Morrison accelerates China decoupling

It’s the one area of national interest policy in which having a personality-disordered PM has paid handsome dividends. Morrison’s constant diplomatic blundering and habit of gaslighting every human he comes across has delivered Australia an accelerated Chinese decoupling. And thank dog for it! A few more years of sailing down the path of Gladys Liu’s silent invasion and we’d have been lost as Beijing ‘bribed and bullied’ electorates captured the democracy.

Today we are slammed into reverse gear:

  • The Morrison government has torn up VIC’s Belt and Road agreement on the basis that it compromised foreign policy.
  • Three other irrelevant agreements were also torn up.

No doubt in some vain attempt to hide the torching of the BRI. Anyway, bravo!

Labor’s response was typically mealy-mouthed:

“When they asked the Parliament to pass the Foreign Relations Bill last year, the Morrison government asserted they had sole responsibility for Australia’s foreign relations,” Senator Wong said.

“It’s now time to actually deliver on that by diversifying our trade and economy.”

“Under Scott Morrison’s watch, Australia is more trade dependent on China than ever. The Morrison government should now engage constructively with states to manage the impacts of these new laws.”

Which isn’t true. The relationship is based upon the breadth of trade not simple dollars. The breadth has narrowed dramatically as China has cut off all sorts of commodities. That iron ore has offset this temporarily is irrelevant. Once it falls we will see the true impact.

What would be a more stinging critique is to point out that all of the narrowing of the trade relationship has come from the Chinese side, not Australian, usually thanks to the latest Morrison gaffe (for which we can all be most grateful).

The wolf warrior response was swift from CCP media:

Australia has essentially fired a major shot in what could lead up to a potential trade conflict with China and could face serious consequences for its “unreasonable provocation” against China, Chinese experts said on Wednesday after Canberra moved to use what has been viewed as an anti-China law to revoke agreements signed between Victoria state and China on the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).

By tearing up the agreements, Australia’s federal government is not only going over its head to provoke China but also stepping over its state jurisdiction for its own political interests which could be a serious blow to both federal and local economies, observers said.

The rest is the usual blather. More reprisals to come, for certain. Again, excellent! Walking our talk is really upsetting the wolf warriors who prefer the art of bald-faced lying:

Asked what Australia could do to repair ties, Wang said it should respect sovereignty and “refrain from interfering in others’ internal affairs,” avoid vetoing Chinese investments in Australia and not “obstruct people-to-people exchange programs.”

The VIC BRI and people-to-people exchanges are an internal affair. We should shut the Chinese Embassy to make it official.

Finally, PM Morrison is not the only one dropping gaffes. They are coming from the kowtowers as well. Check out Jane Golley:

Professor Jane Golley, the director of ANU’s taxpayer-funded Centre on China in the World, told the National Press Club on Wednesday she had read a “convincing” but anonymous paper contradicting media reports of China’s widespread mistreatment of Uighurs.

“Just last week I received a scholarly article that debunks much of what you have read in the Western media on this topic, including the figure of one million Uighurs in detention camps, the pervasive use of forced labour, and of calling it genocide,” she said, standing along China’s deputy ambassador to Australia Wang Xining.

“The authors sent it anonymously because they fear the reaction here in Australia by those who are committed to the dominant narrative, fact or not.

“This tells me that threats to academic freedom are not confined only to China.”

So, a story only she has read, from an anonymous source, has debunked a Xinjiang genocide illustrated by countless eyewitness accounts, photographic evidence, myriad investigations and huge dossiers of leaked internal CCP documents.

For all we know, Golley might have just read the long-lost final installment of Lord of Rings. Yet she has the temerity to claim the high moral ground of academic debate? Table your document and be damned, Ms Golley!

The phrase “useful idiot” springs, once again, to mind.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. russbw the idioticMEMBER

    why is it that these days we seem to be having a wave of google psychiatrists making diagnoses on people that really they are simply not trained to do? Edit, IMO, some of these google psychiatrists have an elevated opinion of ones self that they can skip years of clinical training and exams and do the job of a psychiatrist by google or a few books they read. This in itself is an interesting personality trait. IMO, there will be a future of defamation claims if this trend continues where someones career is damaged by persistent ‘gaslighting’ of individuals claiming they know someone has an anti social personality disorder such as psychopathy. IMO, there seems to be a fair amount of anti social traits in the finance industry, something I am a keen observer of.

      • Arthur Schopenhauer

        It’s almost as if the cultures of our two major parties preferentially select candidates with personality disorders.

        Organizational Culture, wins every time.

        • Display NameMEMBER

          The current System rewards this behavior. Public fund elections and a lot of this crap will go away. Not entirely but a good amount of it wont make sense any more.

      • russbw the idioticMEMBER

        I’m not calling it anything, just sharing a little of what I have observed and learnt in an area that I am not trained or qualified. Don’t feel I need to boost my own ego. Just a keen observer in general, not any specific individuals or groups. I googled how to do some plumbing works around the house and I was stoked that I could do it and avoided a long delay and cost in getting a plumber. I don’t think I am a plumber, don’t purport to know the trade and wouldn’t offer my services to anyone else. The fact is that I have probably missed something that a trained plumber knows and if I had done the apprenticeship and on the job work for years, I might actually know what I have done wrong. At the moment I think my plumbing was OK 🙂 Those who don’t get this story and continue to think they can make a trained assessment in specialist fields, I am very interested to observe.

    • It is a tool that adds more credence to ad hominem attack than perhaps just calling someone a d,head. It implies a broader reason to join in the attack on quasi scientific grounds. Having said that I am all for it when it comes to leadership figures who’s behaviour is often deeply anti social and damaging to others without necessarily giving rise to a valid legal action. NB: for the future, most legislators and leading legal figures are unlikely to criminalise being a d,head for obvious reasons. Bring on our AI overlords! Bye bye agency issues, hello justice and genuine leadership by the selfless.

      • russbw the idioticMEMBER

        ok maybe. There are a lot of clever people on here who probably have an interest in the topic as well and would also know that sometimes to spot the anti social you need to look for more subtle signs. They might be family, friends etc Chameleons. My point is that it can be potentially far worse than a good ole aussie sledge of richard cranium. Maybe if you don’t know what it means and you use it as a sledge then you could say u didn’t know how harmful it could be. It’s just that these days a lot of google psychiatrists do know what it means.

    • IMO you’re reading a bit too much into it and looking for an issue when there isn’t one. Someone gives a view of observed behaviour – not claiming it’s a certified diagnosis just an informed opinion. Just like we all give opinions on the footy, the markets, whatever – doesn’t mean you have an elevated opinion of yourself.

  2. TailorTrashMEMBER

    What will China ban next
    …buying up our children’s homes ?
    If straya wasn’t “more than a shiver looking for a spine to run up” it would have done do it’s self long ago

    and one wonders how reciprocal those people to people transfers are ?

      • bolstroodMEMBER

        No, no, that’s not right
        We have a glut of guts in this country
        and a surplus of Cnuts

        Hi moderator : Cnut was a viking king of olde England

  3. Ronin8317MEMBER

    ‘Xinjiang genocide’ is Western propaganda. It is the ‘atrocity against Muslim group of the month’ event, very similar to the Rohingya crisis (remember them??). Lacking the resources to send reporters, the Western media will publish the CIA press release as news. Look at what is happening in Ukraine right now : you read about troops being sent to the border by Russia, but nothing at all about Ukraine declaring war on Russia.

    Chinese media lies, but that doesn’t mean the Western media is telling the truth.

    The ‘One Belt One Road’ initiative is as dead as the parrot in the Monty Python sketch after China impose sanction on Australian exports, ScoMo ripping it apart now is mere political rhetoric. What he needs to do is to tear up the China-Australia free trade agreement, and force Landbridge to sell their lease on the Darwin Port to a third party.

      • ChinajimMEMBER

        Been happening to the Tibetans for 60 years. But now they’ve also gone all high tech in Xinjiang, which seems to get some kind of extra attention these days.

        • Generally a good read about Tibet is the book by Sautman & Dreyer (2006) . At that time during the 2000’s the objective was to wreck the Olympic Games in Beijing . Lots of talk about genocide, millions locked up etc. etc. The campaign didn’t work! The Dali keeps a low profile these days and Tibet seems to be making steady progress. Too Strategic…..and its all about water.
          And the west didn’t really care about the Tibetans, Chinese or anyone apart from their own strategic agenda.
          We now seem to have something of a reprise set in Xinjiang.

      • And impose the iron ore tax now as China simply has no alternative than to suck it up and pay.

    • Fabian AlderseyMEMBER

      Is it about “lacking the resources to send reporters”?
      Would foreign reporters be given unfettered, unmonitored access to reside in Xinjiang for an extended period and report on what’s going on, based on their observations?

    • …..and what do the Yighurs and Rohingya have in common? Well ! Numbers of both groups were trained by the Americans to engage in activities in Afghanistan in against the then pro-Russian government.

  4. El MerenderoMEMBER

    Golley’s academic rigour is that of an anti-vaxxer; tons of peer reviewed scientific research proves the benefit of vaccines, but I got an email from a friend that completely disproves it.

    But here is far worse than that. She has given the perfect platform to the representative of an adversarial state to present a fake counter-narrative to a wide audience, and sow further division domestically. And noting some links posted here over time, her private dealings with the Chinese Embassy now have an explanation.

  5. Am I the only person here that feels there is a link between Australian citizens/permanent residents and not even dual citizens not being able to leave the country, AND the rapidly approaching storm we’re headed into with China?

  6. Good on ScoMo & the LNP for doing this, it can never be acceptable that state governments can have policies against the national policies. Especially so when the likes of the CCP can use it to split states off, what will these external foreign splitists demand next. The CCP’s response is as usual the complete opposite of what they do, they would never allow any local government in China to sign any such agreement with a foreign country.

    As for Golly how can she not be sacked immediately! It’s completely unprofessional to issue statements like that, basically biased on hearsay! And she is on the tax payers teet, ScoMo should take action as she is literally acting as an agent of foreign influence would sprouting what would have to be CCP propaganda!

    • El MerenderoMEMBER

      she is literally acting as an agent of foreign influence


      And the people she has surrounded herself with, also prominently featured in the media. That is no coincidence.

      Rumour has it that WX himself paid some private visits to that centre.

    • I don’t understand why the military doesn’t occupy some of our university campuses. They are literally teeming with enemies of the state …

      Jane Golley, another name added to the list. We’ll save her a lamp post next to Phil Honeywood for after the revolution!!!

  7. This is why the coalition – despite the sleaze – still has the best platform. Labor can’t be trusted on China.

    They’d do to us what they’ve done to the Tibetans and Uyghurs, in a heartbeat.

  8. El MerenderoMEMBER

    And if you thought that the night would have brought some counsel and wisdom, think again.

    Much better to keep digging. And digging. And continue to further the CCP narrative. Shame. On her and on the institution that appears to support this through silence.

    Publish that article and – crucially – do publish the names of the peer-reviewers.

    Check twitter and you’ll see a number of contributors to the China Story Yearbook launched yesterday putting a lot of distance between themselves and those statements.

    Usual strategy by JG to hide behind the myth of freedom of inquiry to avoid scrutiny of her many shortcomings.

  9. El MerenderoMEMBER

    Check out the coincidence. Now suddenly on Twitter this attack on one of the leading Xinjiang researchers (Adrian Zenz) that receives in the blink of an eye thousands of likes.

    Only problem: this Maureen Huebel is in fact a phantom. There are no records of her anywhere as an academic, no records in the Monash or Uni Melb staff directory, no records of her publications, nothing, zilch.

    Same day of someone spuriously promoting before a large national press audience a bogus paper attacking the research of the same people (Zenz).

    Jeez it’s a small world full of coincidences.