Morrison should call the White House

With crisis comes opportunity. The Morrison Government’s collapsed vaccination program is a big one. Solutions are being posed:

  • Chief Health Officer says the Government is mulling a deal with Moderna.
  • Domain is calling on the Government to cough up big to get more Pfizer. Recalling that Israel secured its early advantage by paying double.

I have more novel idea. Check out this chart:

The US is increasingly flush with vaccines

The US is increasingly flush with vaccines

Despite its impressive and accelerating ramp-up, the US is building a large vaccine surplus at the moment. Why not get on the bat phone to make the case for an emergency allocation to the dependent ally Downunder?

This is not just for pity’s sake. A rescue coming from the White House for the Morrison Government would do wonders to help repair frayed relations after Donald Trump. Views of the US in Australia would soar.

Most of the time the benefits of the ANZUS alliance are invisible. It usually only becomes visible when we are called upon to put our young men at risk in one foreign war or another. This strains relations periodically and it would be great to see a highly visible, material benefit come from it instead.

It would illustrate to other nations as well that the US is a powerful friend and help underline what a pack of arseholes are the CCP. An even better idea would be to fold in doses for PNG.

For that matter, it should be done before China publically offers its help!

An American allocation of vaccines to Australia should be couched as a generous offer coming from the White House, not as a Morrison Government begging bowl, but it would still benefit the latter politically.

If the bat phone is not working then deploy Australia’s secret diplomatic weapon. The Shark has plenty of time on his hands right now and could be in Washington in an hour:

I’m sure he’d be willing. For once, clutching victory from the jaws of defeat would do his mental health no end of good!

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. TailorTrashMEMBER

    Time for straya to do what it needs to
    Ask Beijing for help
    We all know “business” will be happy with that

  2. kiwikarynMEMBER

    Nobody in Australia is dying from Covid. Don’t you think that places like India and Brazil need vaccines more urgently than Australia does? How entitled do you have to be to think its acceptable to take vaccines off countries where thousands are dying every day and give it to countries where not a single person is infected?

      • kiwikarynMEMBER

        I’m perfectly happy to be at the back of the queue. Vaccinate the border workers so we don’t get Covid in the community, then the rest of us can sit back and enjoy our Covid free country for as long as possible. Being last in the queue might have even greater benefits should long term vaccine side effects start appearing.
        You guys can now ski in NZ, and we can hit the beach in Queensland. What more do we need?

        • Your commendable attitude and values, if shared by all, would have stopped this virus in its tracks nearly 18 months ago. Alas we live in an age of unenlightened self-interest. .

        • On a more serious note, its not mutually exclusive them and us debate. If AU Gov had half a clue on vaccine management we could have deals with all the majors, contracts with CSL on production and distribution contracts in place with Toll etc.

          Its a biological recipe, we should be able to replicate it ad nauseum globally. The issue stems from the fact the morons in charge didn’t have proper vendor mgt practices in place to diversify risk, didn’t understand supply chains and didn’t manage local production. As a country, we should have vaccinated all high risk groups by now and then had a user decides uptake with local GP’s. Excess could have been sent to bordering countries.

          The shutting the borders piece is a separate debate and one that in Australia doesn’t really hold water with many wealthy foreigners coming and going as they please (1st class flights, private jets, home quarantine bs) while Australian’s without means are stuck offshore.

    • You mustn’t have met very many NZ and AU boomers. They wants, they takes, they gets the precious.

    • Don’t you think that places like India and Brazil need vaccines more urgently than Australia does?

      Morrison’s job is to look after Australia and it’s citizens, not help out Brazil, India, or any other nation. It’s about time the MFer did his job.

      • Really? Following that logic no vaccines should have gone to PNG. Then the CCP gets in there and helps and we look like the selfish (and dumb) neighbour. Arguably this whole C19 problem was fuelled by some governments and international agencies doing what they thought was best for them. I would argue Morrison’s job is to show some real leadership.

        • My point still stands. It’s not the Prime Ministers job to prioritise the citizens of any other country before the one he (in this case allegedly) leads. So yes… no vaccines should be getting shipped from Australia to anywhere by the government until it has looked after its own citizens.

          And yes, I think Biden is making the right call wrt vaccines in putting the citizens of the country he leads first. That’s his job.

          • “It’s not the Prime Ministers job to prioritise the citizens of any other country before the one he (in this case allegedly) leads.”
            If we were dying in the thousands I would agree with you but, thankfully we have shown what a bit of leadership can do in crushing the curve. Sure Morrison could jump on the phone and see if Biden will help but, the reality is we would simply be asking for him to do what we cannot. Unless of course we do show the kind of leadership necessary to forego some of our vaccines for the sake of another less fortunate than ourselves. Sending vaccines to PNG was therefore enlightened self-interest and the right thing to do.

  3. As I understand it Pfizer has likened dealing with Israel like one would experience with a Banana Republic, traditionally this carries a price premium, partly cost of doing business and in some cases a signal to take it somewhere else.