Virologist slams WHO COVID investigation

We all know that China is doing its very best to muddy the waters around the derivation of COVID-19. At various times it has blamed bats, wet markets, the US military and frozen foods.

The WHO was recently allowed some access to Wuhan finally to investigate. The results were inconclusive to say the least which will not do the credibility of the WHO any good at all.

Nor will new comments at The Australian by leading epidemiologist Raina MacIntyre who asserted yesterday that:

  • The WHO study had “very limited scope”.
  • That the WHO didn’t offer any evidence for its conclusion that the virus did not come from the Wuhan Institute of Virology which was engaged in research on coronaviruses.
  • That the study lacked critical data to draw any conclusions.
  • That one of the members of the WHO team was part of an organisation that funded coronavirus research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.
  • That the WHO is compromised by its “obligation” to member states.
  • And that we need a more “independent” team to find the truth,


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  1. The fact that it is only happening a year later is a disgrace in and of itself. The CCP clearly has no concern for the welfare of the human race, only themselves. They have no part to play in the future of the world as far as I’m concerned.

    Incidntally, I see that they have now banned Clubhouse. But before they did, many Chinese were learning forbidden truths about things like the Uygher oppression and such. I honestly think they, the CCP, are on their last legs and we just need to keep hammering away and they will fall.

  2. 3.5 hours the ‘investigative’ team spent at the Wuhan lab, +1year after the crime. What a complete joke.

    Now that WHO says it may have come from feline or mink species, doesn’t this make it more, not less likely to be from a lab? Given ferrets are widely used as lab animals in respiratory virology owing to a homologous ACE2 receptor with humans.

    Lab techniques such as:

    • Let’s not forget the WHO study was not an investigation.

      Zhao Lijian: “The WHO experts’ field work itinerary and plan for exchanges are crucial to serious, prudent scientific studies. The two sides will follow the prior consensus and make science-based arrangements in light of the features of the virus and the epidemic situation… …I’d like to stress that the exchanges and cooperation on origin-tracing between WHO experts and Chinese professionals are part of a global study, not an investigation.”

      Add in the conflict of interest:

    • Sure it came from a ferret …. a ferret that had been infected with this man made corona virus!! I thought I read earlier that the sequencing of this virus had tell tale signs that it had been lab made – borrowing here and there from existing known viruses. Its NEVER been found in the wild as far as I know.

  3. If the US military didn’t spend 20 years fighting pointless wars, the public would hold their intelligence from the field in higher regard. If there has ever been a massive power vacuum on the world stage, it surely is during these times. It’s only due this vacuum that rouge nations can do what ever they want with impunity.

  4. That the WHO didn’t offer any evidence for its conclusion that the virus did not come from the Wuhan Institute of Virology which was engaged in research on coronaviruses.

    It is insanity proving something “did not come from…” or pretty much anything that is a negation of something. They said there was not enough evidence to support theory of an escapee virus and there were plenty more for other more likely theories.

    The results were inconclusive to say the least which will not do the credibility of the WHO any good at all.

    I guess if they even hinted a different desired conclusion from the same data, their credibility would go through the roof.
    Uncertainty and inconclusiveness is part of the science and it has 0 bearing on credibility decay. Quite contrary, it is better not to know than to “know” what is not. Rushed political “findings” (i.e. chlorine attacks) which serve only political agenda are not fact finding missions. No mission could ever find anything conclusive as if chinks really did it, they’d rid of evidence even before it broke outside the China. The WHO mission was just a show to save face for the loudest US lapdog

    Bottom line, even if the virus is an escapee from a lab, it would have to be a severe gross negligence case to have any bearing on international relations and reparations claim. If by some divine intervention this particular claim ends up proven beyond doubt (it is possible, much the same as a possibility for any of the millions of conceivable theories), to quantify reparations claims would be impossible when factoring own mistakes and agendas pasted onto the pandemics: e.g.who’s fault is the late VIC outbrake (Q-teen escape)?
    The whole narrative wrt “who done it” is just a distraction PR stunt. After so many false flags, like Iraq or Libya or Syria etc, not much support for this other than in Jonestown collectives.Trump needed it as he needed a handy bogeyman.

  5. I personally favour the lab leak I reckon someone was tinkering and the virus escaped due to poor procedures.
    That said, proving a negative (that it didn’t come from the lab) is impossible. Who would make such a statement or ask for such a finding?
    And Raina’s dire predictions of superspreader events have been about as accurate as the prognostications of ecomists on pretty much any subject.

    • Of the easily billion people across a few hundred cities, ranging from Northern India, Nepal, Myanmar, Vietnam, South-Eastern China and Hainan Island who live within the known habitat of the carrier bats.

      By pure coincidence it just happened to bridge species, and first infect people who lived within walking distance of the world’s premier bat coronavirus research facility.

      It’s entirely possible that it’s a one in a billion coincidence. There’s no reason to discount long shots.

      But they’re not what you’re going to investigate first.

  6. BoomToBustMEMBER

    I have seen numerous FOI requests for isolated samples of Covid-19, all responses we basically identical. We dont have it, we cannot provide you with an isolated sample. This includes the CDC. How exactly does one make a vaccine for something that has no isolated samples ? How does one test the efficacy when they have no baseline for which to test success of failure ?

  7. It has been one year. Whatever evidence that once may have existed is all gone by now. So the outcome in f the WHO investigation is a forgone conclusion.

    Anyone who pretends otherwise is merely talking their own agenda.

  8. “Gain of function” research trying to infect genetically engineered mice containing huACE-2 receptors (a common thing in the virus research world) with coronaviruses.

    Evolved in the lab (by accident or intent) and let out due to sloppy adherence to safety protocols.

  9. They cant even find the people who worked there at the time of the outbreak, and they spent just 3 hours in the lab talking to people probably instructed to toe the line or be disappeared as well.

  10. Ahh, Raina McIntyre, the lady who told us all in the SMH that we “could” have 3000 covid infections a day by January 8 unless NSW took some drastic measures. The discipline of epidemiology has lost a lot over the course of the last year after repeated doomsday predictions. Having said that, It seemed fairly certain that the WHO investigation was always going to be compromised…

    • That’s just one scenario.
      Considering that infection rates in certain parts of the world far exceed 3000 per day, I don’t see her comment being outside the realm of possibility.

      • The lack of significant seeding made it almost impossible. The other places that have suffered in this way have had significant seeding of the virus, but early on they didn’t know about it. Australia has not had seeding to a high level (even the Melbourne outbreak was only 18000 cases over 3 months). McIntyre had it at 3000 a day 3 weeks after an initial seeding event. It was always going to be a massive stretch.

  11. David WilsonMEMBER

    I have tried to not buy Chinese manufactured goods …. but even Japanese TV’s .. yep made in China, most of our cloths, electronics , and furniture I recently purchased yep Aussie wood buuut made in China, all very sad and now they have banned our timber exports recently as well.
    Not sure how we can get manufacturing back here when they have one weeks holidays to our 6 weeks including public holidays and we pay ourselves about 8-10 times higher in weekly wages and benefits.
    I am trying harder not to buy Chinese products but its bloody hard and of course all things Aussie are expensive unfortunately.
    Even the yanks only get two weeks holidays and their minimum wage is about half of ours so how do we ever compete I wonder!

    • That’s a sample of unrepresentative two.
      Annual leave – middling
      Holidays – middling
      Wages – high

      High wages are easily explainable and sustainable.

  12. Wouldn’t it be hilarious if the WHO team that showed up for the laughably Chinese “full disclosure” fact finding tour in Wuhan were given the new improved weapon?! You know, just for the LOLs?

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