Europe shifts hawkish on China

This is a very important development in the evolving liberal block versus illiberal block cold war led by the US and China respectively. Europe is vital because it is the largest swing state by far. To date, it has been a cowardly waffler, afraid of Donald Trump hawkishness, while courting Beijing. But, things have changed in recent months with the rise of the Biden administration:

  • The Comprehensive Agreement on Investment may never be ratified by the European Parliament.
  • EU Germany and Nederlands have all made it harder for Chinese M&A. Italy and France have both turned cold on China.
  • Further measures to prevent tech takeovers are planned.
  • Populist Hungary is still keen whore with Beijing
  • CCP apologist, Angela Merkel is struggling to hold the line. German Greens (much less fake than Australian) are China hawkish and leading polls for September elections.
  • Wolf wankers are to blame as China crushes HK, threatens Taiwan and undertakes genocide in Xinjiang.
  • Europe will seek its own path independent of US.

There are also strategic moves afoot with Germany, France and Britain all sending naval vessels into the South China Sea in recent weeks.

It is my hope (and expectation) that Europe will swing much more hawkish over time, even if pretends otherwise for while. The CCP is evil and European history makes it impossible for it to be close to such.

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