Good grief. Morrison’s vaccine an inside job?

Really? Lobbying now extends to jeopardising the lives of 25m Australians? From Twitter:

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  1. migtronixMEMBER

    We’re run by psychopaths everywhere

    “Deputy Chief Health Officer Allan Cheng said Melbourne’s stage four lockdown will not ease until new daily numbers are in the “single digits or even low double digits”;’

    Two weeks and all it did was half the infections – guess we’ll have 4 months of this BS.

    • Goldstandard1MEMBER

      To be fair, it should fall off a cliff now as it’s a 2 week lag.
      Big question….then what??? I ain’t stickin’ anything into me that Morrison hasn’t had inside him first (property, banks and construction industrys’ genitals aside).

      • Then what? ask..
        Thing was fixed before it was broken.

    • Ronin8317MEMBER

      Plenty of country in the world will execute someone then charge the deceased’s family a ‘bullet fee’. (ok, not plenty, only China and Iran..) Even though the vaccine’s safety is still unknown, some of the people injected will not die straight away, so people should be more grateful.

    • I said many times.. let’s not worry about China and whoever. Let’s clean up our on backyard first and then we can lecture others on ethics, human rights, etc..

  2. I knew I smelt a rat on this one. Business as usual I guess. No wonder the prick was smirking at the announcement and they all looked so smug.

  3. And ScottyFM could not even get his mate to sign a firm supply agreement with supplier liability.

  4. adelaide_economistMEMBER

    If we’re lucky the talk of mandatory is just a cover for them ordering 25 million doses (plus ‘boosters’) on a multi year contract to hand cash to AZ. Once the contract is inked they will hopefully lose interest in forcing the jabs on everyone.

  5. time we overthrew this sham of a government. Why is it Belaurus citizens have a clue about getting rid of pyscho corrupt numpties and we don’t?

    • Because every single one of us are swimming in money and privilege. The carnage will start when all that’s gone. Of course, then it’s too late.

    • The extreme right wing nut job propaganda machine is massive and where it is not the dominating media eg the ABC, it will have its nuts crushed till it has the broadcasting authority of a custard sandwich.


    If we think there’s a risk someone will force their way out or do the wrong thing. Well, then an ankle bracelet, I think, is a sensible precaution.”
    It comes as two women, aged 19 and 22, were hauled before Perth Magistrates Court this week accused of escaping from hotel quarantine to attend a party after flying in from interstate without permission.

    “We’ve had no community spread now for 131 days, and the borders have been a large part of achieving that outcome.

    “We’ve done the right thing by the health of our citizens, and what it has allowed us to do is get our economy up in Western Australia far more than any other state.”
    wrote to the federal government on Wednesday to ask for 140 Australian Defence Force personnel to help manage the coronavirus pandemic, including maintaining security at Perth’s quarantine hotels

    because the other day two stupid females arrive in perth via SA without clearance, are escorted to quarantine then both escape to attend a party in the suburbs, which turns out to be the entire reason they came to WA. And to listen to their blubbering crying in court begging to be let go to go back to SA because one had a daughter to look after.
    But apparently it was ok for her to leave her daughter to attend some dickhead local rapper wannabe party.

  7. This is a bit of a beat-up. There’s only a few pharmaceutical companies in the world that could deliver on this Pfizer, Merck, Sanofi, AstraZenecka and Roche. Plenty of ex-gov in regulatory affairs too.

    • Actually their is good reason to believe no one can deliver on this. None of them have a clinically proven and studied vaccine.
      So the point is their was NO evaluation and NO due-diligence in the selection of the company.
      It seems clear to me the selection is based on lobbying, mates and kickbacks.