Australian women divorce China with a bullet

The Morrison Government recently all-but destroyed its relationship with the female half of the electorate by mistaking a sexual assault crisis for a culture war. Now it is seeking to move on from that in a great hurry and push the agenda back to its safest territory: national security.

The new Defence Minister, Peter Dutton, who has the job directly as a result of Rapegate, is on the march, literally:

  • In a policy shift, Dutton will speak out against all Chinese aggression.
  • Dutton claims, rightly, to have strong support from Australians.
  • Australia is already under attack in the cyber realm.
  • Andrew Robb’s Darwin Port treason is to be reviewed (and likely force divested).

What better way to illustrate to the women of Australia the worth of a pack of insensitive rape protecting f’wits than to stand up against the regional bully?

To wit, the Prime Minister for Women:

  • Foreign Minister Marise Payne attacked Chian debt diplomacy.
  • On her way to the G7.
  • She joined US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken in these warnings.

And soft, cardigan-wearing Labor is falling straight into the trap. Led, as usual, by its band of China greybeards:

  • Kevin Rudd said it all “served zero security purposes”.
  • Morrison is “addicted to the drug” of standing up to China for domestic political purposes.
  • Shadow defence minister Brendan O’Conner whined it was all “unhelpful”.

Of course, it’s all about local politics. But it IS still in the national interest. The sooner we diversify away from the CCP, the sooner we bulwark our future against its occupation of Australia. Expect Chinese tourists and students to stay gone which will lower the dollar and help shift exports elsewhere.

Thank the women of Australia. The sudden increase in scope and speed of the Morrison Government’s divorce from China is for them.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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    • Jumping jack flash


      I was curious about why this was suddenly in the news again. Terrorism is so 2010s so good luck with wheeling that out. Its all COVID and BLM now. And COVID is fast declining in its ability to distract.

      • Someone ElseMEMBER

        It’s a good plan to draw the PLA away from their coast. The PLA is focused on a short-range, forced crossing to Taiwan, but an engagement only 1000km away, flanked on three sides by enemies, out of range of its littoral assets is beyond them.

        They’d get humiliated when their rhetoric does not match their abilities. And then what? An embarrassed CCP could do some very dumb things.

  1. Being 100% guided, not by his patriarchal god, but by amoral cynicism and colossal self-interest, Morrison could turn on a dime anytime, on key issues like China, Migration, and Net Zero. Witness his sudden India clampdown.

    Labor, on the other hand, seems 100% hard-wired into “United Nations” positions. The Titanic would be easier to shift.

  2. The LNP has the got the next election in the bag…by a landslide. They have read Australia’s mood perfectly. Bush-fires and Hawaiian holidays are a distant memory, the rape scandal can be swept aside by carefully crafted and soft enquiries and as long as the general population is kept gorged on “debt lead consumption and economic wealth” the more they will accept the BS that comes their way. China is a perfect foil for all of the above, as long as the immigration lie is kept at bay.

  3. Savvy Mum and Dad Investor

    We need to be nice to China because they make everything we import and most of what we export.

    I’m fine so it would be amusing to China turn off the tap, but a lot of people gung ho for this will lose everything, jobs, home, investments.

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