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    • The Travelling Albatross

      Who ever you enlist, don’t choose Reusa as he’ll over pay. Get Boom, TTW or Swampy.
      But no bcnich too he’ll bid backwards in an auction😁

    • lol. what “strategies” are they referring to? They give them their maximum price and they yell it out at the auction.

      • TailorTrashMEMBER

        Yes …stand back until the chinese bid past your absolute max plus much much more . Pick up your bidding fee and go home ……This is silliness on a whole new level

  1. Code Nomad_1x @Nomad_1x

    Replying to @elonmusk

    Why would you tweet this!!! bitcoin has now gone down and i have lost $104,000! i put my life savings into it thinking it would make me rich… crypto is a scam, im never buying bitcoin or anything again. THANKS ELON!

    6:14 PM · May 12, 2021·Twitter Web App

    • The Travelling Albatross

      Didn’t know that’s your handle name on twitter Skip, must be hard losing all that money.

      • I don’t invest in unsecured rubbish let alone non productive scams …. hence the drama above not understanding legal their rights … its cool though … another set up to go postal some day …

    • It does raise an interesting question as to whether it is illegal to manipulate crypto markets? And whether a mere tweet could constitute manipulation?

    • I hate idiots that blame others for their investment choices going bad. It’s a free market, unregulated. You take your risks and you take the winnings if it goes your way.

      Some would say it’s a good opportunity to buy the dip..

      Both my NASDAQ stocks and BTC took a hit today. But I got a screaming deal on a pair of Mikuni Carburettors so I’m happy lol.

      Plus I didn’t invest my life savings in BTC yet. Haha.

        • Yes, I used to. Just watched the Hamster crash an electric car on YouTube yesterday. Rimac (Croatian Supercar).

          • The Travelling Albatross

            He just crashed again in Scotland! ( the episode is yet to be aired)

        • As in unregulated. Therefore no rules. Other than perhaps a few whales or influencers like Musk that can pump the price on a whim.

          • That is not what the original term meant, that is the neoliberal bastardization of the term used to support rents, monopolies, oligarchs, and any other social ill you can think of ….

            Then some bang on about the currant state of everything ….

          • I know that Skip, but that’s what I mean in the context of my original post.

          • There is no such thing as an unregulated market. Every market is the result of regulation by those who create and define property rights.
            If you do go somewhere where there is no apparent strongest gang enforcing property rights, then what will exist can in no way be termed a market. A good example might be deep inside a wild jungle on a dark night. Would you call that a free market?

  2. Today is Father’s day in Germany. All the blokes go to the forest with a little wagon full of Bier and get hammered.

  3. Ritualised FormsMEMBER

    I find reading when AFR articles helps if you mentally transliterate them all into sports journalese……….

    I whipped this up for David’s earlier piece…

    Australia cements Covid medal placing with Moderna domination in the back straight
    Hands High
    May 13, 2021 – 2.37am

    London | The Morrison government has surged into global Covid medal contention with a withering back straight run powered by a dominant midfield performance by PM Scott Morrison. 

    The pre-race bookies favourite raised the spinnaker to capitalise on the strengthening breeze after Tuesday’s budget with Captain, PM Scott Morrison, pulling off two absolute blinders to snare 10 million doses of Moderna’s standard vaccine this year and 15 million of its booster vaccine candidate next year.

    In an interview after the day’s play the US-based pharmaceutical giant said the Australian PM was an ‘absolute legend’ of the game.

    “People talk about the big game performers and the word legend gets thrown about a lot, but not many nations could have pulled out what Australia did today.  10 million doses this year and 15 million next will ensure Australia is very difficult to beat and is right in medal contention coming home on a wet sail. The announcement coming out straight after a feel good budget is the work of a master.  An absolute legend, and a standout in a pretty competitive field’

    The news came after the government splashed the cash in the high rollers room of the budget, with big hits to gain possession of manufacturing capacity, and a superb kick to touch for mRNA drugs in Australia.

    Moderna CEO Stephane Bancel said his company anticipated “continuing discussions with Australia about establishing a ‘double or nothing’ or even a ’winner takes all’ high stakes competition modelled on the governments approach to submarine acquisition”.

    Australia had been under pressure following an uncharacteristically slow-starting vaccination program, and some unforced errors in quarantine with commentators calling saying the medal hope would need to up the pace fourfold to be within striking distance by Christmas.

    Australia’s first inning rollout was hampered by a damp pitch which saw a scratchy performance by AstraZeneca, fresh from a series of Group One meetings in the European Union. Then, once domestic manufacture had started, the second days play was delayed by a pitch invasion of over 50s, seeking to wager on the risk of blood clots as a side-effect.

    Mass vaccination centres are now opening to distribute jabs, particularly Pfizer’s, at greater pace and scale, getting some movement off the pitch with the Fremantle Doctor picking up, and the AstraZeneca toiling into the wind on a steady line and length. Australia’s rollout speed is roughly on a par with Europe’s, with front-runners such as the US, Britain and Israel still well out in front.  But pundits see Australia’s game in hand plus some big name returns from injury and a favourable fixture as leaving it just off the back the leading peleton rounding the bend into the home straight.  On the week’s news Australia shortened from 11-1 into 5-2 for a place, and now looks well worth an outlay at 6 for the win.    

    Moderna’s vaccine is being used in extensively in the US, Britain and Europe. It is made in Europe and the US by Swiss company Lonza. Lonza uses lipids from Germany to make the vaccine, which is then filled and finished in Spain and France. Lonza’s US output has an entirely American supply chain. Its combined trans-Atlantic capacity is at least 700 million doses this year and 1.4 billion next year.  But Australia’s nabbing of 25 million doses belied the home ground knowledge and has positioned the nation for title honours.

    Moderna’s statement did not say whether the doses would be shipped from Europe or the US, but noted that Moderna hoped to “open a commercial subsidiary in Australia in 2021”.

    “Australia can play from both sides of the box in a run with role, while still getting a lot of influential possessions.  Once the midfield is sorted that positions the big forwards to make hay while the sun shines.  Australia is all about shining, and we are all about making hay.”

    The Moderna jab’s efficacy at preventing COVID-19 has been rated at 94 per cent, slightly lower in over-65s. Even a single dose is 80 per cent effective, according to US Centre for Disease Control and Prevention.  Slow motion footage suggested that some arm straightening did occur but the touch judges kept the flag down.

    It is said to be close to 100 per cent effective against hospitalisation and death, and early research suggests it can protect against the British, South African and Brazilian variants, with old timers describing Australia’s performance as a hallowed reminder of the glory days of its fight to prevent Foot and Mouth disease gaining a foothold.

    The two doses are taken 28 days apart, with the legs facing due east and due west, in a crouching position and the arms akimbo. The mRNA vaccines use a newly developed technology that sends instructions to cells for making a spike protein that trains the immune system to recognise the COVID-19 spike protein, and receives instructions from the dressing room or via the runner.

    Besides Moderna, the ebullient Australia has current contracts for almost 170 million vaccine doses: 40 million from Pfizer, 53.8 million from AstraZeneca (of which 50 million are being made locally), 51 million from Novavax and 25 million from the Covax facility, a global initiative aimed at equitable access to vaccines.  Australian Captain, and man of the Match Morrison said everything was coming together at the right time for the side to go a long way into September.

    Novavax’s CEO Stanley Erck this week said raw materials shortages had forced it to delay the process of getting its vaccine out into the market, and seeing punters get off the wagon sending it from 7-2 to 18-1 on the tote.

    The company will no longer seek regulatory approval in the US and Britain by the end of June as previously expected, and is instead targeting the third quarter and an adjudication from the Match review committee instead.

    Meanwhile, Australia is developing its own second-wave vaccine at the University of Queensland. The UQ vaccine, which was Australia’s leading candidate before unexpectedly coming unstuck in December, is undergoing re-engineering, and is promising to be ‘back bigger and better than before, after doing a big pre-season’.

    • How unAustralian is it to denigrate Luxury Apartments? Luxury Apartments are safe, strongly performing investments and all Aussie Mum’n’Dad investors can rest easy at night knowing they’ve invested in a solid product.

    • Arthur Schopenhauer

      Jesus! That’s a basic thing to F up. Even the remedial plates look, ah, challenged.

    • Buy detached houses on good block sizes in middle ring suburbs with good transport access to city etc.. not apartments, townhouses etc..

      • Wait until you get 3 families of chvntards moving next to you and riding their dirt bikes in circles on the now impromptu race-tracks which were their backyards … strangling them with their own entrails is not gory enough to satisfy the murderous rage!

        • The Traveling Wilbur


          Just leave some MJ somewhere the kids can get hold of it. Allegedly. That’ll fix most of the short term problems.

  4. The Traveling Wilbur

    Well, examining National Integrity in Australia won’t take long.

    At least Albo’s having a go.
    And announcing policy before an election is even called. Again.
    They never learn.

    • Small target labor… hoping that by the time it does get called, this would be forgotten.

    • Jumping jack flash

      Opening your mouth is a good invitation for someone to put your foot into it. Just ask Shorten.

      On the other hand i had no idea who Albo was. Nary a squeak from him for years. Its a hard gig being in opposition these days when the incumbent just follows the status quo defined by his cunning predecessor a decade ago, and throws the proverbial over anyone who dares speak against it.