COVID turns bad cold in US as Morrison Government lies

The global vaccine rollout is going swimmingly for competent nations. Check out how effective a good vaccine rollout can be in a virus-torn country:

Chinese virus turns American bad cold

Chinese virus turns American bad cold

That’s with half the population vaccinated but much broader coverage for vulnerable populations. Israel is finished one round and the result is stunning:

China's deadly virus wiped out

China’s deadly virus wiped out

How did they do it? First, procurement policy selected the best available vaccines. Second, they had competent rollout strategies.

Meanwhile, Downunder, we have no such luck. The Morrison Government chose the cheapest vaccine with the strongest political connections. Procurement policy was far too narrow creating concentration risk, which has come to bear in high hesitancy rates with yet more suspension of rollouts amid thrombosis probes in Europe of Astra Zeneca.

Indeed, the Australian rollout is so bad that vulnerable populations are now taking matters into their own hands:

  • Disability workers were supposed to be priority recipients but instead have been forced to chase the jab through GPs.
  • Disability care has completed just 59% of its planned rollout by the deadline (it was only 190k people).
  • Communications with the government are poor and missed deliveries rife.

Moreover, there is no accountability, as usual, with critical rollout data missing in action. We don’t know the volume of production at CSL, detail on location and sector-specific vaccination, total vaccine availability, the extent of waste, when Novavax will arrive or what the target is for herd immunity. In short, we know bugger all.

Sadly, the “don’t ask, don’t tell” Morrison Government is busy embarking on a new cover-up instead of fixing its botched rollout:

Nationals deputy leader, David Littleproud, said on Monday that Australia had been “badly let down” by the EU. “The arithmetic is simple on this,” he told the Nine Network. “We are 3m [doses] short because of the EU who cut us short.”

Except the EU has only blocked 250k doses so far. Yet our rollout is still tracking Bangladesh:



Besides, it is the Morrison Government’s silly fault for going all-in on only one politically connected vaccine supplier. Where was the risk management in that? For instance, Canada suspended the AZ vaccine on health concerns but it didn’t slow the rollout because it had the sense to diversify procurements from the outset.

With the Morrison Government’s vaccine failure growing by the day, how is this going to play then?

Australians could be able to travel to select Asian and Pacific destinations without facing lengthy stints in quarantine by August, as the Morrison government looks to open the border to more countries after establishing a safe travel zone with New Zealand.

I will tell you how: more lockdowns.

The failing vaccine rollout is cart before horse, arse over head, and marketing before policy. In short, it is classic Morrison Government.

David Llewellyn-Smith


    • Frank DrebinMEMBER

      Hasn’t been a lockdown after open travel with NZ for 6+ months, why would there be if point to point travel is opened to similarly low profile countries like Taiwan, Vietnam and Singapore ?.

      Would be nice if we could apply some logical reasoning and borrowing best practise from around the world instead of the hysterical hand wringing.


      – vaccinated travellers from low risk countries have a test before they travel
      – they also have a test on arrival and are quarantined until the result comes back negative (hotel or private residence using tracking devices)
      – If they do test positive then they are put into a MEDICAL FACILITY and not a hotel

      Shouldn’t be that hard one would think.

      • kiwikarynMEMBER

        NZ requires a negative test to travel but clearly there is substantial fraud in the system. Yesterday we had 17 people test Covid Positive immediately on arrival in the country, 12 of them off a single flight from India.

        • Not sure why there are any flights from India to NZ or Australia right now. India had 115,000 cases yesterday and given their testing capabilities it is probably more like 500,000 to a million a day.

        • Frank DrebinMEMBER

          Yes, clearly not a low-risk country.

          Two weeks quarantine on arrival should be the minimum requirement and ideally you would place further restrictions on arrivals once they are out.

          Failure to comply results in jail time and/or cancellation of visa.

          • kiwikarynMEMBER

            Today we had 23 Covid positive cases arrive in the country, 17 of them from India. Jacinda has finally suspended flights from India (for 2 weeks).

  1. Don’t understand why we cannot reach agreements with Pfizer, Merderna, J&J regardless of the AZ rubbish that has happened. Should be a users choice, billed back to Medicare.

  2. The greatest part about this is even if we tried to diversify now, we’d naturally have to pay AZ a lot of money in compensation for not wanting their flawed vaccine. Wheee! How good is Straya!

  3. WOW!!!!!!!
    The vaccine has rates back at where they were around the same time last year without a vaccine.

    It’s almost as though a respiratory virus is seasonal or something. Maybe someone should do some research into that.

  4. Shrill much?
    NZ behind us in vaccinating so presumably have handled the virus even worse than us by the “analysis” on display here.
    The governement should be doing much better with the rollout but logic vacated the field some time ago at MB.

  5. I’m no anti vaxxer but I have been rightly dubious about such rushed vaccines from scummy pharma. Surely they knew about this earlier?:

    “Australians vaccinated with the AstraZeneca vaccine have a 50 per cent chance of developing mild side effects, and one in four will need to take time off work, study, or their daily responsibilities after getting their first dose”.

    I’ll wait, thanks.

    • 4,200 we come

      It shouldn’t be necessary for you to use the disclaimer you’re not an anti-vaxxer.

      I’m sure you’ve never had an issue with taking any other vaccine in your life like myself.

      I’m not interested in a vaccine rushed through for emergency use for a disease I have no real chance of dying from if I catch it, let alone little chance of catching it in the first place.

      • Spot on. Unfortunately in this day and age the disclaimer is required to try and get the point across to the everything-is-black-and-white people.

      • You may have little chance of dying from Covid, given your age and other risk factors, but if the government insists on opening up our international borders (and they have form for not caring what the plebs think), you will need to worry about long Covid. According to this article, a recent study found that 1 in 3 people who had been sick with Covid were still having symptoms 8 months later, and 1 in 5 met the criteria for long Covid. Being young or only having had a mild initial case gave no protection.

        Personally, I would pick losing a few months or even a year or two of low quality life, followed by an even nastier death than Covid, over living through the next 30 or 40 years with a severe, life-limiting disability.

    • Personal Risk ToleranceMEMBER

      Pfizer’s side effects are worse, but they come after the second dose.

      Insomnia doesn’t sound that bad, but it’s much worse than a day of feeling like you have the flu.

  6. MountainGuinMEMBER

    First it was the States fault. Then the EUs fault. So will it be GPs fault by the end of the week? Or perhaps its our fault for not being proactive and organizing our own shots….
    Just say that the ambitious targets will be missed, issue new guidance and try be clear enough that we don’t have vulnerable folk spending time calling around to try get answers. Would be good for the Covidsafe app we all ‘had to download could push info on vaccination locations and wait times.

  7. Peter SMEMBER

    Had Australia rushed in to get the vaccination rollout happening early, I expect that the hand-wringers who are now criticising its cautious approach would now be criticising that approach as dangerous and cavalier!
    Given that the only virus in Australia is in the quarantine centres and it actually has no virus in the community, the need to be pushing into the queue upfront for the vaccine is much less than in places like PNG, where Australia is now directing doses to assist those in more need.

  8. happy valleyMEMBER

    “Nationals deputy leader, David Littleproud, said on Monday that Australia had been “badly let down” by the EU.’

    Last week, Littleproud, who seems to be angling to bump McCormack as leader, was shooting his mouth off blaming the states for the vaccine rollout debacle; now he’s blaming the EU for shortchanging us when they say they didn’t.

    Last night, Hunt did not appear on 7.30 but instead Brendan Murphy (everybody’s lovable granddad) was wheeled out to take the questions from Leigh Sales.

  9. BornwildMEMBER

    To be fair, most people across this country were happy with the slow/cautious approach. Let others be the guinea pigs for these vaccines. But then people and particularly businesses have just realised that we are going to remain shut to the rest of the world plus internal border disputes are set to continue until vaccination is well advanced. The Brisbane lockdown last week, was the wake up call that Australia needed to get on with it.

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