MB Fund Podcast: A trader’s guide to 2021, with Patrick Ceresna

In today’s investment webinar, MB Fund’s Head of Investments Damien Klassen, and Head of Operations Shelley George are joined by prolific trader, avid podcaster, and the Chief Derivative Market Strategist of Big Picture Trading, Patrick Ceresna.
We wanted to bring Patrick on to get a trader’s perspective of current macroeconomic and trading trends such as:
  • Growth stocks vs Value stocks
  • Oil & industrial metals
  • Using Options in portfolios
  • Forex and Bond rates

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Tim Fuller is Head of Advice at the MacroBusiness Fund, which is powered by Nucleus Wealth.

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Tim Fuller


  1. Macrovoices bloke. He’s awesome.
    Next we’ll be getting Erik Townsend

    Gerard Minack

  2. Tim FullerMEMBER

    Our viewer question of the week:
    Will liquidity be more important than fundamentals in 2021?

    • or when do fundamentals trump liquidity? lol , good get, listening to macro voices now, luke gromen, very entertaining pod casts. Actually I just thought, can you Bill fleck next?

    • Hasn’t that been the 64 trillion dollar for a decade + now?

      I’m starting to lean towards they’ll manage one more can kick BUT everything is now tottering in such a way that the sheeple will become increasingly concerned as saying everything is fine nothing to see here with a straight face becomes increasingly harder. I expect hedges to the system such as precious metals, btc, real estate and other hard assets (productive farmland, art, quality defensive businesses, commodities etc) will all continue or start to rise in price as inflation starts to become increasingly obvious. I think stress in the global financial system will become more obvious with the reversal of some long term tends and episodes of upheaval will become more frequent.

      I think there had been so much volatility suppression across so many countries in so many aspects of life (thinking China here) that eventually something is going to explode somewhere and given that almost nothing is truly antifragile these days it’ll be interesting to see the fall out. We’re still in the early stages of the ramifications of a globalpandemic, we haven’t even begun to see what the 3rd order effects are. Patience, planning and playing the long game are crucial now.

  3. TheLambKingMEMBER

    I wouldn’t buy Tesla at current prices or are in any way trying to justify the price – but the guys on the podcast still think Tesla is a car company and compares it to Ford and GM. Tesla is primarily a battery company that makes cars to sell it’s batteries.

  4. Great guest,
    Suggestion- A guest who can explain the CCP CBDC and how it will effect Australia and global trade (payments for our exports?)

    • James Aitken. Am Aussie based in the UK. Super smart man. I listened to a 2 hour podcast recently with him on Grant Williams podcast with Bill Fleck as co host. The end game Episode 13, the return of the Lord of dark matter. Only towards the end did they get to crypto and cbdcs but it was worth the wait. James thinks China’s cbdc is the most important topic in macro and finance at the moment and says it’s his #1 focus of intellectual effort to try and understand the effects of it