China will make smug Morrison eat his words

Australia’s personality disordered PM is up to his old tricks today. As the China-Australia relationship plumbs new depths he turns on gaslighting for locals and the CCP alike :

  • The Australia-China relationship is fine, said ScoMo.
  • The trade war on Australia is more “dance than bite.”

Which is rubbish, of course. Despite great headline numbers, the export relationship is narrowing at a spectacular rate. Only LNG and iron ore are left untouched and they are under attack.

Indeed, the rate at which the Chinese economy is slowing, and the speed at which it is planning to shift from Australian iron ore, will have PM Morrison eating his words in 2022. Especially since students and tourists won’t be back, either.

I’m OK with that. Let’s divorce the evil CCP as soon as we can. The issue is that Morrison’s disorder manifests daily as tactical political victories at the expense of long-term strategic planning. This has prevented any discussion of an effective blueprint for what comes post-China.

So, when iron ore crashes and China redoubles the political pressure, we’ll be more vulnerable than we should be, both to economic weakness and China’s fifth column agents who will crow that they told us so.

Not that we get much better from the other side. All Penny Wong managed to do was swallow the Morrison bait:

  • Morrison is warmongering for a kahki election, she said.
  • “Two of the people most responsible for keeping Australians safe are instead talking tough for political purposes, and in doing so they are playing directly into the CPC’s narrative and providing Beijing with the leverage that comes with a sense of inevitability about crisis, conflict and war.”

Yes, they are. But they are also triggering a fantastic accelerated divorce from Chinese trade and the CCP influence and bribery that comes with it.

What will Labor do other than kowtow and gratefully receive those Aldi bags full of cash?

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. Walter Berg IVMEMBER

    I think ScoMo is auditioning to becone a manager of professional wrestling ‘bad guys’ when he departs politics

    • As long as he doesn’t tip those man boobs into the ring I’m ok with that. Can’t do much damage there anyway

  2. Jumping jack flash

    Since Scomo’s utter and colossal failure, that should go down in all the history books, to heal the debt economy with gargantuan piles of stimulus under the cover of COVID to substitute for wages growth while CPI rises to grow wages traditionally, we find ourselves heading towards the greatest depression, again.

    The proven method to pull countries from depressions is national industry.

    If China isn’t going to buy our resources and build the items we need, then we’re simply going to have to do it ourselves.
    Since no private company is going to start building the glorious new factories to build the things we need because it currently makes little economic sense to do so, the government will have to step in.

    By the time we need the factories it will be far too late to build them, and the private sector will have long gone. The time to start is now, before it becomes a huge problem.

    We are already seeing massive problems in our oil refining capacity and capability. Again, no private company thinks it is a good idea to perform it, so it doesn’t get performed.

    A government worth anything would have stepped in a long time ago, but alas, we have such fine leaders leading us, and such a fantastic array of alternatives to choose from as well.

    • Lord DudleyMEMBER

      Yup, if China really does manage to buy a lot less from Australia, that’s a LOT of export earnings gone. Australia lacks other trade exposed industries aside from agriculture, and its costs are too high for new ones to form.

      This could cause a pretty big squeeze… eventually there’s a point where Australia’s costs drop enough for trade exposed industries to resume… and that cost drop would hurt quite a bit.

    • Australia’s exports are amongst the highest on record due to prices and volumes of iron ore.

      As that crashes starting from NOW – you can expect the AUD to go south like a brick.

      Couple that with 100% no doubt about it inflation on consumer items then we are basically in a death spiral.

      The second iron ore really starts going south our economy is going to totally implode.

  3. Lock in option B “Labor to order bowlfuls of Chicken Kow Tow” Eddie, for 1 BILLION dollarrsss (say in Dr Evil voice obviously)

    • cuturhairMEMBER

      Billion? Pretty sure Aussie pollies settle for something in the millions…

      • Mining BoganMEMBER

        Millions? Australian pollies will settle for a schnitzel, stubble of imported beer and a hand shandy.

        They really are that cheap.

  4. El MerenderoMEMBER

    when the usually very sensible Penny Wong also drops the ball, then you know the ALP has become well and truly unelectable. Threats to bipartisanship is precisely the CCP target.

  5. This iron ore play is classic pump-and-dump play on China’s part, with the difference that with a falling domestic economy and building scrap supplies, China is stockpiling ore.

    You’d think they were planning for a period of isolation ala Nippon after Pig Iron Bob had done his magic.

  6. Gee, its a tough crowd in here. Morrison makes a mildly amusing comment about China being “like the traditional Chinese lion dance – mostly theatrical” is a pretty good line, and effective against the daily wolf wankery delivered at Australia by so called ‘diplomats’.
    As for Penny, she seems to be coming out of the closet again, unfortunately this time it’s Xie’s cupboard of arse-lickers.
    It’s always been her problem, too nuanced for her own good. Talks her way into a theoretical corner so much one is left with the question about what would Labor actually do of practical value? Together with Albos spotlessly clean fluoro vest and hard-hat routine every-man routine, they make Keir Starmer look like a man of action.