CCP threatens Australian invasion over Taiwan involvement

CCP mouthpiece, The Global Times, is up to its old tricks again today. This time it threatening an Australian invasion in the event that we interfere over Taiwan:

Australia is geographically far from Taiwan. It serves more as an advanced base in the Asia-Pacific and a supply base for the US. US forces have deployed marines and bombers to its base in Australia. The Australian Defence Force comprises of only around 60,000 permanent personnel, and the number of forces that it could devote to a war effort is even less.

If Australia wants to get involved in the Taiwan question, it will consider whether China will use its forces to strike back at Australia, and if so, whether the US has the ability and will to protect Australia. That is what worries the Australian military most. To its dismay, the US would probably protect itself once a crisis occurs, and the Australian military must weigh up what losses a war would incur to Australia.

More wolf wankery, basically. China doesn’t have the military capability to even try. Its armed forces are all directed at its own direct sphere of influence, especially force denial around Taiwan and the South China Sea.

Any armada headed for Australia would be sunk long before it arrived. This is more bluff aimed at wedging ANZUS.

The CCP should stick to more realistic threats. Economic coercion has so far failed but it could certainly intensify it. That still won’t work here but it is delivering dividends across the Tasman:

  • New Zealand is “uncomfortable” with more assertive Five Eyes posture.
  • New Zealand prefers multilateral approaches.

That is, it prefers grovelling to a genocidal regime. Noice!

It doesn’t seem to occur to our “once were warrior” friends that the best, and possibly only, way to protect all of our freedoms is to stick together in the face of CCP threats.

If China were presented with the prospect that it will be booted from the global economy if it invades Taiwan then it won’t do it.

Or, if it does, then it will spend the next century having to quell uprisings at home as its economy slowly but surely collapses.

Instead, New Zealand is welcoming CCP domination into its own backyard, for itself and the many small Pacific states that it leads.

It’s pathetic. Not least coming from a supposedly “progressive” government.

David Llewellyn-Smith


    • Battle of Peking (1900) – let’s get the 8 nation army together!!

      Australian colonies participated in action back then. Tell China that! South Australia sent their entire navy (1 ship)

    • Totally. Next time they do a big millitary show take out their satellites and then wipe that place off the map.

  1. What does Australia intend to do about the 1.4 million Chinese mainland born communists in Australia?

    Only 360,000 are ‘Australian citizens’.

    That cohort are advance guard first wave Chinese colonists, now old useless.
    Many here for decades, still not assimilated, a major welfare & Medicare burden.

    The remainder – 1.1 million Chinese communist mainland born are here in Australia on PR or TR.
    👉🏾All on sole Chinese passports.
    👉🏾Chinese nationals not Australian.

    Yep – 1.1 million foreign Chinese nationals on Chinese passports.

    Almost all are Chinese slum clearance – the Hukuo underclass, part of the 9 million so far that China trafficked out to foreign nations as migrant guestworkers/ fake students/ fake whatever visa they could get.

    Do we round them all up and put them in internment Camps and deport them back to China?

    They are the enemy within.

    • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

      I think a lot of them are, or can be, Australianised but it would be prudent to not allow their numbers grow too large.
      We dont want to end up like Czechoslovakia in 1938

      ” Adolf Hitler justified the invasion by the purported suffering of the ethnic Germans living in these regions. The seizure of Sudetenland by Nazi Germany was detrimental to the future defense of Czechoslovakia as the extensive Czechoslovak border fortifications were also located in the same area. The incorporation of the Sudetenland into Germany that began on 1 October 1938 left the rest of Czechoslovakia weak, and it became powerless to resist subsequent occupation”

      • Yep that’s how colonization works.

        Empty your slums, the misfits, broken down factory workers, the unemployable rurals, their Hukuo squatter internal illegal underclass -2nd & 3rd generation peasant stock – the unskilled, the congenitally defected, the useless and the petty criminals and vice workers.
        (Shades of 1788 hey).

        Send them to a western country with a totally broken visa and migrant intake system / as their social burden.
        $2k or 10,000 rmb buys a Hukou underclass misfit useless Chinese communist slum clearance an Australian PR.

        Anyone who has spent time in China or knows Chinese will tell you we have the absolute bottom of the barrel Chinese criminal class and social burden flooding in.
        All on Chinese sole passports as PR or TR.

        Zero intention to assimilate. Many can’t speak English after years or even decades here.

        Working & living illegally to repay their Chinese agent procurer debt or as mules to launder the Chinese dirty money.

        1.4 million Chinese mainland born communists
        Only 360k as citizens, first wave old sick useless.
        The rest of them below can’t vote federally / hence the Aldi shopping bags of cash to the politicians.
        That’s the Chinese way of political representation.

        The other 1.1 million of them still Chinese nationals.
        Sucking up our welfare
        Sucking up our Medicare
        Controlling the vice and drug market
        Running the black market underground

        Chinese colonisation from the gutter up.
        China has ‘exported’ 9.3 million of their gutter trash old sick useless low social score overseas.
        We have 1.4 million of them.
        The enemy within.
        Time to round them up and start the deportations

    • worked with many since i’m an accountant, they were all paid crap wages, complained too much with little pay.
      but some were wealthy, wealthy partners, agree they held onto chinese citizenship, since they want the back to return home if it doesn’t work out here.
      their kids will assimilate i assume, much like the indian kids.
      fact is most countries should stop importing these two overpopulated countries citizens, it just creates a culturally non-diverse population

    • If you send them home whos gonna do all the plaster work. Not me that job is hard a fook and boring and pays fook all.. The Chinese work hard and are useful. In war time I would lock up all the green supporters before them.

      • They work hard and are cheap.

        The reason it pays f all is because of these imported slaves.

        • Other options are expensive and lazy or cheap and lazy. Hard working types became hard investing

  2. Ronin8317MEMBER

    The Chinese “Wolf Wankers” should stop using the internet as their source of knowledge. Sun-Tzu never said ‘Appear strong when you’re weak’. What he said was ‘do not attack where the enemy is strong’, and guess where the US is the strongest?

  3. New Zealand is a disgrace.

    China can’t invade Australia and they know it. All they can do is bully Vietnam and Philippines…

    • It is funny, because the whole reason why NZ house prices in Auckland are completely bonkers is because of Chinese cash buyers! Moreover, all of NZ’s commodities are fully fungible. They could be sold anywhere, for largely the same price!!!

      You may critique Labour in NZ, but Labour Oz are in exactly the same boat, make no mistake!

      New Zealand pushes aside Five Eyes to focus on China …New Zealand’s attempts to now distance itself from the Five Eyes alliance will inevitably open up Ms Ardern to allegations that her administration is ignoring abuses in Hong Kong and against Uyghur Muslims in order to preserve and grow its trading relationship with China. Recent figures show 29 per cent of New Zealand’s exports are sold to China… New Zealand had previously been reluctant to sign joint statements from Five Eyes partners criticising China, including on the crackdown on Hong Kong’s democracy movement and the recent arrests of activists in the city.

  4. I wish they would invade. It would solve a lot of Australias problems.

    House prices would go down, for starters.

    • There would be benefits. Eg if George floyds killer get of there gonna be BLM protests everywhere. If china invaded they would put a stop to this crap straight away.

      • Don’t worry Col, Chinese domination of Australia will come soon enough. But not the way you think. Australia will become a Chinese client state with its political class captured. Australian politicians are SUPER cheap to bribe, and the political system is easy to infiltrate.

        Unfortunately for you, you’ll still get to see the occasional mention of BLM in the media that apparently upsets you so much, even after the Chinese have consolidated power. You see, when you control a country, you allow its citizens to argue and make decisions over things that don’t affect power and capital; endless BLM stuff (even though it’s largely a US issue), meaningless arguments over pronouns, endless shouting matches over trans kids, that kind of thing. Those in power don’t care about this stuff at all, so they’ll allow you to.

        What you won’t be able to do anything about are policies that affect aggregate wages (i.e. always down), large scale capital flow, backroom deals behind infrastructure or defence spending, (lack of) resource taxes, and who gets to buy up all the land.

        You’re going to get the worst of both worlds! Endless arguments about pronouns and police abusing black people in a country that you don’t even live in, but zero say over anything that materially affects your prosperity or well-being.

        Ha ha!

  5. A number of my NZ contacts are pro-China, even pro-CCP; they have become quite anti-Western, anti-capitalism (read: neoliberalism, rentier, financial capitalism, though they don’t necessarily appreciate the important differences). They are also rightly anti-racist, but have conflated far-right anti-China sentiment with general westernism, colonialism and imperialism – sure, the west has a lot to answer for, but all this conflation and hyper-contrariness is unnecessary.

    Further, a number of them actually deny that the genocides are even happening, that is is just anti-China. pro-US/western propaganda.

    As for me, I’m pro-China, just not pro-CCP – the Chinese people can do better than the CCP.

  6. TailorTrashMEMBER

    A couple of hundred of those big blue “ fishing boats”
    Loaded up with refugees seeking asylum and a Medicare card should do the trick . Oh and keep buying up those houses too

    • Australia should offer free and assisted passage from Indo across the Tasman for the immigrant boats.

      Adern likes to talk big from with under the safety of the umbrella. .

  7. China has far more capability to wage war on our shores than we have to wage war on theirs in taiwan.
    The only way they are sunk before reaching us is with US intervention.

    • Well, I cannot see the Americans letting them walk into Darwin, Pine Gap, or Learmonth.

      Anyway, they’ll probably collect the set just by buying them. Already got Darwin Port!

  8. UpperWestsideMEMBER

    Seriously everyone needs to take a step back and think about China’s industrial and military capacity vs that of the USA and Australia.We and the USA have lost much of our industrial capacity and restarting it overnight is not possible. We wouldn’t last long in a shooting war.

    But that’s not how a modern war is waged, they don’t just arrive and we fight them on the beaches. They start by bricking every system and router in the country, then they sit back and wait a couple of weeks to let us ripen in the sun. And they do a bit of similar but targeted mischief to keep our allies busy.

    You think covid was bad, wait till you see what happens when there are no credit card and the banks are down so no cash. Woollies cant even open the doors coz the routers bricked, even if they could there is no power and everything in the fridges has turned to toxic waste . If their cyber warfare team did the job right the backups are all compromised as well so its going to take a while to get things back on line and we do not have the required number of techs available to deal with a disaster of this magnitude. .

    I can tell you from experience (Hurricane Sandy), when a big city loses water and power for a week its pretty dire.
    Couple of weeks of being back in the dark ages most people would probably swap sovereignty for a hot shower and a decent meal.

  9. ashentegraMEMBER

    The US speaks openly about giving China plenty to think about in a crisis. Surely, the reverse is also true.

    Imagine if nobody’s EFTPOS card works at Woolies. Crisis!

    We have just witnessed the Morrison government fail at COVID. What if they has two critical tasks before them. Phew!

    • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

      But if they were to do such a thing would the “West” allow them access to western consumers and remain an integral part of Capitalist supply chains?
      How well would Chinas Economy fare if its export model came to a sudden halt?
      How well do they have their own population under control?
      I remember reading somewhere some CCP leader saying, that if their economic growth rate went under 8% that their people would revolt.
      China has demographic problems as well with peak number/percentage of working age population already reached (a greater aging population problem than most western countries face with very little immigration)
      But totalitarian regimes do like the idea of total war to keep the plebs obedient.
      Best thing the West could do is make sure Russia is on our side.
      Their Nuks could come in handy. And if we were to buy our own those Ruskie mobile missile launchers peppered across Australia’s sparsely populated interior would be the perfect defence procurement to keep Invaders out.
      Better than those expensive Subs that’ll all be sunk in no time.
      With only 60,000 in our military maybe Nuks are a smart option.
      Seems to be working for North Korea.
      We really do need to bring Russia on board though.
      China is no long term friend of Russia and has enviously eyes Russia’s vast eastern frontier.
      Pitty Biden’s mob seem intent of fking that relationship up.

  10. Oh wow… Australias got a job for me… I can join the Army \o/

    These ads are everywhere and all over my screen. I can be an officer. I can travel. I can meet exciting new people and learn Leadership skills lol. I seem to be seeing these adverts a lot lately.

    Its funny. They dont mention ‘Death’ anywhere in the advert.

  11. TailorTrashMEMBER

    “Depend upon it, sir, when a man knows he is to be hanged in a fortnight, it concentrates his mind wonderfully.”
    Samuel Johnson, The Life of Samuel Johnson LL.D. Vol 3

    The good thing about all this bellicose talk from China is that it should concentrating the mind of straya
    ……but not sure it is …..houses will still be for sale to those with the money until the bullets start flying

  12. China could send a few ships right alongside the WA coast to intimate and what will Scotty do?

    Will he really order a RAN sub to attack if the Chinese vessels are in Australian waters but not doing anything?

    China could play this cat and mouse forever and nothing Australia will do.

    • Someone ElseMEMBER

      We’d use the same old proportionality that has been used for centuries: we invite the Yanks and Indians and Japanese to conduct military exercises in the same area and expel some CCP ‘diplomats’.

      Then what do they do? They won’t provoke the entire Gang of Four (would they?!) And they don’t have the food or fuel to hang around that long; the PLAN is a very littoral navy and the CCP has no friends so they have to make it all the way back to China to refuel and reprovision.

  13. Number of material things that Australia has actually done to reduce its dependence on China: zero.

    Australians whining about New Zealand with respect to China is a bit like an alcoholic talking about how his pot smoking neighbor is a drug addict.

    Both nations are addicted to Chinese money, and neither have done anything about it. The rest is bluster.