Wolf warriors shoot Chinese foot worldwide

The daily insults visited upon Australia from China are not even worth covering these days. The muckraking is typical of a paranoid communist regime with a glass jaw. It is obviously counter-productive to its Australian interests but that’s how these bullying regimes work. As Australia’s Ambassador to China, Graham Fletcher, says today:

  • China has lost the ability to be “objective” about Australia.
  • It doesn’t realise the harm that it is doing to itself by being unreliable in trade and vindictive.

What is more interesting (and exciting) to report today is the same wolf wankery has suddenly and dramatically alienated the EU Parliament as well. Via Sinocism:

The PRC may have done more in the last four days to damage PRC-EU relations in very deep ways than anything the Biden administration could have done. The destruction of H&M’s China business over Xinjiang cotton likely also kills any chance the EU ratifies the CAI.

The targets of the mass tantrum campaign over whether companies use Xinjiang cotton have expanded beyond H&M to Nike, Adidas, Burberry and likely more firms. This whole thing was manufactured by the Communist Youth League digging up a 2020 statement from H&M and posting about in Weibo just after the EU issued sanctions. The propaganda system, the Foreign Ministry, and the Ministry of Commerce have all joined in, along with the masses online. Tens of stars have publicly renounced their contracts with the targeted firms. So far the protests have stayed virtual, but I would not be surprised to see people burning their H&M and other offending apparel. Those Douyins will be lit.

As this is the 100th anniversary year of the CCP we should expect more of these kinds of campaigns against any foreign provocations.

Bill Bishop argues, rightly, that all corporations doing business in China are caught between Scylla and Charybdis. If they do business with the genocidal regime they face revolt at home. If they pull out they face revolt in China.

This is the new China and goes to where it is headed. Arguably, it is not an irrational CCP that is the issue. Rather, the CCP is deliberately creating enemies worldwide to stoke an irrational Chinese nationalism in the polity that can be mobilised and controlled by the CCP as its economic legitimacy fails.

It may be that the CCP is particularly pissed at Australia given we’ve rebuffed their gifts of yuan and corruption. But this movement is much larger and coordinated than that.

Meanwhile, the CCP’s Australian patsy, The Labor Party, is wrestling with the dragon:

  • Labor right is pushing to toughen its stance on Xinjiang.
  • Labor left, led by Panny Wong, is trying to keep us kowtowing.

The draft platform is as wishy-washy as Albo is on everything:

“Labor believes that China is, and will continue to be, of great importance to Australia, to our region and to the world. It is in both our countries’ interests to have a productive relationship, even when there are differences or disagreement.

“We must engage effectively with China while always standing up for our democratic values, including human rights, as well as advancing our national interests and safeguarding our sovereignty.”

As Labor blamed the Morrison Government for the CCP’s worldwide aggressive turn last year, it hardly did any of that. It played politics and curried favour with the CCP. I remain deeply concerned about Labor’s China corruption.

But democracy starts at home and it can’t be led to any good end by a rape protection racket so we must deal with that first.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. pfh007.comMEMBER

    “..It is obviously counter-productive to its Australian interests but that’s how these bullying regimes work. ..”

    Ultimately, the Chinese have Australia exactly where it wants us.

    It knows that we will never cut off supplies of any of our exports to China because our dim witted economic class thought it was a brilliant idea to shut down all our manufacturing and jump back on the sheep and hole digger model with a giant serving of debt peddler product lines.

    So it can happily slap us around like serfs knowing that we will do nothing to really inconvenience them but will give them some great copy for their evening news.

    Watching the Liberals talk tough while desperately praying that the ships keep sailing to the middle Kingdom is theatre of the flaccid.

    If Australia was a half serious country we would be busily preparing to reduce our exposure to China but that just isn’t going to happen.

    That strong AUD is keeping our rates low and our mountain of household debt growing and not imploding.

    • Someone ElseMEMBER

      Nah, she’ll be right. All we have to do is join NAFTA and we can get all our stuff from the U.S.

      While we’re there we can check on our strategic oil reserves.

      Bloody interwebs, now even I don’t know if I’m being sarcastic.

    • True! We are in real danger of falling down world rankings, literally becoming a banana republic, or should I say a “dirt republic”. As developed economies with diverse & complex economies rise up as technology advances we’ll be left behind just as African countries etc have been since the industrial revolution. Sure their PM can point to some great teach companies here but what you need is breadth & depth of tech & industry across multiple sectors, which is what we don’t have. Failure to act will rob our future

  2. TailorTrashMEMBER

    This is your commanding officer speaking from the bridge. All crew are to refrain from leaning on the bulkheads . It appears there are some structural weaknesses in the aluminium and the rivets might pop at any time . Also 22 calibre gunfire can pose a significant risk . For the safety of the crew we will for the foreseeable future be avoiding any contact with the enemy .

    • The sheer stupidity of relying on supply from a country that has proven to be the biggest strategic threat to Australian democracy we have faced since the days of WW2, to build assets meant to defend *against* said threat, is mind boggling.

      • The patrol boats aren’t protecting us from anything more threatening than refugees.
        The are a customs/border protection item, not an effective weapon of war.

        • TailorTrashMEMBER

          Thank goodness those gentlemanly Chinese with their doctrine of “unrestricted warfare “ will recognise them as harmless .
          We better not ever repurpose them as coastal defence lest they be sent to the bottom
          In war all and every thing is a target …. we would do well to remember that .

      • And “some additional expenditure will be incurred due to additional maintenance required to some of the existing Armidale Class Patrol Boats”.
        Does this mean other sub standard batches made it through?

        If things get testy I’m sure they’ll continue to send us high quality fuel 😉

        • Someone ElseMEMBER

          Nah, it means periodic maintenance items that weren’t budgeted for because the boats weren’t going to be in service now have to be done. It’s just a procedural thing; one more scheduled service than expected.

    • Someone ElseMEMBER

      Aluminium boats burn to the waterline when they get hit, just cast your mind back to the Falklands war.

      Combatants don’t use aluminium. Or titanium. Or magnesium. Just good old ferrium.

      • TailorTrashMEMBER

        In war everyone is a combatant
        …..those fishing boats at Dunkirk came in handy

  3. DingwallMEMBER

    Mr Fletcher is keen….. people have been arrested, detained and classed as a spy for far less.
    The Communist Youth League …….. wanting to build >100 social credit score and eventually claw their way into power. I assume they denounce citizens left and right too. Sounds eerily familiar to another youth team from 80 years ago.

  4. El MerenderoMEMBER

    To some extent it comes across as mianzi gone mad and out of control. I think they completely miscalculated the response they are now getting, and they have put themselves in the position where they cannot be seen as backing down, particularly domestically. They have really overplayed this card, and look more and more ridiculous with their statements every day (see HK passports above)

    • Actually I’m wondering if it’s because they don’t care now as they are about to do something in SCS, all those fishing boats lined up (could be full of supplies), navel ships intruding into Japanese waters, US spy plane going close to China’s coast, plus some criticism of hidden debt held by local governments & a few other things suggests there may be either some internal friction with CCP factions & Xi needs to really pull the nationalist chord to save his arse … surely not…

      • El MerenderoMEMBER

        Blimey, that would lay down the gauntlet and cross the proverbial point of no return. Military escalation notwithstanding, that alone would well and truly isolate China as I expect a lot of ties to be cut for good. Gut feeling is that there must be a lot of discontent internally among business people in the league of Jack Ma with the current state of affairs and you are right that Xi is feeling the heat. After all he has been domestically portraying himself as superhuman for the best part of ten years and the hero for the ages who will take China to the world’s top spot. Now that the bluff is being called he cannot back down.

  5. Time to start rounding up and deporting the 1.1 million China mainland born communist foreign nationals that infest our country.

    That’s right – 1.1 million Chinese foreign nationals on sole Chinese passports are onshore in Australia on PR and TR visas.

    Total Chinese mainland born in Australia
    1.4 million

    🇨🇳As Australian ‘citizens’ only 304,000 – mostly the very early wave and now are old useless and a massive health care & welfare burden. Many still can’t speak English after decades in Australia.
    (And this is why the Chinese in Australia aren’t really a major voting bloc in federal politics as most aren’t citizens and so can’t vote federally – that is why the Chinese use shopping bags full of cash to get political control)

    🇨🇳As Chinese foreign nationals as PR – 480,000, sucking up our welfare & Medicare but still remaining Chinese foreign nationals on sole Chinese passports.

    🇨🇳As TR / SCV 610,000 – on a splendid array of visa rackets and fraud.
    As fake students or partners, as so called skilled workers, spousal or protection visas. As NZ SacV being trafficked in via that loophole.

    1.1 million Chinese mainland born communist non Australian foreign nationals on Chinese sole passports.

    Dominated by one singular characteristic.
    (If you have ever lived in China you can see this immediately in what comes in)

    👉Chinese Hukou lowlife internal illegals & transient who are part of the Chinese Tier 1 or Tier 2 east coast major city slum clearance of the Hukuo internal illegals.
    They are aggressively ‘exported’ by the Chinese CCP and chinese criminal syndicates to a foreign country as Guestworkers – to earn money, repay agent & the trafficking syndicate loan debt, to colonise that foreign country and to be that country’s welfare & healthcare burden.
    China after failing to resettle their 110 million internal illegals Hukou lowlife to the ‘ghost cities’ built for them.. now exports them to ice overseas.
    China has exported over 9 million and Australia has 1.3 million or more of them as a targeted dumping ground.
    And 1.1 million that are Chinese nationals but living here.

    $2k or 10,000 rmb buys an unskilled useless sick or diseased old Chinese broken down factory worker or his toothless peasant wife an Australian PR in China.
    (Ask & I will send the media reports on this)

    Or the Chinese vice worker that isnow end of life and unsalable anywhere in Asia. Or the pimp.
    Or the petty criminal and the social misfit.

    👉That’s what China exports to Australia.

    And once here, off to Ashfield or Auburn or Mascot to live in the Chinese ghettos they have created here.
    Faithful recreations of their Guangzhou hukuo internal illegal slums.
    Time to round them up & cancel their PR or TR.

    The vast majority will have entered with falsified documents & falsified health checks.
    They will be living and working illegally.
    They will be engaged into vice, drugs, crime and black market activities. They are unskilled, useless, non assimilating, and an immediate and long term parasitic burden to our nation.

    Start the process & the repatriation back.

    • The demographic shock awaiting China looks so severe that they may well do this themselves.
      I wonder if they would entertain mass migration…from where?

      • mikef179MEMBER

        Even if China allowed mass migration, there is nowhere that has enough people. It really is proof that the idea of migration led economic growth is not sustainable when you look at the world as a whole. Time for a new paradigm.

    • “Time to round them up & cancel their PR or TR.

      The vast majority will have entered with falsified documents & falsified health checks.”

      Indeed mate.
      Problem is what year of arrival we choose to cancel PR visas. 2011? 2001? 1991? Maybe 1821?

      • Actually Djenka, if you knew Australian history you would know that Australian federation was only based on 2 things.

        1. The common sentiment by the separately governed states that the invasion by southern Chinese needed to be cleaned out & repatriated. The only common sentiment that Australians had.

        And that the British (who provided Australia’s naval defence) were too close & too beguiled to Japan and did not see the threat Japan posed to Australia in the Japanese expansion and imperialist plans – so Australia needed its own naval defence.

        That was the basis for Australian federation.

        Now on the Chinese Hukou underclass.

        Hukou underclass.
        Chinese migrant internal illegals – many now the 2nd and 3rd generation spawn from Chinese peasants from rural areas who formed the labor base for China’s industrialisation in the eastern seaboard cities.
        But are still denied Chinese tier 1 & tier 2 city residency, or housing ownership, education or healthcare in these tier 1 or tier 2 cities..
        Basically a massive Chinese underclass of slum misfit unskilled useless – 110 million of them.

        Who refused to be resettled in the ghost cities built for them.
        The CCP fearing a full on rebellion then started to aggressively ‘export them’ in conjunction with the Chinese criminal trafficking syndicates as ‘migrant guestworkers, students, whatever visa they get.

        A Hukou underclass who (if you have ever lived in China) are recognisable by their dialects, appearance, customs and mannerisms.

        That’s what comes into Australia.

        Here is a book to read that explains the real China & the Hukou caste or internal passport registration system to you.

        The myth of Chinese Capitalism
        ‘To the migrant workers of China and their families’
        Dexter Roberts : 2020

        And you will see & agree that everything I am saying it’s not only correct, but very understated.

        Australia is nothing more than a dumping ground for this Chinese hukou underclass, in both Chinese colonisation and to shift their social & healthcare burden to be our problems.

        Slum clearance of 1.4 million Chinese Hukou useless to a foreign country Australia, who:
        lets them remain Chinese nationals but provides (illegal) employment, remittances, massive money laundering/ safe haven, openly run black market & vice, drugs, lets them live in Chinese ghettos and all the time they remain Chinese nationals.

        Who lets them become a PR for decades to also get Australian Medicare and welfare – whilst they actively remain as Chinese foreign nationals on sole Chinese passports.
        No assimilation.
        To even go back & live in China on this Australia welfare.
        Australian paying for Chinese nationals slum clearance to colonise Australia.

        And given China’s open aggression, trade & other attacks on Australia.
        It’s time to round up and send back all these Chinese Nationals.
        1.1 million of the 1.4 million here.
        They are a economic, social and political risk to Australia sovereignty and nationhood.

        • you think the CCP spends actual money on exporting its Hukou underclass? NO
          what we are seeing is the end of a short term mercantile experiment.
          our government is forcing / holding the people you speak of, they want to leave now.
          there’s no more water.

  6. Yep, them HM, nike et cie should tell them chunks that only allowed way to abuse is children in sweatshops. Camps, re-education and having 20 children is not acceptable method.

  7. reusachtigeMEMBER

    When are we going to wise up and start putting people of chinamen looks in detention camps? (Except the hot lady ones. Just tattoo those ones)

  8. Democracy starts at home and it can’t be led to any good end by corrupt foreign sponsorship.

  9. El MerenderoMEMBER

    Meanwhile the farce continues



    Good move to sanction people at both ends of the political spectrum, smart indeed [sarcasm alert].

    To be diplomatically that pathetic and arrogant at once surely sets a new standard?

    Meanwhile I wonder who will still dare to do serious academic research about China.

    And because I say ‘serious’ and do mean that, that cuts off a number of China ‘experts’ that are consistently featured in our media and who – trust me – have absolutely nothing to fear. The problem may as well become that: they’ll be the only ones who have a public forum to spread their BS, which probably is one of the intended consequences of the WW strategy.

    E.g. re ‘experts’:

  10. Thank God for Xi Jinping. If China had hid its strength and bided its time another 10-15 years it would have been Game Over for us. Instead, he’s behaved like the total douche he is, and now the whole world sees what China’s all about; a chauvinistic and misogynistic nation of emotional nationalist clowns. They can crush small countries but they can’t take on the whole world and with the EU now clearly in the firing line, they’re seeing what we’ve been dealing with for years.