Coalition launches new front in war against workers

Over recent months, we have witnessed the Morrison Government stage a multi-pronged war on workers, designed to subsidise profits by suppressing worker bargaining power and keeping businesses well stocked with abundant cheap labour.

Examples of the Coalition’s policy settings include:

  • Refusing to lift JobSeeker to a subsistence level, thereby ‘incentivising’ workers to take precarious, low paying jobs;
  • Introducing a hotline for employers to dob in unemployed people that refuse to take said low-paying job; and
  • Proposing to give employers unbridled access to cheap migrant workers under the guise of ‘skills shortages’.

The last policy is especially malicious towards Australian workers, since it would enable almost any employer to hire foreign workers over locals, would give these foreign workers priority access to flights and quarantine over stranded Australians, and would offer prospective migrants the explicit carrot of easy permanent residency.

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