Unions mull Plibersek deck chair on Titanic

Via The Australian:

A union-commissioned poll showing the ALP faces the loss of two seats in its political heartland at the next election has prompted a senior CFMEU official to call on Labor to dump Anthony Albanese as party leader.

With speculation increasing that an election could be held in the second half of the year, CFMEU national political organiser Elizabeth Doidge — a close ally of the Opposition Leader’s union nemesis John Setka — said Tanya Plibersek would be a better chance to lead Labor to a victory.

Ms Doidge’s call came as The Australian revealed Labor was on track to lose the Hunter Valley electorates of Shortland and Paterson at the next election, according to polls of 955 people in each seat conducted in November by Chorus Consulting with New Zealand research firm Community Engagement.

…“I would love to see Plibersek up there, I think she would be a fantastic leader,” Ms Doidge told The Australian.

Lordy. Tanya is another China apologist. So, in effect, the CFEMU is arguing that Labor would be better served by a pro-coal, pro-China leader as 94% of Australians want to see trade diversification away from China:

Labor can’t compete with the Coalition on coal and would be foolish to try. All that does is endorse retrograde policy in failing red ocean strategy.

The answer for Labor is blue ocean. Swing back to traditional left values, adopt the class war, cut ties with the CCP and pull back the mass immigration economic model.

Doesn’t matter who is leader then. It’s a winning platform.

David Llewellyn-Smith


  1. GunnamattaMEMBER

    Sometimes you have to wonder. Just imagine if some unions spend a couple of months white anting Albanese – and tend to agree he has been a sweet FA presence in the national discourse for a while, apart from his car accident (and I hope he is OK). Like the Torynuffs would simply love it. They will have the house price kicker, the JobSeeker kicker, a spending boom off the back of people stashing cash for the last year…….and the ALP pretty openly bending its ear to China, while increasingly appear to be irrelevant.

    That would have ScoMo positioned for the snap election (rumoured) being touted for circa September this year, and for the ALP to get the mother of all creamings.

    …….and then once in office for 3 more years they could rediscover the ‘tighten the belts’ mindset of the backbench – apart from stoking house prices – another batch of IR legislation to continue their war on permanent employees, another few years of wages and incomes chained to the floor by policy….and on and on and on…

    I am increasingly wondering just how rooted we all are.

    • Ronin8317MEMBER

      It’s amazing that after losing at the last election, the ALP still couldn’t figure out how to add. Without seats from QLD, the ALP can’t win.

    • 5 more years of same old same old. Minerals demand high, bit of inflation, strong AUD, pump houses and spruik migration asap.
      Day of reckoning pushed back a bit. She’ll be right. Buy a house.

    • At least you seem to finally be able to see we are rooted because of Labor.

      What they are about to do is just more of the same. Listening to everyone but the voters.

    • We are very rooted, Gunna. This is the same Plibersek that sprinted over Whitlam’s grave to launch a fake-news Murdoch book on behalf of Morrison and his Queen. An apt candidate to lead today’s Labor.

    • happy valleyMEMBER

      Extremely rooted, Gunna. SFM will likely, win control of both houses and then it’s vale democracy. He will make John Howard’s WorkChoices look like charity.

  2. Exactly, their problem is not their leader it’s their policies that don’t put average Australians (of all colours etc) first when defining their policies instead it’s weird wokism for the world which is where they start from.

    And the funny thing is the more immigrants from developing countries they would bring in the more the LNP will benefit as most are not woke & the more of them there are the more of the old white Aussies & disenfranchised young will move to the right

    • Yep. The ALP strategy appears to be “Lets import vast numbers of third worldians from alien cultures who despise everything we stand for (see gay marriage results in Western Sydney) so that we can signal our woke virtue”. In other words, they’ve completely lost touch with reality. How many muddle eastern African or Asian invaders approve of transgenderism, guy marriage etc? Of course, among their many deeply painful and searching reviews of electoral losses they’ll never admit any of this to themselves.

      The ALP is doomed. I doubt they’ll see power again in my lifetime. I doubt they’ll have enough federal seats to be a major party in ten years time.

      • 2PP serves Labor and its 33% primary vote quite well. LNP and Labor have been losing market share for years, it is just that Labor’s is worse and it is falling faster. Most likely scenario is it will keep losing senate seats as the senate is more representative of how people vote than the lower house.

  3. Plibersek, lol, please do it Labor.

    The $9m elite, telling everyone how we just need more 3rd world migrants to give welfare to.

    This is a fantastic clusterf once again unfolding for Labor.

      • I like Shorten. I can’t cope with his extreme wokester policies.

        6 months with Plibersek, and it is literally all over for Labor. They’d be lucky to get a handful of seats.

        Can’t wait for her pay equality, increased gender super, etc etc, turn backs “when safe to do so” platforms to hit the headlines.

  4. Imagine if unions actually asked members?

    The left have lost their minds, and it is rapidly destroying our country.

    Female union head, endorses female leader. No one saw that coming.

  5. Check out Albanese core concerns. It’s hilarious.


    What he means by breaking down barriers, is not getting rid of trusts, or an inheritance tax on the rich, or taxing miners and big business, but instead taxing workers and raising welfare.

    Labor are just so lost.

    • kierans777MEMBER

      > What he means by breaking down barriers, is not getting rid of trusts, or an inheritance tax on the rich, or taxing miners and big business, but instead taxing workers and raising welfare.

      Agreed. But that’s because the ALP are on another loop of the merry-go-around of being Liberal Lite for a while followed by attempts at some policy reforms. Instead of breaking the cycle by focusing on economics and taking the fight to the LNP (or as DLS put it “Swing back to traditional left values, adopt the class war, cut ties with the CCP and pull back the mass immigration economic model.”)

  6. It’s pretty clear the ALP is not interested in governing Australia. The leadership struggle is to lead an opposition. Their virtues will shine without the need to implement anything.

    • Exactly. The front bench makes the rules, and they’re cosy in their seats. It is the ultimate betrayal of Australians.

    • This.

      Plibersek, Wong, Keneally, Butler, Gallagher, Bowen, Burke – just cringe everywhere. Jim Chalmers is also another globalist so I don’t understand the obsession with him as any kind of leader.

      • kierans777MEMBER

        > Jim Chalmers is also another globalist so I don’t understand the obsession with him as any kind of leader.

        It’s because he’s from Qld, so he’s more likely to help the ALP win seats in Qld. That is all.

      • Ah, Jim Chalmers, the apparatchik’s apparatchik. Rocketed to parliament from university politics with a PhD in politics after a short pitstop in an ALP think tank before being parachuted into a safe seat.

        That the current ALP fell over itself to hold him up as an ALP superman poster child shows just how far it has drifted from its roots. Australian politics needs no more lawyers, apparatchiks, bankers and children of university politics. It does need working and middle class people who have been screwed over and ambushed by the 35 years of the ALPs neoliberal and globalised utopia that has turned to shyte.

        “Plibersek, Wong, Keneally, Butler, Gallagher, Bowen, Burke…” This is Lord Voldemort’s vomiting chant. The problem is, those who vomit the most are ex-ALP voters.

      • Keneally isn’t too bad. She spoke her mind not that long ago about “big Australia” migration not being in the national interest and EVERYONE shot her down. There are a few quiet dissenters who get it.

  7. SnappedUpSavvyMEMBER

    Albodross and plebersick both lord over wanker seats in inner sydney they’re both too scared to do anything that threatens that

  8. Looks like she’s being served up as cannon fodder for the next election. Literally nothing to like about her. Condescending AF, from a safe inner city Sydney seat, no real policies, loves a bit of IDPOL, plus all of her drug dealing husband’s baggage is easy pickings.

    Let them get smashed and let’s start getting some more independents and minors in each lower seat to challenge the LNP because the ALCCP has long since given up on Australia.

    • her husband’s a decent guy – but yes it makes for a good whispering campaign in marginal seats.

      Plibbers biggest issue is that representing an inner city seat in Sydney she won’t appeal to regional or non-NSW voters.

      • bolstroodMEMBER

        Her husband is a convicted Heroine dealer, who somehow became Director General of the NSW Education Department.
        Talk about wielding influence.

        Ihope Albo and Plibersek both lose their seats to the Greens,
        the one political party that doesn’t take donations from the Fossil Fuel industry

  9. Maybe Labor doesnt want to win. Going to partys, drinking wine and enjoying the social elements of being with a political party is probably all they want. If Labor did win the next election then they’d actually have to do some work and Govern. The partys would have to stop.

  10. I grew up in the seat of Paterson and historically it is more Liberal leaning than the rest of the Hunter so it’s no surprise that it might fall back to the Libs. If anything this seat goes back and forth – you need a good local member (from either side) to hold it.

    Shortland would be the bigger worry – that *should* be heartland labor territory but house price rises around lake macquarie and the beaches are probably making tory’s of them all!!

  11. lol, this is the same party who decided to present its budget response (the primary instrument of class warfare) in a fully transparent wrapper of wokeism. Remember the pink budget? with a handful of token sprinkles addressing the fake news pink recession?

    Why would they deviate, I would fully expect the ALP to eventually throw Albo under the bus st the out of touch middle aged white man, a woman vs ScoMo, that’s the strategy, no other detail required. Campaign strategy = every LNP policy, every press conference, every debate will be written off as mansplanning, misogyny and sexism, no further detailed required. They might even get Julia to come back for a girl power tour?

    The LNP wont be changing its spots anytime soon and the ALP sure as s**t wont be either. The power brokers within and outside of each of those parties remain well fed by their respective ideologies.

  12. Man I hope they put on pilbersik . The wipe out at the next election could be exactly what they need to finally realise that Labor needs to throw out the sjw feminazis elite and build up again from scratch into something worth while.