COVID crisis over? Vaccines working on virus variants

Key points from the UK’s COVID Symptom Study:

  • No vaccines contain COVID-19.
  • Pfizer better than AZ in infection risk reduction after one shot but both good:
  • 90% reduction in hospitalisations.
  • “Definite immunity” still a work in progress.
  • Variants are “clobbered” by the second dose of vaccines.
  • South African version definitely and probably Brazilian.
  • Single-dose still diminishes symptoms of variants.
  • COVID is not as mutatable as flu and it may not become it.
  • Side effects lower than in trials. AZ higher but not a concern. AZ has more side effects first dose. Pfizer more on second:
  • No relationship between side effects and vaccine efficacy.

Full video here. Reassuring stuff:

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  1. *Swampy grabs popcorn for comments*

    NSW AZ commences next week IIRC. Asked a local GP colleague about process/prioritisation (eg asthmatics etc). Being run by PHNs apparently.

    Anyone in NSW primary care/pharmacy got more info?

    • Clowns, loon and astroturfers: GO!!!

      Because bringing your opinion to a factual discussion is like bringing a dildo to a gunfight.

    • It’s in that little chip that they put in under your skin when you got the shot 😉

  2. kiwikarynMEMBER

    Where is the long term safety studies? I note that even the short term clinical trials have now been terminated, and there is no follow up for test subjects. When people start developing strange auto-immune disorders in 12 months time, who do we blame? Will we even be told, or will it just be swept under the carpet and anyone who mentions it will be deplatformed off the Internet (and probably real life).

    • It’s more important to focus on the supposed unknown long-term effects of COVID, rather than that of the vaccine.

      Even though we are 12 months into COVID, and we have a degree of knowledge about corona already, best we instead freak out the hysterics and get them the jab.

    • Christopher Reeve

      Sounds like you don’t want a blue tick ?!

      Questioning the science is unscientific….no, wait. Hang on.

      Unless its not. Like IQ tests.

      • kiwikarynMEMBER

        I’m still waiting on the science. Science requires testing, and evidence, and the disproving of alternative outcomes. People taking the vaccine are not basing it on science, but on faith.

        • Science options are: 1) Get COVID and wait out for long term effects (if you survived); or 2) Get vaccine and wait out for long term effects.