The gaming industry is booming

I have a confession to make: I am a hard core console video gamer.

I own two Xbox Series X’s (the latest top of the line Xbox’s), a PS4, and various earlier generation consoles. My PC, where I write my MB articles, also has a lower-mid range graphics card that is capable of playing most games, although I rarely use it for this purpose.

I spend around 15-20 hours a week gaming and would play more if time permitted. I also spend hours a week listening to gaming podcasts and reading gaming industry news.

My interest in gaming was a godsend when Melbourne was thrown into hard lockdown for nearly six months last year. Gaming not only provided me with entertainment, but also enabled me to connect with people.

Instead of catching up at the gym or pub, we caught up online to hang out, ‘chew the fat’ and have fun while we chain-sawed locusts on Gears of War, shot zombies on World War Z, or saved Washington DC from bandits in the Division 2.

Gaming has also become very big business. And with people spending so much time at home due to COVID, the industry is booming.

Insatiable demand for consoles has seen chronic shortages of the new Xbox’s and PS5 (released in November 2020), with stock unlikely to be readily available until mid-year at the earliest. The same goes with the new PC graphics cards from Nvidia and AMD, which are also as rare as hen’s teeth.

The scarcity has led to scalpers selling consoles / graphics cards for thousands of dollars online. Used consoles have similarly lifted in value.

Sensing a gold rush, tech giants Google and Amazon recently entered the streaming space by launching their Google Stadia and Amazon Luna cloud gaming platforms. This challenges the four major incumbent gaming platforms: PC, Sony PlayStation, Nintendo, and Microsoft Xbox.

A content ‘arms race’ is also underway.

Late last year, Microsoft Xbox shocked the gaming world announcing it had spent $US7 billion to acquired Zenimax Media – owners of publisher Bethesda Softworks. The deal effectively means that Xbox will acquire eight game studios and a bunch of legendary IPs (including Fallout, Elder Scrolls, Doom and Wolfenstein).

The move is seen as a rear guard action by Microsoft to prevent fellow tech giants Google and Amazon from gaining a foothold in the gaming market.

Chinese tech giant Tencent is also on the hunt, with rumours floating about that it is looking to acquire major game publishers EA or Take-Two Interactive.

Microsoft’s latest earnings call confirmed that the gaming industry is booming, reporting that it earned $US5 billion in Q4 for the first ever time after experiencing 51% growth year-on-year:

Importantly, Xbox’s industry leading GamePass subscription service – dubbed the ‘Netflix’ of games – has experienced explosive growth, hitting a record 18 million subscribers:

Total online Xbox users (console and PC) also hit 100 million for the first time:

While Microsoft (Xbox) is third place in the console space behind both Nintendo and Sony (PlayStation), it is arguably best placed for the future of gaming.

Unlike Sony and Nintendo, Microsoft has its own comprehensive Azure cloud servers, enabling it to provide cloud gaming to televisions, mobile phones, and PCs. It has recently venturing into these markets via its Xcloud cloud gaming service, which will get rolled out across Australia this year (disclosure: I am a beta tester). This will enable Microsoft and its GamePass service to expand beyond physical consoles to virtually any device.

Unlike Google and Amazon, Microsoft already has 20-years in the physical console space (with a console user base of around 50 million) alongside 23 first party studios to create exclusive games. As we know with video-on-demand streaming, exclusive content is key. Why choose to play multiplatform games on Stadia or Luna when you can play these very same games on Xbox, enjoy various other exclusives, and have the option to also play on physical hardware like console and PC?

Whatever the case, the gaming industry is bigger and healthier than ever, and faces a very bright future. Onward and upward!

If you are on Xbox and want to play, hit me up at gamertag LeithalVO.

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    Played a lot of Sea of Theives last year during lockdowns. Great way to hang out with friends weekly (when I was hardly seeing them anyway – life kids ect), whilst exploring the seas and taking on other pirate bands.

    Much better than zoom meetings – actually feel like you’re hanging out/ doing something whilst still talking sh1t.

  2. UE I can’t remember, what city are you in ?

    This cloud gaming thing has legs, but physics is a harsh mistress. Latency from the actual hardware to the end user, in particular.

    I’m mostly a PC gamer, but I did a few preliminary sums on using AWS GPU [spot] instances for ~10-15 hours a week and they came out reasonably well ($0.5 – $1/hr) so I thought I’d give it a go in lieu of upgrading my current system. I got it up and running reasonably easy (some great guides on the web), but found the latency from Brisbane to Sydney was too high to be reasonably playable, even with turn-based games like Battletech and Civ. Forget anything remotely twitchy like FPSes.

    So if Microsoft can get hosting into each of the major cities, and up in Townsville, then it should work well for the vast majority of the country.

    I didn’t realise you could join the Xcloud beta though, I’ll have to give it a go.

    • Ah Civ6 – ever gone for a Cultural Victory?

      Good ole Sid Meier. Weird that they have pretty much every major nation and culture past and present represented… except one.

        • Nope.

          The Australian people represent a civilization in Civilization VI. They are led by John Curtin, under whom their default colors are dark green and yellow. They are available with the Australia Civilization & Scenario Pack, which was released on February 21, 2017.

          The Australians’ civilization ability is Land Down Under, which provides +3 Housing Housing in coastal cities, allows Pastures to trigger a Culture Bomb, and increases yields from Campuses, Commercial Hubs, Holy Sites, and Theater Squares by 1 in tiles with Charming Appeal (or 3 with Breathtaking Appeal). Their unique unit is the Digger (which replaces the Infantry), and their unique tile improvement is the Outback Station.

          • Yeah – I can’t resist nuking all my rival Civs either when I play it…. doesn’t bode well for us with the ‘Simulation Theory’ and some fat alien nerd getting ready to nuke us all.

          • I reckon the best Civ was Civ 2.

            Why? Fast, not too fvckin complicated so you could remember the rules, but best of all theWW2 scenario.

            Also the Napoleonic war one was great too. I beat a mate 6 times to one on that one and he fvking hated that. You could also capture artillery units, and create stacks of doom.

            Any good online strategy games these days? Historical?

      • Jumping jack flash

        I do like this game, i bought it on my Switch, haven’t managed to beat it yet.

        I used to play Civ3 back in the day on my 486 which was the first thing i bought with my Austudy money after the electricity was connected (right before i moved out of home!)

      • Get an Xbox if you want to play with keyboard and mouse. It’s supported.

        Sadly not, I’ve just read, by bluetooth (at least not natively).

        Crazy it’s not included.

      • Yeah I heard they were gonna show this but as Smithy points out, looks like the implementation is limited 😔

    • Goldstandard1MEMBER

      PC will always, and I repeat ALWAYS be 2-3 years in front of consoles.
      I used to buy consoles but realised to max everything up to see the best, PC rules. Only reson to ever buy a console is for exclusive titles and they pretty much always end up on PC a bit later anyway.
      Great to see some fellow gamers from the 80’s, 90s and 00s.

      • X/PS5 are on par with $2,000 PC, and since they basically have similar AMD hardware, most games will now be optimized for them by default ( Unreal 5 game engine is going to be amazing this year on these consoles).After that everything will be on the cloud

        and yes with this fantastic Gamepass Ultimate, PC are not out of the picture.

        Only few games can be used with K&M on X to my knowledge (I am getting quite ok with the controller even on GoW, but K&M is easier for sure)

      • Gee they must have been slow to move that game on, it was released in 1979. 4yrs in a fish and chip shop sounds about right, people only played it when waiting for their order to be ready.

    • Of course, I read this riveting journal of a dead soldier and his time on the front line against an alien horde in a new video game. 😃

    • TheLambKingMEMBER

      The only ‘game’ I play is Rocksmith – you play along with a real guitar via a usb cable. I love it. You play along to real songs – the kids won’t let me sing though 🙁

      And we (kids 8 &10) have just got into board games – Catan, Pandemic, Ticket to ride, Risk.

      • Board Game Arena and Discord is a good combo for playing with distant friends. My favourite thing is no setting up or packing up. It makes a game of Terra Mystica a lot shorter. It also helps with the card management for Innovation and Race for the Galaxy. I’d be lost trying to play a three of four player Innovation on a table.

        Edit: Board Game Arena is also good for testing out games before laying out the cash for a physical copy.

    • I’m currently reading Barbara W Tuchman’s classic “The Guns of August” a history of the prelude to and start of WW1 in August 1914. It’s a big hardcover with rich binding and creamy thick paper…a beautiful thing all by itself and a wonderful read. Her writing is marvellous.

      That book and a good glass (or 3) of malt will fill my evening, along with some guitar practice for my upcoming jam session.

      • Thanks for the tip ill add that to my list of books to read. I just finished William Dalrymple’s ‘The Anarchy’ which is the best history book I’ve read in a long time. Currently reading Fitzy’s ‘Breaker Morant’ (Christmas gift from my daughter), it’s kind of entertaining but quite sloppy for a history book + I find Fitz annoying at times and he inserts his own banter throughout.

    • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

      Reading a good novel is very underrated.
      One of life’s great pleasures.
      But I need a quite space.
      I used be a voracious reader and would read nearly everything a favorite new author had written.
      But since the kids came along (and my first smart phone) I don’t read nearly as much as use too.
      It’s something I really miss.

      This is piece on the History of literacy is one of my favorites and really gave the kids the shytes when I made em listen to it on long trip recently.

    • I was asked in a job interview a few weeks back what the last book I read.

      Being a completely unexpected question it caught me quite off guard.

      Rather embarrassingly, I had to reply I hadn’t read an actual book since about this time last year, as while I used to read widely and ceaselessly in my youth, these days I only do it on planes.

        • The Traveling Wilbur

          Bloddy h4ll. I’m going to have to up my pre-interview prep if *everyone* is getting asked this random book-question.

      • Current book i’m reading (as of yesterday): Grow or Die 🙂 Interesting title. Lots of different authors out there using it. Some wacky, others not.

    • Haha, last year I set out to read 50 books and read about 20 so I feel like I don’t read anymore, too much time on my phone. hell I don’t think I’ve read a book this year.

    • Only if they are online lol.

      I havent read a book since TAFE/Uni days. Still got my book shelf from 20 years ago.

      I dont even think half of them are relevant anymore.

      Wonderful stuff. Beautifully elegant theory. Cant see myself ever getting a job with them though.

      The real world is about ‘Doing Things’ to ‘Get stuff Done’. Nobody cares if you can do Calculus and recite flow charts.

      Nowadays, you pick fruit. Its the only thing Australia has left heh.

      I got honours when I was at Uni. 6.7 / 7.0 . Waste of 6 years if you ask me.

      Australias not going to see progress till the Boomers die. Its clear that everythings going to deteriorate till then.

    • Hard to explain as the genres have different reasons for drawing in people, overall though it’s the ability to engage in fictional world’s through more interesting and interactive lens than just an observer like in films.

      • Nah fiction in games is for nerds. “Ooooh the story telling” .

        Games are a great way to experience skill progression. You start out bad and you get better over time. Getting better at something is immensely rewarding.

        • My explanation was trying to be as broad as possible but agreed that the competitive or mental challenge like a physical puzzle is a big aspect too when coming up with a quick summary.

    • It’s fun.

      If it’s not fun for you, then it’s not fun for you.

      No different to enjoying a particular sport. Some do, some don’t.

      • I can understand the attraction for the younger cohort but I can’t see how you don’t grow out of it.
        At what point does this happen? I can’t imagine a whole group of 60 year olds gamng away in their spare time or am I being I but naive?

        • Old people play sports, from soccer, through golf, to snooker. They play chess, or cards.

          Computer gaming is no different to that at its core. A mental and/or hand-eye co-ordination challenge.

          If you can imagine 60 year olds in a bar playing pool, or in a park playing chess, then you should be able to imagine them playing computer games.

        • The Traveling Wilbur

          So… now that topic’s been covered by some great comments above… just imagine a bunch of 60 year olds watching… p0rn.

          Not necessarily together I hasten to add.
          Though they do that too.
          And we’re there…


          One of my gardening clients is in her early 80’s and her daughter tells me she’s completely addicted to World of Warcraft. Plays flat-out

          • I know its thirty years old but I like my world of Warcraft II

            I can knock over the second last stage starting from scratch in 50 Minutes on a good day.

            My son thinks I am completely insane, and cant believe the graphics are that bad.

            …..I should also confess to a fetish for old duke nukem

        • I just started gaming at age 50, to have fun with my son. And it’s awesome. So far just Star Wars Battlefront. Very tempted to practise alone now…

          Galaga and Frogger were great but…

    • Leaves me cold too. My experience is similar but even later than Janet. Asura’s explanation doesn’t work for me either, but may be true for others. I’d much rather read fiction and imagine that world or immerse myself in a well-crafted film. Or listen to great music – currently working through Zappa’s vast output.

      Edit – to be clear – I have no problem with gaming per se but too much is too much – more important things i.e. just about everything are not done. Also, see Susan Greenfield’s work on the effects on the brain especially for the young.

      • I would be extremely interested to see a study of effect on say over 45-50 age range. I would be surprised if there were not some real positives.

        • Mining BoganMEMBER

          There’s a reason I am going to dabble into a PS5. I had too many head knocks when younger and I often wonder if my little memory lapses are just normal aging or maybe something darker.

          My theory is that maybe gaming could assist with some brain training. Who knows, got nothing to lose.

          • For mentally challenging games you can look at the card game, grand strategy, puzzle, auto battle, jrpg/crpg, engineering genres.

        • yeah, me too, personally I think I got faster mentally playing fast paced shooters, they are quite demanding speed&memory (I never been gamer before the kids’ X this Christmas)

    • I am an old fashioned gamer.When I was 3 I was given a lead soldier for my birthday, I was bitten by the collecting bug. By the age of 14 I had about 3,000 figures. I decided I had grown out of them and gave them away to the neighbouring kids.
      At the age of 26 I realised I had not out grown them, but alas, the world had moved on and in the 1970’s Minture soldiers had gone out of fashion( Vietnam ) but a few companies still made them, Figures I paid 2 shillings for in the 50’/60’s now cost $10
      I discovered a company that made and sold molds, made some woods metal from lead tin and bismuth and set to work.
      I do a fair bit of table top gaming, mostly Napoleonics. I have some friends with other styles ,Battles of Wetseros based on TGoT’s, we play fortnightly.
      The attraction apart from the actaul playing, is creating the figures, casting and painting, researching the uniforms and campaigns,
      creating scenary and landscapes.
      I prefer that for so much time expended I have armies of models, whereas the Cloud / computer gamer only has memories.

    • It’s a form of escapism, I used to love it as a kid. I grew up on the NES, SNES, N64, PSX and Xbox (original console). But I kind of got over it, mostly because it’s so easy to waste hours on it and I felt like I wasn’t achieving anything.

      So since 2007 I sort of drifted away from it. Late 2019 I got an Xbox 360 because they were cheap and I needed something to distract me from a stressful work situation. The game that really impressed me was Metal Gear Solid 5. Wow. Attention to detail beyond anything I’d seen before.

      But when I moved to Melbourne I packed it all up and stopped playing again. I just can’t find the time and I’d rather be working on my cars if I have spare time or outdoors.

      I think in part working in IT sitting in front of a computer all days means I get enough non exercise time.

      Games do seem to have a “child’s only activity” stigmatism but I remember being 15/16 and Adults at Myer would ask me how to get past certain levels / stages on games back then.

      No Internet I guess. And I often traded / borrowed games off Adult neighbours. Lots of different genres and styles of games to appeal to different people.

      Like I say, wish I felt I had more spare time.

    • The ability to socialise with people all across the globe and to escape from a world filled with Tyrannical Boomers, Corrupt Politicians and Greedy Feminists.

      Also, the great thing about Computing is when you get sick of people, you just hit the off switch or go elsewhere. Unlike the real world where people are just a$$holes and actually having to deal with them in person is a major annoyance.

      Despite 20 years of people saying the same sh*t day in and day out, Boomers have an Education that barely rivals Grade 5. The only strength is Ignorance and Denial. The first thing todays young learn is its completely pointless to even discuss anything with a Boomer. People have been trying for 20 years to the same result. You learn its a complete and utter waste of your time and not worth the oxygen you expel to bother.

      Better to just ignore them and wait it out until they are all finally dead…then maybe if your not too old, emerge and start living your life ( around 2038 ).

      18 years of gaming, here I come.

      My careers finished. I’ll be on a Pension before this Country fixes itself. I hope its as generous as what the Boomers are getting now ( I know how much you guys get and its a lot ).

  3. Ronin8317MEMBER

    Google tried Cloud gaming service Stadia failed. XCloud will also fail as well.

    Input latency is noticeable at 15 ms, the amount of hardware required to achieve this is too expensive.

    • Nah. Xbox will succeed because it offers cloud gaming as a supplement/option to playing on console or PC. It provides the broadest options.
      Google and Amazon offer cloud gaming only and have no first party support. They will fail.

      • I think there’s opportunity from the perspective of being able to play brand new PC games in their full glory without needing splash out $thousands on a monster gaming PC.

        • Yeah I feel like this is one of those unknowns for the most part and it’s going to be interesting.
          Owning a device, console/PC etc, for some is like wearing the t-shirt is your favourite band. I personally couldn’t care less, but I love assembling things and I like the barriers to entry that divide the users, it’s interesting… I digress.
          So there’s nothing really holding back the streaming services other than bandwidth and latency, and they’re big caveats where competitive online gaming are concerned.
          I bags VR for the next big thing (only because I’m so enthusiastic about it), give it some time though.

  4. The xbox game pass is really awesome.I suppose Microsoft has deals with EA to prevent any Chinese take over (at leat before their bid).
    I am not much of a gamer ( a bit of destiny2/Gear/fortnite) but playing gorgeous (on xbox X) games/story like Ori makes usual studio animations quite hasbeen.
    I had to restrict Fortnite (and blocked youtube at the dns) as the kids (7/9) became really addicted to it.Dangerous stuff.

  5. Australia was an early leader in games development. Sony and others came here for the talent?! No one cared. It died. It was probably one of the few cases for justifiable govt support given the characteristics of the skills. Old white men in charge, not listening due to the cacophony of special pleading in the game of mates. Terrible political class.

  6. RobotSenseiMEMBER

    I own two Xbox Series X’s (the latest top of the line Xbox’s)
    If you have to tell us, you’re not as l33t as you think

  7. I bought a Playstation last year when the lockdowns were coming to playing the Formula 1 game but can only play in 15 minute bursts. I struggle to watch movies or TV shows on my own in more than short bursts. I get bored very easily looking at fantasy.

    • Just dont get married. What benefit do men get out of it anyway?

      Be alone. Have mates. Stay happy ( and Rich ).

      You have better odds throwing your life savings on Black at the Crown Casino Roulette Wheel then you do getting married in Australia these days.

      Men have a right to be happy in this life too. Australia doesnt seem to recognise that.

  8. Fishing72MEMBER

    Funny thing ….I was never even remotely interested in computer games as a young fella . To the point that my old man programmed the simulators at QANTAS and the Navy and it was a struggle to feign enthusiasm in what he loved to do during work hours. Never considered buying or using a computer game. Then about a decade ago my missus bought a laptop and it came with a bonus Xbox console. We bought a couple of games and I immediately got addicted. Played that thing for about 15 hours a day for three days before I realised it had to go and gave it away.

    Never felt the desire to get another one….thank Christ.

  9. master of toilet paper

    the only game i like to play is univrsal park studios theme park adventures (2002) for gamecube

    The object of the game is to collect stamps by going on rides throughout the park. To get on the rides, the player needs points, collected from picking up trash around the park and putting it into trash cans. The player can also meet and shake hands with costumed characters inside the park for additional points.

  10. Can’t wait for retirement in a few decades when I can sit down with a pair of glasses and play some virtual reality like the movie Ready Player One.

    It would do wonders for reducing ones carbon footprint. Instaid of consuming in real life you are spending your time in the matrix.

  11. I’m an old school gamer, prefer the Arcade games of the 1980s, which I play on my Lowboy with a RasPi inside. Hooked up to an original arcade 20″ monitor and a coin slot, you wouldn’t have any idea if it was 1980 Jamma board or a Pi inside.

      • Hahahah yes!
        This is the EXACT reason I bought my RPi4.
        Additionally you can also have it run as a NAS and Plex server, and I thought the idea of a gaming cabinet that allows you to emulate arcade games AND serve media was too cool of an idea not to try.

      • I have an Original Jamma Cabinet, so keeping all the wiring intact for the Occasional PCB play, I prefer to use the RasPiJamma which is like a Pi3 on a small PCB which converts the sounds and graphics to Jamma compatible. It has over 3000 arcade games in Horizontal, and plays Consoles Sega Genesis, NES, SNES, PCE, Vectrex, Colecovision to name a few. I really love how it is setup now, really tidy and reliable inside.

    • Arthur Schopenhauer

      No, but the latest version of X-Pane is pretty sweet on PC/Mac.

      Not sure it qualifies as a game anymore.

        • The MFS preview on Xbox looks awesome I cannot wait, hopefully it will be in the game pass too.I can barely fly on my PC, even at relatively low setting, but the XBox X seems to run it beautifully at 4k.

      • Narapoia451MEMBER

        Second Metabox. Their chassis have got a bit smaller over time but still pretty chunky compared to the pre built options out there, but the price is much better generally for any given configuration.

        In the end though instead of upgrading my old one I bought a desktop. Cheaper again and better overall for daily use.

  12. boomengineeringMEMBER

    Out of my league, what can I say never played one. Don’t even watch sports on TV.

      • boomengineeringMEMBER

        I wish. Went to Crescent Head and Old Bar, plus a lot of gravel tracks in the missus car couple of days ago so thought Id take a break from all, (squats being hard to start with). Feeling a tad guilty atm.
        Don’t like to ride in the rain as cars can’t see you and don’t surf in the rain anymore due to ethnics expectorant etc in the stormwater.

  13. Anyone miss the sort of actual human contact over a backgammon board with a nice vino at hand? Forget online – it’s plagued by schnorrers and wankers.

    • C.M.BurnsMEMBER

      find a game that allows coop (rather than pvp), then settle in for real time chat, a whiskey in hand while you (most likely) blow crap out of stuff. it is a great way to stay connected with friends who are further away than a quick trip down the road on a school night

      • In my long past casino days in the UK and here, I found many Poms, Europeans and others who played the game. Also very popular in the Middle East where they grew up with it and were very fast and sharp players. Now, it’s very hard to find another player and avoid the (Sydney) Eastern Suburbs sharks. And you’re right – it’s a very underrated game.

      • Mining BoganMEMBER

        We used to play it in our lunch break when I was an apprentice. We would have a six-handed 500 game going and a few backgammon boards spread about. Even used to have people sitting quietly reading.

        Whodathought boilermakers were such big nerds.

    • reusachtigeMEMBER

      I just like going out and having relations. For some strange reason I feel that that is why I’ve got a c0ck.

  14. Ha! I just spent a few hours today setting up my 11 year son’s gaming PC that we got him for his birthday when it was obvious there was no chance at getting a PS5. We over specced it for what he does because no doubt in the next couple of years his taste in games will expand and I don’t really want to spend that much money every couple of years. AT the moment he’s just got an account with Stream.

    It’s all a bit foreign to me (I have barely moved past my beloved Atari) but it seems all the cool kids are into it. Plus Leith it appears.

  15. I’m a old HL2DM – CTF player, clanie [hax clan] and admin on a million a month server back in the day. Top 5 clan internationally during that period, played against Vdus, S$W, Cartel, in competitive pro matches, knew the Steam/Valve dudes back then. Drago from Vdus was the international champion for Halo one year, back then, and Durden in our Clan was one of the best HL2 players on the planet.

    Old Durden in game highlight video –

    Anywho … it was interesting coming from a family with a computer science back ground [ 60s – 70s dad] and landing in Calif in the early 80s post military service. So all my younger friends and peers had been goofing around with comps and very early PC games whilst I was in the Military, I caught up. Anyone remember Leisure Suit Larry or early floppy WOW … set action and mow lawn then check back … chortle …

    Actually the gaming verse is one of my key socioeconomic – political observational tools because people will do and say stuff that is a reflection of themselves they would never do in real life. Additionally it transcends classical notions of self identity from across time and space. Don’t know how many here are aware of what was going down in those days from a developer – user paradigm with structural architecture and psychological introspection – test subjects … dbl chortle …

    Hence why my rigs are custom built by myself, currently running a over clocked liquid cooled 4.2 CPU, 3200 TridentZ DDR4 Ram x 32 GB, gigabyte ultra K5 mobo, one M.2 Samsung 500GB 960 pro and a 1T, backed up by a couple of 1T barracudas, Asus gaming display and Gforce mechanical key board and mouse, sound is a Logitech Z-5500 THX with center and back speakers replace with some Boston sound equipment, and GPU is a RTX 3070 Master 8G Graphics Card.

    teh_pwnerer – teh noob song –

    Then again … Team Fortress 2 Griefing: Hot Girl Backstabbing –

    Then I remember a classic where on 2fort HL2CTF between two pro teams, in a friendly match, someone put a pron spray on the bridge between the two forts and it was so good everyone stopped playing and met in the middle too just gawk …. 64 top shelf players … then one player nicked off whilst everyone was in game discussing the spray took a jump pad and went sky high off the upper battlements and sconed every one with a gravgun launched 55 gal fuel drum that in the end crashed the server due to over loading the physics eng … lmmao …

  16. Swinging in the backyard
    Pull up in your fast car
    Whistling my name

    Open up a beer
    And you say, “Get over here
    And play a video game”

  17. reusachtigeMEMBER

    I find that mature adults who play video games also masturbate to too much p0rn and get on the unsociable goods. Just an observation.

  18. run to the hillsMEMBER

    I flunked uni in the mid 90s because I was more interested in playing computer games than studying. The bongs probably didn’t help either. I really miss those days, though it did stunt my ambition and hold me back for a bit. Haven’t played computer games regularly since about 2000.

  19. migtronixMEMBER

    At the end of the day its a logic gate getting flipped. Quantum computers aren’t a mystery or the face of God, its a consequence of the gates getting so small quantum tunneling is the blocker. If you can’t beat Newtonian go Bohr

  20. The MFS preview on Xbox looks awesome I cannot wait, hopefully it will be in the game pass too.I can barely fly on my PC, even at relatively low setting, but the XBox X seems to run it beautifully at 4k

  21. migtronixMEMBER

    And every single person walking
    Could be shady, spitting on your
    Onion rings down at Burger King

  22. I do not understand why the games industry is booming. There hasn’t been much innovation in gameplay since the wii and most of the stories and characters are serious and grim. Then again, I am a single player. How do people of differing skill levels connect via gaming? I will always get walloped on FPSs. I never had fast reactions even as a kid and now I am older and slower.

  23. desmodromicMEMBER

    Well that caused a stir. 160 comments and counting. I’ve never played but you can’t do everything.

  24. Last of us 2, rdr2 and Gta5. All great games that I put many hours into, other that those though I hardly played anything else. Couldn’t get into them.

    • I felt RDR2 was a bit long, but the story was great.

      When you rode up to Beecher’s Hope at the end……..

      Poor Arthur.

      • buttzilla team forever

        man, RS really dropped the ball. great Scottish coders over there tho. They build out every system in MatLab first (that’s the secret sauce, just good maths). They need bigger AI and Lua teams to change the state systems / overall gameplay. Out of date a little, like Naughty Dog (money will do that).

          • buttzilla team forever

            they only proto in Matlab, but yes many of the systems are an outgrowth;
            yes scaling is an issue, but I haven’t seen anything close.
            CDPR’s epic scale-fail was a 2020 standout. dunno how to short WarsawSE (nor am I skilled enough to short).

    • Great list. I bought a PS4 just to play LOU2 (then played GOW, Spiderman and GOT).
      I’m a bit of a Ubisoft and Warner Bros Fanboy, so love their open world games. Currently playing Immortals Fenyx Rising and really enjoying it.

  25. I don’t partake, although will upgrade the kid’s box once the new MSFS arrives……….just for him of course ‘-).

    From what I’m seeing it’s the modern day social network for kids, they’re all on it, mic’d up and spending hours in the chair. Thirty years ago we’d stay out till the street lights came on and now on school holidays these guys are still going at 3am. Not sure it’s the healthiest thing, but their ability to multi task, make fast decisions and lightning quick inputs is amazing. Well suited to plenty of occupations, assuming they can finish school!

  26. Narapoia451MEMBER

    I like the Xbox as a piece of hardware, but the Microsoft ecosystem is horrible. Constant upgrades (probably half a terabyte of upgrades to the halo series in the last 8 or 9 months -perfectly playable games before that time.)

    I don’t game that regularly, but my most common experience is, turn on the Xbox to play with a friend > find out we need 100GB of updates to play the game we already had and played a few months ago just fine > curse MS and Bill Gates > vow to get PS next time. Then there’s the subscriptions you can start on the Xbox but need to log into your computer to end.

    I hate what Microsoft have done to the console gaming experience. You should be able to press the power button and go, my experience is that happens less than 50% of the time.

    • That’s a weird viewpoint and completely at odds with my experience.
      Subscriptions can all be done from the console (I have been through the process many times). And game updates happen on the PS too. That’s just the nature of modern gaming. If you don’t want to be inconvenienced, just set the console to “instant on” and it will update in the background.
      Don’t play Call of Duty Warzone, as you’ll need to constantly do huge updates, regardless of what system you play.
      The days of turning on a console and just playing finished in the PS3 and Xbox 360 generation. They all run frequent updates these days, irrespective of platform.
      PS also does not run a Gamepass style program in Australia, so you’ll need to pay retail price for games (up to $130).

      • This posting has garnered plenty of responses and reminisences, do you think there is any chance of more gaming posts on here?

  27. Love it. Leiths just ‘one of the boys’.

    Gaming is huge. I’ve often wondered if that isnt an opportunity ( Educational Gaming? ). I cant see it slowing down anytime soon.

    I’ve also been interested in the Psychology of things. When US dropped the bomb on Hiroshima, the Japanese had a keen interest in Godzilla. The irradiated lizard who tore down buildings. Probably because the Japanese saw radiation everyday.

    A few years back when Liberals had been jacking up house prices on the young and turning them into suiciding fodder, we had all them Vampire films. A lot of these Vampire films romanticised Loneliness. Probably because its what the young where seeing at the time. I suspect because half of todays youth are socially disconnected and lonely. Its simply a reflection coming out in the art forms.

    Now I notice we’ve shifted into the huge Survival Genre going around. The old ‘end of world and everyones died’, how are you going to survive genre? Sure, they are just bizarre Trends… but it certainly makes you wonder what todays Youth are thinking 🙂

    I wonder why Survival Games have become popular all of a sudden. All them SAS shows on TV. I wonder where todays minds are at?

    What comes after the Survival Trend? Games about Death and Necromancy? Maybe games involving hatred about the System?

    As an Arts project, Tasmania did a Satan Worshipping Cult called ” Dark Mofo “. To there surprise, it attracted more people then anyone had ever predicted.

    Apparently, Satan worshipping seems to be gaining momentum. Probably a lot of disgruntled and angry people in society out there.

    Personally, Im agnostic. I dont have a huge belief in religion one way or another. However, its interesting seeing so many disgruntled Australians turning to Satan worshipping because they are sick of life.

    Then you get interesting things like this:
    60 Minutes – Satan Worshipping – Someone stabbed this mans sheep –

    Its probably just the tip of the iceberg to the rise in hate going on across Australia lol. I hear Satan Worshipping numbers are rising. I dont know why that interests me ha ha. My guess is the rise of hate is rising too.

    Im honestly surprised we havent seen Terrorism to date. I really am. There’s enough drugs and crime around to fund it

    Only a matter of time, I guess.

  28. Australias a Country where the Criminals are Innocent and the Innocent are Criminals.

    I bet there’s a correlation between Social Inequality and the rise of Gaming lol. I dont think anyone gives a sht anymore.

    Maybe ScoMo needs to make a game where you buy a house? Im sure it’d be his best seller.

    A Game of spot the Corruption lol.