Morrison vaccine rollout paces Bangladesh

As we know, Prime Minister Scott Morrison “doesn’t hold the hose, mate”. Which is just as well. Because he does hold the syringe and that is not going at all well.

  • State premiers are banding together to attack the Morrison Government in the National Cabinet this week.
  • They are demanding accurate rollout data being withheld by the Morrison Government.
  • The Morrison Government is blaming Europe’s block on the AstraZeneca vaccine for the poor rollout.

But, then, why did it choose only one, cheap vaccine to go with? For that matter, why was procurement policy warped around Coalition political connections at AZ? That created the concentration risk that has now come to bear.

Unfortunately, it is not getting any better as Australia now has its first case of AZ-linked thrombosis. The condition is rare but, again, poor procurement policy is to blame, not Europe. For instance, Canada had the sense to contract multiple vaccines to hedge potential problems with any one of them. When AZ problems arose it could suspend its rollout while accelerating alternatives.

Thanks to these blunders, vaccine hesitancy is on the rise. Indeed, some are now asking if Australian herd immunity is possible:

  • Vaccine hesitancy was 36% in March.
  • Health authorities are concerned that AZ blundering will prevent it from coming down or may even rise.
  • The Morrison Government has “underestimated” hesitancy and put all of its eggs in the AZ basket.

It’s a moot point at this stage given the Australian rollout is tracking Bangladesh, having already lost out badly to last week’s hot competitor, Albania:

Galloping backwards

Galloping backwards

By H2, many of these problems will resolve as other vaccines arrive in Australia. Though we still won’t be doing mass vaccinations. Even hapless governments couldn’t cock-up the J&J version. It is single-dose, stored easily and the available volumes will be huge.

Oh, that’s right, Australia has no J&J deal. Not enough Liberal Party connections.

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  1. Andrew Veniamin

    I’m in my 40’s very fit and get blood clots – who knows.

    Spoke with a doctor last night who heads up state facility and was told that even she was not allowed the non- AZ version and it was limited to ER personnel and ambulance.

    I was told straight up – DO NOT TAKE IT.

    Main stream media – ABC is complicit as hell in this as well. Their reporting is absurd.

  2. in Holland & Germany, most of the victims seem to be young women under contraception (cohort with very little risk from covid itself).

    As we have very few cases of covid here, taking AZ jab is far more risky than covid itself for under 50

  3. Arthur Schopenhauer

    All the while, the Virus 🦠 is doing what viruses do. See Canada for more details.

    Edit: 20-50 year olds Virus patients putting pressure on hospital beds.

    • innocent bystander

      you should be here in Perth. no covid here.
      just as well, cause no hospital beds either.
      it is mind boggling actually. ambulance ramping. big delays in emergency. shortage of ICU beds.
      there was a rumour in the early days that the hard WA borders were because the hospitals would not have coped – seems to be true.

  4. Can a vaccine achieve herd immunity if it doesn’t provide immunity rather only a reduction of symptoms… seems like an attempt to change the definition of herd immunity.
    On that note, is it a vaccine if it doesn’t provide immunity… doesn’t meet the definition of a vaccine.

    So Australia’s uptake is slow, New Zealand is even slower – why is that?

    Aren’t these shots still in the testing phase.. Isn’t mRNA a new treatment approach for humans, and as its still in the testing phase the Long Term health impacts are unknown.
    Or would you prefer to get the shot now, be fine for say 5 years and then wake up one day and have an autoimmune disease (as an example and purely theoretical as the Long Term impacts are not known).

    Our DNA turns certain expressions on and off depending on its environment (e.g. stress, food/air/other chemical exposure, exercise, etc).
    With the mRNA this production would ALWAYS be turned on. Doesn’t sound bad but think about leaving your car engine on overnight, would it still be running in the morning?

    There’s also been studies of mRNA on animals, where the mRNA has changed the DNA of the children (but not the parent). What does that mean for the health of future generations – this is unknown as it hasn’t been studied on animals or humans, and hasn’t been tested on humans before.

    Welcome to the global experiment. Step right up and get your jab oh sorry I mean “va((ination” *wink*.

    With that said, probably should mention that Australian’s can get Pfizer as well.
    I don’t know if its changed now but wasn’t there something about the doctor/nurse not being allowed to tell you which shot you are getting (or comparing the differences between the options) – yeah that’s building trust isn’t it…

  5. I’m happy if the Govt takes forever on the dodgy vaccine rollout. That’s the reality of it.
    Meanwhile, the scummo govt is just toxic now, everywhere. Porter aint going to get anywhere in his new role.
    Tech industry already plagued with “not enough women” stigma. Last thing they need is a “maybe [email protected]” as a mouthpiece.

  6. COVID is basically finished in UK and Israel, whatever the variant.It snow going to be a low impact seasonal thing, like the flu (which has a similar mortality rate anyway)

  7. I’d happily pay for the Pfizer vaccine. for the whole family. If I’m going to take a vaccine I want to know it works at least with the current known variants.

    Australia backed a dud.

  8. being told that in Vic private (ie non-bulk bill) practices being preferenced with few (no) bulk bill practices receiving. Most of the non-bulk practices for obvious reasons only allowing existing patients to book/ schedule. Can’t vouch that this is correct, but does raise interesting questions if correct

  9. David WilsonMEMBER

    David this publication is supposed to be about business and economics, not a lefty anti government rag.
    How many COVID deaths have we had in 2021 answer, nil.
    Why are we behind in getting vaccinated, the EU banned exports of the drugs we had on order and now we have just started manufacturing our own after getting the approval and required equipment.
    We will soon get up to speed on the vaccine role out ,yes in the next week or three so how about putting away your lefty fog horn and start sticking to what this publication should be about.

  10. My GP’s practice is a bulk bill practice and was NOT approved to get the Covid Vaccine (they applied). Hence being in the Stage 1b cohort I’ve had to have a session with my GP to get a referral form plus medical history, then ring around to try to find someone to vaccinate me. No way to know what the supply – demand situation at each practice until after a long wait on hold, then a receptionist who doesn’t want to know anyone who’se not a patient of the practice, then finally finding someone prepared to book me in (As opposed to a waiting list of infinite length). Behold I finally got a booking for 3rd week of June for the first jab, so 3rd week of September for 2nd jab. Not quite the rollout promised, and an unbelievably clumsy process. I’m guessing some practices will end up with vaccine and no people to jab while others will be the opposite. Good luck if you’re not in the Stage 1b “priority” cohort!

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