do the CCP’s bidding. Was it the CCP that went to the Horton’s house and put glass into their swimming pool?

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