US travel rebound takes off

This is what happens when you have a competent vaccine rollout. No prison island. No budget bribes to offset it. Just folks getting on planes and traveling their butts off:

At the current rate of rebound, the US will exceed 2019 travel volumes by August this year:

What follows is a boom. And when I say boom, I mean BOOM:

As vaccines triumph across the developed world, they will open borders very soon and drop a tourism money bomb on each other:

Everywhere except the Prison Island, that is. We will miss out entirely on a gargantuan wave of global tourism as we are locked up like cowering, whimpering mutts by a Morrison Nanny State that could not run a piss-up in a brewery.

But who cares when Natalie Portman wants to buy a house Downunder!

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. You are failing to make opportunity of the current situation.
    Local depression to force structural adjustment.
    Keeping the borders shut is an ideal post party pill.

  2. Uranium GeoMEMBER

    I flew into SanFran in March while international flights are sparsely occupied, domestic routes are packed. I have flown domestically twice in the US this year (SanFran-PDX & Eugene-Seattle) on both flights we were packed in like sardines with only one seat vacant on one of those flights.

    Disclosure: I have had both jabs of the Moderna but have no idea if it works.

    • SoCalSurfCreeperMEMBER

      I’ve travelled US domestic a lot this year.

      Fully vaccinated with Moderna by mid Feb. Flights are all full. The vaccines work outstandingly well. The mRNA vaccines are modern scientific miracles. With approaching 60% of US adults at least partially vaccinated, 99.7% of the people hospitalized for Covid in the US today are unvaccinated. Vaccines are everywhere.

      I was out in restaurants and bars in NYC all last weekend without any care or worry at all. I’m taking my 14 year old for his Pfizer shot tomorrow.

  3. UpperWestside

    Another random factoid – you cant get a US passport renewed for months.
    Time to get an interview at the postoffice in NY and surrounding areas ( 75miles) is up to 2 months.
    Regular processing is running at 4 months I was told today. High speed (pay extra ) is 2 months.

  4. Frank DrebinMEMBER

    Amazing what well run first world countries can achieve.

    Something for Australia to emulate if it wants to join those ranks.

  5. call me ArtieMEMBER

    Closed borders are fine. Fortress Australia…fine
    Opening the borders will just mean the resumption of the population ponzi and foreign student ponzi.
    I’m sure it’s not intentional, but Scummos lot are doing us a big favor by stuffing up vaccine rollout, The longer borders are closed the more apparent it will become to every punter that the immigration ponzi was in the best interests of no-one except big business. I hope it never gets off the ground again

    • Iron Ore $300

      Trump was right the cure can’t be worse than the disease. Australia still hysterical when there’s more than 0 cases per day.

  6. A few people are failing to see the obvious. Portman and other stars moving to Australia is quite a good data point. It shows the “Fortress Australia” policy is good – and people are voting with their feet and or wallets. The affluent want to be in this fortress. Despite significant industry advantages in Hollywood they are coming here. The economic advantage of COVID elimination is real.

    Good local tourism is booming as more money on this sector nationally is lost than gained in normal times. Wages are starting to rise. The population ponzi has stopped. The corrupt university sector will now have to raise its standards vs just importing more students. We can finally catch up to our infrastructure needs without forever expanding on our environment.

    All we need to do is have remote quarantine facilities and pay accordingly and we can have elimination permanently. I think governments dont want to improve hotel quarantine for this exact reason. It doesn’t pay for them and their masters to do too good of a job on this. They want people to think covid is something that they have to live with. The middle class are loving the current situation mostly hence the pressure for it to stop.